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  1. Another year, another round of hype surrounding Stanley Cup contenders and their hockey fans. This is the time when more players finish their checks which translate to games that average 80+ hits a game instead of 30-40. Pleasant surprises and disappoints are bound to happen, it does every year. Who would of thought Vegas would go to the Stanley Cups Finals last season against a cup thirsty Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals squad. One thing is for sure; Washington isn’t cup thirsty anymore. Meanwhile, the Blues, Sharks, Jets, Preds, Golden Knights and Blue Jackets are in the hunt for their first one still (Jackets only team in the east). Can’t wait until June to see how this plays out! CALGARY FLAMES (P1) VS COLORADO AVALANCHE (WC2) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Flames Defence: Flames Powerplay: Avalanche Penalty Kill: Flames Goaltending: Avalanche X-FACTOR: Flames: Matthew Tkachuk Avalanche: Semyon Varlamov This will be a high-flying, run-and-gun series as speed and opportunity will be key for both teams for all of the games they play. The Avs are definitely an underdog but if Varlamov stands on his head, he’ll downright steal games from the Flames. Matthew Tkachuk can be a difference maker if he gets under the skin of Avs star players Nathan Mackinnon and Mikko Rantanen. This will NOT be a boring series and don’t expect a lot of structure in either team’s games which, by the way, will drive coaches crazy. THE VERDICT: The Flames will win this series in 6 games NASHVILLE PREDATORS (C1) VS DALLAS STARS (WC1) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Predators Defence: Stars Powerplay: Stars Penalty Kill: Stars Goaltending: Stars X-FACTOR: Predators: Roman Josi Stars: Jamie Benn It looks odd that the Stars have the advantage in almost category but they only had a slight edge in GA and PK than Nashville, who’ve been very good defensively as well. A lot of credit to the great defensive numbers the Stars have posted is because of Ben Bishop who has been outstanding all season. There are a few concerns with Nashville heading into the playoffs this season. Their powerplay is dead last in the league (12.94%) plus their trade acquisitions, Wayne Simmonds and Mikael Granlund have not been playing well since joining the Preds. Roman Josi is the captain of the team and needs to jump start their powerplay and his squad if they want to succeed as they’ve been flat during the late season stretch. The Stars have been playing clutch hockey during the stretch and have won important hockey teams against other teams vying for a playoff spot and they look very poised to do well as a darkhorse. Bishop has been their MVP posting great numbers (GAA: 1.98, Sv%: .934) all season long despite playing in front of an inexperienced defensive core. Their top scorers are scoring although their secondary scoring needs to step up a bit as the Stars are near the bottom in goals scored (29th in the league). The key will be Jamie Benn making big plays in clutch situations as that is where he thrives. THE VERDICT: The Stars will win this series in 6 games SAN JOSE SHARKS (P2) VS VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS (P3) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Sharks Defence: Golden Knights Powerplay: Sharks Penalty Kill: Golden Knights Goaltending: Golden Knights X-FACTOR: Sharks: Brent Burns Golden Knights: Marc-Andre Fleury The Sharks and Golden Knights have become sort of a riddle that is like an enigma. During the month of March, the Golden Knights and Sharks have played great during the first half while they stunk during the last half of the month. Both teams come into the playoffs struggling but the small break between now and game 1 of their series will bring a new perspective into light. The Golden Knights have a great play-by-committee system where they use their depth to their advantage in exposing their opponents weaknesses in causing turnovers during their transition game. How the Sharks break out of their defensive zone (Mostly talking about Brent Burns) will be important and can’t afford any mistakes in that area. This is where the Sharks need to be clean if they want to win. While the Golden Knights play a great transition game, they will still have trouble with the amount of depth the Sharks have with their scorers. The Sharks have a top 9 up front that can downright snipe at will if given the opportunity. This is where Fleury will be tested and if he can fend them off he’ll steal some games for VGK. For the Sharks to have the best chance to win, they need to work a great powerplay and play a puck possession game down low. Luckily that is their strength but it’s going to take everything they have to beat Fleury. They need traffic in front of him in addition to taking good shots on him. THE VERDICT: Overall, this series will see a lot of strategy from both teams as the coaches will takeover the structure of the game. In the end, this will go to the Sharks in 7 games but man that was a tough choice. WINNIPEG JETS (C2) VS ST. LOUIS BLUES (C3) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Jets Defence: Blues Powerplay: Jets Penalty Kill: Blues Goaltending: Blues X-FACTOR: Jets: Patrik Laine Blues: Jordan Binnington You have to give the Blues huge credit for making an incredible comeback and saving their season. That is thanks to rookie goaltender, Jordan Binnington. He has been playing some unreal hockey down the stretch during the second half of the season and he is the MVP of this revived Blues squad. How he handles playoff hockey should come as some concern as expectations and ability to elevate your game are of most importance. His task won’t be easy on an offensively loaded Jets squad who have been playing mediocre hockey as of late but have won some key games against tough opponents during the stretch. The Jets boast one of the best offensive teams in the league and can score in many ways. The big issue is their penalty kill and discipline which sharply declined late in the season but luckily they have some time to work on those kinks before they kick off their series. Patrik Laine needs to get it going if the Jets want any hope on getting Binnington off his game. Will Laine start scoring again? The answer is yes. The Jets are a much bigger team than the Blues but it isn’t clear how much the Jets want to use their size and play a gritty game against the Blues. It is recommended that they play a more physical game against them as they players who can lay the body if they really want to. The Blues need to use their hockey I.Q. and quick feet if they want to catch Winnipeg taking some undisciplined penalties against them. That’ll be key as Winnipeg hasn’t had a good PK in quite some time. THE VERDICT: A lot in this series will depend on who can carry momentum the most and who can set the tone the earliest. Whoever is leading by game 3 will likely carry this series to the finish line. Jets in 5 games.
  2. Another year, another round of hype surrounding Stanley Cup contenders and their hockey fans. This is part of our Stanley Cup prediction series. The Western Conference was covered the other day and it can be viewed if you’re interested: OJC OFFICIAL STANLEY CUP PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS: WESTERN CONFERENCE TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING (A1) VS COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS (WC2) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Bolts Defence: Bolts Powerplay: Bolts Penalty Kill: Blue Jackets Goaltending: Bolts X-FACTOR: Bolts: Nikita Kucherov Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky One of the most intriguing series of the playoffs, The Jackets barely punched their stamp to the post season to have a date with the Lightning. The Lightning had one of the most dominant regular seasons in recent memory. Their speed and skill is simply unmatched and at times look like they play on a different level altogether. The only way the Jackets have a chance of winning is if Bobrovsky stands on his head every game. Kucherov has had a season to remember with 128 points which was the most anyone has scored in over 23 years. He isn’t likely to slump but it’s the playoffs,a nything can happen. THE VERDICT: The Lightning will easily handle this in 5 games. Bobs will steal one game. WASHINGTON CAPITALS (M1) VS CAROLINA HURRICANES (WC2) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Caps Defence: Canes Powerplay: Caps Penalty Kill: Canes Goaltending: Canes X-FACTOR: Canes: Sebastian Aho Caps: Alex Ovechkin This is pretty uncharted territory. The Canes haven’t been in the dance for over 10 years and the Caps have never met them in the playoffs before. The Canes have been the best feel-good story in a long time with the whole storm surge promotion and theatric post game celebrations. They’ve also been red hot since the new year with only the Blues having a better record since January 1st. The Caps will be looking to repeat as champs and pretty much have the same team as last season. THE VERDICT: The Caps will take the inexperienced Canes to 6 games and increase their chances in repeating as champs. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS (M3) VS NEW YORK ISLANDERS (M2) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Pens Defence: Islanders Powerplay: Pens Penalty Kill: Islanders Goaltending: Islanders X-FACTOR: Pens: Kris Letang Islanders: Matthew Barzal The Penguins had a rough start to their season but have bounced back nicely. Never count them out because they have absolute game-breakers like Crosby and Malkin. They face a stingy Islanders team who made a surprise turnaround without their former star, John Tavares. For Pittsburgh to beat the Isles, they need to work the powerplay and Letang has to work the powerplay as a quarter back. He is the only defenceman on the team that can work it as well as he can and he holds a lot of the responsibilty on the back end for that squad as well. Since the Islanders play a stingy game, everyone has to play a defence first, neutral zone trap kind of game. That is why guys like Barzal and Lee have seen a dip in their scoring. Barzal is one of the guys on the team that can light it up offensively if given an opportunity. He needs to create some for his team if they have a shot. The Pens are a loose team so don’t be surprised if the Isles win at least one game in a goal fest. THE VERDICT: It is not a David vs Goliath match up and it’s going to be good with a potential for a rivalry to be made but it is going to the Pens. 6 games are needed there. BOSTON BRUINS (A2) VS TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS (A3) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Leafs Defence: Bruins Powerplay: Bruins Penalty Kill: Bruins Goaltending: Leafs X-FACTOR: Leafs: John Tavares Bruins: Brad Marchand Once again, these two rivalries face each other in the first round. If history indicates anything, its that the Bruins have had their number on the Leafs and will have a good chance to beat them again this season although it will be close. Both teams have lines that can light it up offensively and have excellent powerplays. There won’t be a shortage on offence, that’s for sure. Brad Marchand will play a key role for the Bruins to see if he can get under the Leafs skin but he’ll be more likely to score as he has taken on a more offensive role in the last 2 years. THE VERDICT: Very tough to call but I think the Leafs will finally exorcise their demons and take this 7.
  3. It is only fitting that the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Philadelphia Flyers wearing their St. Pats jerseys at a time of year when St. Patrick’s Day comes across people’s thoughts. The entire design of the jersey is inspired by the jersey the Toronto St. Pats wore between 1922 and 1925. This season, the Leafs will wear their St. Pats jerseys twice. Once on March 15th versus the Flyers and the day after facing the Senators. Things look pretty similar to the uniform the team wore in 2017, just carried over to the Adidas Adizero cut from the old Reebok Edge style discontinued by the league following that season, this includes the same unique numbering style on the back of the jerseys which saw the numbers placed on large blocks to fight against visibility issues with the horizontal stripe. POSITIVES The green and white mix along the entire jersey is clean The felt white blocks along the back give the jersey a true retro look The oval felt blotch with the St. Pats word mark makes it look original CRITIQUES None For the best NHL fan gear on the market, visit oilfieldjerseys.com today!
  4. So earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Lightning made an unpredictable announcement by unveiling their brand new Stealth jersey. As they made their announcement, the Lightning wore those jerseys for their home game against the St. Louis Blues. The announcement come of as rather casual with no trumpets, no confetti and no hype whatsoever. It was almost as if the Lightning wanted a quiet unveiling because of the “stealthy” nature of the jersey. GREAT SALES STATS A very important indicator stemming from releasing the jersey is that the official Tampa Bay Lightning shop in Amalie Arena sold over 500 jerseys in 24 hours after the unveiling. That easily breaks the $100k CAD mark in merchandise sales. That is highly abnormal considering that the official shop usually sells around 80 jerseys in a day when the Lightning play at home. Take note that these are sales numbers from a non-traditional hockey market. That’s quite special. OUR TAKE The jersey is very simple and clean. You have to admire that this type of approach to designing a jersey like this is rarely done and very bold. Black goes well with the Tampa logo and overall scheme. A stealth jersey isn’t a stealth jersey unless it’s black because that is the colour of night, hence the new hashtag #disruptthenight. It makes sense. The secondary addition of grey along the sleeves is a good idea but instead of a pixelated transition from grey to black, a simple grey stripe would of sufficed. POSITIVES: Stealth branding is well connected to the theme of the jersey Very bold and clean look The grey adds a great addition to the sleeve The number and lettering kits offer a nice fade and are unique The “storm grey” shoulder patches match the stealth theme CRITIQUES: The pixelation from grey to black along the sleeve is an odd feature Missed opportunity to add a hint of blue along the sleeves For authentic NHL merchandise, visit https://oilfieldjerseys.com/ today!
  5. Usually any NHL outdoor game creates a lot of anticipation for fans. The Winter Classics and the Stadium Series are an event almost every fan, regardless of what team you cheer for, take interest in. The one thing that piques the most curiosity on these games is always the grand, jersey reveal. There’s just one problem: The Flyers jersey was leaked. Not once, but twice. Also, the Penguins jersey was leaked along with the second time the Flyers jersey was leaked. Ouch! Someone was way too excited to show these off! The leaks soured any excitement fans had left about the official reveal. It was a bad kept secret. We got wind of these photos 4 days before the official unveiling and it was reported everywhere amongst Hockey focused Facebook pages and Instagram fan pages. It is clearly stated that these Stadium Series jerseys are supposed to resemble the “black and yellow construction signs” of Steel City to honour Pittsburgh’s history and all of those bright yellow bridges the city is famous for. What came out was an NFL colour rush jersey which is coincidentally similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers jersey they wore this season. The fade between the yellow and black along the detailed parts of the jersey is a nice touch to modernize the look. The “A Great Day For Hockey” punchline along the neckline is unoriginal for two reasons: 1) The font used for the lettering is the same as the letter font as the name lettering used for the 2017 Stadium Series jerseys. 2) The punchline itself is very generic and doesn’t pay tribute to anything connected with anything Pittsburgh specific at all. The Penguins would of made up for the blandness of the sweater by adding a patch honouring their back-to-back Stanley Cup championships during the 2016 and 2017 cup runs. That is missed opportunity because there isn’t knowing when the Pens will get another chance of participating in an outdoor game. Besides the differing shades of yellow and the striping, there isn’t much of difference between the Steelers Color Rush and Penguins Stadium Series jerseys. POSITIVES: The fade of the logo is a nice touch Modernization is apparent and distinguishable Letter kits are simple and match the jersey seamlessly CRITIQUES: Slanted yellow sleeves makes the overall pattern of the jersey awkward Punchline along neck is generic and cheesy Missed opportunity to utilize patch for back-to-back Stanley Cups (stripes along sleeves don’t count) Looks too much like the Steelers Color Rush jersey PHILADELPHIA FLYERS To go with the theme for the 2019 Stadium Series, the Flyers added a nice fade along the logo cutting out the white between the wing and orange dot in the middle of the logo. It’s clean and the orange and black were utilized the right way. The black name plate is a great touch to with the Flyer’s unique theme of adding offsetting name plates on most off their jersey designs. The black stripes along the sleeves are simple yet welcome feature about the jersey. The “Philly” signature along the neckline is used with an original font and it’s crisp. That feature might be used in future marketing efforts on how to effectively use it as a shoulder patch or along somewhere on the neck for a new jersey in the future. POSITIVES: Orange and black go well with modern twist on the jersey overall Black stripes along lower sleeve fit in nicely Fade along logo is clean Capitalized opportunity of the off-setting nameplate “Philly” along the neckline is a good touch CRITIQUES: A patch or punchline along the neck commemorating the “The City of Brotherly Love” would of been a great add-on since the Flyers are hosting.
  6. The 41 game mark. It’s that time of year where many see where we are in our pools and if any of us made good on our pre-season predictions. Let’s be honest, most of us get pre-season forecasts wrong including many from established hockey news outlets. Since all of the NHL teams have played their first 41 games, we can now finally do this report. Today we’re talking about who would win the trophy’s if the season ended today and who we think will actually win it at the end of the season. Only season rewards without playoff appearances and reiterating accolades are listed so the Conn Smythe, Lester B. Pearson and Bill Masterton trophys are out. HART MEMORIAL TROPHY The Hart Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team. The winner is selected in a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association in all NHL cities at the end of the regular season. Winner if season ended today: Johnny Gaudreau Winner at the end of the season: Marc-Andre Fleury This is the MVP reward. This trophy, in layman’s terms, goes to the player who can carry their team on his back. Last season, Taylor Hall and Nathan Mackinnon were outstanding and were easy choices as the top 2 candidates with Hall eventually winning. This season, there are no standouts. Many players are having terrific seasons offensively which makes it hard to choose a forward. Johnny Gaudreau is an exemption because he is the main offensive cog for the Flames. He is the best at creating and finishing plays for the team plus his linemates play much better with him as a result of their success. If he goes down with an injury for a significant amount of time, the Flames risk losing their division lead and will be sorely missed in the dressing room by his teammates. Why Marc-Andre Fleury will win the Hart Trophy at the end of the season is because he has the ability to carry an average scoring team to the playoffs. Vegas started the season poorly but have put together a run to get back into playoff contention. That is all thanks to Fleury. Vegas is 14th in scoring and 4th in goals against, but yet, are 3rd in the West. Vegas does not score many goals and they don’t have a game-changer on both the offensive and defensive side of the ice. Fleury needs to be the backbone of this team to get Vegas over the top and into the playoffs. That is achievable. CALDER MEMORIAL TROPHY An annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL, selected in a PWHA poll Winner if season ended today: Elias Petterson Winner at the end of the season: Rasmus Dahlin Petterson has been the best thing to come to Vancouver since sliced bread. The problem with Petterson is that he is already injury prone. I want to hand the rookie-of-the-year honours to Petterson but he poses a lot of risk in doing so. He’s not very big and has yet to fill out. Dahlin on the other hand has been as steady as they come and he has been a consistent producer for the Sabres. He won rookie of the month honours in November and I don’t doubt that he’ll win another rookie of the month award before seasons end. Dahlin is a safe bet and that’s why he’s the guy to win the Calder. VEZINA TROPHY The Vezina Trophy is an annual award given to the goalkeeper adjudged to be the best at this position as voted by the general managers of all NHL clubs. Winner if season ended today: Marc-Andre Fleury Winner at the end of the season: Marc-Andre Fleury No goaltender has gotten close to get as many shutouts or as many wins as Fleury so far this season. He has carried Vegas to a place where they can push for the playoffs once again. Fleury has been so good that Dunkin Donuts is going to need him as a spokesperson because of all of the shutouts (six donuts so far) he’s been getting. JAMES NORRIS MEMORIAL TROPHY An annual award given to the defenseman who demonstrates throughout the season the greatest all-round ability in the position. Winner if season ended today: Mark Giordano Winner at the end of the season: Kris Letang This was a tough one because there’s a feeling of cognitive dissonance for giving this award to guys who only rack up assists because their star forwards convert the breakout passes into goals. I look at both defensive and offensive stats when it comes to this one and that’s why I chose Mark Giordano (+/- 30, 6G, 34A, 40PTS and 38 HITS 85 BS). Those numbers tell you he’s very well rounded defenceman who can do it all. He’s having a terrific season for the Flames and is on pace for a career best. Kris Letang, meanwhile, has had an excellent first half for the Penguins after a slow start to their season. With Crosby, Malkin and Kessel playing their best hockey right now, Letang can help jumpstart their offense from the backend much easier now than before. The Penguins have a history of playing great hockey in March and there is no reason why they can’t do it again. Letang is physical and blocks shots at a rate to match the NHL’s best. Another great two way defender who doesn’t get the accolades he deserves. ART ROSS TROPHY The Art Ross Trophy is an annual award given to the player who leads the National Hockey League in scoring points at the end of the regular season. Winner if season ended today: Nikita Kucherov Winner at the end of the season: Connor McDavid Regardless if the Oilers make the playoffs or not, one thing is for sure. McJesus will score at will. Now that Brandon Manning is sitting in the Oilers press box, Connor won’t have to worry about him breaking his collarbone like he did in his rookie season (Oh how the tides have turned). On a serious note, if McDavid plays all 82 games, he’ll likely beat his previous career best of 108 points and get 120. He’s on pace 134 right now but that’s stretch, even for a guy like him. Kucherov has been on a tear as of late but I think he’ll settle down near the end of the season. FRANK J. SELKE TROPHY The Frank J. Selke Trophy is an annual award given to the forward who best excels in the defensive aspects of the game. Winner if season ended today: Sasha Barkov Winner at the end of the season: Alex Barkov If you’re wondering if these are different people, they’re not. And he’s Finnish, not Russian. MAURICE ROCKET RICHARD TROPHY An annual award given to the NHL’s top goal scorer by the NHL Board of Governors. The winner(s) are determined based on regular-season play. Winner if season ended today: Alex Ovechkin Winner at the end of the season: Patrik Laine Ovechkin could be the oldest player to win the Richard trophy at the age 33 unless Patrik Laine stops playing Fortnite until 3.A.M. and actually decides that he wants to score again. That pretty much sums up the situation. KING CLANCY TROPHY Given to the player who best exemplifies leadership on and off the ice and has made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution in his community. Winner if season ended today: Brock Boeser Winner at the end of the season: Brock Boeser It’ll be hard to top Brock Boeser taking the girl with down syndrome out to a prom date which happened before the season started. He’s definitely a sweetheart. WILLIAM JENNINGS TROPHY An annual award given to the goalkeeper(s) having played a minimum of 25 games for the team with the fewest goals scored against it, selected based on regular-season play. Winner if season ended today: Pekka Rinne/Jusse Saros Winner at the end of the season: Pekka Rinne/Jusse Saros Pekka Rinne is an absolute brick **** house in net. Nashville’s defense is near impassable on most nights and there is no sign of them slowing down. Expect Nashville to be the defensive team of the year. PRESIDENT’S TROPHY An annual award to the club finishing the regular season with the best overall record. Winner if season ended today: Tampa Bay Lightning Winner at the end of the season: Tampa Bay Lightning To put in perspective on how dominate the Lightning were in the first half, the Lightning could play at .500 from here on in and still have a better chance at winning the President’s Trophy than the Leafs, Flames and Golden Knights. For authentic NHL gear, visit https://oilfieldjerseys.com/ for your fan needs today!
  7. Another year has gone by and oh what a year it was. There was a plethora of alternates introduced from NHL teams during the fall of 2018 and 2019 will be no shortage of new jersey releases either. Icethetics is offering the expected changes that might during the next year and we’ll give you our take on what the new jerseys could look like and in some cases, what it should like look like. ANAHEIM DUCKS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Yes, we’re going on this ride one more time! The Ducks debuted a new third jersey with some throwback elements for their 25th anniversary — but this is a one-off jersey for the 2018-19 season only. It’s been reported that the Ducks will return to their orange third jersey in 2019-20 and I think that’s a safe bet. Our take: We think the orange eggplant jersey will come back as well. Knowing Adidas and how they love to utilize the neck, they’ll throw in “Anaheim” in gold writing along the inside of the collar as well as adding an “OC” shoulder patch on one side. OC meaning Orange County which is based in Southern California. Ducks third jersey in 2015. BOSTON BRUINS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Bruins will rejoin the third jersey fray in 2019-20, but what design will they use? They have no shortage of outdoor jerseys from recent years. Will they go with something familiar or completely new? Our Take: We think it’ll be the 2019 Winter Classic jersey. It is arguably the best looking Bruins Winter Classic jersey released to date. Lots of teams have used their previous outdoor game jerseys as alternates this season and that list includes the Flyers, Penguins, Blues, Kings, and Senators. The Bruins and Blackhawks 2019 Winter Classic Jerseys BUFFALO SABRES 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Buffalo is in the mix for a third jersey in 2019-20. Could it finally be the royal blue throwback fans have been begging for? 50TH ANNIVERSARY: The Sabres will turn 50 in 2020, so the question is whether the team will mark the milestone anniversary in 2019-20 or 2020-21. I haven’t seen anything definitive yet. (For what it’s worth, they marked their 40th in 2010-11 along with the Canucks. But the Canucks have already made plans to celebrate their 50th in 2019-20. So take that however you choose.) Our Take: We’re going out on a limb with this one and say that it’ll be a brand new jersey combining elements of the 2018 Winter Classic except it’ll be the home version of it. It’ll have a graphic of New York State along the shoulders plus the jersey itself will have a royal blue body with a large yellow stripe along the waist that has a white outline along the top and bottom of the yellow. Imagine something like this but with with an additional white stripe along the bottom of the yellow CALGARY FLAMES 40TH ANNIVERSARY: The Flames celebrated 30 years in Calgary during 2009-10, so in my mind the 40th is possible in 2019-20. The franchise relocated from Atlanta in 1980. It doesn’t mean much other than possibly some shoulder patches. They’re already wearing their original jersey as a third. Our Take: Despite no news of any changes, we think Calgary will make a surprise move with the direction on what they’ll wear for their home and road game jerseys. Just like Philadelphia in 2012, Edmonton in 2011 and Pittsburgh in 2016, Calgary will use their alternates full time and introduce the matching road jersey along with it. They should do it for their 40th anniversary. The timing couldn’t be better. Would a modernized version of this beauty be a better replacement than their current road jerseys? CAROLINA HURRICANES 2019 ROAD JERSEY: Redesign expected. It’s been reported that Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon is not a fan of his team’s white road sweater. That’s been backed up by the new Adidas catalog which indicates a new design is coming in 2019-20. Will they redesign it to match the home sweater or try something new? What if it wasn’t white at all? What if it was a light grey like the outline of their logo? As an aside, the Hurricanes are the first team in years to provoke a regular season color-vs-color game by wearing their home red jerseys on the road against the Ducks who wore black. And with the Whalers jersey coming back this year, I’m not sure any Canes jersey prediction is safe! THROWBACK JERSEY: Speaking of the Whalers, the green jerseys will show up at least once more in 2019 (March 5 in Boston). But given the very mixed reaction — the displeasure of many New Englanders in particular — do we think we’ll see these again beyond the 2018-19 season? For what it’s worth, 2019 marks 40 years since the Whalers originally joined the NHL after the WHA folded in 1979. Our Take: We agree with the road jersey redesign. The current roadies aren’t as good as the home sweaters. As for the Whalers jerseys, they’ll be back for another 2 matches next season. They’ll keep the current 3rd jerseys as it is. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS 2019 HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: Expected. The biggest surprise of the catalog was seeing new primary uniforms listed for the Blackhawks in 2019-20. That would be insanity! Or would it? Chicago’s jerseys are untouchable and everyone knows it. Don’t forget Montreal was in this position in 2015 before they simply revealed a new collar design, leaving everything else alone. Is that what the Hawks are doing? They haven’t used a lace-up collar since 1965, but could it be back in 2019-20? As much as I dislike the Adidas collars, some have grown on me. Chicago’s has not. At all. Our take: We think some tweaking will be done on the neck but nothing more than that. If anything, they’ll make a black alternate jersey just like the two previous times they had alternates in 2003 and 2009. the 2014 Chicago Blackhawks Stadium Series jersey. DETROIT RED WINGS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Red Wings have never had a regular third jersey so this is big news! Like the Bruins, they have a number of outdoor jerseys to consider but they could also surprise us with an entirely new design. Time will tell. Our Take: We think that the Wings will come out with something new but with the big D as the centerpiece on a new concept, similar to the Winter Classic in 2009, except, it’ll be in red. We think this the jersey they’ll as a starting point with more details following up later. EDMONTON OILERS THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Oilers are lined up for a new third jersey in 2019-20, but there’s really only one of two ways to go. Either they promote the royal blue retro jersey from this season or they try a navy blue version of their home jersey — much like the AHL’s Bakersfield Condors have. But since I’ve never seen an NHL team follow an AHL team’s lead in terms of jerseys, the former is more likely. Our Take: No way, Jose. We believe the latter is expected. The dark blue will look really good on the body and having a orange stripe along the bottom will make it all the better. FLORIDA PANTHERS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Just three years after their rebrand, the Panthers will add a new third jersey! The most obvious choice, would be a navy blue design with the modernized leaping cat front and center. Our Take: We agree with this one. A dark blue body will look really good with a gold and white stripe along the waist. The possible logo for the alternate uniform in the 2019-20 season. MINNESOTA WILD 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Wild are in the mix for a new alternate uniform in 2019-20 but as for what it will look like, your guess is as good as mine. Will they go back to red again like their first third jersey in 2003? 20TH ANNIVERSARY: I know, last time. Like Columbus, the Wild turn 20 in 2020. But also like Columbus, their 10th anniversary was in 2010-11, so we’ll probably see this in 2020-21. That is all. Our Take: Knowing the Wild, they’ll always try something new with their design. I think they’ll slap a giant M (Just like the one on their shoulder patch) on the front of their jersey with a couple of stars engraved on the letter. Having a circle around it and on the outline it’ll say something like “Minnesota Wild Hockey Club.” The body of the jersey should still be green. The current shoulder patch for the Wild NASHVILLE PREDATORS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Predators will be back in the third jersey fray for 2019-20! They haven’t used one since redesigning their logo and uniforms in 2011. An obvious design choice would be navy blue, but as with the Panthers, I hope they do something a bit more interesting. Our Take: Please do make the navy blue uniforms. Those were some the best looking alternates that Reebok ever designed. The Preds alternates in 2011 NEW YORK RANGERS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Another Original Six team will add a new third jersey in 2019-20! Will the navy blue Heritage jersey return? Maybe the Lady Liberty design from the late ’90s? Or will we be treated to something all new? Our Take: We see Navy Blue being a big trend in 2019 so it’ll be no surprise if the Rangers make a Navy Blue alternate as well. The Rangers are also very good at designing Winter Classic uniforms so they might just throw in the 2018 Winter Classic as their alternate. We can see this coming back. OTTAWA SENATORS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Because the Adidas catalog lists the Senators with other teams getting new thirds in 2019-20, I don’t think we’ll see the red NHL100 Classic jersey again. It’s more likely the Sens get something new. Our Take: The Sens need new primaries, period. The leftover Reebok uniforms they currently wear aren’t doing it anymore for the Sens and they really need to do some soul searching. Even having the vintage “O” jerseys they wore as alternates would be a better fit for a primary. At least that represents history. The Sens also released 6 different logos to their season ticket holders and they had a vote on what designs looked the best. The winning designs would be used for future consideration when designing their next uniforms. Spoiler alert, the fans have already voted the current Sens logo as the best design on the list. Home. And Road. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING 2018-19 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Icethetics obtained images of the new Lightning third jersey in November. At that time, I was told by multiple sources that the jersey was still a work in progress and that certain elements had yet to be finalized — elements not seen in the leaked image (could mean things like number font, nameplate, helmet color, pants, or socks). LAUNCH DATE: I’ve also been told a January launch is likely, though the Lightning have yet to say anything official on the subject. It could be the NHL’s first January third jersey debut since 1997 when the Bolts introduced their first-ever alternate uniform. Our Take: The photos that Icethetics released will only be a starting point to what Tampa will do with their alternate uniform. The fade from grey to black doesn’t look nice and one can only hope that will be changed until the official release. The official photo released from Icethetics. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS 2018-19 THROWBACK JERSEY: Expected. Icethetics obtained images of a Toronto St. Pats throwback jersey in the Adizero cut. A source told me the St. Pats jerseys could be returning late in the 2018-19 likely as a one-off throwback for St. Patrick’s Day rather than a proper third jersey worn more often. NOTES: The Leafs wore the St. Pats uniform for a game during the 2016-17 season as part of their 100th anniversary celebration. Our Take: The Leafs should wear these uniforms during Patrick’s Day. They are gorgeous and resemble a lot of team history. Other than that, we expect no changes from here on in. The leaked St. Pats jerseys VANCOUVER CANUCKS 2019 HOME & ROAD JERSEYS: Expected. After the Blackhawks, the other big surprise from the Adidas catalog was seeing new primary sweaters listed for the Canucks in 2019-20! It’s unclear whether the Canucks are working on sweeping changes or maybe just updating the crest to remove the superfluous “Vancouver” arched across the top. But I also wouldn’t be that shocked to see a new primary logo to coincide with the 50th anniversary. 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Confirmed. Canucks COO Jeff Stipec told TSN in August that there will be a new third jersey in 2019-20 — in addition to the throwback sweater fans voted for over the summer. The Adidas catalog does corroborate this. 2019 THROWBACK JERSEY: Confirmed. In addition to the new third, the Canucks will wear a throwback jersey for select games in 2019-20. After an online fan vote, the team determined they will use their 1989 “Flying Skate” design. Our Take: There’s a lot to digest here. The Canucks are on the verge of celebrating their 50th anniversary. My guess is that the Canucks want to make the anniversary a grand all-year party. I believe the Canucks will do something completely new with the primaries. There is no real projection as to what they’ll do but I think Johnny Canuck grabbing an Orca by the fin would be epic. And if you somehow mix in some black from the flying skate jersey and some blue and green from the current jersey in, a masterpiece can be created. Having a third and throwback adds to the already big changes coming to Vancouver. A move that Vancouver might make for their thirds is having a green jersey with a white faded Orca on the center to make it look like whitecaps in the water. Eventually, I think Vancouver will make a jersey that’ll bring the Seattle/Vancouver rivalry to life. VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. The Golden Knights are not the kind of team to waste time. They went to the Stanley Cup Final in their first season and in their third they’ll add a third jersey! There are so many great possibilities for a Vegas third jersey so I’m eager to see where they end up. Our Take: Vegas’ third will be red with an alternate logo. A sword and shield combo is likely as well as a knight on horseback characterization. A must is to incorporate gold and black to make it look intimidating. If not, let’s hope they have a better idea. WINNIPEG JETS THROWBACK JERSEY: The Jets are breaking out their Heritage Classic jersey twice in 2018-19 and the team says it will be used at least once a season going forward. Keep an eye on that for 2019-20. Our Take: Stay the course with heritage throwbacks. They look amazing. I really wish the Jets would change the road uniforms. Having the light blue stripes going over the blue arm stripe is a poor taste. Change that and the dark blue arm striping to a something simpler would make the jersey way better. Unfortunately, there are no plans for the Jets to change that. Original Source: Icethetics 2019 Jersey Watch For officially licensed NHL merchandise, visit oilfieldjerseys.com
  8. The Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks both unveiled their 2019 Winter Classic jerseys on Thursday. As is tradition, the two teams, with the help of Adidas, designed very classic looking uniforms that they’ll wear when they head outdoors for the annual New Year’s Day event, which is set to be played at the iconic Notre Dame Stadium this season. As the visiting team, the Bruins were first to unveil their sweaters, which are a throwback to the club’s uniforms in the 1930s. They’re not identical to that look, as they have new sleeve striping, but the overall aesthetic is a tribute to that era. One of the most remarkable details about this uniform is that the logo, name and numbers uses a felt material similar to an old school letterman jacket. (Each of the Bruins’ previous two Winter Classic jerseys included felt as well.) If you have “felt the felt” on the Bruin’s previous Winter Classic jerseys before, you know that it feels amazing. The only real reference to Notre Dame comes inside the the collar, where six shamrocks are featured to highlight each year in which the Bruins have won the Stanley Cup. A subtle feature that standouts because of the contrast from the green shamrocks to the overall colour scheme. The Chicago jersey will also feature all their championship years inside the neckline, but those years are displayed in between the hashmarks that are typically featured in the end zones of Notre Dame Stadium. This is one of the first features of the jersey that is referenced to American Football of any kind. For more on articles and officially licensed NHL merchandise, visit https://oilfieldjerseys.com/ today!
  9. There is a common theme with most of the NHL 3rd jersey releases in 2018. They're nostalgic and simple. Many of the 3rd jerseys were alterations of the previous Stadium Series jerseys worn by some of the teams. Others, were completely new with a resemblance of Deja Vu infused in the sweater. It's definitely familiar, except now Adidas is branded onto the jersey where as before, it was Reebok's duty. Anaheim Ducks This modern classic was released for the 25th anniversary season for the Anaheim Ducks and it tried to touch as many parts of the Ducks history as it could. Anchored in black, the third jersey features the original "Mighty Ducks" crest with eggplant and jade striping from the Ducks iconic look of its inaugural 1993-94 season. Linking the team's past and present, the jersey incorporates new into old with a touch of the Ducks current orange coloring represented in the crossed hockey sticks of the team's original mark. Anaheim's current jersey number and letter styling is used in the new third sweater, providing a cohesive and integrated look to the team's 2018-19 uniform kits, while the interior collar denotes the franchise's 25th silver season. The first of its kind to subtly incorporate each of the seven colors (Eggplant, Jade, Anaheim Ducks Orange, Anaheim Ducks Gold, Anaheim Ducks Silver, White and Black) the Ducks have worn throughout the club's 25-year tenure, the jersey also features silver as a primary accent color in both the triangle of the crest and yoke, paying tribute to the team's generational milestone. St. Louis Blues This is the exact same jersey the Blues wore in their Winter Classic game versus the Chicago Blackhawks in 2017. These sweaters were the original jerseys that the Blues wore when they became a team in 1967. A great choice for a winter classic. The only main difference is the neck. This version bears the silver NHL logo that Adidas has placed on all their jerseys. The inside of the neck also has the St. Louis flag design that has been on the inner portion of all the Blues jerseys since Adidas took over jersey manufacturing for the NHL. Colorado Avalanche Inspired by the logo of the Colorado Rockies hockey team that played in Denver from 1976-82, as well as the state's topography, the Avalanche's third jersey is both a statement of regional pride and hockey history. By fusing the terrain of the Rocky Mountains with elements from the state flag, the crest features the "C" from Colorado's state flag and places it in the center of a triangular mountain design. Additionally, the navy-base jersey has white shoulder yokes to evoke the look of snow-capped mountain peaks, while a shoulder patch of the Colorado state flag sits atop the left shoulder. Columbus Blue Jackets Now on the more modern Adidas jersey cut, the uniform features a main crest which includes a depiction of the 1857 Napoleon Cannon stationed at Nationwide Arena, the cannon in/famous for firing after every Blue Jackets goal at home. The cannon is surrounded by a Civil War medal-inspired ribbon with a star at its base in recognition of Columbus being the state capital of Ohio. The logo features the team name on a banner that circles around a cannon – a symbol iconic to the franchise. The Blue Jackets first debuted the cannon in 2007 and fire it off when the home team scores a goal. They have even incorporated the cannon into their goal song, AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)”. All the other details from this jersey’s first go-round have been carried over to the new uniform, the inside collar again says “We Fight, We March!”; the name and number font remains the same as the home and road set. The interior of the jersey has ten embroidered stars which were originally added in recognition of the club’s tenth anniversary from 2009. Winnipeg Jets Going with their lighter “aviator blue”, a secondary colour from the team’s home and road set as the base, it’s the new word mark across the chest that’s the star of this design. This new word mark features “Jets” in a new white script with the “t” crossed using the outline of a fighter jet. This wordmark also becomes the new official team word mark logo, replacing the previous logo introduced in 2011. The large white stripes on each arm and around the waist were directly inspired by the jersey the original Winnipeg Jets wore in their final few seasons before moving to Phoenix in 1996. There are no shoulder decorations as this jersey is a very simple and low-key design. A nice touch is added to the inside collar, “WE ARE TRUE NORTH”, a nod to the fans who scream out “True North!” during the Canadian National Anthem before each home game. Calgary Flames A throwback to the road red uniform the team first wore as they moved from Atlanta in 1980, Calgary had originally worn this uniform for their first fifteen years, including for two trips to the Stanley Cup Final and a championship in 1989. The design has, of course, been updated to fit on the Adidas jersey style. It’s that Stanley Cup anniversary that’s being cited as the reason for the return of this classic uniform (30 years since they last won), the Flames were wearing these road reds in Montreal as they hoisted the Cup for that first and only time in franchise history; in fact, it’s the only time a visiting club ever won the Stanley Cup at the Montreal Forum. Like the 1980-94 design, this uniform is red with white and gold striping at the waist and on each sleeve; on the chest is the Flames familiar flaming-C logo in white with gold trim. The Flames had previously brought this uniform back as a “throwback” for their 30th anniversary season in 2009-10 before making it their official alternate uniform for 2010-11 through 2012-13, the uniform was brought back a second time as an alternate uniform for the 2016-17 season. San Jose Sharks The Sharks are calling it their “Stealth Jersey” becuase it has been "blacked-out". Its colours and re-coloured logos, all traces of orange from their primary logo on the chest has been eliminated aside from the eye of the shark, replaced with black and teal, even the hockey stick is now teal. The team’s classic shark-fin logo returns for the first time in over a decade, also re-coloured. The popular secondary logo graced the shoulder of the Sharks uniforms from their inaugural season in 1991 through 1998 and then returned for their alternate uniform from 2002 to 2007. It’s not all about the “stealth” with this new set, there’s also a nod to the San Jose area’s important role in the world of technological advances with the addition of a subtle microchip pattern in between the two teal sleeve stripes; they’re saying the pattern forms a series of “SJ". The incorporation of this microchip pattern is also to establish the Sharks as “the team of the future”. Washington Capitals Throwing back to the road red uniform the club wore for their first 20-odd seasons, the jersey features the original team logo across the chest in white with a blue hockey stick, and six stars alternating between white-and-blue across the top and five down each sleeve. The collar is white with a white shoulder yoke, at the waist are two large stripes, one blue and one white. Blue pants and red helmets will be worn, the pants also with the star pattern down each side. The uniform is the same design the team wore as their alternate uniform during the 2015/16 and 2016/17 seasons, even carrying over the incorrect colouring of the WASHINGTON word mark on the logo; during the original run of this uniform design, this element of the logo was actually blue. Washington began wearing this uniform style for their expansion season in 1974-75, with a few minor tweaks over the years it was worn through the end of the 1994-95 season before being radically replaced with a blue/black/bronze design featuring an eagle on the chest and diagonal striping. In 2007-08 the Caps returned to a modernized version of their original set and brought back their white version as an alternate uniform in 2011-12; the white alternate was worn for four seasons when it was replaced with a more practical red version allowing the team to wear it for home games. New York Islanders Creating a new signature look, the alternate jersey features a re-designed "NY" crest, modernized to be more symmetrical. The descending "Y" hockey stick has been shortened and strengthened to give it a more balanced appearance. The four iconic stripes have been moved down to the blade to prominently celebrate the Islanders' historic consecutive Stanley Cup Championships. The jersey includes subtle nods to the team's heritage with a color palette, refined striping system, and orange numbering reminiscent of the team's inaugural 1972-1973 blue sweater. Other subtle details include a graphic of Long Island on the interior neckline, a designation of Long Island pride, and a block-lettered "ISLANDERS" moniker that sits just above the Adidas logo on the exterior neckline. Philadelphia Flyers The jersey is a direct copy of their 2017 Stadium Series uniform, minus the commemorative patches. The all-black uniform with large orange stripes was already alluded to as being their third jersey during a fan event early in 2018. The difference between this jersey and the Stadium Series version is the imprint of "PHILADELPHIA" inside the neck portion of the jersey. Pittsburgh Penguins The new design incorporates elements from the popular 2017 Stadium Series uniform while acknowledging the heritage of gold jerseys worn by Mario Lemieux and the Penguins in the 1980s. Creating a signature look for these new thirds, the crest spotlights the standalone skating penguin on a single-toned gold sweater. Mixing the past with the present, the contrasting black sleeves are highlighted with white and gold striping that are inspired from the Penguins' 1984 jerseys, while the letters and numbering mirror the current home and away jerseys. Additional design details include the sleeve numbers being raised to the shoulder of the jersey to mimic the 1980s look. Carolina Hurricanes The Carolina Hurricanes are advising you take warning to the fact the club has unveiled their new alternate/third uniform, one which updates some old looks worn by the club while also introducing some North Carolina state pride. Like their previous one, the Canes use the secondary team colour of black as the base while also modifying the logo on the chest. Front-and-centre we see a new hurricane warning flag logo, yes – it’s actually a hurricane warning flag this time – with two flags flying from the stick instead of one, another nod to North Carolina hidden in-between the two flags. The shoulder yoke is now a storm grey with a red trim and includes two “ghosted out” tonal grey logos – the Hurricanes primary logo on the right shoulder and the state flag of North Carolina on the left shoulder. Throughout the uniform we see several red stripes, all of which include a heathered pattern. Arizona Coyotes Like some sort of mythical bird whose name I just cannot recall, the Phoenix Coyotes original Kachina uniforms have returned. Banking on a wave of 90’s nostalgia, the Arizona Coyotes introduced their new throwback third uniforms tonight at their NHL Draft party. The uniform was worn originally for the Coyotes first seven seasons following their relocation from Winnipeg in 1996 before it was replaced in the fall of 2003 as the current logo made it’s debut. The uniform is a fairly faithful reproduction of the original Coyotes uniform, even nailing the unique striping pattern around the waist, sleeves, and at the collar. Both logos are back, the coyote on the chest as well as the moon mark on the shoulder, albeit updated to no longer read “Phoenix” instead leaving it blank above "Coyotes", due to the name change the team underwent in 2014. New Jersey Devils The New Jersey Devils this afternoon announced and unveiled a heritage uniform which the club will wear during the 2018-19 season. Based off of the Devils red and green home uniform worn during the club’s first ten seasons in New Jersey, the uniform is white with red shoulders, the shoulders trimmed in white and green, the Devils familiar primary logo on the chest in red and green. It may have been slightly re-coloured or even chromified but in their 36 years playing in the Garden State, the New Jersey Devils have never played a game with anything but the “NJ” logo featured prominently on their chests. Not once. Edmonton Oilers The Edmonton Oilers unveiled their new throwback heritage uniform, their home jersey from two seasons ago… that’s all, the only difference is that it’s now on the Adidas jersey cut. Because it’s not officially classified as an alternate or “third uniform” it’ll only be worn four times this year. Edmonton is bringing back the long-buried uniform (sarcasm implied) for the 2018-19 season to help celebrate the 40th anniversary of the team joining the NHL in 1979. Carolina Hurricanes....(again) the Carolina Hurricanes, who previously played as the Hartford Whalers from 1979 through 1997, announced they would wear a Whalers road green throwback uniform for two games in the upcoming 2018/19 season. Going with the design the Whalers wore from 1985-89 (and then again for the 1990/91 season), the Hurricanes will be in green from head-to-toe, helmets, pants, socks, gloves all match what the Whalers wore during this era. Carolina was able to work in a subtle reference to tie-in with their current identity, a tonal black and blue storm warning flag pattern on the inside collar. For more articles on our blog, please visit https://oilfieldjerseys.com/
  10. No joke, that shot is sooo nasty. Hate to be a goaltender against him.
  11. October 1st, 2018 marks a big day in the Islanders world as another Adidas alternate jersey was beautifully delivered to the world. I want to be the first to show you how the elements of this jersey design come together (in this case, deconstructed) with meaning and significance. The jersey itself is very simple in design, but the colours blend nicely together. The overall body of the jersey was inspired by the 2014 Stadium Series jersey the Islanders released in their first two outdoor games against the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers. As soon as the video of the unveiling of the jersey was released on the official New York Islanders Twitter feed, it became noticeable right away that the primary logo was broken into three key pieces and placed on important areas of the sweater. 3 key areas of importance: -The “NY” abbreviations -The “Islanders” lettering -The geographic image of Long Island itself THE “NY” STAYS FRONT AND CENTER: The “NY” is a direct adoption from the Islanders primary logo. The only difference is that the “Y” is flat on the bottom instead of leaving it on a sharper angle. The four orange strips that were previously on the shaft, are now on the blade of the “Y”. The strips represent the four Stanley Cup championships the Islanders won in 1980, 1981, 1982 and 1983. ON THE NECK OF LONG ISLAND: The image of Long Island, familiar to the one seen on the primary logo, is now tucked on the inside portion of the neck. Utilizing the neck has been a popular amongst teams in recent years as each team is trying to offer a bit of extra insignia to the overall complexion of their outlook. The only difference between this sketch of Long Island compared to the one seen on the main logo is that it’s now blue instead of orange. It’s blue so that it offsets the white and orange trim in a crisp fashion. “ISLANDERS” LETTERING NOW ON BACK OF NECK: If you can’t tell already, this sweater strongly favours the neck. The “Islanders” lettering is the last adoption from the main logo. It has a different font than the one on the main logo but it had to be bolder in order to stand out since its such a small detail. The inscription sits nicely along on the brim and once again the font is blue to offset the white and orange trim on the collar. For more articles, predictions and more... visit https://oilfieldjerseys.com/ today!
  12. Lmao I'm sure you weren't trying to rub it in. Using the original colours was a touch that was needed and also on the logo, the blade part of the "Y" is now flat and the 4 orange strips are now on the blade, not the shaft anymore. Some think it's too simple of a design but sometimes simple is just fine.
  13. They would need a massive payout from captain highliner to stamp that atrocity on again haha

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