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  1. How about him signing the Pens fans' jersey, that was meant to insult him "to my biggest fan, your bud...Scott Fartsmell! Hartnell is one of the very few guys of this era that could have fit right in on the Broad Street Bullies. And probably the first guy who comes to mind in the "athletes you'd want to have a beer with" category.
  2. I know you're saying keep Hart for a couple of games, and that'd be fine. I really don't see Stolarz being anything more than an NHL backup...maybe I'm wrong. But I don't want Hart being NHL backup long term. I'd rather he played in the A.
  3. I'm afraid to ask, but...why is that even on a hat? Did Lorena Bobette go into marketing promotions?
  4. I think this trade helps the Habs down the road in two ways.... For oneSuzuki is a really good prospect. For two, NOT signing Paciorretti should make them worse now. If they're going to suck, they may as well really suck. Lafreniere should be the top pick in 2020, so they can have their francophone star if they play their cards right....though everyone and their mother can see how going the "french" route is working out for les Habs these days.
  5. He showed up once in the playoffs for the Habs. Played soft. He was a good scorer, especially for the money he was paid...but he was never the type of player I wanted on Philly. I'd say the Habs got a pretty good return. Hopefully it pans out for Vegas.
  6. Didn't want to play there....they never offered him a contract. They told him they weren't going to re-sign him. His contract runs out this year so Montreal is only responsible for that, not the extension he signed in Vegas.
  7. Konecny played way more physical than Frost does. Konecny thinks he's 6'3" 220.
  8. Ok....how can a Flyers fan possibly turn into a Rangers fan and then a Pens fan? My nephew played for the Rangers...I cheered for him, and STILL hated the Rangers.
  9. You're absolutely right. I still don't throw Hart on the Flyers at his age with zero pro experience.
  10. Right. Goalies development time is way longer than defencemen which is way longer than forwards. That's nothing you don't already know. 95 goalies played at least a game in the NHL last season...There was exactly ZERO 20 year olds.. There was however one 19 year old who played on the defensively minded Golden Knights for ONE game posting a .500 save percentage and a 6.50 GAA. I'm sure his confidence was just booming after that.. Let's see how Hart handles the AHL before throwing him into a hornets nest. Of all our prospects I'd say this is the guy we'd better damn well be the most careful with.
  11. Huh? I'm not even going to ask. Welcome to the board.
  12. Hart is 19. The other top goalie prospects in the world are probably the Russian trio (my how times have changed...Philly and the Russians with great goaltending prospects) and they're all 21-22. And also not in the NHL. Unless he absolutely forces you to keep him up he should play in the A. Our D is getting better, but we still have McDud. And with JVR back at forward...that should add another 200 shots against. Goalies can have their confidence rattled pretty quickly in the NHL...don't do that to a teenager.
  13. That was a good one...I knew where you were going with it from the first sentence. Well done sir!

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