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  1. Atkinson deal looking pretty good right now. Not so sure about the Ristolainen one. Team looked good as a whole though.
  2. Well...........are the Bruins playing Ullmark? cause he's looked pretty bad in preseason too so that could make it an even contest.
  3. Well that was more like it! I think maybe Hakstol let his personal feelings get in the way of objective coaching. Fourth game in a row for Grubauer, and he's been busy. Poor goalie management, but Flyers brought their A game tonight. Good to see.
  4. That Thompson fight tonight against the Kraken was just for you
  5. He's a throwback old style enforcer with limited skills. You can throw him out there against a Reaves or a Wilson but I'm not sure if he actually brings much else. Would have been a good fit on the old Broadstreet Bully teams.
  6. Same as last year. Bad goaltending and the inability to play for 60 full minutes. Good period bad period etc. Nothing's changed.
  7. Just remember, if things do go badly, at the very least we can rejoice and say "at least we're not the Buffalo Sabres."
  8. Well the goaltending is certainly the big question mark and will determine a lot, but maybe the improved D will help make the goalies look and play better and then maybe they win more of the close ones and in that parity league those are the ones that make or break you. I still think this can be a playoff team.
  9. Oh I meant right now. Their goaltending is ancient Craig Anderson as the starter with Tokharski as his back up. It's the worst in the league by far until (if) one of their kids comes up and is ready. I think they are tanking for a shot at Wright.
  10. You're obviously unfamiliar with a team called the Buffalo Sabres
  11. idk, the "new" looked a lot like the "old" in this one. Didn't see much to get inspired by this time and Jones is not, he's just not.
  12. For years Buffalo over used Risto and played him as their top guy when he should have been a 2nd pairing guy. He's in the perfect spot to excel now and he did just that tonight. and Jones was okay. That might be even more important.
  13. Started okay with some nice physicality but went south fast. Bruins of course had close to their full line up so doesn't mean much. I liked York's game. Jones was awful. Seeler took bad penalties and made too many mistakes.
  14. I think the Islanders will finish first actually and the Flyers will be third. As mentioned both Pitt and Washington will fade. Rangers are the wild card imo. It will be close and every point will count.
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