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  1. These are now fines for minor penalties. In the past it was only major penalties that were assessed fines. I didn't realize that there was some rule change new for this season.
  2. What is up with the department of player safety? I looked briefly at the headlines today and saw 3 players recently fined. Fines now for game penalties?
  3. I think it is best not to think to much on this subject these days. I didn't know who O'ree was either, but now I do. I'd be ok with them removing all jerseys from the rafters. Glorify no one.
  4. Was a great tournament for the US and Canada. Congrats to USA on their first shutout ever for Gold. Zegras was incredible all tournament. What a strong draft of players from 2019.
  5. Our white Christmas melted. Probably a good thing all that rain we got last night wasn't snow. Merry Christmas
  6. Merry Christmas Yave to you and your family. Unfortunately the images didn't show up. I'm not sure why.
  7. Welcome @Zzeke to the site. You've put up some really quality posts. At this point I would just be happy with being able to have a healthy season. 3 weeks to starting camp doesn't seem like a possibility, at the moment but maybe Feb going though part of the summer wouldn't be such a bad thing. I'm excited to see what Sandin can do when they take the ice for sure.
  8. I actually think the Lightning will sweep this series, but I put them winning in 5 games.
  9. I fully expect Dumba to be the Wild's next captain.
  10. I think he did the job he was paid to do to the best of his abilities. Mikko logged a lot of minutes probably too many too often. It isn't MIkko's fault the Wild never went out and gained #1 and #2 centers to build the future on. And it isn't Mikko's fault that management never obtained nor nutured another player to take over the C role during his reign.. I believe he does deserve to have his jersey lifted to the rafters. He deserves to be honored and remembered for his career and legacy that he will leave in Minnesota.
  11. I don't think so. These are set up by those at NHL.com. Colorado is a popular choice also.
  12. Use c/p or snip the image then c/p right into the editor box here.
  13. How are you holding up TFG... This brings back some memories for sure
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