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Syracuse Crunch vs Toronto Marlies, 11-19-2017

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The Crunch (TB Lightning) visit the Marlies (Toronto Maple Leafs).


I don't get a chance to watch much minor league hockey, but nice that they have this one on NHL Network.


End of 1 right now and game is tied at 1....BOTH teams scoring short handed on the other.


I am pretty familiar with many of the names on the Crunch as quite a few made debuts for the Lightning during last season's injury plagued campaign.

I can see a little of the Lightning style attack in the Crunch players (hence why many transition well to the big club...they play sorta the same style), although their play is not as refined as their NHL counterparts.


Syracuse is currently at the bottom of their division while the Marlies are at the top.

Not sure why the Crunch are so low in the standings other than most of their better players have been promoted to the big club and they have many players who are still young and learning how the pro game is different than Juniors.


Lots of mistakes in coverage by Crunch players, but they DO have Louis Domingue in goal now, who's experience in facing formidable NHL offenses out West should come in quite handy.

He looks pretty good after one too by the way, outside of that short handed goal given up...and that was more on the defense leaving Marlies players with way too much time and space.


Toronto, on the other hand, has their guys looking quite cool, calm and collected. 

Not sure how close most Marlies players are to the NHL, but they seem more adjusted than the current Crunch players.....perhaps why they lead their division.


Maybe some insight by you guys on Marlies players?


For the Crunch, guys to watch would be Adam Erne, Dennis Yan, and Alex Volkov up front.... Ben Thomas, Matt Spencer, and maybe Dominik Masin on defense.

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Holy cow, the Crunch taking lots of penalties!


That's what sucks about constantly chasing the play...you are forced to do things to slow up the opponent...most of which are not legal.


Marlies about to go on their SEVENTH PP....it's a wonder this game is still at 1-1

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