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Game 32: Red Wings at Flyers; 12/18 @ 7

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While it’s hard to get too excited as it was the Dead Wings, I did see a spring in their step that wasn’t their earlier in the year.  The atmosphere in the building was great too for a change.  I think the recent moves have had the desired effect of waking up the fans a bit.  It was fun cheering them off the ice at the end of all 3 periods rather than booing!

Ya know how I KNOW this kid is going to be good?     He went in there with the Rick jinx on him and shrugged it off and brought home the win!   Nothing earth shattering just made the saves he is suppose/excepted to.   Man if they can ever get this damn PP figured out.   1 for their last 25 now.   Yikes.

A source close to the team said that Hextall and Hakstol watched last nights game from a local sports bar in South Jersey. The conversation went something like this apparently,   7:05pm RH: “No way Carter is ready. Can’t believe they are throwing him out there.”   DH: “You’re right Ron. I also can’t believe how they are treating Jori. He should definitely be in the lineup over Lindblom or Varone.” “Sanheim in the top pairing? Gordon won’t be around long giving him Mac’s

10 hours ago, murraycraven said:

After Hart gets lit up tonight this board will have him labeled as a "bust" by 11pm this evening.  🤣

Not in back of this trash defense.

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Can you believe Pickard is the only goalie with a winning record this year? Lol that’s insane. 


Team looks decent so far. I love seeing Carter’s mom. She looks sooo proud. 

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21 minutes ago, Samifan said:

Loved seeing Gordon on the benching “coaching” Jake Turnovercheck.


Gordon, ”if if you don’t stop fumbling the puck Jake say hello to the 4th line.”

i think he should give him this line and job for a few...




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