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  1. From somewhere around the halfway point of last season til the end of the round robin, this team looked like it was chock full of some really good young talent spread all over the team and mixed with some good vets. Then it just all turned to shite. There's no way that just happens for no reason.
  2. Well they both played for the Brandon Wheat Kings...but that's about as close as they get. Rays from BC...Wades from Manitoba, about 1500 km apart.
  3. In fairness to both Sanheim and Myers...they looked like our best pairing last year. ONE YEAR AGO. Whatever the F is going on with that team has clearly swept through everyones head and needs to be lobotimized. I sure wouldn't just give up on both of them. There's plenty of dead weight that needs to go before I reach their names.
  4. I've been in Toronto when they won a playoff round....and they do!
  5. I honestly think I'd just stop watching Philly altogether. Maybe take up knitting or yoga...or just drink heavily. More heavily. I think you'll still get a 2nd...unless those migraines came roaring back.
  6. Sure, ones 22 and the other 31. But one also makes 847 grand and may have some upside...the other makes 7 million a year. Patrick is being paid about 100 grand a point...JVR about 212 grand. He's leading the team in scoring, but I also won't be surprised if he ends up 6th or 7th. They both have 2 points over the last 10 games. Neither has been a 2nd overall of the ages. As for trading Patrick for a 2nd rounder...personally I'd take my chances on hoping he gets his game back. Over the past 10 years our 2nd rounders have resulted in Emil Andrea, Bobby Brink, Adam Ginning, Isacc Rat
  7. You mean for some of this one season, right?
  8. I think the Leafs needed Folignos grit more than they needed Halls skill.
  9. I hope they take one of them. I think JVR could be a nice trade piece too...IF he plays like he did this season again. The odds of that happening though, are slim.
  10. Farabee (and Frost) don't have to be protected.
  11. I'm really hoping for this to be the Flyers catchy slogan for next season.
  12. Look at the bright side...better than keeping Gus!
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