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  1. Power Ranking NHL Alternate Jerseys in 2019: Looking back at the year of 2019, we rank all of the current NHL alternate jerseys that are in use for the 2019-20 season. Countdown starts from #22 then goes to #1. #22: Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Has a good colour scheme but the word mark devalues the design as its lazy and bland. Too many teams have been trying this and has backfired. #21: Los Angeles Kings Alternate Jersey The stripes and shoulder yoke are cool but it doesn't pop. The grey body doesn't suit the design and the logo. #20: Ed
  2. TOP 10 WORST JERSEYS INTRODUCED DURING THE 2010’S Counting down all of the worst NHL jerseys introduced during the 2010’s. Winter Classics and Stadium Series jerseys do not count. There is a separate list for the best outdoor jerseys here: TOP 10 NHL OUTDOOR JERSEYS OF THE 2010’S #10: 2010 WINNIPEG JETS ROAD JERSEY They’re definitely not the worst jerseys out there but they’re not the best either. The light blue stripes along the arm don’t fit in well with the dark blue along it. Not clean. #9: 2014 PHILADELPHIA FLYERS ALTERNATE JERSEY Originally a Winter
  3. TOP 10 NHL OUTDOOR JERSEYS OF THE 2010’S: The rankings for all of the NHL outdoor jerseys whether they’re Winter Classic or Stadium Series are based on design and how each jersey resembles the event taking place. #10: 2018 WASHINGTON CAPITALS STADIUM SERIES The great use of the navy blue instead of the traditional red to match the military theme at the Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland is why this jersey is at number 10. It was a risk to switch the colour pattern from the Capitals main colour pallet but has paid off. It was a
  4. The rule for this list of NHL jerseys is only for home, road and alternate jerseys that were introduced in the 2010’s. Winter Classic and Stadium Series jerseys will get their own list soon. 2010: NEW YORK RANGERS ALTERNATE JERSEY The dark navy blue blended with the union state red and the cream collared white goes together like peanut butter and jelly. It’s not about the design of the jersey that makes it great, it’s about how the colours gel together that makes this sweater so stunning. 2011: TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS ALTERNATE JERSEY There weren’t a lot of
  5. Another year, another round of hype surrounding Stanley Cup contenders and their hockey fans. This is the time when more players finish their checks which translate to games that average 80+ hits a game instead of 30-40. Pleasant surprises and disappoints are bound to happen, it does every year. Who would of thought Vegas would go to the Stanley Cups Finals last season against a cup thirsty Ovechkin and his Washington Capitals squad. One thing is for sure; Washington isn’t cup thirsty anymore. Meanwhile, the Blues, Sharks, Jets, Preds, Golden Knights and Blue Jackets are in the hunt for their
  6. Another year, another round of hype surrounding Stanley Cup contenders and their hockey fans. This is part of our Stanley Cup prediction series. The Western Conference was covered the other day and it can be viewed if you’re interested: OJC OFFICIAL STANLEY CUP PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS: WESTERN CONFERENCE TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING (A1) VS COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS (WC2) ADVANTAGES: Offence: Bolts Defence: Bolts Powerplay: Bolts Penalty Kill: Blue Jackets Goaltending: Bolts X-FACTOR: Bolts: Nikita Kucherov Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky One of the
  7. It is only fitting that the Toronto Maple Leafs play the Philadelphia Flyers wearing their St. Pats jerseys at a time of year when St. Patrick’s Day comes across people’s thoughts. The entire design of the jersey is inspired by the jersey the Toronto St. Pats wore between 1922 and 1925. This season, the Leafs will wear their St. Pats jerseys twice. Once on March 15th versus the Flyers and the day after facing the Senators. Things look pretty similar to the uniform the team wore in 2017, just carried over to the Adidas Adizero cut from the old Ree
  8. So earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Lightning made an unpredictable announcement by unveiling their brand new Stealth jersey. As they made their announcement, the Lightning wore those jerseys for their home game against the St. Louis Blues. The announcement come of as rather casual with no trumpets, no confetti and no hype whatsoever. It was almost as if the Lightning wanted a quiet unveiling because of the “stealthy” nature of the jersey. GREAT SALES STATS A very important indicator stemming from releasing the jersey is that the official Tampa Bay Lightning shop in Amalie
  9. Usually any NHL outdoor game creates a lot of anticipation for fans. The Winter Classics and the Stadium Series are an event almost every fan, regardless of what team you cheer for, take interest in. The one thing that piques the most curiosity on these games is always the grand, jersey reveal. There’s just one problem: The Flyers jersey was leaked. Not once, but twice. Also, the Penguins jersey was leaked along with the second time the Flyers jersey was leaked. Ouch! Someone was way too excited to show these off! The leaks soured any excitement fans had left about the
  10. The 41 game mark. It’s that time of year where many see where we are in our pools and if any of us made good on our pre-season predictions. Let’s be honest, most of us get pre-season forecasts wrong including many from established hockey news outlets. Since all of the NHL teams have played their first 41 games, we can now finally do this report. Today we’re talking about who would win the trophy’s if the season ended today and who we think will actually win it at the end of the season. Only season rewards without playoff appearances and reiterating accolades are listed so the Co
  11. Another year has gone by and oh what a year it was. There was a plethora of alternates introduced from NHL teams during the fall of 2018 and 2019 will be no shortage of new jersey releases either. Icethetics is offering the expected changes that might during the next year and we’ll give you our take on what the new jerseys could look like and in some cases, what it should like look like. ANAHEIM DUCKS 2019 THIRD JERSEY: Expected. Yes, we’re going on this ride one more time! The Ducks debuted a new third jersey with some throwback elements for their 25th anniversary — b
  12. The Boston Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks both unveiled their 2019 Winter Classic jerseys on Thursday. As is tradition, the two teams, with the help of Adidas, designed very classic looking uniforms that they’ll wear when they head outdoors for the annual New Year’s Day event, which is set to be played at the iconic Notre Dame Stadium this season. As the visiting team, the Bruins were first to unveil their sweaters, which are a throwback to the club’s uniforms in the 1930s. They’re not identical to that look, as they have new sleeve striping, but the overall aesthetic is a tribute t
  13. There is a common theme with most of the NHL 3rd jersey releases in 2018. They're nostalgic and simple. Many of the 3rd jerseys were alterations of the previous Stadium Series jerseys worn by some of the teams. Others, were completely new with a resemblance of Deja Vu infused in the sweater. It's definitely familiar, except now Adidas is branded onto the jersey where as before, it was Reebok's duty. Anaheim Ducks This modern classic was released for the 25th anniversary season for the Anaheim Ducks and it tried to touch as many parts of the Ducks history as it could.
  14. No joke, that shot is sooo nasty. Hate to be a goaltender against him.
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