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Alain Vigneault should be fired !

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3 minutes ago, radoran said:


I might be, except for the author. And the fact that philly.com won't let me access their website.


"You've reached your article limit for the month" they say every time I log on. And I check my history and I have six philly.com articles this year and probably couldn't have read any of them...


It's like a metaphor

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      Haven't we seen enough already? this bum needs to go!
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      Came here to say I wish I had started this thread. Genius.
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      WE know what he's done that's all you need to know. He HAS to go!
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      I am soooooo sick of his sh it.   He has literally done NOTHING since being hired!   I mean NOTHING!   AWE GAWD I'VE had IT...I'm getting my halibut gear and moving to Buffalo!!!
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      Be honest, before you saw who it was, just when you only had seen the title.  You thought it was either me or Flyers4Ever, didn't you?
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      We will definitely agree to differ - I think this team needs a proverbial kick in the keister and an "enthusiastic young voice" isn't the one to do that.   The guy with division titles, conference titles, and President's Trophies just might be.   The "put up or shut up" window for this team has been open, and this move starts to close it. If they don't get it together, come out strong and show themselves to be the "playoff team" they've insisted they have been for seven years

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