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Black Hawks year in review

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PRESEASON OUTLOOK They added Lehner on a one year deal, shoring up the net, hopes were high that kids like Boqvist, Dach, Murphy and Highmore would take a step forward and Maatta, De Haan and Koekkoek would stabilize the defense. Oh and the hope was the veteran core of Toews, Kane, Keith, Seabrook, Crawford and Saad had another run in them.


FINAL RECORD 32-30-8 last in the Central. With the strange postseason they stumbled into the playoffs and surprised Edmonton in the play in round before bowing out in the second round to the Knights.


STRANGE STAT OF THE YEAR Very strange home/road splits, Kane had 37 points at home, 47 on the road, Toews 25/35, Kubalik 17/29.Saad had 9 goals at home, 12 on the road. Essentially every key player on the team save Debrincat was overwhelmingly better away from Chicago, and yet curiously somehow they were 2 games over .55 at home and only .500 even on the road. Defense seemed to play tighter at home as they allowed a quarter of a goal less at home.


HIGH POINT OF THEYEAR Toews esentially outplaying McDavid (yeah i know Mcdavid scored a lot in the first round but Toews dominated) as the Hawks upset the Oilers. 

  The other high point would be trading Lehner, gustafsson for assets at the deadline throwing in the towel only to make the postseason anyway.


LOW POINT OF THE SEASON None. They never got above or below three games above or below .500 all season.  Yeah i know they got the hell kicked out of them by Vegas but Vegas is elite and unlike Edmonton experienced and didnt take Chicago lightly.


WHAT WENT RIGHT Kane was beastly as always with 84 points in 70 games, Toews continues to age like fine with with 60 points, still among the best in the game in the dot and at playing a 200 foot game. Kubalik came out of nowhere with 30 goals. Dach showedpromise. Murphy looks like a top 4 defender in the making.


WHAT WENT WRONG Strome and Debrincatwere supposed to be key seconbdary scorers, they both slipped. Key defenseman Keith and Seabrook were middling atbest, Gustafsson was more or less a lflop. Secndary scoring once you git below the top line they are outplayed, outhustled and outmatched.  


FREE AGENTS Crawford and his weighty deal is finally off the hook. The rest of their UFAs were dealt arund the deadline.


OFFSEASON QUESTIONS Same as last year, can the kids take a step up, can the veteran core carry another playoff run? Also, who is in net as the only goalie in the organization eady for th show is Malcom subban. That is ugly.

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Honestly, I think if Chicago can rebuild its defense quickly, they could at least be considered a playoff team regularly because their fowards group, even with the step backs mentioned, is still pretty exciting and dangerous.

Seems like when I've watched Chicago games the last couple seasons I can always count on some good offense and that they will score a bit.....but also be right in line to give up a ton of goals as well.

Obviously a good goalie will help matters there, but I think a solid defensive core (and get rid of the anchors and career bottom pair guys there) paired with their good offense would make even an average goalie look real good.... I mean....look at Crawford! :lol:

Seriously though....even though they are a Minnesota Wild division rival, I enjoy watching Blackhawk games, despite their pretty ugly defense at the moment.

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