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  1. Why not. Gonna start with a T though, bet on it. Already said which T I think it'll be. Pity the fool that thinks otherwise.
  2. Prefer Trotz but would be okay with Torts. In both cases I see a final hard core motivating approach that'll either work, and if it doesn't then it's definitely proof of the need for a full and total tear down and rebuild all new. Still think it'll be Tochet though.
  3. Well I guess poor old Claude should have considered other deadline destinations . Boy did Florida bust.
  4. So apparently Trotz will be interviewed. My question would be how much term and how much power does he get if hired? Myself I think he's just about the best coach in the league so I'm giving him 5 years and a big say in personnel. Shipping out anybody he doesn't like asap. Opinions?
  5. Ya, except Forsberg also played center. Sakic Forsberg was like Crosby Malkin or McDavid Draisaitl. A dynamic duo but also capable of driving their own lines, which they have done. But yes, centers make their wingers better, I mean just look at what Jack Eichel did for Vegas..........oh sorry, bad example (sorry, I just can't stand that human chia pet so any opportunity)
  6. idk but there's a rumour going around that Trotz and Barzal had some sort of beef, and I guess if that's true Barzal won. Another rumour I heard is Trotz might not want to coach and might want a GM job. Also heard the Flyers might be interested in interviewing him (I think for coach) but it's all rumours.
  7. It's not really hindsight, at the time a lot of people thought Forsberg was going to be a star player and although it's never certain with young players, those that did felt Philly paid too much for the big guy. But of course, he fit the idea Clarke had of Flyers hockey better, or so he thought. Forsberg actually turned out to be pretty tough too. Just a pity Scott Stevens wasn't a Flyer at the same time as Lindros.
  8. Ya, I don't blame Clarke on that at all. A lot of Lindros was on Lindros. I'm forever stuck on a reliable story I heard about how he mistreated his girlfriend (back in the day) and generally acted around people and basically put, he was a dick. Wish we'd never made that deal and kept Forsberg.
  9. Winnipeg interviewing Trotz, Flyers not so much. That's a good fit imo. Winnipeg grinded pretty good in the bubble hockey season. Won't take a lot to turn them into a full on Trotz type team.
  10. I'm watching the Slovakia Canada game. Nemec looks really good and not out of place with older NHL players around him. IF he's still there we should take him.
  11. Speaking on behalf of all Canadians let me just say, ya, we know
  12. This is true. He started the series slow, coasting even, but when it came down to the deciding games he did elevate his game and was a big contributor. He's really good, when he wants to be.
  13. Leafs lost. Makes me a little happy. All Florida series going to be really fun to watch I think.
  14. idk if it's that. I think really it's just poor drafting.
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