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  1. Morgan Frost wins the OHL Coaches poll (West division) for best playmaker (back to back) best stickhandler (back to back) best shootout shooter and 2nd for smartest player. Isaac Ratcliffe came 2nd in most dangerous in goal area and 2nd in best shootout shooter (he was 1st last year) and Matt Strome came in 1st in the east in best shootout shooter. [Hidden Content] Looks like we hopefully may be getting a leg up on the shootout...if anyone cares.
  2. I'm answering your post in the chat room about Kessel floating which is a possibility. It could be anything tho. ( I usually sleep mornings)

  3. I prefer black & tan. In fact I may have several today.
  4. I agree. Again, having a real goalie helps. The team played a lot better when Hart took the reins. Of course then he got injured. I got nothing. Other than like I said above. It has been a very long rebuild. I think the biggest problems were that Holmgren never got a goalie or defencemen (other than Ghost). Those guys would be hitting prime about now. Hextall did, but they're all still up and comers. Well I guess the bright side is there looks to be a legit goalie prospect for the first time....ever. Defence is taking shape, though they could use a savvy vet to help. The forward group ain't too shabby either and with the likes of Frost/Farabee/Ratcliffe on the way it's not like how Homer left it. Plus Fletcher doesn't have to dig himself out of salary cap hell. Hopefully he doesn't dig himself back in it.
  5. Having a real goalie should help next season. I mean we went through 7 stiffs and one real one this season. If there's one player that can make a team play bigger, faster, better it's a goalie.
  6. So does Farabee go the pro route or does he continue in college?
  7. Don't forget the preface...My successful career as a Beanpot Champion. They apparently recorded this beauty before the tournament, then went on to lose it.
  8. Nice write-up yave...as usual. Interesting read..and a sorry case of what a GM can do to screw up something. I'm sure that Chia had more help than himself in destroying what could have been there. There's an old boys club that needs to be purged in Edmonton before that team can ever compete...and before they waste the best player in hockeys' entire career. And I pray Fletcher takes heed.
  9. I've seen lots of Suzuki and love his skill. His skating is effortless. He's got great hands but could shoot more.The Colts traded off a few assets this season and he's been left to carry the load. Some games he looks a little overwhelmed...and rightfully so. But he's been good. I'm a bit biased here but would love to get him where we draft. I wouldn't have a problem with either of the other guys you mentioned though. But if we stay where we are in the draft they're likely both gone. Of course a few losses or wins in a row by any team can change where we pick by the end of the season. Kaliyev (who BCfan brought up recently) is another guy to consider in the area we pick.
  10. Sad how often comments like this come up when the discussion is about our gm. Homer: "Well, he sure left the Wild in a shambles....but let's see if he does that here".
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