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  • pags569

    The Play It Forward Foundation - Our Story

    By pags569

    "When I was a small boy, my love for the game of hockey grew while watching the game with my dad.  We would enjoy the time spent together just as much as the game itself and created a bond that can never be replaced.  My dad passed away as I started playing the game, but my love never strayed and built friendships that have lasted a lifetime. Through that time I was fortunate that members of the hockey community were there to help my family and I pick up the broken pieces left over from my fathers passing and help ease our grieving as much as possible by limiting the stresses of getting to practice and games.  I remain eternally grateful to these families and will never forget them.  This is why the Play It Forward Foundation exists today.  Many of those same people who helped my family in our troubled times are working closely to help others in need."   - Jeff Pagano, Founder & CEO 

    Inspired by the compassion shown from others, Jeff Pagano, a youth hockey coach in New Jersey, began to think of ways that he could help give back to his local hockey community. Jeff knew that he wanted to find ways to support hockey organizations in his town, but more importantly, he wanted to spark his own chain reaction; one that would encourage everyone in the hockey community to find a way to “pay it forward”.
    Returning to his roots, Jeff enlisted the help of a few of his former youth hockey teammates, all of whom had stayed active in the hockey community. As the group began to share ideas, the framework for the Play-it Forward Foundation quickly began to emerge.  
    At the Play-it-Forward Foundation:
    The core mission of our organization is to provide assistance to youth athletes who are struggling to overcome circumstances that significantly impact their quality of life   Building off of Jeff’s original concept, the Play it Forward Foundation serves as a catalyst in developing a culture of generosity within the hockey community. In addition to providing direct assistance to local programs, we work to encourage all members of the hockey community to find a way to give back to the sport.
    At the heart of our program we believe that the true power of this great sport is in the strength and camaraderie of the people who play it, so we are encouraging everyone within the hockey community to get involved, and join us in helping to Play-it-Forward. and join us in helping to Play-it-Forward.   Learn More about our organization at http://www.playitforwardhockey.com/ 
  • InsideEdge

    Johnny "No Hockey" ?

    By InsideEdge

    Last years regular season struggles and failure to make the playoffs left many in Calgary shaking their heads.  The challenges the Flames faced last season may just have been minimal to the challenges that they faced during the off-season.  Goaltending was a critical issue, and getting key RFA players signed was also a very high priority.  With the trade for Brian Elliott done, and the goaltending question answered it was time to tackle the RFA troubles.  First the Flames locked up young star center Sean Monahan.  He signed a seven-year $44.625 million dollar contract, which boiled down to a $6.365 million annual hit.  The focus then turned to the speedy Johnny Gaudreau.  Well that negotiation has taken longer to solve, and what many thought would be a formality may just have turned into their biggest off-season challenge.    Negotiations are currently on hold until after the World Cup of Hockey, and many in Calgary are starting to worry a bit.  Eric Francis of the Calgary Sun reported that Gaudreau and his agent are looking for a $8 million dollar deal.  Calgary has reportedly been in the $6.5 million dollar category.  Francis reported, “Sources say Gaudreau’s agent, Lewis Gross, is asking for a payday in the $8-million range while the Flames are pushing to pay between what Sean Monahan signed for ($6.375 million annual average value) and what captain Mark Giordano makes (a team-high $6.75 million AAV).” The Flames hold the cards on this deal since Gaudreau is restricted, and is not eligible to presented an offer-sheet.  But the Flames also do not want to get into a huge contract battle with the young fan favorite.    According to Francis, “Flames fans can relax a bit, there is no way this will not get worked out, and no way that Gaudreau will not be in the Flames lineup come opening night.”  It is very important that they find some common ground and get this deal done.  The Flames cannot afford to not have the face of the team ready to start the season.  I look for the Flames to lock him up right after the World Cup, and it looks as though $7 million a year for 6 years may just be the common ground. INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS
  • InsideEdge

    Arizona Stability?

    By InsideEdge

    Arizona Stability?   After years of low attendance, poor revenue, and controversy with the City of Glendale the Arizona Coyotes may be moving to a direction of stability.  On Monday the Coyotes announced a proposal for a new hockey facility.  The plans are for a 16,000 seat NHL arena and a 4,000 seat multi sport arena and practice facility.  This complex will be shared with the Arizona Sun Devils.    This is a strong step in the right direction.  It is a proposal, not a solidified agreement.  That will come if and when the Coyotes met all the requirements.  Is this the beginning of positive things in Arizona or is this the final straw that sends the team packing.  Lets hope this solves the poor attendance problems caused by a less than convenient location in Glendale.  The Coyotes deserve a break, but they will need fan support and this proposal.  Otherwise they will be gone.  RINK REPORT -       Steven Stamkos left Tuesday nights game against the Detroit Red Wings with a lower-body injury.  The incident happened in the first period, and he did not return to the game.  Details are unknown at this time. -       The Winnipeg Jets are on the move.  Tuesday nights shutout victory over the Chicago Blackhawks has moved the Jets into second place in the very difficult Central Division. -       The Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday inducted three players (Eric Lindros, Sergei Makarov and Rogie Vachon) and one builder (Pat Quinn) – and also honored two media members (Sam Rosen and Bob Verdi) – as part of its class of 2016. -       Michael Grabner scored twice to lead the Rangers to their seventh win in their past eight outings and to a 12-4-0 record overall (24 points), tied with the Blackhawks (11-3-2, 24 points) for second in the NHL behind the Canadiens (13-2-1, 27 points). This marks just the second time in New York’s 90-year history that they have won 12 of their first 16 games to start a season; the other instance came in 2015-16 when they began 12-2-2. Grabner, who shares second in the NHL in goals, has 10-3—13 through 16 games this season, eclipsing his goal total from 2015-16 (9-9—18 in 80 GP w/ TOR).
  • More Hockey Stats

    Talent, Skill and the NHL

    By More Hockey Stats

    Original post On Talent In General   When you want to do some useful work, you need a skill to do that work. Naturally, one doesn't need a skill to tweet, but that's not a useful work to start with. But to do stuff that actually profits you a certain level of skill is absolutely necessary.   In order to have the skill, you need to learn it, and then to improve it. And there are only two basic factors that define how well you learn and improve in the skill - the talent and the effort. The bigger is your talent, the bonus from the nature, whether it's thanks to inborn memory, flexibility, or a quick eye, the less effort you need to achieve the given level of skill. And the trade-off is not even linear, there are areas, mostly creative ones, such as music or painting where no amount effort, grit and determination can bring you to a certain level of skill.   On the other hand, the bigger the talent, the less necessary the effort becomes, and at the extreme level of talent, also known as ... genius the person sometimes doesn't need practically any effort to improve at an incredible pace. This phenomena, already extremely rare, is mostly restricted to mind activities, bound by the necessity in constant exercise to maintain a high level of skill in a physical activity. Names of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in composing, Jose Raul Capablanca in chess or Robertino Loreti in music come to mind when we talk about such geniuses. Mozart was composing himself already at age five, Capablanca learned the game of chess from observation only, but won the Cuban Championship when he was twelve, and Loreti became a European super-star shortly after he was noticed singing folk tunes on the streets of Rome.   Talent And Skill In Hockey   Hockey is also a work that requires skill. It's a complex skill that consists of many abilities: skating, observation, agility, strength, endurance, wit an others. Since it's a team game, the team consists of players that excel at these abilities on a different level, and a "complete hockey player" would actually be someone who can skate like Mike Gartner, is observant like Wayne Gretzky, can shoot like Mike Bossy, has the strength of Eric Lindros, endurance of Nicklas Lidstrom, and, actually, can easily take a hit from Cam Neely (and hit like Neely, too) and hold his ground in a fight against Tie Domi, and such a "complete hockey player" would exist mostly in the computer games.   Nevertheless, of course the hockey players have different levels of ability in these dimensions of the hockey skill, and, unfortunately, today, mostly the ability to stickhandle is exclusively classified as 'skill'. No, the hockey skill is composite, and the wonderful dekes are just one aspect of it. Naturally, the most appealing, and probably the most important dimensions (we're not talking about goaltending here, but the reader can make similar projections to that position, too) are the ones directly relating to the goal scoring, and the players who excel at them are generally valued higher.   However, in the way the hockey is defined by the NHL rules and and the NHL tradition, other qualities of the skill - hitting, blocking shots, fighting are required to make the complete hockey team. In a different league, such as the USSR league was, with very limited hitting and explicitly prohibited fighting, the sportsmen would develop more into the goal-scoring oriented hockey players.   Where The Talent Comes From   Well, from mothers' wombs. But then, the players usually begin to learn the skill of hockey from a very young age, and by the age of the NHL draft eligibility, their talent is well-evaluated and the positions in the draft order give a good approximation of the order of the talent of the available players. There are few exceptions, and these mostly are the European players, especially the Eastern-European ones who do not take part in the draft, but continue to develop in their leagues, such as the KHL. But the rule that the biggest chunk of the hockey talent is available at the annual draft, and that the talent is sorted according to the actual draft picks pretty much holds.   Therefore, the teams that feature the higher draft picks in their roster are on average definitely more talented ones than the ones with the lower picks. Are they most skillful? Not necessarily. Remember, that in the first part of this essay we stated that to develop a skill, both talent and effort are required. Some players, for whatever reason, fail to put the necessary amount of effort to achieve the skill level expected for their talent, and became disappointments, or even draft busts. Some, on the other hand, put a great effort and determination, and leap beyond such expectations. The latter ones, unfortunately, are bound by that aforementioned ceiling that sometimes lack of talent produces.   A team whose top draft picks underperform on a regular basis must recognize it has a culture problem. When time after time, players, who are supposed to be easy learners and advance rapidly, stall or degenerate it means that the organization, and, pardon the pun, it's farm, has a soil problem, that even the best seeds planted in it fail to yield the desired fruit.
  • More Hockey Stats

    On The NHL Scoring System (Part I)

    By More Hockey Stats

    Original post.   There was nothing wrong with ties. The 2-1-0 point system works fine in various sports around the world. It's just ... not fitting into the mind of a North American sports fan. "Who won?" - "It was a tie." - "Who won on a tiebreak?" Basketball and baseball do not have ties, and American Football has them at a rate of 1-2 times per whole season. So more than ten years ago NHL went with the flow and abolished ties, introducing the shootout, and with a twist, where the team making it past the regulation would still get the point, and a 2-2-1-0 point system came to life. Since then the argument rages, whether the ties should come back, or whether the consolation point should be taken away, or whether the much more energetic 3-2-1-0 point system, adopted across the ocean and by the IIHF should make its way into the NHL as well. The feeling that there is something unhealthy when a team loses and still gets something, while the winner is not penalized is nagging.   The argument from the NHL leadership claims the system creates denser standings and thus more interest and drama throughout the season is a valid one. However, this system, as we show below, creates a wrong incentive.   The standings in the NHL are defined by a points total, and the seeding in the playoffs are first and foremost the divisional standings. The relative standings across conferences have a rather minor effect of the potential home advantage in the Stanley Cup Finals, the same standings within the same conference but across divisions have an impact on the seedings in the whole playoffs, but also to a limited effect. Therefore, at least with the exception of intradivisional games, but possibly including these games too (especially against the competition that has fallen out of the playoff picture), the only thing that matters are the points accrued by the team itself, and not the points the opposition gathers. Let's wield the statistic that says that 25% of the games go to the overtime and the   So what are the point expectations in a 2-2-1-0 system? Let's compare a few situations when teams A and B play. Team A has 75% chance of winning the game (that's a huge, possibly maximum imaginable favorite odds) Team A has 67% chance of winning. Team A has 60% chance of winning. Team A has 50% chance of winning.
    Let's wield the statistic that says that 25% of all games go to the overtime and the shootout occurs in 40% of these games. Let's also assume that the 3-vs-3 overtime is more random and reduces by half the advantage of the better team (i.e. 75-25 becomes 62.5-37.5), and that the shootout is completely random, so the chances of winning it are 50/50. Then, the probabilities of the outcome become:             Chance PwReg    PwOT      PwSO    xPoints
    Team A    75%    0.5625   0.09375   0.05    1.51875
    Team B    25%    0.1875   0.05625   0.05    0.73125
    Team A    67%    0.5025   0.08775   0.05    1.39275
    Team B    33%    0.2475   0.06225   0.05    0.85725
    Team A    60%    0.45     0.0825    0.05    1.2825
    Team B    40%    0.3      0.0675    0.05    0.9675
    Team A    50%    0.375    0.075     0.05    1.125
    Team B    50%    0.375    0.075     0.05    1.125   Now let's consider than the stronger team A plays intentionally for overtime and manages to force it in 75% of the cases.             Chance PwReg    PwOT      PwSO    xPoints
    Team A    75%    0.1875   0.28125   0.15    1.55625
    Team B    25%    0.0625   0.16875   0.15    1.19375
    Team A    67%    0.1675   0.26325   0.15    1.49825
    Team B    33%    0.0825   0.18675   0.15    1.25175
    Team A    60%    0.15     0.2475    0.15    1.4475
    Team B    40%    0.1      0.2025    0.15    1.3025
    Team A    50%    0.125    0.225     0.15    1.375
    Team B    50%    0.125    0.225     0.15    1.375   In ALL cases it's worth for both teams to steer the game into OT. For the even odds case, the expectation gain is a whopping 0.25 points! Even in the case of super, uber favorite, it's still worth for that team to head to overtime, as it projects a gain of 0.04 points. And the gains for the underdogs are so big that there is no reason for the underdog to disturb the force of the overtime, so they will happily comply! Meaning: we'll see more fun overtime, we'll see more dumb shootouts, but more importantly the 60 minutes of hockey will lose a lot of their significance. The only quantitative incentive to finish the game in regulation becomes denying extra points for your opponents - hardly a significant matter in what, fifty out of the eighty-two season games! Now, let's repeat these calculations with 3-2-1-0 point system and combine them into another table:                          2-2-1-0                       3-2-1-0
              Chance Exp25%OT  Exp75%OT   Δexp     Exp25%OT  Exp75%OT   Δexp
    Team A    75%    1.51875   1.55625   +0.0375   2.08125   1.74375   -0.3375
    Team B    25%    0.73125   1.19375   +0.4625   0.91875   1.25625   +0.3375
    Team A    67%    1.39275   1.49825   +0.1055   1.89525   1.66575   -0.2295
    Team B    33%    0.85725   1.25175   +0.3945   1.10475   1.33425   +0.2295
    Team A    60%    1.2825    1.4475    +0.165    1.7325    1.5975    -0.135
    Team B    40%    0.9675    1.3025    +0.335    1.2675    1.4025    +0.135
    Team A    50%    1.125     1.375     +0.25     1.5       1.5        0
    Team B    50%    1.125     1.375     +0.25     1.5       1.5        0   Now there is no incentive for the stronger team to push for overtime, and even the gain for the weaker team decreased. 3-2-1-0 definitely encourages a regulation decision! Reasons where brought up against the 3-2-1-0 system. One states that the spread over the standings will be too thin, and more teams will be eliminated from the playoff race early. This argument has had no statistical support, and the element of drama when a team pulls a goalie in a tied score trying to force a 3-0 point win may actually more than make up for it. Another argument refers to soccer studies that claim the 3-1-0 point system there encourages teams to sit on their early leads trying to stifle the game, which decreases the attractiveness of the game. This argument is more valid, although it's notably harder to preserve a lead in hockey than in soccer. But beyond that this argument prompts for another, a truly revolutionary suggestion...  

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 33 Suckerpunch, Unsigned RFA’s, and Preseason Standouts

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 33  Suckerpunch, Unsigned RFA’s, and Preseason Standouts   Brad Burud and Blake Friars prep for the start of the NHL season by discussing preseason standouts. Lots of great young talented showcased in the preseason, and some will be taking roster spots. Domi suckerpunched Ekblad – the reaction and the results of this stupid hockey play. With 10 days until the start of the season Toronto Maple Leafs forward and RFA is still unsigned. Will he be signed? We will give you our opinions.   PODCAST




Vancouver Young Talent Shines

Vancouver Young Talent Shines The preseason could not be going any better if you are a Canucks fan.  Preseason is a showcase for young prospects, and in Vancouver the young prospects look amazing………Olli Juolevi is staking claim that he will be a solid NHL player, but then there is the man…Elias Pettersson!  Wow is this guy impressive.  He is doing everything…  He is flashy, he is exciting, and more importantly he is making players around him look like superstars – right Sven Baertschi.   Leafs Tire Pumping The Maple Leafs will be good, but back the wagons up Leafs fans.  The season has not started.  I know..I know… Tavares has two goal in his first game…  I think there is a lot more ahead for this team.  They will be good, but relax Leafs fans… You’re not cup contenders… and honestly, I hope you prove me wrong.   Domi Disgrace The first preseason game that new Montreal Canadiens center was in turned out to be a disaster.  Domi tried baiting Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad into a fight. Ekblad would not give Domi the satisfaction of the fight – in return Domi sucker punched him in the face.  Not the showing the Habs fans expected or wanted. Well maybe it was not too bad. Below is a press release from the NHL: NHL PRESS RELEASE Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi has been suspended for the remainder of the preseason for roughing Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad during NHL Preseason Game No. 29 in Montreal on Wednesday, Sept. 19, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today. The incident occurred at 0:56 of the third period. Domi was assessed a match penalty as well as a minor penalty for roughing. For a full explanation of the decision, complete with video, please click on the following link: https://www.nhl.com/video/t-277440360/c-61189703. The suspension shocked me and frustrates me.  I ask the NHL, is it really a penalty to punish a guy with preseason games.  No regular season games, none.  So Domi gets to practice and relax and prepare for the regular season without having to worry about in significant pre-season games. Look out NHL, you quickly set the suspension bar for the season, and it is low.




THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast - 20 Preseason Questions

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 32 20 Preseason Questions   Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss the monster Erik Karlsson trade, Robin Lehner Mental Health struggles, and Humboldt closure. Then they dive into 20 preseason quesions. Who is this years biggest bust? Who is the biggest rivalry? How many Canadian teams will make the playoffs? The questions keep coming…   PODCAST




Captains Head West...

Captains Head West… In a one-week span (during the offseason) two Eastern Conference team captains head to the Western Conference.  The first trade took place on September 10th.  The Montreal Canadiens sent captain Max Pacioretty to the Vegas Golden Knights. In return the Montreal Canadiens received Tomas Tatar, Nick Suzuki, and a 2019 Second Round Pick.   If that was not enough the Ottawa Senators sent their captain Erik Karlsson and Francis Perron to the San Jose Sharks in a monster deal.  In return the Senators receive a large package of players – Josh Norris, Chris Tierney, Rudolfs Balcers, Dylan DeMeio, Conditional 2020 1stRound Pick, Conditional 2019 2ndRound Pick, and 2 more Conditional Picks. Well my takes on this – take #1 – With Karlsson and Pacioretty traded now we can all talk about the game instead of them, for that I am thankful -- Montreal was forced to move Pacioretty, their return.  Not too bad. I think it will pay off for Montreal in the future, and honestly, I think Pacioretty will not have an easy time playing in the physical Western Conference.  As far as the Karlsson trade…. He is one of the best defensemen in the NHL so no matter what you get in return it will look like garbage. Ottawa is a mess, and this is par for the course.  The Western Conference just got better.   Drug Policy The NHL is not running and hiding from the fact that marijuana is becoming legal in some US states and may just become legal in all of Canada.  They laid down the law by saying that they will not be changing any of the leagues drug policies making it still an illegal substance.   Great move NHL.  I am with you on this one.   Crawford Is Out Just when things could not get worse in Chicago they did!  Corey Crawford is very doubtful for the start of this season.  I also don’t think I am going out on a limb by saying that I would not be at all surprised if he did not play a game this season. It is scary how quickly things fell apart in Chicago.    Bobrovsky Wants Big $ Columbus looks to be in goalie trouble.  Sergei Bobrovsky heads into the final year of his contract and things do not look optimistic. Bobrovsky wants to be the top paid goaltender in the league and I am not sure that Blue Jackets management is on that some page.  I ask the question, should he be the highest paid goalie in the league?  I guess my answer would be no, he is good but not that good.  I would feel a lot different if he had some playoff success under his belt.     Prayers to Humboldt We close the chapter on the Humboldt Broncos tragedy.  No this does not mean we will forget or that we will quit praying for them.  It just means that it is time for us to let players, families, friends and Humboldt the privacy to move on.  The first game back for the Humboldt Broncos was last Wednesday night.  It was exciting, it was emotional, it was amazing.  Amazing to see a community come back together doing what they love…watching hockey.  The ceremony was heartbreaking but yet amazing.  I pray for the families.  I will never forget this tragic accident and I will always pray for everyone involved. Prayers to Humboldt….




THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast - Episode 31 - Predictions and Teams on the Move

Brad Burud and Blake Friars are back for season two of THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast.  The 31st episode is all about predictions and the NHL season ahead.  They breakdown and debate which NHL teams are on the move up and which are on the move down.  Then they talk Eastern and Western Conference and give you insight on who will win each division and most importantly the Stanley Cup.   PODCAST  




Au Revoir Pacioretty

It finally happened! Max Pacioretty, 29, was dealt to the Vegas Golden Knights, in exchange for winger Tomas Tatar, top prospect Nick Suzuki, and a 2019 2ndround draft pick. The Knights acquired Tatar in a trade with the Detroit Redwings back in February, paying a steep price to. A 2019 1st, 2nd, and 3rdround pick, for a guy who was a healthy scratch in 12 of Vegas’s playoff games last year. It makes you scratch you head around the thought process GM George McPhee had with this trade. The Knights lose Neal, and Perron in Free Agency and add Paul Stansty, and Max Pacioretty, not bad for a team who went to the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season. Montreal trades their beloved captain and get prospect center depth they have lacked for years. With Suzuki, Kotkaniemi, and Poehling, the future center depth is starting to become more clear for the Habs.   Pen to Paper Winnipeg Jets star winger, Blake Wheeler got a huge pay day last week. The 31-year-old signed a 8 year/41 million dollar deal, an average salary of 8.25 per season. Wheeler, coming off a dominant campaign last year where he set career highs in assists (68), and points (91). The Jets now have Schifele, Wheeler, Hellebyuck, and Ehlers all locked up for the next six seasons. The Jets are due is pay Kyle Connor, and stud Patrik Laine big bucks next season. Are the Jets the next dynasty on the rise in the NHL?   Stevie Why?   A shocking development on twitter saw TSN’s Bob Mackenzie tweet out this this AM; https://twitter.com/TSNBobMcKenzie/status/1039560936208576512. With training camp right around the corner its rare you see something like this. Yzerman had this to say on his departure from the team; “[I believe in] doing what I think is the right thing,” Yzerman told reporters on Tuesday. “I believe I’ve done that. In that sense it made it an easier decision. It’s what’s right for the Tampa Bay Lightning and what’s right for me personally and professionally.” The Lighting are the odds on favorite to win the Stanley Cup this year and Steve Y has been a huge part of that.    As Advertised   Vancouver Canucks top prospect Elias Petterson did not disappoint this year at the Penticton Rookie Showcase. The 5thoverall pick in 2017, showed his elite release scoring four goals and tallying 3 assists in the two games. Coming off an MVP season in the SHL and becoming the youngest player in SHL history to lead the league in points, Petterson is showing the Canucks Brass that they made the right choice going off the board to select the 6’ 2 170-pound Center.       Nurse Holding Out?   Edmonton Oilers defenceman Darnell Nurse are far apart in negotiations, and with training camp a few days away, it makes you wonder if both parties will get it done in time for the regular season. A contract holdout is the last thing the Oilers need, they lost Andrej Sekera for the season with a torn Achilles. That being said big contracts to Lucic, Nugent-Hopkins, McDavid, and Draisaitl, are making it tough to pay the Restricted Free Agent. If I had to guess I would say Nurse makes around 6 million with his new deal. The Oilers got some work ahead of them!   Ramsey… This guy Lol   When Jacksonville Jaguars Cornerback Jalon Ramsey said he could crack an NHL squad if he had 6 months to train, I laughed. First of all, the guy as never skated in his life. Ever. NHL players didn’t hold back when asked about it. “Good luck, no chance” a few players said. I think a NHL player would have far more success on a football field, compared to a football player on ice, that being said I would love to see Ramsey attempt to skate. For now, stick to football Mr. Ramsey



Is Dallas Losing Seguin?

Welcome – My name is Blake Friars, I am co-host onThe Debate Hockey Podcast.  Over the summer we decided that I will start doing weekly posts on my 6 thoughts about topics in the NHL. I am a diehard Vancouver Canucks fan, I would love to hear from you guys in the comments for opinions and feedback. Looking forward to a great hockey season.   Broken Wing               We all know about the back issues that have been hindering the play of the Detroit Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg over the last two seasons. None of us thought it would come to him possibly missing the entire 2018-19 season. Zetterberg had this to say on his setback; https://twitter.com/reporterchris/status/1034559239728099328  “I have not been able to train and I cannot play NHL matches without being well prepared, especially not at my age.” Zetterberg, 37, will turn 38 October 9th. If this is in fact it for the Wings legend what a run it was. Zetterberg is 5thon the Wings all-time scoring list with 337 goals and 960 points.       Vancity Crazy   On August 22ndSportsnet’s Elliot Freidman dropped a bomb on the hockey world when he tweeted that the Vancouver Canucks were in on the Erik Karlsson sweepstakes.  https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNIC/status/1032296716014219264. Canucks GM’ Jim Benning entering his 5thyear with the club has transformed what was once the teams’ biggest weakness into its biggest strength’ the prospect pool. With the likes of Brock Boeser, Elias Petterson, Quinn Hughes, and Thatcher Demko, Canucks fans for the first time since 1999 actually have something to look forward to. Let’s shift back to a possible Karlsson to Vancouver trade just for fun. The conversation would start with the Canucks 7thoverall pick in the most recent NHL draft Quinn Hughes. Add a first-round pick in the 2019 draft which could turn out to be Quinn’s’ younger brother Jack, from a Canucks point of view this just doesn’t make sense to mortgage the future that look almost a decade to build. Benning has said on record “I’m not trading the Quinn Hughes and Brock Boeser’s and Elias Petterson’s. That’s not happening.” Get excited Canucks fans the future is almost here!   Pay-Less Seguin   Training camp is on the rise and the Dallas Stars and star center Tyler Seguin are “far apart” in negotiations. "I've been disappointed that it hasn't happened, the expectations were that it would be earlier in the summer, and there hasn't been much talk. But I'm back to work, I still have one year left, and that's been my focus,” said Seguin. The former 2ndoverall pick in the 2010 draft scored a career high 40 goals last season, and is set to hit free agency July 1st. Since the trade to Dallas in 2013, Seguin has totaled 384 points in 387 games. He has scored 178 goals in that span tied for 2ndwith Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin leads that department with 234 goals. The question is, will the Dallas stars pay Seguin and how much?! I see Seguin getting a similar contract to what John Tavares got this summer a 7 year 77-million-dollar deal. Habs (Carey)ied to playoffs?   With Carey Price finally back to full health the Montreal Canadians are banking a huge bounce back season form the best goalie in the NHL. in 2015 Price won 44 games had a .933 Sv% to go along with a 1.96 GAA. He also won the Hart, Vezina and the William Jennings, for a goalie that’s unheard of. But Montreal has a big problem. They struggled to score goals and keep them out of their net. They have completely mishandled the Max Pacioretty situation, and have yet to offer Pacioretty a contract extension. They supposedly had a deal to ship the captain to the Los Angeles Kings at the draft, but the deal got caught on a snag with a sign and trade. Shea Weber is on the shelf until Christmas with a knee injury. A lot has to go right for the Canadiens to make the playoffs, but a return to 2015 form for Carey Price would go a long way.   Metro Vs. Central               A topic that has been going on for a long time in the NHL is who is the best division in the league. In my opinion it comes down to the Metro and the Central. Let’s break them down. In the Metro the top dogs are Pittsburgh who has cups in 2016 and 2017, the Capitals who silenced the critics and beat the Penguins and went on to capture their first Stanley Cup this season. They brought back John Carlson and gave Tom Wilson a ridiculous 6-year extension. The pesky Blue Jackets who find a way to win with great goaltending, and the wild card is the Flyers for me. They brought back James Van Reimesdyk to solidify their top 6 up front. The only problem with the Flyers is in the crease, can Lyon and Elliot carry them to another playoff spot. The Islanders just lost their franchise player in John Tavares they have a long road ahead of them, even with Lou, and Trotz in the fold. The Rangers are a rebuilding team, and the Carolina Hurricanes are a complete dumpster fire not much to say on them.              Shifting gears to the Central, you have Winnipeg who knocked off the Predators in the 2ndround, and had a magical run to the Western Conference Finals. The scary thing about it is they are just getting started. Connor Hellebuyck had a career high 44 wins and was a Vezina nominee, they have a young core in Scheifele, Laine, Connor, Trouba, Hellebuyck. They are going to be a force in this division for a long time. The Preds have the best D core in the NHL but with Pekka Rinne on the last year of his deal, and having to pay captain Roman Josi big bucks next season you have to think they will eventually run into some cap problems. It will be interesting to see what the direction they go in. The St. Louis Blues got a lot better, adding Ryan O’Rielly, Tyler Bozak, Patrick Maroon, and brought back David Perron for his 3rdstint with the club. Look for them to give Nashville a run for their money for 2ndin the division. That leaves the inconsistent Dallas Stars (You never know what you’re going to get), the overachieving Av’s, the old and slow wild, and the Blackhawks are dead that I will tell ya. Going to be a long season for Hawk’s fans.  If I had to pick a division to I would say the Metro, what can’t you like about it. Sid vs Ovi, Flyers vs Pens, the classic playoff rivalries within that division to be I think the Central is over hyped.           Willy Payday?               Toronto Maple Leafs RFA William Nylander is still without a contract and talks have been pretty silent. I think Nylanders ceiling is 60-70 points but with the way contracts GMs have been handing out lately I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nylander get 7 million, even though he’s only worth around 5-5.5, 6 at the most. The question is does Kyle Dubas sign him to a long term eight-year deal or a 2-year bridge deal. Regardless of the outcome the Leafs have one of the deepest center depths in the league and are destined for a lengthy playoff run this year.



Is the Central Division Really that Good?

Rink Report - brad Burud   Welcome --- First post in a new section that I will be doing weekly this season.  I am Brad Burud the owner of Inside Edge Hockey News.  Many call me the NHL opinionist…. well that is what this section is all about.  I will throw at you my thoughts, opinions, or my gripes every week.  Some are controversial, some are common sense, and some might frustrate you.  I am open to all of your thoughts and comments.  Fire away in the comment section below.  I love talking hockey with fellow hockey fans.   Is it just me or is the Central Division getting way too much hype heading into this season. Really, are they as strong as they used to be… I don’t think so.  Winnipeg, probably the best team in the NHL, and I am not arguing with Nashville either. As for the rest, are they really that good?  Minnesota, well they seem to make the playoffs every year, but this year I think that will end.  Colorado, who knows with this team.  They shocked the hockey world last season but there is lots of questions this year, the first being between the pipes.  St. Louis to me looks like a better team on paper but seem to falter.  I do think they will be good this season.  Dallas, will the real Dallas team please stand up.  Your guess is as good as mine.  They honestly could be a top three team in the league or miss the playoffs (they proved that last year.  Chicago’s golden days are gone..they will be golfing early.   I am tired of the Erik Karlsson saga, how much longer can this go on.  I think we all need to stop talking about this…he is not going to Vancouver (or Canada for that matter).  I think he is only worried about $$$$$, and that bothers me to say that because any interaction I have had with him has been more than positive.  I think Vegas is the frontrunner, but the list of teams lined up is very long.  I think Karlsson will start the year in Ottawa and will be the talk of deadline day.  I also predict that he struggles this year.  Yes – that is bold, considering the fact that I think he is one of the best defensemen in the league.   I have been plugging the Winnipeg Jets for three years now. This team is for real, I honestly feel that they have more top end talent than any other team in the NHL.  I guess The Hockey News thinks so too... four Jets players in the top 50 players list.             9. Mark Scheifele C             15. Blake Wheeler RW             19. Patrik Laine RW             22. Connor Hellebuyck G That is some real firepower… big things on the prairie this winter….




THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 29 NHL Draft Shuffle, Flames/Canes Trade and Top Targets

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 29 NHL Draft Shuffle, Flames/Canes Trade and Top Targets   Debate 1 |NHL Draft – Winners and Losers Debate 2 |Flames/Canes Blockbuster Trade Debate 3 |NHL Free-Agents and Trade Targets Its NHL Draft time and Brad Burud and Blake Friars breakdown the winners and losers, and what players moved up and what players fell in the draft. The Calgary Flames and the Carolina Hurricanes hooked up on a blockbuster trade. Who won this deal, and why did this deal go down? NHL free agency is coming quick. Where will players sign and who is on the trade block?   PODCAST




Caps Hoist Cup, Island of the Unknown, and Draft Talk

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 27 Caps Hoist Cup, Island of the Unknown, and Draft Talk   Debate 1 |The Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup Debate 2 |New Management for the New York Islanders Debate 3 |Will the NHL Draft be an active trade day The Washington Capitals have won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. How did they do it? Brad Burud and Blake Friars break it down along with a complete playoff recap. The Islanders are making management moves but will this correlate to success on the ice, and who are the hot draft prospects this year, and will the draft be an active trade day. The NHL season is now over but THE DEBATE Hockey Podcast keeps on rolling.   PODCAST




The Instigator |Episode 13 High Scoring = Boring Hockey

The Instigator |Episode 13 High Scoring = Boring Hockey     The Stanley Cup Playoffs are off and running and goal scoring is at break neck pace. Is this good for the game? Does it make for more exciting games? Or does it make for really, really boring hockey? Fans have been screaming for more goals for years and years. Well you got that in round one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and it just happened to be the worst first round for entertainment in years.     PODCAST

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 26 Off to Round 2 of Stanley Cup Playoffs and Draft Lottery

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 26 Off to Round 2 of Stanley Cup Playoffs and Draft Lottery     Debate 1 |Draft Lottery System Debate 2 |Eastern Conference Divisional Finals Debate 3 |Western Conference Divisional Finals It is off to round two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Brad Burud and Blake Friars breakdown all four series. The good, the bad and the crazy. Then on to the NHL Draft Lottery. They discuss the system and the winners and losers, and most importantly debate if the Buffalo Sabres can take advantage of the number one draft pick.   PODCAST

Names to Watch for Extensions on July 1st

Thanks for reading! Stop by www.belowthegoalline.com for exclusive playoff analysis.   NHL players with existing contracts cannot sign a contract extension until the reach the final year of their current contract. Each year, several players are inked to contract extensions when they are eligible on July 1st of the last year of their contract.   While the opening day of free agency will bring a lot of excitement for teams acquiring a new player or two, July 1st can also be a great day for players, as they look to lock up their long-term future with a contract extension with their current team.   Below the Goal Line took a look at the players you should look out for this summer who fit this criteria:   Drew Doughty - Doughty is a legitimate #1 defenseman with the Los Angeles Kings. At 28 years of age, Doughty has won two Olympic Gold Medals and two Stanley Cup championships. Doughty has skated in the last four All-Star Games, and continues to be a top defender in the NHL.   Drew Doughty is enters 2018-19 with a $7,650,000 salary, and a cap hit of $7,000,000. The market for top defensemen in the NHL is going up, and we can expect Doughty to command around $10 million next summer in free agency. The Kings would be wise to lock up one of their best players this year before that happens.   Tyler Seguin - The top center the Dallas Stars, Tyler Seguin will be following along with the John Tavares free agency this summer. Seguin and Tavares are very similar offensive catalysts, and both players will be looking at similar contracts in the near future. Tavares has 621 points in 669 career games, while the younger Seguin has 505 in 590 games.   Seguin will make $6,500,000 next season, but that will likely go up after the 2018-19 campaign, which is his last under contract with Dallas. If John Tavares picks up around $10.5 million this summer, expect Tyler Seguin to find a salary around that same value when it's his turn to hit free agency in the summer of 2019. Seguin could be a candidate for an early extension this summer, but likely will wait until Tavares sets the bar.   Logan Couture, Joe Pavelski - A lot will probably change this summer for the San Jose Sharks, who will be contenders in the John Tavares sweepstakes, but next summer's free agent group will be a good one to watch. Logan Couture and captain Joe Pavelski will hit the market in 2019 if they don't re-sign with San Jose early.   Both players are coming off 6 year, $36 million contracts, and could re-sign this summer if desired. Couture will be looking for a pay increase, likely into the $8 million range. He is a talented two-way center who matches up against the opposing team's top players every night.   Pavelski, on the other hand, will be 34 to start the 2018-19 season, but likely has another two seasons left after his current contract expires. While you cannot expect him to be a huge offensive weapon he has been in his career (eight straight season above 20 goals, on including the lockout-shortened season of 2012-13), he continues to be an effective player, and should be looked at as a good middle-six player going forward.   Artemi Panarin - The Columbus Blue Jackets acquired Panarin in the summer of 2017, and will hope to extend him in the summer of 2018 after a 82 point season. Panarin, who makes $6 million dollar a season on his current contract, is the best offensive player in the Blue Jackets' organization, and will be looked upon for continued offensive down the road.   Panarin will almost certainly cross the $7 million threshold, but could command $8.5 million of more.   Nikita Kucherov - The Tampa Bay Lightning forward led the NHL in points for most of this season, but ultimately finished third with 100 points. He is just 24-years-old at the moment, but he will be looking for a new contract after the 2018-19 campaign. Kucherov will certainly earn a contract similar to, or greater than, the contract of team captain and linemate Steven Stamkos, who has an average salary of $8.5 million.   Missed the cut:   Goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury would be welcome back to the Vegas Golden Knights, but at 34, he might not be in the long-term plans for the organization. They will likely wait to see how Vegas plays next season after a successful first year in 2017-18.   The same can be said about Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators, who might be able to play at a high level after his current contract runs out next season. He is 35 at the moment.   Both Erik Karlsson and Matt Duchene are good players for the Ottawa Senators, but talk about a rebuild in Ottawa might scare the two from re-signing this summer, or even at all.

4/25/2018 - NHL Playoff Recap

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out www.belowthegoalline.com later today for an exclusive look at the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.   Tonight marks the end of the first round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Check out the entire first round here.   Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins   In the only first round series to go the full seven games, the Boston Bruins will hope their home will secure them a ticket to face the Tampa Bay Lightning in Round 2. First, they must dispatch their first round opponent, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have climbed back from a 3-1 series deficit to force a Game 7 in Boston.   If you like scoring, this game was for you. This game featured 11 goals, including just one empty netter, one shorthanded goal, and two powerplay goals. Both goalies combines for 49 saves on 59 shots. That results in a .831 save percentage in this game.   Maple Leaf Patrick Marleau scored 2:05 into the game when he deflected a shot from the point past Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask on the powerplay.   The Bruins would come back with a powerplay goal of their own at 4:47 when Jake DeBrusk deflected a shot past the Toronto goalie, Frederik Andersen.   Marleau would score his second of the game at 6:12. This goal was a quick flick of the wrist from the right faceoff circle. The second goal from Toronto came after the Bruins could not get the puck out of their own zone, and it ended up in the back of their net.   Danton Heinen and Patrice Bergeron would score for the Bruins in the opening period to give them a 3-2 lead. Bergeron's goal was a nifty play from Kevan Miller, who purposefully shot the puck wide of the net, so it would find Bergeron alone on the other side of the net for the easy tap in.   The second period belonged to the Maple Leafs. Rookie Travis Dermott scored his first career playoff goal, and Kasperi scored this filthy shorthanded goal to give Toronto the 4-3 lead heading into the final period.   Tory Krug scored a booming slap shot from the left faceoff circle at 1:10 of the third period to tie the game. It was that goal that seemed to open the flood gate for the Bruins, who would score three more times in the period.   Jake DeBrusk picked up his second goal of the game, and his fifth of the series at 5:25. DeBrusk powers down the right side of the ice when the teams were skating 4-on-4. He fooled Frederik Andersen with a quick wrist shot that went through Andersen's legs for the 5-4 lead.   That goal would end up being the game winner, as the Bruins would add two more in the period for the 7-4 win.   This sets up a Boston Bruins/Tampa Bay Lightning match-up in the second round. For Toronto, this marks the second straight exit in the first round. The meltdown in the third period would lead me to believe they need more help in their defensive zone, but I think Andersen could have been sharper in this game.   Find out more about the second round of the playoffs on the preview coming up later today by Below the Goal Line. Thanks for reading!

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 25 Stanley Cup Round One Disappointment and NHL Coaches Shuffle

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 25 Stanley Cup Round One Disappointment and NHL Coaches Shuffle     Debate 1 |NHL Coaches Shuffle Debate 2 |Western Conference Round One Recap and Round Two Preview Debate 3 |Eastern Conference Round One Recap and Round Two Preview Brad Burud and Blake Friars debate the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Was it what we expected, was it as exciting as usual or was it a flop. They also breakdown the recent coaching changes as Bill Peters is out of Carolina and is now in Calgary. Also openings in NY Rangers, Dallas and Carolina, who will fill these spots?   PODCAST




4/22/2018 - NHL Playoof Recap

The first round of the NHL Playoffs is almost over! Be sure to check out the complete NHL Playoff race here.   Boston Bruins @ Toronto Maple Leafs   After a strong regular season, and a quick start to this series, the Boston Bruins had another opportunity to eliminate the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight in Game 6. Holing a 3-2 series lead, Boston needed just a single victory to advance to the second round to face the Tampa Bay Lightning.   Toronto, however, has shown signs that they do not want to go home for the summer just yet. The Maple Leafs pulled out the victory in Game 5 on Saturday to stay alive. They were down 3-1 in the series at that point.   Once again, Frederik Andersen would be key for the Maple Leafs to remain in the postseason mix. The Toronto goalie, who stats were inflated by a 5-1 and 7-3 loss in the first two games, has held the high-flying Boston Bruins offense to just nine goals in the last four games of this series.   If you have been following along, you would know that nine goals over Games 3-6 would mean that Andersen only allowed a single goal Monday night in Toronto. Andersen stopped 32 of 33 shots to defeat the Bruins and force a winner-take-all Game 7 on Wednesday night.   After a scoreless first period, it was the Bruins who found their lone goal. Jake Debrusk picked up his third goal of the playoffs. After David Krejci would the offensive faceoff, DeBrusk ripped home a shot past Andersen, who never saw the shot from the top of the faceoff circle.   That goal was at 1:02 of the second period, but Toronto would come roaring back very soon after. William Nylander picked up his first of the series just 35 seconds later. Nylander sneaks in to the right of Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask, and is all alone when a rebound pops out to him for a quick shot.   Mitch Marner picked up his second of the series at 13:25 of that middle period. The goal, that would stand up as the game winner, came after a shot from the point was deflected and slowed down in front of the net. The speed Marner grabs the puck from Bruins forward Brad Marchand, and backhands a puck over Rask for the 2-1 lead.   The Bruins still have life in this series, but there was a real sense of momentum shift in this game. The Maple Leafs might be the favorites early in Game 7 simply because they have faced two elimination games already, and have played strong enough hockey to win both of those games.    Be sure to check back at Below the Goal Line for coverage of Game 7 on Wednesday! Follow us on Twitter (@belowthegoaline) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/belowthegoalline) for up to the minute updates.   Washington Capitals @ Columbus Blue Jackets   The Washington Capitals traveled back to Columbus after winning Game 5 on Saturday night. With the Game 5 win, the Capitals held a 3-2 series lead over the Blue Jackets. A win tonight would eliminate Columbus, and send the Capitals on to the second round, where they would meet the Pittsburgh Penguins for the third consecutive season.   Washington got off to a good start in this game. Dmitry Orlov would open the scoring in the first period with a big slap shot from the point at 12:12. The Capitals definitely had the energy early in this game, which surprised a lot of people, considering the Blue Jackets didn't seem to get off the plane in Game 5.   But Columbus responded in the second period, pumping 14 shots on goaltender Braden Holtby. One of those 14 shots,  quick snap of the puck by captain Nick Foligno, beat Holtby to tie the game in the middle frame.   Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin would respond, however. Critics have been all over Ovechkin for apparently not showing up when his team needed him the most (something I never understood, considering the guy has 51 goals and 98 points in 103 playoff games), but he came to play in the second period of Game 6.   Ovechkin scored his fourth of the series at 12:50. The backhand shot from in close to the net beat a sliding Columbus goaltender, Sergei Bobrovsky, for the 2-1 lead. Ovechkin was not done there, and would pick up his second goal of the period at 18:23. The one was a typical one-time slapper from the left faceoff circle that just overpowered Bobrovsky for the 3-1 lead.   The third period featured the most goal scoring in this game. Blue Jackets forward Pierre-Luc Dubois would cut the lead to 3-2 just 2:25 in, but Washington's Devante Smith-Pelly and Chandler Stephenson scored at 3:56 and 5:30 to give the Capitals a 5-2 lead.   Columbus captain Nick Foligno picked up his second goal of the game at 8:22 to cut the lead to 5-3, but that would be as close as the Blue Jackets would get in this game. After an empty net goal, the Washington Capitals picked up the 6-3 win, and the 4-2 series win.   With the series victory, the Washington Capitals set up another date with the Pittsburgh Penguins in Round 2. While they haven't been able to take down the Penguins in the past two postseason, this year presents another opportunity to defeat their arch-rivals for the right to move on to the Conference Finals.    Stay tuned to Below the Goal Line for a preview of the second round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, coming your way as soon as the Toronto-Boston series concludes.

Early Offseason Storylines.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe to BTGL via email, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for continued off-season coverage of the NHL and other hockey leagues. Visit www.belowthegoalline.com for more information.   Thirteen NHL teams are still playing in the playoffs for the right to hoist the Stanley Cup. This means that 18 teams have already moved into their off-season process, which will include the NHL Entry Draft and free agency.   Several top story lines have emerged already this "summer" for some of these clubs already in off-season mode.   John Tavares   Much has been made about the Islanders captain John Tavares as he approaches unrestricted free agency on July 1st of this season. I wrote about Tavares late in the season, but the story keeps growing.   The New York Islanders would obviously love to keep their captain and top offensive weapon. Tavares had 37 goals and 47 assists for 84 points this past season. The 27-year-old has 621 points in 669 career NHL games, and is one of the biggest free agents to possibly hit the open market in a long time.   A couple of season ago the Tampa Bay Lightning were in a similar position with captain Steven Stamkos, but he ultimately ended up signing a contract with the Lightning before he even hit free agency.   That does not likely appear to be the case with John Tavares and the Islanders, and the team missed the postseason again this season. The Islanders, as documented in my previous piece, struggle to play defense. They can score tons of goals, but simply cannot keep the puck out of their own net.    If Tavares wants a chance to win a championship, the Islanders don't appear to be the team to be on. Teams like the Montreal Canadiens or San Jose Sharks make sense as teams who are closer to a Stanley Cup.   San Jose will likely not bring back superstar Joe Thornton, and Tavares could be a natural replacement. The Sharks are still in the postseason, and have a strong group of young forwards, a good corp of defensemen, and a good goaltending tandem in Martin Jones and Aaron Dell.   The Canadiens struggled this season, but the addition of Tavares to that group would give Montreal a bona-fide #1 center they have been craving for a long time. Plus, they have one of the best goaltenders in the world in Carey Price (assuming he returns to his Vezina form). Questions rise when you talk about Montreal's depth and defense, but that team would appear to be closer to the ultimate prize than the Islanders.   There have been rumors that the St. Louis Blues could be involved. There is a natural fit with the Blues after they traded Paul Statsny earlier this season. There is plenty of cap space in St. Louis this summer, who should have around $12 million to play with this summer (thanks CapFriendly!) and only depth players in need of new contracts.   I find it hard to image Tavares will end up with the Los Angeles Kings. They simply have two solid centers in Anze Kopitar and Jeff Carter. The Kings would be better off trying to persuade a winger like Evander Kane or James van Riemsdyk to join their squad.   The fact that Tavares isn't signed to a long-term deal is scary for Islander fans. Losing an elite player like John Tavares would be a significant blow to a woeful team, and it looks like that might happen.   Stay tuned for more.   Erik Karlsson   The Senators' captain Erik Karlsson might be another player on the move. While he is under contract for one more season, the Ottawa Senators don't appear to be anywhere close to competing for a Stanley Cup.   After making the Eastern Conference Finals last season, the wheel came off the Senators, who finished with the second worst record in the NHL. While there has been talk of a new coaching regime (see below), Erik Karlsson might not want to be around if the team needs a lengthy rebuilding process.   It definitely appears that way after the 2017-18 season. The Senators struggled to score goals and to keep the puck out of their own net. While they have some good pieces like Karlsson, Thomas Chabot, etc., this team doesn't have the strong defensive group to.   Their offense is also lacking. I'm still baffled at the idea of trading Kyle Turris for Matt Duchene (I know there was more involved then just those two players). For me, they are very similar players, although Duchene probably has a higher offensive upside. Either way, it seemed like a lot to give up for a guy that isn't much better than they guy you gave away.   There's also the question on if this team has enough offensive firepower or a good enough goaltending situation to be a top team in the NHL.   My instincts are telling me that Karlsson wants out of this situation. He has been made the fool by management and ownership, and the team is honestly pathetic at times on the ice. If he wants to win a Cup, Erik Karlsson might want to demand to be moved this season, something that might be easier said that done.   Head Coaches   There are currently four open coaching positions in the NHL, but their could be a few more depending on what happens with the rest of this NHL postseason.   Alain Vigneault was fired by the New York Rangers, but might be the front-runner for the Dallas Stars opening. Ken Hitchcock retired after one season back on the Stars bench. Bill Peters just resigned as the Carolina Hurricanes coach, and many have penciled him into the job with the Calgary Flames, where head coach Glen Gulutzan was relieved of his duties a few weeks ago.   These all seem like natural fits, but then who would jump on the Hurricanes and Rangers jobs? Right now, the word out of Carolina is that Rod Brind'amour might be the guy to step in and take over, but that isn't certain. No front-runners have emerged in the search by the Rangers.   While I don't have answers, coaches like Guy Boucher in Ottawa might be on the way out simply because their teams weren't very good this past season. The coaching carousel is always exciting in the NHL offseason, and I image if there aren't as many coaching changes this year, the excitement will still be there.

4/20/2018 - NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Recap, Day 10

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the latest coverage of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs, as well as continued coverage of the CHL, NCAA, AHL, and KHL over at www.belowthegoalline.com!   Day 10 of the Stanley Cup Playoff featured three games where each of the series could have ended in Game 5 on Friday night. Check out the entire playoff picture here.   Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins   Facing elimination, the Philadelphia Flyers headed into Pittsburgh with a goalie controversy against the Penguins. Michal Neuvirth would make his first start of the series after Brian Elliot could not get the job done in the first four game of this series.   Neuvirth has dealt with injury issues throughout his career, and wasn't even able to back up Elliot in the first few games.   But Neuvirth's return to the net tonight gave the Flyers the boast they needed to pick up the Game 5 win, which forces a Game 6 in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon.   Flyers captain Claude Giroux scored in the first period to give the road team the 1-0 lead. Giroux's first of the playoffs was the result of the Penguins not playing to their full potential in this game. They were sloppy and didn't seem very interested in this game.   That was until midway through the second period, when the Penguins flipped the switch and dominated the play for much of the middle frame. Bryan Rust and Jake Guentzel scored for Pittsburgh in that second period. The Penguins threw 14 shots on Neuvirth in the period.   Neuvirth did hold the Penguins' powerplay off the score sheet in this one. He did not allow a goal in five PP opportunities, including four powerplays in the second period.   While you never want to take penalties, this time it paid off. Valtteri Filppula score a late shorthanded goal that really turned the momentum in favor of the Flyers going into the second intermission.   The Penguins came out in the third period with the same attitude they had to start the game. They had trouble connecting on passes, and didn't really seem engaged in a game that could have eliminated the rival Flyers from the playoffs.   They did pick up their play later in the period, but the difference in the game was the Flyers' Sean Couturier, who grabbed a puck at the blueline of the Penguins zone and banked in a goal off of a Penguins' defender.    That goal made the score 3-2 in favor of the Flyers. Matt Read would pick up an empty net goal to reach our final score of 4-2 in this game. With the win, the Flyers force a Game 6 at home. Pittsburgh now lead 3-2 in the series.   Minnesota Wild @ Winnipeg Jets   Much could have been said about the Winnipeg Jets had they lost this game at home to the Minnesota Wild. Without three of their regular defensemen, as well as impact forwards Nikolaj Ehlers and Mathieu Perreault, everyone probably would have given the Jets a pass for losing this game, especially when they held a 3-1 series lead entering the tilt.   But from the drop of the puck, you could tell the Jets didn't want to play in a Game 6. The Jets dominated the first period with their speed and physicality. The Wild, on the other hand, looked like they had just woken up from their pregame naps.   If you missed the first period, you really didn't need to tune into this game at all. Along with their hard-hitting play, the Jets racked up four goals on start Devan Dubnyk in the first 12 minutes of the opening period.   While I don't particularly blame Dubnyk for the loss in this game, he definitely wasn't his elite playoff goalie self in the first period.    Jacob Trouba scored 31 seconds into the period on a wrist shot from the right faceoff circle. That is the goal Dubnyk needs to save for his team, but the puck finds the top left corner of the net.   With that goal, the flood gates opened for the Jets. Bryan Little picked up his first of the series at 5:42. Brandon Tanev also scored his first, and Joel Armia knocked Dubnyk out of the game with his first of the series at 11:59 of the first period.   Head coach Bruce Boudreau pulled Dubnyk in favor of backup Alex Stalock in hopes that his team would get a jolt from realizing they left their All-Star goaltender down in this game.   But the move was too little, too late, as the Wild would not muster a single goal in this game, despite outshooting the Jets 30-26. The Jets won Game 5 5-0, and ended the series 4-1 for their first ever playoff series victory in franchise history. They now await the winner of the Nashville Predators and Colorado Avalanche.   Colorado Avalanche @ Nashville Predators   Speaking of the Avalanche/Predators series, they also played Friday night in Nashville. With a 3-1 series lead, the defending Western Conference Champions could eliminate  Colorado with a win tonight.   This was a spectacular goalie battle, however. Andrew Hammond got the start for the Avalanche, who were looking to avoid elimination for the first time in this series. Vezina Trophy finalist Pekka Rinne got the nod once again for Nashville.   Andrew Hammond was great in this game. The Predators peppered Hammond with 45 shots in the game, including 19 in the third period, but the 30-year-old stood tall, allowing just one goal on all of those Nashville shots.   The Predators goal didn't come until 10:18 of the first period, when Nick Bonino deflected a shot past the Colorado netminder. After a review, Bonino was credited with his first playoff goal as a Predator after it was determined he did not kick the puck into the net.    Pekka Rinne was also solid in this game. He stopped all 16 Avalanche shots through the first two period of this one, and looked to take home another playoff victory after the Bonino goal.   It wouldn't be that easy for Rinne, however, because the Avalanche pushed back as they tried to avoid elimination. Colorado captain Gabriel Landeskog would tie the game with a little over four minutes left in the game. Nathan MacKinnon skated the puck through the zone and pulled Rinne away from the net. MacKinnon found Landeskog in front, who simply tapped home the pass from MacKinnon to tie the game.   Then, the nightmare set in for Rinne and the rest of his Predator teammates. Sven Andrighetto would score with just 1:28 remaining to give the Avalanche the 2-1 lead. Andrighetto was part of a 2-on-1 coming at Pekka Rinne. After a J.T. Compher shot, the rebound came right to Andrighetto for the easy goal.   That would be all the scoring we would see in this game. The Avalanche shock Nashville for the 2-1 win, and force a Game 6 on Sunday night. Nashville still leads the series 3-2 as it shifts back to Colorado.

Day 8 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs

Thanks for reading! Check out the latest NHL Playoff action at www.belowthegoalline.com!   The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs continue with four games on Wednesday night. Check out last night's action here, and the entire playoff bracket here.   Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers   The Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers face off in Philadelphia for Game 4 of their first round series. After winning Game 1, 7-0, and Game 5, 5-1, the Penguins hold a 2-1 series lead.   The Penguins would add to that lead with a strong defensive performance. Goaltender Matt Murray made 26 saves of the Flyers. Murray recorded the shutout of Philadelphia, his second shutout of the series.   Matt Murray has played a strong series. Despite giving up four goals in Game 2, Murray has only surrendered five goals total in this series, with a .948 save percentage.   The Penguins also generated a significant amount of offense. Evegni Malkin, Phil Kessel, and Sidney Crosby scored and recorded an assist as Pittsburgh put up five goals on Brian Elliot and the Flyers.   Sidney Crosby leads the NHL playoffs in goals with five, and his nine points are tied for the league lead. His second period goal stretched the Penguin lead to 4-0. He picked up a loose puck behind the net and quickly brings it in front and stuffs it home before backup goaltender Michal Neuvirth recognizes the play.   The different in this game was Matt Murray. The Penguins were the fast, more aggressive team for lots of this game, but when they game up several breakaway or dangerous scoring chances, Matt Murray cam up with the big save to keep the Flyers scoreless.   The Penguins, with the win, now have a commanding 3-1 lead in this series as it shifts back to Pittsburgh for Game 5 on Friday night.   Tampa Bay Lightning @ New Jersey Devils   If you recall, the story of the night on Monday was that teams that lost both games on the road to start the postseason came home and won on home ice in Game 3. The New Jersey Devils were one such team, winning 5-2 in Game 3 over the Tampa Bay Lightning.   The Devils got out to a good start in this game when Kyle Palmieri scored his first of this series on the powerplay. The goal, at 8:23 of the first period, came off a big slap shot by Palmieri with the Lightning down to just three skaters thanks to two separate penalties.   Unfortunately for the Devils, that would be all they could muster in this game. The Tampa Bay Lightning scored  at 11:30 of the first period. J.T. Miller picked up the goal when he roofs the puck over the shoulder of goaltender Cory Schneider as the Lightning broke into the zone.   The Lightning would pick up two more in this game. Nikita Kucherov would get his third of the playoffs in the first period when he flicks home a rolling puck while he fights off a Devils defender.   Kucherov would add an empty netter in the third to push the score to 3-1. Ironically, the Lightning improve to 3 games to 1 in this series with the victory in New Jersey.   The Devils had a remarkable season after finishing so poorly last season. New Jersey finished 8th in the Eastern Conference this season after finishing 16th last year. It seems like this run will come to an end soon, however, as the Lightning possess a much deeper team. I expect the Lightning to close out this series in Tampa on Saturday afternoon with a dominating performance.   Nashville Predators @ Colorado Avalanche   The Colorado Avalanche were another team that benefited from returning to home ice in Game 3 of their series with the Nashville Predators. The Avalanche scored five goals on Monday to take a 5-3 win in that contest.   Nashville, however, looked like the better team tonight. The Predators built a 3-0 lead by the 11:49 mark of the second period. They held on for the 3-2 win after Gabriel Landeskog and Alex Kerfoot were able to find the back of the net in the third period.   It was a little bit of redemption for Pekka Rinne, who was pulled in Game 3 after allowing four goals in less than 25 minutes. Rinne stopped 31 shots in this one to pick up his third win of the series.   The Predators will return home with a 3-1 lead for Game 5 on Friday evening. I would again expect the Predators to close out their series in Game 5, but I think that the Avalanche have a better chance of lengthening this series than the Devils do against Tampa Bay.   Anaheim Ducks @ San Jose Sharks   The San Jose Sharks were able to win the first two games of this series in Anaheim. The Sharks won 3-0 in Game 1 and 3-2 in Game 2. San Jose then exploded for an 8-1 win in Game 3 on home ice. After the Vegas Golden won on Tuesday to capture their first ever series win, the Golden Knights await the winner of this series.   The series returned to its early form of low-scoring, tight hockey games like the first two games of this series.   The Sharks jumped out to the 1-0 lead when depth player Marcus Sorensen scored his third of the playoffs. Sorensen, who has five career regular season goals in 32 games, grabbed the 1-0 lead when he finds himself alone in front of goaltender John Gibson after Gibson made a save off of a shot from the point. Sorensen had enough time to attempt a shot, re-collect his balance, and roof the puck over Gibson on his second shot of the sequence.   After the Ducks lost two goals, it was Andrew Cogliano who scored to tie the game. Ryan Getzlaf scored, but it was determined that the puck wasn't in the net until after the first period and concluded. The Ducks also beat goaltender Martin Jones to open the second period, but that was overturned do to an offsides.   Cogliano did score at 7:53 of the third period. His redirection of a Ryan Kesler pass was just the fourth goal on Martin Jones this series.   Sharks forward Tomas Hertl would get his second of the series just 1:16 later to up the score to 2-1 in favor of San Jose. Hertl deflected a point shot over the Ducks' Gibson for the lead halfway through the final period.   Much like Vegas, the Sharks success in this series was because of great goaltending. Martin Jones stopped 128 of 132 shots in this series for a .970 save percentage. He would not allow another goal in this game, as the Sharks win Game 4 2-1, and the series 4-0. San Jose will meet Vegas in the next round.   The big difference in this series was depth. Logan Couture led the way with 5 points in these four games, but Tomas Hertl, Evander Kane, and fourth-liner Marcus Sorensen each had three goals in the four games. 15 different Sharks picked up a point during the series, compared to just seven Ducks skaters.

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 24 Stanley Cup Incidents and 2-0 Series Leads

THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 24 Stanley Cup Incidents and 2-0 Series Leads     Debate 1 |Stanley Cup incidents – We review five incidents that took place in week one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Debate 2 |Eastern Conference Series Recap Debate 3 |Western Conference Series Recap Brad Burud and Blake Friars are all fired up about week one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. They review five questionable incidents, a few of which resulted in suspensions. They also run down each first round series and breakdown who has been good and who has not been good. They also discuss the amount of series that got off to a 2-0 start.  




The Future Coach of the Dallas Stars

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out the latest coverage from the world of hockey at www.belowthegoalline.com.   Before the 2017-18 season, Ken Hitchcock returned to coach the Dallas Stars. Hitchcock coached the Stars from the 1995-96 season until he was fired in the 2001-02 season. Hitchcock went on to coach the Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, and St. Louis Blues before returning to the Stars for just a single season before announcing his retirement from coaching a couple of weeks ago.   Hitchcock left the NHL coaching ranks as the third winning-est coach in NHL history. He captured the 1999 Stanley Cup with the Stars, but failed to repeat that success in future seasons. Now with their legendary coach leaving the bench, the Dallas Stars begin their search for their next coach. There will be a number of candidates out there that should be considered, but one stand above the rest in the early search.   The New York Rangers fired head coach Alain Vigneault after their season ended with the Rangers out of the playoffs. Vigneault makes perfect sense as the replacement for Hitchcock.   Vigneault began his coaching career with the Montreal Canadiens in 1997-98. After four seasons with the Canadiens, Vigneault moved to the Vancouver Cancuks, who he took to the Stanley Cup Final in 2011. After two more season with the Canucks, Vigneault took the job as head coach of the New York Rangers, where he has spent the last five season.   After 16 season, two trips to the Stanley Cup Finals, and three franchises, Alain Vigneault is again looking for work after missing the playoffs for just the fifth time. The Dallas Stars fit the mold of a successful Alain Vigneault team.   There are only two head coaching openings at the moment: the Stars and the Rangers. Vigneault is the best coach available right now, so it makes sense for the Stars to want the best coach available. Dallas also boasts two prolific scorers in Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. Vigneault has had a lot of success with two high end players on his teams. The Sedin twins, who retired at the end of this season, highlighted the Vancouver Canucks roster during Vigneault's tenure with the team. Many expect Vigneault to be able bring the most out of the two All-Stars on the Dallas roster.   Many also believe the Stars are just a few components away from competing for a Stanley Cup. While they don't have the deepest lineup, the Stars do have quality pieces in Seguin, Benn, Alexander Radulov, and John Klingberg. With some successful drafting and developing, the depth this roster needs will come in time.   The next question becomes who else would be available to coach the Stars. Dallas strikes me as a team looking for a coach with prior NHL experience. Names like Todd Nelson, Dan Bylsma, and Bill Peters (if he is let go by the Carolina Hurricanes) would all be on the radar of the Stars, but Vigneault tops that list for sure.   The Stars are a strong offensive team, which is a strength of Alain Vigneault's coaching. With a healthy Ben Bishop, this team would have arguably been a playoff team this season. A quality coach like Vigneault would help this team grow next season, and with that healthy goaltending, the Stars could return to the playoffs in 2018-19.

NHL Awards for the 2017-18 Season

Thanks for reading! Please visit Below the Goal Line for more hockey coverage!   As the NHL regular season is over, it's time to think about who deserves to win the prestigious awards handed out by the league to its outstanding players.   We'll start with the automatic award winners.   President's Trophy - The President's Trophy is awarded to the team with the best overall regualr season record. This year winner is the Nashville Predators. On the strength of great goaltending from Pekka Rinne and a deep forward and blueline lineup, the Predators finished 53-18-11 with 117 points.   Art Ross Trophy - The Art Ross is awarded to the league's leading point scorer at the end of the season. This would be Connor McDavid for the second consecutive season. McDavid, the Edmonton Oilers captain, recorded 41 goals, 67 assists, and 108 points in the 2017-18 season.   Maurice Richard Trophy - The "Rocket" Richard Trophy is awarded to the leading goal scorer each NHL season. This year, Washington Capitals forward Alexander Ovechkin scored 49 goals to win his  eighth scoring title.   William M. Jenning Trophy - The Jennings Trophy is awarded each season to the goaltender(s) who played a minimum of 25 games for the team with the fewest goals allowed. The Los Angeles Kings allow just 202 goals this season, lowest in the NHL. That would mean All-Star goalie Jonathan Quick won the Jennings Trophy.   Then, there are seven NHL trophies I want to go through to discuss and pick the winners for the 2017-18 season.   Calder Memorial Trophy - Awarded annually to the NHL's best rookie, the Calder Trophy is often predicts each year's top NHL player for the years to come. While the trophy is awarded for just the rookie season, winners of the Calder Trohpy historically go on to long, successful hockey careers.   There are a few candidates for the award this year. Mathew Barzal (New York Islanders), Brock Boeser (Vancouver Canucks), Clayton Keller (Arizona Coyotes), and Kyle Connor (Winnipeg Jets) represent this year's top rookie forwards in the NHL, While Mikhail Segachev (Tampa Bay Lightning), Will Butcher (New Jersey Devils), and Charlie McAvoy (Boston Bruins) had strong first season on the blueline.   The top three rookies this season for me were Barzal, Connor, and McAvoy. The other rookies mentioned showed significant promise in the NHL, but were simply outdone by their fellow first year players.   Mathew Barzal lead rookies with 63 assists and 85 goals. He was electrifying at times for the Islanders, who missed the playoffs due to poor play in their own end. Barzal is currently the second line center for the Islanders, but that could change based on what John Tavares decides to do this summer.   Kyle Connor record 31 goals this season, tops among rookies. He is part of a deep and talented Jets corp that is looking to make a long postseason run this season after finishing second in the NHL in points this season. Connor's 57 points were fourth in the NHL among rookies this season, and the forward spent time on all four lines this season.   Charlie McAvoy play in just 63 games this season due to injury, but do log 22:08 per game when he was healthy. This is tops among all rookies who played more than 30 games, and second only to partner Zdeno Chara on a strong Boston Bruins team who looks like they can do some damage in this year's playoffs.   For me, the choice is obvious. While McAvoy will be the best defender out of this group for the next decade, and Kyle Connor will score a lot of goals with the Jets, Mathew Barzal is my winner for the 2018 Calder Trophy. Not only did he have a strong offensive season, he was the reason I tuned into Islander games over other games at times. He is a very fast skater, and incredible talented. Barzal is very deserving of this award.   Vezina Trophy - The Vezina is awarded to the top goalie in the NHL each season. This years race comes down to a couple of strong candidates.   Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellybuyck led the NHL with 44 wins, which is the new record for US-born goalies. He was fifth among starting goalies with a 2.36 GAA, and was a huge reason for the turnaround of the Winnipeg Jets into the second-best team in the NHL this season. Hellybuyck had six shutouts, and a save percentage of .924.   Pekka Rinne of the Nashville Predators is another good choice for the award. He was second in the NHL with 42 wins. He was third among starters with a 2.31 GAA, and his eight shutouts led the league. Rinne's .927 save percentage fifth in the league among starters as well.   The list of contenders stops here for me. There were other guys like the Tampa Bay Lightning's Andrei Vasilevskiy, who had 42 wins as well, but some of his other numbers didn't match the numbers of Hellybuyck and Rinne.   For me, I have to go with Pekka Rinne. He led Connor Hellybuyck in almost every statistical category, and would have likely lead the NHL in wins if he started more than 59 games. Hellybuyck started 67, so the winning percentage tips in favor of Rinne. I also think Pekka Rinne has deserved much more consideration in the past, and that will add to his votes for the award.   James Norris Memorial Trophy - The Norris Trophy is awarded annually to the top defenseman in the NHL. While some years have had a strong front-runner, this year's Norris race is actually pretty difficult to decide.   Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson led NHL defensemen with 68 points this season.   John Klingberg of the Dallas Stars was first among defensemen with 59 assists.   The Tampa Bay Lightning have the leading goal scoring among defensmen. Victor Hedman tied for the lead with 17 goals. Hedman also had a +/- of +32, which was second in the NHL.   Defenseman like Nashville's Roman Josi don't boast the top-end offensive numbers like a Klingberg, but play a strong game in both ends of the rink. His 53.61 Fenwick percentage (unblocked shot attempts percentage) ranked first of those player mentioned so far in this list.   Then, there is the "eye test." Due to his strong play down the stretch, Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones led the Jackets to the playoffs, even though he didn't lead the NHL in any major statistical category. He has entered into the Norris conversation with that strong play this season.   My winner is Victor Hedman. Not only was he a strong offensive player, he was a very good player in this own end. Hedman had a 51.66 Corsi Percentage (total shot percentage). He also played 25.51 minutes per game, fifth most in the NHL. His 63 points were fifth in the league, and only 26 of those points came on the powerplay. Victor Hedman was the best defensemen this season among a host of other strong candidates.   Hart Memorial Trophy - This trophy's winner is another difficult award to hand out this season. Like the Norris, there are several strong candidates for the Hart, which is given to the player most valuable to his team each season.   Connor McDavid led the NHL in points, but his Edmonton Oilers didn't make the playoffs. That almost certainly disqualifies him from the award.   Evgeni Malkin had 98 points this season, fourth in the NHL, but the Pittsburgh Penguins team is deep with talent, and arguable could have made the playoffs without him. Sidney Crosby, who recorded 89 point this season is met with the same argument, as well as Phil Kessel, who had 92 points for the Penguins.   Taylor Hall has my vote for the Hart Trophy this season. Not only did he finish sixth in the NHL with 93 points, he led the New Jersey Devils by 41 points. Hall's 39 goals were tied for ninth in the NHL. The New Jersey Devils were 28th in the NHL with 70 points last season. Taylor Hall helped the Devils just up 27 points and into a playoff spot.    You can argue that other players deserve consideration as MVP of this NHL season, but Taylor Hall has to be the MVP of the New Jersey Devils. Without Hall, the Devils score just 204 goals. That would be better than only the Buffalo Sabres this season. The Sabres were 25 points out of a playoff spot this season.   Taylor Hall had seven game winning goals this season. Without those seven wins, the Devils would be without 14 points, and 83 points would not have been enough to make the playoffs. Strong cases can be made for other NHL players for the Hart Trohpy, but Taylor Hall deserves the award this season.   Frank J. Selke Trohpy - The Selke Trophy is awarded to the beset defensive forward each seasons. Patrice Bergeron will win the award again this season. Bergeron is apart of one of the top offensive trios in the NHL playing with Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak on the Boston Bruins.   Bergeron is also one of the elite defensive forwards in the NHL. He won 57.3% of his faceoffs. He was also second in the NHL with a 57.56% Fenwick rating. This means that he was on the ice when his team controlled 57.66% of shots. This is a strong indicator that Bergeron was a strong force in preventing scoring chances from opposing teams.   Jack Adams Award - The Jack Adams is award to the NHL's best coach each season. While I would make a strong case for the Colorado Avalanche's Jared Bednar, who pulled the Avalanche from 48 points last season to 96 and a playoff spot this season, the coach of the year is Vegas' Gerard Gallant. Gallant took a bunch of castoffs to one of the most memorable season's in NHL history. Gallant is the coach of the year for the 2017-18 season because of his ability to transform a group of NHL players from different teams last season into the top team in the Pacific Division.   Ted Lindsay Award - The Ted Lindsay Award is awarded to the NHL's most outstanding player. The fellow members of the NHLPA vote on this award, so this is an award that allows the NHL players to pick who they see as the best NHL player each season.   My money for this award is on Connor McDavid. While he didn't get his team to the playoffs, McDavid led the NHL in points, and was a dominant player on a team that couldn't keep with the rest of the NHL competition. Connor McDavid is one of the three or four top NHL players, and will be awarded with this trophy for the 2017-18 season.

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