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Emergency Goalie plays for Hawks

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Pretty cool story from last night .......




"As one of Chicago's three emergency goalies, Foster attends 13 games per season, and "gets to show up in his suit and eat nachos and hot dogs in a box and go home, with minimal probability that he's ever going to get in a game," according to beer-league teammate Michael Hendrie. "A lot of stars have to align for him to play. And they did last night."


The alignment began when Blackhawks goalie Anton Forsberg, himself filling in for the injured Corey Crawford, hurt himself while warming up in a pregame soccer kick-around. That meant Collin Delia, who had been summoned from the AHL, would see his first NHL action. It also meant that Foster would need to be ready to enter the game if necessary."


"Six minutes into the third period, the stars finished aligning for Scott Foster: Delia left the game with muscle cramps. The Golub Capital accountant by day, beer-league goalie by night was about to take the crease for the Blackhawks."


And just in case you are wondering about compensation ......


From the NHL CBA .....




Here’s the contract text, per Exhibit 17-A in the CBA:

"In consideration of the opportunity to play in the NHL, receipt of $500, and the Player being permitted to retain his game-worn jersey, the Player agrees to present himself, upon request of the Club to perform services as a player on [DATE] at [LOCATION].


This agreement shall be valid for a term of one (1) day, and a Club shall only be permitted to enter into such an agreement in accordance with Section 16.14 of the CBA. No additional payment, bonus (of any kind) or any other form of compensation is permitted, other than as provided for herein.


Player certifies that he does not have any current contractual obligation elsewhere. Player further certifies that he has not terminated an existing contractual obligation to meet the foregoing requirement.


Club certifies that it is signing player to this Professional Try-Out Agreement in order to address a last minute injury, illness or League suspension that results in the Club not being able to dress two goaltenders for an NHL Game, and that effectuating a Recall is otherwise impossible (e.g., a Recalled Player could not possibly have arrived in time to participate in the Game due to travel)."


So there you have it...he gets $500 and he gets to keep his game worn jersey.......like I said ...cool story! :)

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