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Should the flames be buyers or sellers

Guest yave1964

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Looking at an eight seed if everything breaks perfect, likely an early out, Cammelleri was a great aquisition both talent and P.R. wise, but is he enough?

Personally, I think it is time to shop Kiprusoff. The lightning and Jackets need goaltending desperately. The Jets, leafs and Devils are teams fighting for spots who could use a goalie. The flames have the largest collection of average players with average prospects in recent memories, you know what you are gonna get, year in year out, nobody has a upside which will help the team get to the next level, they are average. Vanilla. I cannot see them trading Iginla, so to break out of this rut it is either blow up the roster or trade Kipper for the best package and go from there. Victor Hedman. Derek Brassard and Steve Mason. Kadri and Schenn. Parise.Enstrom and Burmistrov. Some combo package to get a blue chipper or two gives you guys something to work with. Really, the flames have three choices

1. Trade Iginla and/or Kipper By trading Kiprusoff to aquire help for Iginla it may move the team in the right direction.

2. Trade the 30 something average guys, Morrison, Jokinen, Tanguay, Bouwmeester, Stempniak for the best packages of picks and prospects and let the 20 something average guys play, Moss, Backlund, Bouma, Nemisz and see if any of them have an upside.

3. Status quo and hope for the best. They are in cap trouble, adding Coumeau and Cammelleri was about it unless salary moves out. Truthfully, this is a hard organization to judge, they are neither bad or good. To get to the next level, truthfully they might need to take a step back, they have wonderful fans and I believe they would be patient during the rebuilding.

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Well Morrison and Stempniak are UFA next season....Bouwmeester/Jokinen/Tangauy/Kiprosoff/Iginla have NTC/NMC......How exactly do you plan to move them? Especially with the boat anchor that comes with Bouwmeester if you can get him to agree to a trade...

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The Flames will likely be in the wait-and-see mode. Both their standing in mid-Feb and available players/offers will be critical in determining which direction the organization will ultimately go. Too close to call at this point in time, in my opinion.

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Both their standing in mid-Feb

You think that matters though? Can the Flames get by Detroit, Cancucks, Sharks, Blues?

I guess anything can happen if you get in the playoffs but if the right deal comes along that makes them stronger for next year, I think it would be hard not to take it.

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