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Kings Redeem LA

Alex Faust

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Heard Alex Faust for the first time in the recent Habs game :scratcheshead: ... 


Gotta say I was impressed. 

I'm unsure how a "normal" 28-year-old would usually sound, or how 

a "normal" seasoned 40-something play-by-play person should usually sound :lol: , 

but he did a great job, brought authentic enthusiasm where appropriate. :toast: 


And of course Jim Fox brought his familiar endearing near-hyperventilating color commentary. :D 


Faust kind of reminded me why I prefer John Forslund (by far) to Doc Emrick. 


I have to wonder if Bob Miller's listened to Alex, if he's nodded in approval at his replacement. 




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Hmm....will have to tune into a Kings broadcast and judge for myself.


One of the things I love about the Center Ice package, I can sample the different kinds of announcing styles from the various local broadcasts........for better or worse.


Center Ice now has a feature where one can simply choose which team's broadcast you want to listen to (not just stuck with whichever is being put on the channel schedule).....simply pick a team, and voila, you get that team's local homer, rah rah guys!


I happen to like John Forslund (he does Carolina Hurricanes local broadcasts in addition to some national games) so if this Alex Faust of yours is anything like him (meaning in professionalism, interesting call style, and proper enthusiasm), then I just may have to pick the LA broadcast over the other team whenever I tune into a game involving the Kings.

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