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Tkachuk/Kassian Feud

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1 hour ago, ruxpin said:

2-game suspension for Kassian.


Kassian is a cement head (possibly why he survived the hit), but this simply isn't right.


It's the NHL. They always (publicly) back the referees no matter how badly they allow things to escalate in games.

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Gonna be some real heat on the next battle of Alberta. Probably wont happen...but craving some good old fashioned retribution violence....and call up the goon reinforcements...blood plz!!!

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My thoughts...


I'll admit, my bias may show, but i thought the first hit was questionable, but i guess the zebra's were willing to let it go.


No problems at all with the second hit.


He had the puck (both times) and MT lined him up perfectly....


I also have NO issues with Kassian getting up and pummeling him.


That said, agitate, and draw a penalty, calgary scores, wins the game.


Call it what you want, that's the way he plays and he does it with great results, granted (just like with marchand) he'll get his someday.

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It's now end of the 2021 year and even though Tkachuk didn't have to he still did fight kassian and the whole feud seems to be over.


I think kassian is a coward not Tkachuk, kassian only picks on guys smaller than him, look at how kassian refused to even respond when Rinaldo challenged him from the Calgary bench.


Tkachuk doesn't have to fight everyone he gives dirty hits to, fighting is optional in hockey, but being hit with body checks isn't optional - like Tkachuk said, if you don't like getting hit stay off the tracks.


Personally, I don't think any of the hits were illegal, and the refs didn't call penalties nor did the league issues suspensions to Tkachuk - whereas kassian should obviously be suspended for fighting someone who refused to fight, in hockey as in real life anyone that keeps punching someone who doesn't fight back is a bully.


Instead I'm disappointed that more of Calgary players didn't fight kassian for Tkachuk - teammates are supposed to stick up for their teammates but Calgary failed to do that for Tkachuk.

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