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  1. That would be @Hale a co-worker who also joined us in our nhl draft this spring, a rather knowlegeable hockey fan for sure. He won the Conn Smythe last season, just saying... Thank you, and yes my strategy. Come in unprepared and ... wing it. I guess I'm doing something right as no one has yet figured out this onthefly strategy. @J0e Th0rnton we missed you bud, hope you didn't get too many reject players.
  2. So is it too late to be in on fantasy?

  3. Tony who is again planning to play -- Mapleleafs fan -- is going to ask some of his friends from Canada if they want to play in in the Conn Smythe League.
  4. Either will be good for me also.
  5. Also @Hale says he gets an error when trying to log into the All Star League invite.
  6. FD said he would play in the Conn Smythe League. And to the best of my knowledge Brent prefers to stay in the Conn Smythe league as he did last year.



    I want to join the Conn Smythe League. Thanks.

    1. hf101


      ok.  I'll let pilldoc know


  8. HF,


    I'm interested in joining the FHL All-Star League. Thanks.


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