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  1. Hope you are as well sir. Take care.
  2. I can't believe anyone would when it comes to their numbers. Same with Russia.
  3. Ya, and JVR would have finished out the season with a hat trick a game and most hits in the league. But I'm really disappointed that I didn't receive any kudos from you for using 2 Ts in Mathewts.
  4. I'm still not buying the 55 goals for Mathewts.
  5. Ok, now I've seen everything. Read a book. Paint your house. Build a Richard trophy for Mathews.
  6. Maple Leaf Gardens used to have "troughs" in some of the bathrooms. Big, wide ones...where you'd face each other with a pipe running down the middle at chest height that would run water. I kid you not. Probably Gordon Stuckless' idea.
  7. My daughter's a nurse and works with the elderly. I'm pretty worried about her these days, but what's worse is she's scared more for my wife and I. I feel your pain. I've had the same hockey gloves for 20 years, and I've also urinated in the bathrooms of Lees Palace/ Horseshoe/Dakota/Cameron House/ElMo/Bovine Sex Club etc etc etc so I'm pretty sure my immune system is as good as anyones.
  8. I think Canada is just running about a week behind you guys with this thing. Of course our smaller population spread out over a larger area helps immensely, but I'm pretty sure the worst is yet to come. I honestly am just concerned about family and friends and I'll worry about the hockey season once this is in a major recession (the virus, not the economy...that's a given). But I'll continue to pop in here daily to see how all the assholes I've come to know and love on here are doing.
  9. Oh, ok. Allison was my main concern, then Laczyinski. I'm happy they got them both signed.
  10. Great news. Was really concerned he was going back in the draft. Could be a well needed scorer in the not too distant future.
  11. The point is this guy is so filthy rich he could pay all his employees for a year and not even notice it...instead of passing the bill onto the taxpayer.

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