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  1. Join us again in the NHL Bracket Challenge. [Hidden Content] Password..... HockeyForums Once the top 16 teams are set you can create your bracket. Please post an image of your bracket below. Good Luck!
  2. Here is hoping the Wild will land Lafreniere with the #1 pick!
  3. I doubt Saros is getting moved. If anything not making it to the playoffs suggests that Nashville will not have to fork out a large contract to sign him.
  4. Should the NHL continue with a 24 Team Playoff format in the future permanently? I think it is something to definitely think about. The NHL has used a 16-team playoff format since the 1979-80 campaign when there were only 21 franchises. Expansion to 32 teams seems like something to consider considering the parity in the league. I would think that this would be favorable to the league, owners, players and fans. What are your thoughts?
  5. Not sure if it was posted earlier but apparently John Carlson will not dress for today's game.
  6. As long as no promos or links to any sports betting sites are made this topic will be allowed.
  7. Muzzin left on a stretcher after this akward play.
  8. The Rangers will start rookie Igor Shesterkin between the pipes for their must-win game 3. However Shesterkin was deemed unfit to play in the first 2 games. yikes...
  9. FYI, you all can use the "Chat" also for faster live game discussion.
  10. Hey all. you are welcomed to join us in the Chatroom as well.
  11. Not looking good for the Jets with injuries to bothe Scheifele and Laine.
  12. Avalanche have Bigfoot as a secondary logo, And then there also the NJ Devils...

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