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2018-19 Iowa Wild and other Wild Prospects Discussion

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Here are some nice stats from our promising youngsters of the minor leagues this season:

Alexander Khovanov- in 2 games - 3 goals;2 assists;

Damien Giroux - in 5 games -4 goals ;1 assist;
Matvey Guskov - in 4 games- 1 goal;3 assists;
Vladislav Firstov not started yet his season.
Fedor Gordeev - in 3 games - 0 goals;1 assist.

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      I have not been posting as much, but totally impressed with you and this whole new fairly new Wild contingent. Super knowledgeable on your prospects and I love learning about other teams up and comers from posters who know what they are talking about. This site just rocks as far as hockey knowledge in general....really slanted towards Flyer fans, but somewhere around 10 Flyer fans on here have the best sense of humour and sarcasm I've ever encountered. I'm cracked up daily by their wit, which is
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      Hidden Content   I wrote up a summary of the upcoming Prospect Development Camp, including player thoughts.  Enjoy!  
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      Hey kids! Let's have some fun with numbers!   Here's how the various teams stack up with both Alexandron's draft success rate (164 games) and Fargo's draft success rate (100 games). A few things: These numbers come from the 2000-2018 drafts. So the impacts of the last three or four drafts really aren't factored in here, but I didn't want to exclude them in case a team had a player that qualified for our "success" rate (like Auston Matthews). The Atlanta/Winnipeg teams are
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      One thing I certainly hope Fenton changes is the Wild's practice of giving prospects roster spots before they earn it. Just to give them incentive...I really hope they send Greenway to Iowa and let him develop at his own pace. Show he can dominate at the AHL level and then call him up.   And I agree with you on Kunin. I thought they should have gone with Kieffer Bellows. But they were looking for Mikko's replacement, so yay...   How much of Sokolov's production hinged on the
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      A lot of us came from this horrid place called philly.com. The posters attacking each other was common place, and the mods thought they were gods....lol. That was well over 10 yrs ago. I had almost 30,000 posts in that ********...lol. This place is basically hockey posting nirvana....all of the good, none of the bad and 99% of the posters are basically polite and civil. For hockey fans seeking knowledge and fun, there is simply no better place that I have seen. 
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      Hidden Content   I give an overview of the Iowa Wild's season and their roster as they go into the first playoffs.  I also discuss the other prospects and their respective seasons.  Spoiler Alert there is no news about Filip Johansson but enjoy and discuss everything else...

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