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10 Habs Questions

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Just a quick little topic after I watched the Habs-Leafs game. The best player that was on the ice for the Canadiens, was by far David Desharnais. He and Carey Price seem to be the only un-touchables at the moment.

10 Habs Questions

1) Who should the Habs bring in to be the next coach?

2) Next GM?

3) Buyers or Sellers at this year's deadline?

4) What do the Habs need to address this summer?

5) Who do you consider untouchable besides Carey Price?

6) What kind of return can Andrei Kostitsyn fetch?

7) Who will be the better defenceman.... Alex Emelin or Raphael Diaz?

8) Is P.K Subban a bust, or dealing with a sophomore slump?

9) What is Max Pacioretty's ceiling?


10) Do you need to have a good powerplay to win? (see Boston last year). The Habs currently rank 30th on the powerplay, but 2nd on the PK. Is the powerplay the heart of the problem?

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Well, my guess is you are looking at Pacioretty at his best. A solid top six/nine who cant carry a team but will be around forever. Subban will be okay, think Mattieu Schneider. Good years/bad years plays on first PP, better as QB on second. Diaz is fairly impressive but not overly so. With the huge franco thing in Quebec, Guy Boucher if he gets canned in Tampa (which I doubt) would be a nice peace offering.

You guys need first line players. Maybe you could make a case for Plekanec. Maybe, but that is it.Some nights he is your only real top six player. I know Camellerri was supposed to fix it, same with Gionta, bad signings occur with almost everyone, but keep plugging away. Look at all the Rangers wretched signings before getting Gaborik and Richards. And the one player you didnt mention trading called him untouchable was Carey Price. He is a solid goalie, but what type of return could he net if les habs dealt him? He could fill two solid top six forward spots, take the pressure off a young defense with a good offense as it were.

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1.The Habs have let some really good coaches leave from their own organization (even some French speaking ones). I don't think it's going to matter who coaches there for awhile, that's just one bad team.

2.As for GM, whoever they bring in will be an upgrade over Gauthier. He may well be the worst in the league.


4. Everything but goaltending

5. Nobody but Price.

6. Don't know, wouldn't want him.

7. Beaulieu : )

8. Subban isn't a bust. He's a talented player who needs someone to kick his ass. He thinks he's still in junior with some of the stupid up the middle or blind behind the back passes he makes. And would he just shut up. If someone can get his head straight he can be very good.

9. Pacioretti looks like he could turn out to be a very good player...maybe a 30-35 goal scorer. He's got nice wheels, a good shot and plays bigger than his size.

10. Boston won with a hard working team with great D. Montreal doesn't come anywhere close to them. I'd say pp is very important come playoffs.. the Bruins are an aberration here.

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