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  1. Well in fairness, Buffalo is essentially missing most of that as well...they just traded them for future assets. Brilliant!
  2. The troughs...I'm still traumatized! Did see some great concerts there...and some lousy ones too!
  3. Remember the Ballard years? That's the type of futility I feel as a Flyer fan right now. It's not just the losing...it's the loss of any hope due to the genius' running the org.
  4. Konecny scored 24 g 3 years in a row. He's on pace for what, half that? Provorov looked a heck of a lot better his first 3 years in the league than his last 3. I don't recall anyone expecting Sanheim to be Hedman or Orr. He went 17th overall, not 1st or 2nd. Nor did anyone call him and Myers top pairing dmen. They played well as a 2nd pairing. Again, Frost taken 27th overall was always a project. Allison was our 3rd 2nd round pick in 2016. We got Hart in that same 2nd round. But who needs 2nd round picks when you can throw them away with Ghost or use them with 1st rounders to br
  5. Another one of Fletchers genius moves. Traded Ryan Hartman for...Minnesota native (I know, shocker) Tyler Pitlick. He currently plays for Calgary and has 0 goals, 2 assists. Meanwhile Hartman has 18 goals (he would lead the Flyers in this category). Of course if he played for the Flyers he'd likely have 2 g 3 a.
  6. What's weird is I've been scouring the Albuquerque newspaper for stories of K9s shoving old ladies down escalators and...nothing. Clearly your training hasn't taken.
  7. I'll go way out on a limb here and guess tomorrows letter will be A. W.A.
  8. I thought I could start this so we could keep up with the new daily Flyer injury. Todays letter is F, as in Farabee. Out 4 weeks. Great for the tank, one of the few who is actually any good on the team. Even if Clarke and Holmgren and Fletcher wanted Hextall to take Barney Svechnikov instead of him in the 2018 draft. Wait...they meant Evgeny, not Barney. No...Andrei, YES...all the scouts told Hextall to take Evgen....Andrei Svechnikov when it was their pick at #14, but NOOOO. Then Carlolina grabbed him with the next pick 2nd overall.
  9. My hopes were never up after the signing of Fletcher. Ask anyone on here.
  10. How in the hell do you expect any of us to have our alcohol issues under control when we're affiliated with this **** show?
  11. I'm pretty sure until they clean house it won't matter who they draft....they'll never reach their potential.
  12. Savoie or Geekie for me. But that's just CHL guys.
  13. I wonder if this means that of the few teams with 10 game losing streaks...we are the winners?
  14. I approved of your handle long before Philly hired him. The difference was...I used to laugh about it then. Now I openly weep!
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