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Glass journey continues

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  I always find myself rooting forImage result for jeff glass guys like Jeff Glass. I cannot help it I don't know why but to me they are a lot more interesting to follow than a Carey Price, any day of the week.


  I scan eliteprospects.com at least once a day, looking at the moves, this guy sent from the ECHL to the AHL, this guy 'loaned' from ne AHL club to another, in other words we need a body to field a team and your real club don't need you so we are gonna use you for a game or two then send you back, the equivalent of the fat kid getting picked last in kick ball. I usually pick a few of those guys every year to see where they wind up. Chad Billins, Carter Camper, if you have heard of them you have too much time on your hands, like me. Jeff Glass falls into that category.


  Jeff Glass falls into that category for me, since he returned from the KHL last year with Rockford and the Marlies after an imposed exile to Siberia I have watched him recalled three times now, still waiting at age 32 to get into his first NHL action.


  Glass was drafted in 2004 by the Senators in the third round, their goalies at the time were Patrick Lalime and Martin Prusek who have been gone forever from the game. Put it this way, when he played his first AHL games the Ray Emery and Martin Gerber experiment hadn't yet started. This guy has been around the game forever. He played three full and one partial season in the AHL, looked marginal and like a lot of players decided to go to Europe to continue his career. 

  He bounced around mostly the lower rungs of the KHL,Image result for jeff glass  cities like Astana, Novosibirsk, Tolyatti and Minsk were his home, a journeyman goalie on mediocre teams for nearly a decade in the KHL missing the playoffs nearly every year, whiling away his time in the twilight of a mediocre career. He was outskoken in 2014 about KHL teams not paying their players during the Russian financial panic, and last year he decided that if he was ever going to give the North American game a shot it had to be now, he signed with the Marlies who after a few games shipped him to the Rockford Icehogs (Chicago) where He was good, beating out fellow thirty something Euro goalie Lars Johansen for the right to continue playing for the IceHogs this year. The Hawks hedged their bet adding veteran mediocre prospect JF Berube this offseason but Glass has outplayed him and earned a call up for the third time in two years when a goalie was injured.


  Last year he was recalled when Crawford went down and Darling had to play a few games, this year, same thing Forsberg in net, Crawford banged up, Glass recalled, neither of those times did he appear in a game, now Crawford has surprisingly landed on IR and once again Glass has been recalled as he has outplayed Berube and has earned the honor of having the best seat in the house a heartbeat away from fulfilling a life long dream. He has said all the right things in the few quotes about 'Just happy to be here and ready to help if needed.'


  I have no illusions about Glass, he was 81-87-30 in the KHL and is 61-82-4 for his career in the AHL but I root for him, I hope he gets into a game or two before the tide recedes carrying him back to obscurity and the AHL and an insurance office somewhere. After waiting 13 seasons he deserves it.

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I forgot to mention that he was the goalie of the 2005 Canada Juniors 'dream team' arguably the greatest Junior team of all time, his teammates included:


 Bergeron, Getzlaf and Crosby down the middle.


Shea Weber, Phaneuf, Coburn and Seabrook on defense


Jeff Carter, Corey Perry Andrew Ladd among the forwards.


WOW. That isn't including guys like Clarke MacArthur, Nigel Dawes, Cam Barker, Anthony Stewart and Colin Fraser who went on to NHL careers of decent lengths. 


  Glass calls that the most fun he ever had playing Hockey, playing with those guys, it is funny how their lives and careers diverged from their, Hall of famers and stars went one way, Glass another.

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