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Krueger and his approach

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The jury, and me included, are still out on him as a coach.  Of course I am not going to complain about the start.  No regulation loss yet as of this posting.  Dallas looms tomorrow.  Which means we have to find a way to solve Bishop.   That is beating Dallas in a nutshell.  The rest of them do not really put fear in me.  But this is about Krueger. I am really wondering why he put Ullmark in goal when Hutton has played well, and is supposed to be the number one goalie until Luukenen is ready?  I think he is already on dangerous ground making such a risky move and potentially alienating the starter.  Ullmark is a very good backup as was Jhonas Enroth and Marty Biron.  But that is all he is.   A BACK UP.    Learn that Kruegger.  We might not be walking on land mines otherwise.  As for his mixing of lines?  Strange but some of the moves I like.  He has put Reinhart in more of a responsible role.  Olofson has played well so far.  He has the smarts to realize that Rasmus Ristolainen is not just an average guy.  He is a very very important part of this unit.  He can skate, handle the puck, make good decisions and maybe most importantly, just knock the hell out of anyone that comes neat our goalie or threatens guys like Jack Eichel.  He is a beast and a beast that we need. He has tried to utilize Colin Miller and that is a work in progress.  So far I give him a B+.  No A because of his mis handling of the goalie position. 

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