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  1. Panik in the Desert

    Like you said... a change of scenery might help them both. Kinda of a Meh type of deal for me.
  2. Yikes .... I finally leveled off after dropping in the standings. Hard to believe a few weeks ago I was 2nd. I tell you what ...except for Yave who is way out in front....it is a tough race..... especially slots 6th through 10th.
  3. Hard to say who will definitely make it or who will be a bust, but one this is for sure....Hexy has done a hell of job getting legitamite top prospects. FYI...the goalie you are thinking of from Sweden is Felix Sandstrom. [Hidden Content] (from March of 2017) Felix Sandstrom While Hart has been dominating the junior level, Sandstrom has enjoyed success for Brynas IF of the SHL. He finished the regular season with a 14-5-2 record, 2.25 goals against average and a .908 save percentage. He helped the team finish with 93 points as they qualified for a playoff spot as the fifth seed. During his time with Team Sweden at the World Junior Championships, Sandstrom helped the team with a 4-1-1 record with a 2.17 goals against average and .915 save percentage. With Sandstrom’s contract ending after this season, he has the opportunity to come overseas and play for the Phantoms next season. This will all depend on what happens with the Flyers goaltending situation. If Hextall decides that either Lyon or Stolarz are ready for the NHL, it would open a spot as the Phantoms backup. There is still time for Hextall to decide on what he wants to do with the Flyers goaltending situation. Sandtrom’s development in Sweden is certainly something to have the Flyers excited about.
  4. Game 41: Blues at Flyers, 1/6/18 @ 1

    Expect the excuses from HJ in 3..... 2......1.......
  5. Interesting rumour - Price to Philly???

    Stop right there ....yup it is Eklund so I take anything he says/writes with a grain of salt. As far as the trade .... That is WAY too much .... and speaking of WAY TOO MUCH .....have you seen his salary. Starting in the 18-19 season , $10.4 million for 6 years with a NMC to boot. The Flyers just got out of Cap Hell.... Like I said....it is Eklund .......
  6. Morgan Frost

    Again I digress .... potential steal in the draft ???
  7. It's Official: Mikhail Sergachev To Remain A Bolt

    LOL ..... By the way ...excellant post! ... I'm still kicking myself for dropping him in both the NAHANA and All Star Leagues!
  8. Ouch.... I've struggled recently in All Star. Need to have a good week here.
  9. Nolan Patrick: BUST????

    As the games go by this is becoming more and more painfully obvious ........
  10. LOL ... too the pit of hockey purgatory you go ... Dilly! Dilly!
  11. Rinaldo suspended for six games (pol)

    From my perspective..... love the hit. I watched it over and over. It was shoulder to shoulder and with how fast the play was developing I have no probable whatsoever with the hit Rinaldo laid into MacKinnon. HOWEVER ...... the sucker punch is just plain ole dirty and unnecessary. I get what @yave1964 is saying...players in general need to stop be offended by clean hard hits....however that does NOT give Rinaldo the right to sucker punch him. I don't know if either MacKinnon or Girard were injured....if not then 6 games sounds about right. Since he is a repeat offender with suspensions..... I would agree more games might be necessary. I would have been ok with a 10 game suspension. There is no place in hockey for this crap.........
  12. Before answering that...here are a few questions... First and fore most the question has to be asked ...... 1) Would you consider Svechnikov a generational type player? if yes ....then we have to ask ourselves what is he worth? 2 firsts and a player like Simmonds (though I would hate to see him go). Do you trade the 2 firsts and a high defensive prospect? Or do we go the route of trading Simmonds to someone else ..which leads into question #2..... 2) Would we be guaranteed getting a 1st for Simmonds? If so, then it goes back to question #1...what is it worth to move up to #2 overall...assuming of course Dahlen goes #1. Then we have to look at the possible trading partners and who wins the lottery. 3) With the likes Arizona / Buffalo / Ottawa, would you be able to swing a trade with either of them? If Arizona wins lottery ...do they go offense or defense? Arizona is struggling defensively so I say they take Dahlen then that leaves Buffalo / Ottawa at #2. If Buffalo wins lottery ...same question..... I say Buffalo goes defensive, but I could make an argument that they want a scoring winger with Eichel. If Ottawa wins lottery, they could let Karlsson go and draft his replacement in Dahlen. That leaves Buffalo / Arizona at possibly #2 Granted it is WAY TOO EARLY to guess...but it is a fun exercise. LOL Wouldn't it be grate if the Flyers got lucky 2 years in a row and win the lottery! Except this time they draft #1! So many variable.... LOL! i guess before we go down this game of speculation...the #1 question has to be asked....like I mentioned above.... Would you consider Svechnikov a generational type player? this has to be answered first before any ideas of trading up can be entertained.
  13. Beat mem to it....the only name that i can think off. Except for abroken wrist/hand earlier in the year, the kidn has prioven he can flat out score....... But yeah ...he is gone at #2.
  14. HF.net Team Vegas Mock Draft

    Its called discipline and self control ..... Most professional athletes are very focused at the task at hand and know what is required of them.
  15. Yup! You are correct. Right there on 72 across from the Renaissance Fair. Next time you are in the area you should stop. I'm pretty picky when it comes to BBQ. This place does it pretty good! I highly recommend it.

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