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  1. 100% true. Laughton was the same. I watched him play for Oshawa...he was their 1C, killed penalties and qbed the pp. Then concussions derailed his progress.
  2. Possible...but at least you can put Matthews down for another 50!
  3. Welcome to the board. If you can find a team that would take JVR, I'll gladly drive him there. Until you do that, there's just no room on the cap to sign Sergachev.
  4. See the difference between this call and where he eventually went is it actually sounds like he's talking about hockey here.
  5. Ya, every NHL team can play that game.
  6. Couldn't stand listening to him. Enjoy your retirement...I will.
  7. I wish Fletcher would pull a Hextall and go out and sign Ethan Cardwell. I can't believe he didn't get drafted...figured he'd go around the 4th round. After his trade to Barrie and being given an opportunity he put up a point per game. I know that's nothing amazing but we're talking about one of the youngest kids in this draft, he's two weeks away from being in next years. The kid is a good skater with a nice shot, defensively aware, smart but physically immature. Right now he's around 5'10 and 170ish. I don't expect him to blossom into a superstar or anything, but he's certainly got as good of a chance of being a middle 6 winger in the NHL as anyone else taken after round 3. And he doesn't cost you a draft pick at the moment.
  8. Wisdom is more like 205...the guy is built like a fire hydrant and will go through anyone to get the puck. He's about as anti-smurf as you can get. The McClennon pick is what you should be doing in late rounds...boom or bust. Tiny, but highly skilled.
  9. You can always break out the Deathmobile!
  10. Screw that...you're on double secret probation!
  11. Ok RJ, you've gone too far. I can look the other way when you're swooning over wackjob Rudy Guiliani. I'll ignore that you can't see THE LEADER of your country tearing it in half. But when you start accusing fine board members of listening to Bieber, I gotta put my foot down. Consider this a time out.
  12. Pietrangelo wanted to go to Vegas for whatever reason. Were we going to overpay him as well (Hayes) to force him to sign? How does Hall make anyone better? Every team he plays on wins the lottery. And still sucks. And Buffalo has tried signing anyone and everyone and they still suck. Perfect fit. Laine is so good Winnipeg wants to trade him.Smith is a decent player who's best years are behind him. Toffoli would be ok by me. The Flyers signed Hayes last year. They signed JVR the year before. Those were two of the top free agents of their class. How many cups have those overpriced FAs won us again? It's rare that one of these big FA signings ever helps a team win a cup. Most just end up being terrible signings. See JVR. And Hayes in the near future.
  13. I don't know what his issue is(I know his work ethic sucks), but the guy has been on FIVE teams in five years. That's a big red flag to me. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but I doubt it. Ottawa didn't even give him a qualifying offer. He scored 23 goals on a $1.65 contract. His best season. He scored 21 in his first 37 games...then proceeded to score TWO the rest of the way. If that doesn't scream somethings wrong I don't know what does. That said, I could be talked into a cheap one year.

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