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  1. With Stolarz missing nearly an entire year I don't see him being in the NHL next season unless due to injury of either Elliot or Mrazek.
  2. I voted for the Islanders, but I'd rather be wrong in that the Hurricanes send them golfing.
  3. I think the Flyers and Devils will be in the Playoffs. I'd like to see Carolina sneak in as well above the Islanders, but I'm not as certain it will happen. Thus the third team I voted for is the Islanders. On 2nd thought, it is almost hard to imagine NHL playoffs without Justin Williams.
  4. I'm guessing Jared Coreau will back up Howard in net for the remainder of the season but is he a #1 guy in Detroit's future? Or is there someone else in the pipeline that will now get a chance to move forward now that Mrazek is gone?
  5. Mrazek traded to the Flyers: Acording to TSN, Petr Mrazek traded to the Flyers from the Detroit Red Wings for condi… https://t.co/ltJj5dOODK

  6. Any news on the conditional pic? Wonder if it has anything to do with the Flyers signing him, which is fine really. Not really giving up much here imo. Let's hop Mrazek is rejuvenated with a new team, management, coaching etc. Lets Go Flyers!
  7. There is no chance imo that Carolina trades Ward this season. That team has been clawing it's way to a financially much-needed playoff run led by Cam Ward.
  8. The Sosh trade: Sosh has been fragile since the Leafs signed him so it seems he won't be missed and that's probably… https://t.co/UrBGqo8ptU

  9. Actually, I think the Flyers would have to give up more to Arizona for Raanta than Mrazek from Detroit. They gave up the 7th pick of last years draft for Stephan and Raanta with hopes to make Raanta the #1 netminder. Although the season didn't get off to the start the Yotes wanted Raanta and his team have been playing much better of late.
  10. I don't think it is that bad of an option. Yeah I read what @yave1964 wrote, but the kid still has talent. Having a new team, coach, goalie coach could all work in his favor. And if the rumors in just giving up a 3rd round pick for him, I think that would be a steal.
  11. Maybe Mrazek just needs a new environment? Anyway if substance abuse is the issue here why hasn't he gotten the help he needs?
  12. @billmeltzer Lyon will be in goal for Flyers to start 2nd pd. Neuvirth may have hurt himself on the Zuccarello goal.

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