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Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk involved in fan altercation


It appears as if one Chicago Blackhawks fan took a double loss on Friday night.


A video that has popped up on social media shows Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk taking down a fan at United Center.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago police said the man in the video allegedly punched and put the mascot in a headlock. What happens in the video, then, appears to be the aftermath of that.


In the 24-second video, Tommy Hawk pulls off the body-to-body suplex to get his alleged attacker to the ground before landing some ground-and-pound. He’s then able to get some sort of body lock on him and push him away.


Here’s the video:

Embedded video

Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk was attacked at the United Center by a fan, @madkenney reports. https://bit.ly/2A3gmRh 


Tommy Hawk certainly held his own here.


The Blackhawks lost 4-3 in overtime against the Winnipeg Jets. According to the Sun-Times story, police were notified about the disturbance around 11:15 p.m. The game, which started at 7:30 was over at that point.


The Sun-Times reported that no one was in custody as of Saturday evening. The Blackhawks said they were looking into the incident.

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Oh. My. Goodness.


From 3 Cups in 6 years to their mascot making headlines by beating the crap out of some narrow arsed, keyboard warrior, drunk fan.


Oh, how the mighty TRULY have fallen.....

I want to see where those smug Blackhawks fans who berated my Lightning when Chicago edged them out in those Finals are now?

Probably jumped ship to be Vegas Golden Knights fans as they burned their gear alongside disgruntled Vancouver fans.... :bigteeth:

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