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The importance of the number one seed

Guest yave1964

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Lets look at the standings right now for a minute....

1. Detroit

2. Canucks

3. Sharks

4. blues

5. Hawks

6. Predators

7. kings

8. everyone else.

Realisticly I cannot think of a season that the number one seed has mattered more. No offense to whoever gets the eight seed, Phoenix, Avalanche, Stars, wild or Flames, none of them is in the class as the top seven teams in the west. Whoever gets a one seed would easily in five games tops handle any of those listed, while 2 through 7 beat each other up. In all likelyhood between detroit, the blues and the Hawks, the two who dont win the division will likely face each other in a bitter first round battle. The worst is over for the Wings schedule wise and we have the best record in Hockey, the Blues have a tough stretch coming and the Hawks play a brutal nine game road trip coming out of the break. It is time to put some distance between these guys as the number one seed has the clearest path to the cup.

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I think you could say that pretty much any year. You could say it this year about the east. Think Toronto, or Winnipeg or Washington really scares anyone? Of course it's usually those teams that barely sneak in that nobody worries about that upset the top seed. Pretty sure Detroit knows all about that.

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The worst is over for the Wings schedule wise and we have the best record in Hockey

I wouldn't say the worst is over for the Wings. The have a welcome, long homestand coming up in February, but we have several games left against Chicago, San Jose, LA, Vancouver, and one more showdown with the Blues. The second half of the season is equal at best to the first half, but more games will be played at home.

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