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  1. 1 year....$900,000? I'm no Yandle fan, but this is the kind of deal a real GM would sign.
  2. This ^ Gretzky was already the greatest...that's what he was called before he went to LA. Now if people want to say he wasn't a Hollywood celebrity, sure...who cares. Hockey fans and real sport fans knew who Gretzky was. But he certainly became more famous after.
  3. I guess different countries...the guy is already a legend here...but I can't name a single NASCAR driver. McDavid comes in at #2 for hockey endorsements. He had a CCM contract before he was drafted. Still does. Adidas, CIBC, Rogers, Canadian Tire, Biosteel. He makes more money than Crosby on and off the ice. That's in America. North America. Central...South. The sad thing is he isn't a household name in your country because he doesn't play for a US team so he doesn't exist. That's the US hockey fans loss. Crosby, btw, comes in at #4. Auston Matthews makes more than e
  4. FIFY...and no thanks. I'll live in ignorant bliss.
  5. I don't know what "heel energy" is...typo? McDavid has passed Crosby as the best player in the league/planet. You don't know that anyones coming out to watch McDavid? Have you seen him play? The kid is electrifying. Crosby is/was a great player, but he wasn't anywhere near as exciting to watch. I'm not trying to take anything away from what he's accomplished, he just played a different style. McDavid plays at a gear higher than anyone.
  6. If you can't respond, try reading my post again. I said "part of the reason". And he was. Spin it any way you want.
  7. Ever think part of the reason Buffalo sucked was cause this guy did? The guy was a high draft pick who was paid well and never earned it. Can't say I feel bad for him...I feel bad for fans of Buffalo.
  8. I agree the team should be better next season. I would have bet on it before Homer Jr. started throwing away draft picks. I just don't get why the guy has to be on the losing end of every trade and free agent signing he makes...and then people defend the asshat. I honestly don't get how he has a job. At least not at the NHL level. Cashing in your chips so you can be mediocre for a few years...Christ, anyone can do that.
  9. What's a good team to you? Fletcher won a grand total of two (that's TWO) playoff rounds in his entire tenure as the Minnesota Wilds GM. And they weren't in the same season. If that isn't mediocre, at best, I don't know what is. This past decade has been the worst in Flyer history. THE WORST. They've won two playoff rounds. Congrats to Chuck and those Minnesota Wild juggernauts he assembled. They went deeeeep into April that one year (by deep I mean into the first week). They even won 2 games in round two. Total. In his career there. I can see t
  10. It's great that the same guys who thought signing Bryz was a great idea, said "Let's just wait and see what Fletcher does" when others warned he overpays guys to lengthy contracts and would trade away youth and assets for older players, and here he's done exactly that and guys are saying "Let's just wait and see how this plays out". Let me ask you this...does adding Ristolainen and Ellis and Atkinson make a team was was in shambles last year a cup contender? Cause those guys either are older and have term (to go along with Hayes, who isn't getting better) or you just know are goin
  11. There is a chance his game improves. But Fletcher shouldn't be paying top dollar on hoping he plays better. Not to mention he's 26, not 22-23. He should be nearing his peak. And it's not like he's walking into a rock solid team defensive system. I think we'll just be seeing more of "WoW!, what a hit by Risto!....aaaaaannd Hagg scores on the odd man rush as the Flyers new acquisition left his man wide open to go for the hit"!
  12. Lambos is a great pick. Would have been rated much higher but got injured. He's a very good all around dman.
  13. I can't wait for them to bring the next GM in after Fletcher depletes the prospect cupboard so he can refill it and get rid of all the old overpaid contracts that ol' Fletch sold his soul for. Two decades away from being two years away.
  14. Lol....like the extension wasn't already guaranteed when they sent our 1st and 2nd. Meet our new Andrew MacDonald.
  15. You know who else threw big hits? Dan Carcillo. And he's about as smart of a player as Ristolainen. And didn't cost the farm to get. We could have got some big hits for a 2nd round pick. It's always overpaying that is going to keep our cup winless streak intact.
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