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  1. Therein lies the problem with Laine. I don't think anyone called Laine chump change. You said the Jets got "hosed", which, let's face it, remains to be seen. Is Laine the better goal scorer? By far. Is Dubois the better all around player? By far. The Jets have been trying to find a trade partner for Laine for a heck of a lot longer than Columbus was for Dubois. There's a real reason all those goals seemed expendable. To me the worst part of this deal, for Winnipeg, is sending a good player for basically a 3rd.
  2. Laine has averaged about 7 points more a year than Dubois. That's hardly earth shattering. Throw in his complete lack of effort defensively, and Dubois physical presence and I really don't see the huge difference you're talking about. I do think the 3rd for Roslovic tilts the trade in Columbus' favour...but Dubois is hardly "nobody" nor "common". The Leafs, for one, could use his physicality. So could my Flyers.
  3. Well Coburn did eventually turn into Konecny...our leading scorer last season.
  4. Oh there's glory. More glory than anyone has ever seen before. (Ok, i don't know how you keep a straight face when you say shite like that)
  5. Sanheim hasn't played that good so far this season. But you can say that about a lot of guys on the team so far. I'm not big into all the accounting that goes into players looks these days, but Alex Appleyard is. And these numbers don't look like a "bum". And they only get better if you start counting in 18/19. Alexander Appleyard @avappleyard · 2h. @NHLFlyers Travis Sanheim since his NHL debut (amongst 202 #NHL Dmen with 1500+ minutes): 0.29 5v5 G/60 (27th in NHL) 1.02 5v5 P/60 (28th in NHL) +3.58 CF Rel (28th in NHL +0.22 ExGF Rel (17th in NHL) He is argu
  6. Just when I was about to pass Pods for the lead...and all the glory that goes with it! Wayne Stephenson
  7. Bill Meltzer @billmeltzer Krueger trying to get Provorov suspended for the collision with Hutton -- after being shoved into the goalie by Montour -- is the NHL equivalent of a lawsuit that gets laughed out of court. There was no time for Provorov to react, let alone decide to go headhunting w/ elbow. 4:38 AM · Jan 20, 2021 Well if Meltzer is going to go there with the lawsuit comment...Sounds like it's just sour grapes from the 2nd biggest sore loser in the country right now.
  8. To be honest, I didn't think they looked "so good" against the Pens. They certainly outscored them by a lot...but that was more goaltending on both sides than anything. I thought there was plenty of times when the Pens carried the play (and plenty when Philly did too) I think this team can be a lot better.
  9. If anything Montour should have been penalized for punching Provorov.
  10. A 3-0 win is nice so we shouldn't complain. I thought we got outworked a fair bit, again, but it's still early in the season. It's nice to have won multiple games because of our goaltending...BOTH of them. And hey, I'll give props when they're deserved...JVR actually has been playing well. I got this....REPORTED!!!
  11. Only watched the first period. They looked terrible. Enough turnovers for a month. I thought Frost had a great first shift. Then I never saw him again.
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