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  1. Gordie Howe says hello. Of course when you do this to your opponents "tough guy" you may not have a lot of willing participants.
  2. I got to see SRV with Jeff Beck and Jeff Healey. Saw Clapton with Beck. Got a little spoiled that way. I had a friend or two killed in car accidents. I still drive em. Like I said, they're a great vehicle for certain situations...much like a Humvee. Neither makes a good commuter vehicle though.
  3. If I had a helicopter the Flyers would have won a cup since 75.
  4. I think this was clearly pilot error. I heard the interaction between the tower and pilot and he seemed like he lost track of where he was. Helicopters are less safe than airplanes, but they can also get you into and out of areas planes can't. I'd have no problem with going up in one in those cases. Using one as a means to take my kid to and from basketball practice is another thing.
  5. I can't say i follow the team, but I see enough of them due to geography. When I watch Mathews I see a super talented guy who doesn't have a lot of interest in backchecking. Reilly is an offensive defenceman (Barrie is worse defensively) and Ceci is just a bad player. Maybe the team is built so heavy on offence it's just offensive defensively.
  6. Yaaa...when I look at a list for best defensive players on the Flyers and see Ghost at #4, ahead of Provorov, Voracek at #6, JVR in the top 10 I gotta laugh. I don't want any one of those three out there with a one goal lead and a minute left. Ceci, Mathews Reilly as the Leafs top 3? Tyson Barrie top 6? Any eye test will tell you this is completely flawed.
  7. Maybe by some. Not me. He's not a bad player...paid like a really good one.
  8. Ya, not to take anything away from Barzal but McDavid is kind of crippled right now and still finished 2nd.
  9. I know i for one defended Hextall when he signed him solely because people were complaining that he didn't go out and sign big name UFAs..and JVR was the 2nd biggest UFA that year. But I never wanted him back and was glad they dealt him in the first place. Just not for that return. I'd definitely rather have Simmonds on a 1 year deal.
  10. Sure 30 is good. Remember he played on a line with Bozak and Kessel...I think they were a collective -300. Would you like his share of that on the Flyers to go with the 30?
  11. Tear it up in Toronto? He did the same thing there. He scored a lot cause he played on a team built for offence. But he still dogged it most of the time. it's why they let him go.
  12. I like the fact that just because this guy is overpaid and can do ONE thing he's earned where he's playing on the depth chart from management. JVR has the skill, size, talent etc to be a top line winger in this league. He chooses to do the minimal amount of work as a professional for the most part...then gives you a glimpse of what he's capable of once or twice every dozen games.
  13. Or you watch the next Justin Williams or Patrick Sharp have a great career on another team. I'd like to hope out of all those defencemen a few end up having pretty good careers...on the Flyers. Me neither. Though at the time they were trading a strength for a need. They were always good at drafting and developing dmen. Not so much at forward. They were the anti-Flyers. Zackly.
  14. It's really the first time in Flyer history that they've had this many potentially good young defencemen. Why you'd trade them for middle 6 wingers (no offence to Kapanen but it's the easiest position to replace) is beyond me. i'd rather wait and see how many of these guys pan out. Then see where the tweaking needs to be done.
  15. No I make it sound like why would you trade a guy who has potential to be a top pairing dman for a middle six winger. Myers plays a position that generally takes a lot longer to reach your peak. Kapapen plays the easiest position in hockey. He's probably a lot closer to what you see is what you get. Myers skates way too well to be Luke Schenn. He's not zero risk if you trade what turns out to be a very good dman for him. As mentioned, he's a 3rd line winger on this team. I like him as a player. But not for Myers. Sorry about your gram.

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