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How could Blues let Pietrangelo get away?

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I know its all about money now.  It sucks. This means Parayko is now the lead guy on defense. Not bad of course. But losing a guy like Pietrangelo is big. They still have Teresenko  and the goalie so should still be in the mix.  Vegas just got much better getting Alex Pietrangelo.

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You said it.
A money and numbers thing.

Blues are one of those teams near the top of the cap and Pietrangelo's requirements for staying on were a bit more than the Blues could take on and still keep a competitive team.

On the bright side, they get Torey Krug on board.
While I feel Pietrangelo is the better overall defenseman, Krug isn't too shabby and might even bring a bit more PP numbers to the table for the Blues.

Ultimately, Pietrangelo is costing his new team Vegas, $8.8M against the cap, while Krug is costing St. Louis a relatively friendlier $6.5M against the cap....and for a team like the Blues already up against the cap ceiling, that is huge.

I am sure in a perfect scenario, Pietrangelo re-signs and the Blues would have been glad to keep him on.
But that isn't the way of things and the price all GMs of Stanley Cup champion or contending teams have to pay when managing such teams.

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