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Goalie Interference and Coach's Challenge Question

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It started out with a simple question. If they call a penalty for goaltender interference along with disallowing a goal, and then upon review/a challenge they rule it a good goal, do they reverse the penalty call with it? The rulebook only mentions they can't assess penalties if they review a goal for goalie interference. It fails to address this. My immediate thought was for a scenario where the puck in mid-flight, after a shot, enters the net while an attacking player crashing the net "interferes" with the keeper (no puck possession at time of infraction). I initially excluded plays like the Dumoulin play due to puck possession/penalty rules, but will include it now. Read on.


I posted this question on HfBoards, and some of us over there began speculating on what might happen. First off, we've determined that once they call the penalty, the play is dead/non-reviewable no matter what, since you can't review or take back penalties. That being said...


There is precedent for the officials huddling and rescinding a penalty call. A notable example of this is when Sidney Crosby was recalled from the penalty box in a game against Chicago a couple years ago. The officials had a pow-wow and removed Sid when it was determined the call in question was incorrect. I think it happened to Polak, too, more recently.

The Crosby situation: 

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So, applying this to the goalie interference situation, what happens to the status of a goal/no goal if the referees decide to reverse their call on a goalie interference penalty? Would it automatically be no goal since the play was "dead"? Could they, after rescinding the penalty, decide independently on whether it's a goal or not? If it's no goal (automatically or not), is this play now eligible to be challenged? Can it be challenged by the defending team if ruled a goal? In other words, does it now fall under the normal challenge rules for garden-variety GI situations?


One guy thought the determination of goal/no goal might depend on the timing of the whistle (in regards to the play being dead), but I'm not so sure about that. At least, I think that's what he meant.


Anyway, what started out as a pretty simple question, became a pretty complex one when all was said and done. Anyone have any perspectives on this? I think the fact that a penalty is called does indeed nullify the legality of a challenge, but if the refs huddle and reverse it, what would be the outcome for a potential goal?


EDIT: I think we can all agree that plays like this... 

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 ... shouldn't happen. However, the ref would have to reverse the penalty call to fix this anyway... right? That is a large part of the question, whether or not GI penalties preclude challenges. We've determined they probably do.

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Well this just came up in the Pens/Stars game on Sunday night where Brian Doumolin thought he had scored a goal as he was being ridden by a defender past the Dallas goalie.  His hip bumped the goalie, and the official in the corner decided that it was goaltender interference, and that he was going to call a penalty on the play.  The way it was described, was that since a penalty was called, it did not matter when the puck went in the net, the goal could not count.  Sullivan wanted to challenge, but since the play was called a penalty, not a goal, , then the goal never really happened, and so he could not challenge the play. 


Back to your rescinding point.  If the officials got together and then decided that it really was not a penalty, then I believe the goal would have counted.  But one or more of the on ice official would have to have seen the play very differently.  This became a focus of the league a few years back to try to get calls right.   


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