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  1. I thought both invited goalies Shepard and Robson did well too. McBain stood out imo with his speed, determination and his puck handing skills. Defensively on the blue line no one really stood out as an offensive defenseman in this group.
  2. A couple of tweets from Development camp
  3. Sunday's scrimmage about to begin.
  4. I wouldn't think the water in a busy harbor would be the place to go for a morning swim.
  5. Who goes swimming at 6:00 AM in Hamilton Harbor? Sad, as this seems totally preventable. RIP Emery
  6. Accomplished 2-way players sure have main roles on the PK and traditionally the third and fourth lines however forwards on the top two lines have to be defensively responsible to limit their own turnovers and to forecheck pucks away and create a turnover on their shift. The NHL game is changing to four defensively responsible scoring lines these days. Teams that can consistently do this are going to win. The Penguins were able to accomplish this in their two cup wins, and the Capitals were able to do that better than the Penguins this season. [Hidden Content] Sokolov is going to get there, he may need a full AHL season or 2, but he is only 20.
  7. Sokolov needs to demonstrate that he is "NHL ready" first. I don't see what is disturbing about that at all.
  8. That then is something Fenton needs to FIX ASAP. The Iowa Wild need to be an extension of the Wild's coaching staff. Players within the AHL need to be trained so that a call-up to their NHL team is a seamless transition. And I don't think there can ever be too much emphasis on two-way play. Turnovers are game killers. Look what happened with Yakapov since his #1 pick in the 2012 NHL draft. He never got it w/r to the defensive side to his game and NO NHL GM wants him. Sokolov has shown improvement in his Defensive game in the last 3 years in the OHL. Starting the year in the AHL is the perfect place for him.
  9. True, but a call-up from the AHL can also be dependent on who can be called up and be sent back down. Not all AHL players have a 2-way contract and not all players are waivers exempt. GMs also try to have a solid AHL team core so talented prospects can quickly learn and progress to the NHL. Maybe that isn't completely fair, but those core players know that is their role.
  10. The 33 year old Marc-Andre Fleury will be staying in Vegas as he signed a 3 year deal worth $21M. Totally worth th he money imo.
  11. I also saw there were a lot of "I" comments in Graff's interview with Sutter however, the article was about Suter and his progress. There were comments there that are a concern that Suter is rushing back and could likely face some setbacks. I also saw a lot of the Peter Forsberg mentality that he is committed to pushing past the pain of rehab and do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. “How cool would that be to come back from this injury after people said I couldn’t and then to go on a run and win a Stanley Cup?” Suter says. “That would be the ultimate. Sometimes you’ve got to hit the bottom before you get up there, and maybe for me, this is it.”
  12. In an attempt to keep this topic about the Wild's Prospects and Iowa Wild I moved some posts to a new topic. and an existing topic

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