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  1. His connection, as I mentioned, was with Dallas...that used to be the North Stars. If I was going to try emulate a franchise, it would be a really good one. Not one wallowing in the mediocrity that I left it in and was fired for it.. While I agree Fenton is worse, that really doesn't make Fletcher any good. It just makes him less incompetent. I really don't know what the heck went on there. But the way they left the door wide open, it's fun to speculate!
  2. Oh I wouldn't count him out yet. The Dallas Stars relocated there from Minneapolis. In Chuck Fletchers 6 degrees from Minnesota franchise building strategy, that makes him a prime candidate for employment. Though it may be as a player.
  3. You could get the kids to pay their fees by coming out to the "Free Candy" van around the corner.
  4. Well this is Dallas...maybe Montgomery wasn't being racist enough?
  5. Don't worry rux...there's plenty of other things that would wash out your career in politics you smarmy bastard!
  6. THIS^^^ You gotta give your teammate time to react to a hit coming...TK didn't have a chance.
  7. Fletcher did improve the coaching staff. Of course you or I could have done that. It was Hextalls biggest downfall. He also brought in Niskanen which has helped steady the D. Braun hasn't done much to warrant any accolades. Hayes has added depth to the centre position. But I'm not going to heap praise on what I still think is a terrible contract. IMO, though, the biggest gains this team has made are in goal, with Hart...at D, with Provorov/Sanheim/Myers adding great depth and the forward position with Konecny/Lindblom/Farabee/Frost and hopefully eventually Patrick. In a short span the guy added a lot of quality to the franchise....and they're still coming. That just needed some tweaking. To Fletchers credit, so far that's what he's done.
  8. Sure...and I guess, maybe, the goals don't happen without him touching the puck. But the first one was a pass to Pitlick that went off his shin I think and bounced out to Ghost whose shot deflected off a Sens stick and into the net. The second was all Hayes and Laughton, where JVR basically touched the puck before they went in. Shear wizardry. Put it this way...he's got 3 more points than rookie Joel Farabee who's played 6 less games and has been struggling...which was to be expected from a kid.
  9. NHL Player Safety‏Verified account @NHLPlayerSafety 14h14 hours ago More Ottawa’s Brady Tkachuk has been fined $2,486.56, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Cross-checking Philadelphia’s Scott Laughton.
  10. I thought so too. But I also thought Ghost had been playing better lately, and I don't want to mess with his confidence. He knows he screwed up. It didn't cost them the game. He's going to be forced to watch the video. This kid has a heartbeat and obviously loves the game. He's not JVR just out there just for a paycheque.
  11. The best thing about this is, Provy is better defensively than most of those guys.
  12. Isn't he though? Becoming one of the best players in the league.

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