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Vegas Strong Home Opening Videos

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Nice opening.


Look, this may not be the place for this, but the "Vegas Strong" really annoys the hell out of me.


No fault of their own, but they weren't strong.  They were minding their own damn business and shot up like fish in a barrel by a faceless enemy.


The folks watching the damn marathon just standing on a sidewalk watching runners fulfilling their dream, blown up by faceless cowards.


People simply watching a movie

People going to a club

Kids going to school

The list goes on.


What do we do?  We share thoughts and prayers.   We slap "strong" onto whatever city it is this week, put some marketing video together, delude ourselves that we continue on and are "strong" despite all evidence to the contrary, and wait for the next, all-to-soon event in which more people will be harvested so we can slap "Strong" onto the name of another town or city.


It's so dystopian.  Right down to the memorial videos where the faces of the fallen drift across the screen to some mood-building music a la Hunger Games.


Then we have moments of silence across the country out of respect for the fallen.


This is in no way intended as a slap at the people who selflessly raced to help others:  first responders, medical teams, and other bystanders, who were themselves, victims.  They were strong in their reaction. They were certainly brave.  This is not to insult any of them.  But we should be working to put fewer people in their position.


Let's stop being heroic in reacting.  Let's figure out a way to be smart in preventing.  While shutting our mouths for 20 seconds out of respect for the fallen is wonderful and makes us feel good, we should really show respect for the fallen and open our damn mouths and effect change to do what's necessary to make it so fewer families are standing next to coffins just because their loved ones went to a public event.

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