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Game 49: Flyers vs Jets 1/28/19 at 7:00 pm

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2 minutes ago, briere48 said:


im worried that they are going to keep scott gordon over q because of these wins.


No sense in worrying just have to wait and see what happens. Nothing else can be done. This team is quitting and they are playing much much better with Hart leading them besides it ruining the draft pick it will i guess prepare them for next year.


It looks like from reports the Flyers are trying to resign Simmer and the only thing they can't agree on is term.


Which i must say i am wanting to move him now if they can but i trust they know more than i do.

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This was a disciplined game we deserved to win.  There was 60 minutes of effort.  Hart was good. So were his teammates.  It was as complete a game as I've seen all year. 

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1 hour ago, OccamsRazor said:


They very well never lose again this year.


Nah just kidding but the one thing they will need besides winning of course is some help from the team above them for sure.


The next two games are just that vs. Rangers tonight and then Boston thursday so winning those will certainly be a great start.


They have two games vs. the Pens in February. Two vs Wings. Then Tampa, Montreal, Sabres and Blue Jackets too.


So they only they can do is winning those games in regulation to make a 4 point swing both ways to help. 


They also must win the West coast games too.


They have a 4 game homestand Oilers,Canucks, Kings and Ducks before squaring off vs Pens at home on 11th.


Hey if they can duplicate last years February which was the 2nd best ever February in franchise history they will make the run interesting to say the least. All they need to do now is keep winning. 


Man if this team could ever get this goddamn power play going i really think they could be a legit threat in the East.


But man it ain't looking good till they change up the power play coach maybe.

Hate to say it, but I kinda hope literally none of that happens.


Yes, I want to see good play from the kids, including Hart, but I really don't want them to go on a tear and have Fletcher not make moves (or, worse, make moves) at the deadline, barely miss (or make) the POs, and end up with a pick in the teens/20s.

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1 hour ago, briere48 said:


im worried that they are going to keep scott gordon over q because of these wins.

Well, if Gordon gets the group playing to their potential is Q needed ?


I mean really, Gordon has already coached in the NHL, he was doing a fine job in Allentown. He's interim, but its not like he''s got a bunch of ******** on his resume', he's got experience, he's flamed out already so maybe he gets in touch with his inner Belicheck.


So far I am happy with the job Fletcher is doing, he appears to be taking his time making his evaluations, he sees the need for improvement which is good imo. we will see, i suppose. I don't know, if Gordon comes in and the team goes 30 and 15 with him I think that deserves to be considered a success. 

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1 minute ago, vis said:

Hate to say it, but I kinda hope literally none of that happens.


Yeah i was too but after watching Hart in goal and them him inspiring his teammates i can no longer see them in the Lose for Hughes realm anymore....i did earlier but the kid has given them life and they will fight to the end now.


I am not saying they will make the playoffs in any way but they will grind i expect till they are officially eliminated from playoff contention.


They are playing the spoiler role to a tee right now. They will be a thorn is the side to the opposition the rest of the year.


So i am at peace with that.


I still see them moving Simmer though.


Go Flyers!!!!

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22 hours ago, briere48 said:

we are never going to win cup because this organization doesnt want to tank for a star, every team does it but this is coward of organization that hasnt won jack in over 40 years is finally bad enough to get hughes and they choose to win when it means nothing.


Actually every team should be doing that! No team should tank. 

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