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  1. He just bought a home here...can't wait to spear him if I see him.
  2. I don't think he's a "franchise goalie" yet. He looks like he could be. He already has the pedigree. And at barely 21 years of age...young by NHL goalie standards, he sure doesn't look out of place. I agree it takes a team, not just a goalie. I agree he only made 1 or 2 "great saves'''...which is 1 or 2 more than we usually get. And I agree the rest were saves that most teams fans would expect. Just not what Flyer fans expect after 3 decades of wtf? Hart was a 2nd round pick...he wasn't taken 1st overall. I think, barring a complete meltdown, which he's NEVER done in his career, he'll end up being at worst an above average NHL goalie. I'll take that, any more is gravy. And if some of Hextalls other defensive acquisitions namedly Provorov/Sanheim/Myers/Zamula/Wylie/St'Ivany/Ginning etc can help him out then he should be even better off. Throw in Cam York/Gostisbehere/Morin/Niskanen/Braun and the likes of Couturier/Hayes/Raffl/Twarynski and soon to be Farabee and he should be getting lots of help.
  3. I know....you get people...THE SAME PEOPLE...arguing BOTH ways. Why can't we bring players up faster than Hextall wanted to???? Why didn't they leave Patrick down longer??? I'd rather leave them down too long than bring them up too early.
  4. Ya...it's really too bad we FINALLY, after 30 effin years got what looks like a franchise goalie. And it sucks that for the first time EVER, the Flyers look to have drafted and developed a top pairing defenceman. And maybe ANOTHER top pairing defenceman. And what looks like several more NHL calibre depth at the position. And about 4 or 5 LINES of depth at the forward position just starting to knock on the door. The dark cloud is lifting...thanks in large part to the guys drafting. If we ever win a cup, Hextall will likely have more to do with it than anyone else in management. He may not have been great at buying free agents (large in part cause he couldn't because of the cap mess left to him) and he might have been a control freak...and he probably had to go. But he sure as heck did help dig this franchise out.
  5. Nice to see Simmonds get the standing O....they can boo him next game. Also nice to see the two guys who got paid (less than Hayes) leading the team in scoring. And Hart continuing his fine form. It was only the Devils, but Hak would have found a way to lose. Still undefeated baby!
  6. Hmmm....one girl, two cups....I got a feeling this is going viral.
  7. No offence to Draisaitl...but most of those goals had more to do with McDavids Gretzkian passes than anything else.
  8. You think that's bad...the home opener is in Minnesota!
  9. He's from Minnesota. That trumps Myers talent.
  10. I can't believe McCrossin hasn't remedied this already...with leeches and snake oil.
  11. I could see interest...he seems to have set his bridge to the 'Peg on fire. But I hope we wouldn't overpay for him. Goal scorers obviously hold high value. Head cases...not so much.
  12. Not sure who said it, but yes he did. And PP of course.
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