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Matt Read's Shootout Attempt

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I had the Boston feed for the game yesterday. How many of you saw what I saw right before the shootout started?

After the zambonis did their dry scrape, the rink attendants re-set the nets, Tim Thomas goes back to the crease and grabs the water bottle, takes a drink, then squirts a bunch of water on the ice out in front of the crease. Only seconds later, Matt Read comes in for his shootout attempt and loses the puck in the same area that Thomas just squirted the water.

Water can cause the puck to travel faster due to less friction (hydroplane). Conversely, it can cause the puck to *stick* and not slide at all (which didn't happen in this case).

I'm not sure if the water effected Read's ability to control the puck, but I think its a little suspicious that he lost control right in the same area that Thomas squirted it.

So, what do you think? Smart play or Cheating?

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yeah, both. remember when goalies used to build little forts at the side of the net with ice scrapings? amazing stuff to stop wrap arounds if the refs don't knock them down all the time.

did you notice thomas's trip on giroux's shootout goal? the guy is a clever bastard, gotta give it to him.

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