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Im dropping dtv. They are the Doug Pedersen of tv.


There are lots of options. Whats the best way to stream flyer games out of market? I have no interest in the rest of the NHL, just our boys. I was thinking youtube tv.


Any advice is appreciated 

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I pony up for the NHL.tv single-team subscription option, I think it's $89. You can get a 10% discount if you use a Discover card to pay. They blackout nationally televised games though which is exceedingly annoying. However if one were so inclined, one could in theory use a VPN service to connect to those games from a server with a non-US IP address. Just theoretically of course.

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I have YouTube TV and NHL Center Ice. 

If I remember right that got me 100% of the games.  Center Ice for non-national broadcasts and non-Boston games.  The rest on YouTube TV

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