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  1. Hayes also doesn't pass as much. Which takes away from Farabee, and moreso, Atkinsons shoot-first mentality.
  2. I think the Sabres are playing better for two reasons. They don't have Eichels big head and they don't have Ristolainens no brain.
  3. Did he hit somebody? Yes. Did he look like someone worth a 13th overall and a 2nd + Ghost + 2 other players...hell no!
  4. He's got skill and size. But you can't teach "brains". I'm ok with having him as a 2nd pairing defenceman for now (we'll see how that goes as his big hits to taking himself totally out of the play ratio shakes out). I just hate that Fletcher paid a 1st pairing price for him.
  5. This is sooo true that I really didn't think it needed to be said. We were ALL already thinking it.
  6. He's 26 now. He is what he is. A big hitter with some offence who has no clue how to play without the puck. If he had any hockey sense there would have been a bidding war for him. Ok, there was a bidding war, but it was only Chuck Fletcher.
  7. We'll take the win. Bruins outplayed Philly...Jones played well. Swayman sucked. Nice to see it the other way around for a change. Farabee is going to be a complete steal through his contract. Brassard, so far, looks like a good pick up. So does Yandle. So far. Sanheim and Ristolainen should NOT be a pairing. It's not fair to our goalies. Sanheim wasn't good (though he blocked SIX shots). Risto was terrible. Good 3rd period. The first 2 left a lot to be desired. We can't expect the other teams goalies to play Flyer goaltending every
  8. Ya...Hakstol may not be the best coach around but the moron who selected the players to be the Seattle Kraken is the real idiot.
  9. Hey if Hart plays, you get to see Hart play. If Jones plays, you can shove an old lady Stars fan down the escalator after watching them trounce Philly. Sounds like a win/win for you!
  10. That sucks OR...I'm really sorry to hear that.
  11. Ya...I'm thinking anyone who's expecting Martin Jones to be anything more than he came as advertised, well, here's a video for you...
  12. And Risto hasn't done anything stupid yet!
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