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  1. Power Ranking NHL Alternate Jerseys in 2019: Looking back at the year of 2019, we rank all of the current NHL alternate jerseys that are in use for the 2019-20 season. Countdown starts from #22 then goes to #1. #22: Winnipeg Jets Alternate Jersey Has a good colour scheme but the word mark devalues the design as its lazy and bland. Too many teams have been trying this and has backfired. #21: Los Angeles Kings Alternate Jersey The stripes and shoulder yoke are cool but it doesn't pop. The grey body doesn't suit the design and the logo. #20: Ed
  2. October 1st, 2018 marks a big day in the Islanders world as another Adidas alternate jersey was beautifully delivered to the world. I want to be the first to show you how the elements of this jersey design come together (in this case, deconstructed) with meaning and significance. The jersey itself is very simple in design, but the colours blend nicely together. The overall body of the jersey was inspired by the 2014 Stadium Series jersey the Islanders released in their first two outdoor games against the New Jersey Devils and New York Rangers. As soon as the video of th
  3. I heard there was definitely going to be a Kings jersey for the 18/19 season but so far it has been kept quiet. Does anyone know any specualation as to what it's going to be? My guess is it'll be the royal purple or gold unis form the 70s.
  4. The trade deadline may not seem very significant at first considering that the NHL has the playoffs, draft and the all-star game. The trade deadline is more important than you may think because the outcome from the moves made by teams during that time can vary in extremes but the only thing that comes to mind as to why teams make key trades at that time. Because it’s the Stanley Cup. The media love to make a big deal out of it and it becomes more of a spectacle of entertainment more than anything and it’s sometimes hilarious watching the analysts making the trade announcements as dramatic as p
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