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  1. Early Offseason Storylines.: Thanks for reading! Be sure to subscribe to BTGL via email, or follow us on Twitter or… https://t.co/EhbLWehVqH

  2. heh, heh, that might be somewhat true as it fires back at all of the "Fire Hakstol" comments on this forum. I also knew it was a horribly written post when I clicked "submit reply". However, I chose to send it as an after- game discussion of the positive moves that were made. I don't think he is the wrong guy at all for this team. If anything I believe he is the right guy. I'm annoyed at all of the negativity towards his coaching style. "Stoic Stare" bla, bla bla... etc. and yeah, decided a little positive posting was needed here. Anger and emotional rants are not the best way to motivate folks to do their best, imo. I think he reads the team really well and gives opportunities to excel. At the same time if he see's an area of a players game that needs improvement he'll drop ice time, bench. etc. He will also move players around to help improve a line, ie get that line some scoring. He never calls out his players directly in the media, but I'm rather certain they hear him behind closed doors. As in the case with Filppula yesterday. Placing him on on the first line was brilliant as Giroux needs a defensively sound center to give him some space. Not that Patrick didn't do a solid job, but Filppula has a little more experience and obviously the move showed in his best game thus far. As for Hagg, I don't know the real reason of why he wasn't playing earlier. Was he nursing some injury late in the year?? I don't know. But being out of the line-up also gave ice time to Sanheim. It's all a part of the player - growth - opportunities which is needed too. The Flyers didn't beat the Pens all season with Hagg in the lineup. Maybe Hakstol felt a faster roster would be best against the Penguins? I don't know. Maybe it also wasn't so much Hagg playing as it was moving Ghost off the top line? I'm happy they got the win, and I hope they can win one at home and take this to a game 7.
  3. Giroux Filppula Voracek Konency Patrick Raffle Laughton Couturier Simmonds Weise Lehtera Read Provorov MacDonald Hagg Ghost Manning Gudas
  4. Hakstol made the Right Changes for game 5: Brilliant line-up tonight.   For all the doubter's out there... who thin… https://t.co/gBMZMwRvh5

  5. Brilliant line-up tonight. For all the doubter's out there... who think Hak isn't the right guy for this team. A bigger lineup is what is needed to defeat the Penguins. This was a fun game to watch Great Win Boys! Hopefully, Provorov is ok.
  6. Bill Peters has Resigned as Head Coach of Carolina Hurricanes: Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic… https://t.co/Xc1HOi4E1D

  7. We might see one or both of them gone, I don't know.
  8. Exactly who are you speaking of to hire as a replacement for Hakstol? You post as if there is a line outside Hextall's door of Stanley Cup winning coaches to select from. Hextall hired Kris Knoblauch last June as an assistant coach to Hakstol who was the head coach of the Erie Otters. His record included a second place finish in the OHL playoffs in 2014-15, the OHL championship in 2016-17, and a runner-up performance in the 2017 Memorial Cup, and the league’s best regular-season record in 2015-16. He was named OHL coach of the year in 2015-16. Currently, Knoblauch is in charge of the Flyers PP. My guess is he could be Hakstol's replacement at some point but not next season. These young successful coaches are all a part of Hextall's plan of building a team for the future. Hextall took the Flyers GM job to rebuild the entire organization changing the previous mentality that you can buy a cup. Hextall has currently drafted talented cornerstones has installed young successful coaches to build the foundation. That is where this team is at, it's a process and their time for success is not now. Thus give it a rest. Hakstol isn't getting fired anytime soon.
  9. Hagg was in a regular rotation in practice, which could be an indicator that he would be re-inserted into the lineup. Should he play, he was taking practice alongside Gostisbehere according to nhl.com
  10. Wow, that is up there, lol. What a great view! Enjoy your vacation Yave.
  11. I understand. The default is 5 approved posts, but I changed your status to member 1 post early. We do this so that the members of this site never see the nonsense from those who join here and try to post spam for personal gain.
  12. But you don't know if the same team that won the year he left would have won with him behind the bench if he were not recruited by Hextall.
  13. Well, Vandevelde was on the team last year. but no he wasn't recruited by Hakstol. I'm not sure what you mean really, as players such as J. Toews, TJ Oshie, Z. Parise, T Zajac, B. Nelson, A. Dell were coached by Hakstol who are under contract for other NHL teams. So what do you mean by recruiting "his" players?
  14. Still wearing the Winged wheel: Currently in Oahu with my oldest daughter visiting for a couple of weeks, just beca… https://t.co/l0dzIq8eio

  15. As others have said above, this site was started from a poorly run Flyers forum, but the intent from day ONE has always been to grow a forum for all hockeyfans. Many of us partake in discussions throughout the site and post topics and blogs for discussion. While we may not be large you will find great group of guys and gals here who love the game, so I hope you choose to stick around and post with us throughout the site.

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