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This and that, Hoglander/Forbort feud, Niederreitter goes off

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  Last nights games.....


Late in a 2-0 Jets win over Vancouver Young Nils Hoglander went to play the body of Derek Forbort who is six inches and fourty pounds heavier. Hoglander caught him a bit in the chin, forbort hit his head on the boards, and took major exception, chasing Hoglander crosschecking him at least three times in the back without hoglander responding A few minutes later they found themselves on the ice again and once again Forbort started the rough stuff on Hoglander who again wanted no part of it, but the two teams ended up in a dog pile. As it came to a conclusion with everyone paired off you can see Hoglander standing off to the side watching his teammates. Nice little player but that is not a way to win friends and influence teammates.


 Not saying Hoglander shoulda fought Forbort but he should have shown an effort to at least stand up for himself a bit. It was the first ever standing turtling I have ever seen.


  Nino Niederreitter had a nice week in last nights game with 2 goals, an assist and was plus 2 with the GWG. Every night it is someone new with Carolina doing the heavy lifting and they are one of the most fun teams in the game to watch today.


 Florida crushed the Wings 7-2 in a game that wasnt even that close, !B goalie Driedger made possibly the save of the year on Darren Helm that was so amazing, diving back across to knock a sure tip in goal out of harms way with his goalie stick that during live play you could actually hear his teammates on the bench cheering and banging sticks on the boards. Every year I think Florida is going to be a playoff team, every year they fall flat but this time, maybe this time they are for real. Maybe not drinking the kool aid but close. Of course it was against the Wings but they did just take 2 of 3 from Tampa.

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