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A couple of minor signings on 1-1-21

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Just felt like writing 2021 to wash 2020 out of my system, lol.


Boo Nieves who spent most of last year with Hartford in the AHL just signed with the Lightning. Look, I watch a lot of Big Ten Hockey and Nieves stood out with the Wolverines when he was there, a human wrecking crew, not afraid to go into the corners and do the dirty work, he could play all three forward positions well. The Rangers gave him a shot or two essentially a season worth over a couple of years, 76 games, 5 goals and 19 points. He will be a taxi squad guy who could replace Paquette without a huge dropoff.


trevor Lewis signed a PTO deal with the Jets which normally would go without notice but it may be a sign that Roslovic is going to be dealt as they play the same type of game. Lewis is past his prime but still can play a 4th line role very well, Roslovic may be dealt for defense, Lewis is a nice safety net.


Andy Greene and Matt Martin as has been expected for a month have resigned with the Islanders. Barzal is expected to be in camp but as of now no contract is imminent. 


  2021. So glad to turn the page on that awful year which shall be forever unmentioned, lol


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Hmm...Boo Nieves, eh?

I didn't think the Bolts lost too much "grittiness" with the trading of Paquette only because they STILL have guys up n down the lineup that can play a tough, blue collar style.

Still though, it can't hurt to have yet another guy that can play that way as long as he isn't a liability otherwise.

I know nothing of Nieves, so I will take you at your posting that he can do what Paquette did before.
With Kuch not playing, Tyler Johnson seemingly on the decline, and Stamkos playing more of a "do everything" role rather than just pure scoring, the Bolts may need to grind out more games than ever before to defend their SC title.

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