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Marco Rossi turned 18 last September. This is the young Austrians 2nd year in the OHL. He plays for the Ottawa 67's. 


 As a 16/17 year old last year he played 53 games. 29 Goals, 36 Assists, 65 pts in 53 games?!? As a 17 year old in one of the best leagues on the planet?? Oh, and he was +51.


 This year he has GONE OFF!! He is leading the entire OHL in scoring...something that is rare for a draft eligible player. In 29 games this year he has 26 goals, 42 assists and a staggering 69 pts!


He is scoring at an incredible 2.38 points per game. That is 4th best all time right now. The top 3??

1) Eric Lindros 2.61

2) Connor McDavid 2.55

3) Patrick Kane 2.50

THAT is some impressive company! A lot of mocks have him #8-#13ish. He is smallish at 5'9 and 180...if he was 6'2 he goes top 3...but the fact he might not go top 10 speaks volumes for the top end talent this year. 


Just thought the forum needed a Marco Rossi thread. We should be talking about him.

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On 7/23/2020 at 1:40 PM, Keep Your Stick on the Ice said:

I agree. Hope the Red Wings take him.

Your second favorite team - Wild took him. And he is cleared now for starting skating again after the Covid disease side effects. He is our future hope. 😉

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