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Reggie Leach: The Riverton Rifle

Guest Podein25

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It's amazing the connections between things.

I was listening to an interview with John K Samson, leader of the Winnipeg band The Weakerthans. He has a new album out with a song on it called "Riverton Rifle" (I think). The song is about Samson's attempt to get Reggie into the Hall of Fame via petition. In fact, the lyrics are just the petition:


I think it's cool. Such is the way hockey touches everything in Canada.

Also, an article on Samson: www.thestar.com/article/1120123--albums-john-k-samson-bard-of-winnipeg-scores-as-does-classical-s-joshua-bell

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@JackStraw - I believe that's what they call poetic license.

Yes, there are all kinds of thug Ukrainan hockey players. And thug Ukrainan fans, like the ones in Dauphin, which is the Ukrainan capital of Manitoba. Home to the Kings and not a pleasant place to play. Barry Trotz coached the Kings before making the jump to the NHL....

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