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  1. Rubstov: QMJHL or Phantoms ?

    I found this: https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2014/3/21/5532734/flyers-robert-hagg-defenseman-entry-level-contract-phantoms-modo
  2. The Western Conference: You are right that Calgary is more balanced than Edmonton. I think that Edmonton has better… https://t.co/dxBjkQilwa

  3. I'm thinking the Golden Knights are a team that could take on the salary cap. Next year they only have 34M committed to the Cap, and in 2019 there is $58M available in cap space.
  4. Zetts to retire this season or next....:   Zetterberg stated yesterday that he misses his native Sweden and wishes…… https://t.co/MOVV5vL0R7

  5. Rubstov: QMJHL or Phantoms ?

    just my bad spelling habits... fixed - thanks.
  6. German Rubstov only played 16 games last year in the Quebec League last spring and scored 9 goals, 13 assists with a -11 +/- rating. Some seem to think that he should play another full season with the Chicoutimi Sagueneens as he would center the top line and likely be traded to a contending team at some point in the season. On the other hand, Rubstov is 19 years of age and is eligible to play with the Phantoms and would likely challenge for a top 9 roster spot according to Bill Meltzer. Where would you like to see him play this season?
  7. A.H.L. team

    The Eagles, who play at Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colo., will move from the ECHL to the AHL starting with the 2018-19 season. Their venue holds 5,289 for hockey but will likely be renovated for larger crowds and improved dressing rooms. The Avalanche’s current AHL affiliate, the San Antonio Rampage, will then become the Blues’ minor league team as they have signed the 5 year contract with the Rampage. So for the 2018-19 season, the Golden Knights will have the Wolves, the Avalanche will have the Eagles, the Blues will have the Rampage, and every team will be back to having its own AHL affiliate
  8. 15 Teams that Won't Make the Playoffs in 2018: According to the Hockey News - These are the 15 teams that won't…… https://t.co/tqgdL8gYkf

  9. According to the Hockey News - These are the 15 teams that won't make the playoffs in 2018. 1. Vegas Golden Knights - yeah a no brainer here. Can they win 20 games this season? 2. Vancouver Canucks - no one is going to trade for the Sedins or Erickson. They will be bottom dwellers for several more years. 3. New Jersey Devils - I think the Devils will be better than the 3rd worst in the League however the Zajac injury will likely set them off to a slow start. 4. Colorado Avalanche - Sakic deserves the worst GM in the League award. I see this team finishing just behind the Knights. 5. Arizona Coyotes - I think the Yotes will be better also than the bottom 5. As their young core of forwards will provide a significant spark to this team. 6. Detroit Red Wings - I'd move the Wings to the bottom 5. 7. Buffalo Sabres - If the Sabres stay healthy they will be in the mix to make the playoffs - thus I disagree that the Sabres are the 7th worst team. 8. Panthers - I have no idea what to make of this team other than agree with them not making the playoffs. 9. New York Islanders - It's time to fire Garth Snow. 10. Philadelphia Flyers - The make or break of this team will be between the pipes - I think they can be an 8th seed. 11. Boston Bruins - Interesting, Interesting ... The hockey news could be right on this one, but maybe last year was their off year? 12. Winnipeg Jets - I think the Jets will make the playoffs if the Blackhawks or Wild struggle. The central division will be the toughest division next season. 13. Toronto Maple Leafs - were they over achievers last year? I think the THN has it wrong and they again return to the playoffs. 14. Los Angeles Kings - I don't think John Stevens has enough to work with to make this a playoff team this season. 15. San Jose Sharks - Shocker, but I agree with THN. The teams I think THN missed on are the Senators as they over achieved last season I would place Toronto ahead of them. I also don't think the Canadiens make the playoffs giving a birth to the Sabres or Bruins. THN has the Hurricanes making the playoffs -- is that the Justin Williams factor? I think it will between the Hurricanes and Flyers for that 8th seed.
  10. What's in your bag

    I'm pretty much a newbie at golf. Although I played golf occasionally in my 20's it wasn't until the last couple of years that I've played with any frequency. That frequency is about 1x per week unless I'm lucky enough to get out a 2nd time. I totally enjoy getting outside and enjoying the great landscape of the golf course. (and I'll post some Pics) Add in a beer or cocktail and dinner with members of my family and it is a great way to get some exercise and spend time with the family on weekends. My golf bag consists of mostly Callaway clubs, nothing too special as most of it was a set. Driver, 3,5,7 woods 5, and 6 hybrids 7,8,9 irons, P, S and a putter. I recently bought a Taylor Made 3-4 hybrid - probably my best club if I could only use it in a consistent manner, lol. I play for fun, usually late afternoon until dark. If no one is behind us we often use 2 balls and practice a 2nd shot. I'm not sure what my handicap is. Probably wouldn't want to post it, but I do have to say I've dropped about 15 shots off my game this summer. Looking forward to dropping another 10. Favorite Courses; Gilbertsville, Blackwood, Linfield National, HoneyBrook, and Spring Hollow.
  11. Maybe they think the Wild Blueberries would roll over their opponent.
  12. Early Skating Rinks: Here are some early images of indoor skating rinks from Quebec City, Montreal,Chicago,New York… https://t.co/dkmblPEqYv

  13. Possible team name the Wild Blueberries. Fans can vote for one of the 5 names. http://www.echl.com/portland-hold-name-team-contest Mariners, the Watchmen, the Lumberjacks, the Puffins, and the Wild Blueberries.
  14. Eastern Conference next year: In this post, I would like to talk about how I see the eastern conference which… https://t.co/dIeJC9Cz3N

  15. Pens will meet with Will Butcher: https://t.co/rH6ScX4ENM   So what do we know about this kid? His strengths seem…… https://t.co/UIkCzK6CwF

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