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  1. Brashear vs Probert - All Nine Rounds:   https://t.co/kLHs8n5HIH https://t.co/QzAfj4m887

  2. Gudas suspended 10 games. [Hidden Content]
  3. Leafs at the Season Quarter Pole:     Goalies PLAYER GP W L OTL GA GAA SA SV% SO MIN Hidden Content Give reaction…… https://t.co/DhbZyLUvwb

  4. bye, bye Habs....

    This smile by Matthews near the end of the video after the goal is priceless...
  5. Which player wins the cup first? (poll)

    For those that also voted for Matthews... @yave1964 and @Singh
  6. Good old Canada: Today, I went to a game in an unfamiliar town.  Got screwed up and couldn't find the rink.  Was…… https://t.co/mAQgs5pRdi

  7. Loui Eriksson has a NMC. In 2020-21 he can select 15 teams who he will not be traded to. In 3 years Eriksson will be 35. Seriously, I don't know of any team who would trade for him unless they are trying to get to the Cap Floor. That's just a horrible signing by Vancouver.
  8. Speaking of trades... @J0e Th0rnton I should have accepted the trade for Murray a day earlier, then you could have had Talbots stats today...
  9. Trade proposal- Swap 2 horrible contracts: Maybe this could be a good deal for both Boston and Vancouver To Bos - L… https://t.co/l8N9IufLsM

  10. You sure?...Elliot is in goal...
  11. According to Meltzer McDonald could be back if activated from the IR. He apparently has been skating all week and close to a return. Edit: he must have just updated that Alt will play as I was typing. LOL
  12. The Flyers are awaiting word on a potentially lengthy (5 or more games) suspension for defenseman Radko Gudas stemming from a slashing incident in the Winnipeg game. Gudas waived his right to an in-person hearing in New York. The hearing will take place by phone on Sunday. Gudas is nevertheless ineligible to play against Calgary. When the suspension ruling is issued, Saturday's missed game will be applied toward serving his banishment. That is what Meltzer has stated.
  13. The 2018 NHL Entry Draft will be held from June 22–23, 2018, at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.
  14. Why Is Simmonds Playing?: Hextall admitted that he was playing hurt. Wayne is virtually ineffectual and the…… https://t.co/8VmtcE03rp

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