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  1. You do realize you contradicted yourself ..right? The NHL had nothing to do with the team moving. The changing financial environment in the NHL made things even more difficult. In 1995, team owner Marcel Aubut asked for a bailout from Quebec's provincial government as well as a new publicly funded arena. The bailout fell through, and Aubut subsequently began talks with COMSAT Entertainment Group in Denver, which already owned the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Denver Nuggets. It is no different with many team transfers in the NBA or NFL ..... some teams move h
  2. I would not consider the Avs a "true" expansion team as this team was essentially just a transfer from city to another. The 94-95 Nordiques already had the likes of Sakic / Forsberg / Nolan / Foote and solid goaltending in Thibault and Fiset. When they moved to Denver it was hardly a "build from scratch" team. It was virtually the same team with the notable addition of Roy being traded from Montreal to the Avs. The Avs were NEVER a build from scratch expansion like other NHL expansion teams. Therefore your example with the Avs is incorrect, IMO.
  3. I’m slightly bitter...I lost at least 10 man games to Covid this past week and thus I missed making the bye by like 5 points. Oh well... onward and up word
  4. Appreciate the research and Exposure/Protection predictions. Depending on how the Kracken team wants to develop, I only see 2 viable names that the Kracken might want: Ghost or NAK For the life of me I just cannot see the Kracken taking either Jake or JVR because of the contract size. ( I could be wrong here .....) Braun is an aging D-man. Depending on what other D-men are exposed by other teams then might not want Braun. Sandstrom is too much of an unknown. I don't think they select him. My guess is either Ghost or NAK.
  5. I agree...but he only played in 4 games . At some point you have to see what you have...
  6. No one will ever replace him ......
  7. You know that is a good idea. Bring him up for a game or two and gauge his development from there.
  8. yeah ...he was another piece of work ..... (eye roll)
  9. Not sure if this was mentioned in the game thread. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/carter-hart-lower-body-injury-misses-flyers-capitals-game-saturday "He tweaked something at the end of the Pittsburgh game, we were aware of it, he practiced yesterday, everything seemed fine — that's why we made the call on him playing today and Moose practicing this morning and Moose obviously playing tomorrow," Vigneault said after the Flyers' 6-3 loss to the Capitals. "But when he was warming up, he told Jimmy that he couldn't go. So around 11 o'clock, we told Alex he wa
  10. No one was as bad as Paul Steigerwald who used to do the Pens play by play. He was atrocious ......
  11. I just got home ... I just saw it pop up on my phone.... Again it was never meant to get this far
  12. Please reject... i was joking around. Never thought he would accept. Please reject....
  13. My ire in the post should have been broken into 2 parts...my bad. Yes Fletcher is on the hook for Hayes and Braun ....cannot blame him for the players that were present before he arrived. My point for the 2nd part is all the $$$$ currently wrapped up players who contribute very little to this team... Sorry if my post and intended blame got confusing....
  14. I held my breath when Fletch was hired. Look what he has brought in ...Braun and Hayes who IMO both suck. Braun is a blackhole offensively that is absolutely destroying every forward line AV put's on the ice with because he can’t skate and he can’t move the damn puck. Meanwhile Hayes, IMO, is overpaid, overrated, and on an albatross contract. Fletcher is horrendous and has hurt this team by locking up almost 9 million between 2 players who aren’t needed on this team when that 9 million could’ve been spent elsewhere. In addition to that you have another 15 million in 2 players (t
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