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Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita has passed away

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I watched him and Hull play as a kid.  Vs Orr and the mighty Montreal teams.  He took them to game 7 in 1970

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When Stan Mikita entered the NHL, he scrapped his way to the top.  Piled up penalties for slashing and butt ends.  He had the brains to realize that he wasn't helping the Black Hawks or himself by spending time in the penalty box.  So, he learned how to play within the rules, while still being aggressive.  Hence, the Lady Byng.  


Also, he was the subject of a story on CBS's 60 minutes.  It was called "Fire on Ice".   That was a big deal for those of us who were promoting hockey.  

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Great two way center who set Hull up in his prime, in spite of being born in Slovakia he moved to Canada as a young boy and raised by an aunt and uncle, he was allowed to play with the Canadian team that took on the Soviet Bear in the famed Summit series. In an exhibition game after he played in the former Czechoslovakia in front of his parents and siblings for the first time in his professional career. Mikita often said that game, even more than winning the Stanley cup meant more to him than any game he ever appeared in after being smuggled out of Communist oppression as a small child, he never dreamed that he would get the chance to play in front of family again.

  RIP to a true legend. 

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