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  1. ^^^^^ This is a HUGE statement. Who knows how the playoffs shake out if the Bolts don't get their collective butts swept out of the playoffs like common dirt on the floor by the Blue Jackets. A Bolts vs. Blues SCF is very different than a Bruins vs. Blues. If the Bolts were in the SCF then I would go Bolts in 6. Not taking anything away from the Blues, but the Bolts IMO would be the favorite......HOWEVER...that is why you play the games. The Bolts melted away their opportunity and the Blues stepped up to the plate and performed. I think the Blues have a very legitimate shot at winning ......
  2. @ruxpin Totally agree. I know the Blues, and especially @Hockey Junkie have been given a lot of grief by many of us around here when concerning how they play the game on ice. We all picked Blues players for @Hockey Junkie for the HF.net Platyoff Fantasy Pool. Well the joke may finally be on us. The Blues are playing really good hockey and if the Blues win it all, I'm voting Binnington for the Calder Trophy and Conn Smythe Trophy with and outside shot at the Vienza Trophy. The kid is playing lights out. ...... Oh.... and for us Flyer Fans ....IF the Blues DO WIN the Cup ....another punch to our collective guts....as another favorite whipping boy and ex-Flyer will engrave his name in the cup.....Brayden Schenn. Won't he get the last laugh on us..... Blues in 6
  3. All pertinent hockey discussion regarding the Bruins and Blues SCF series goes here. Schedule: GAME 1 Monday, May 27: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC GAME 2 Wednesday, May 29: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBCSN GAME 3 Saturday, June 1: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBCSN GAME 4 Monday, June 3: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 5 Thursday, June 6: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 6 Sunday, June 9: Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues | 8 p.m. ET, NBC *GAME 7 Wednesday, June 12: St. Louis Blues at Boston Bruins | 8 p.m. ET, NBC
  4. yes ....we have the power to hide posts if they are deemed inappropriate or stray too far from the topic at hand .... those are the posts I am referring to. I have hardly seen any games as family life is just too busy for me at the moment. I catch highlights here and there .... So I cannot comment on all the blown calls.
  5. No ...there have been several posts not regarding to hockey at all. Those have been hidden. Quite frankly I can careless if the play should have been stopped or not. I don't have a horse this race and I could care less who wins or not. Honestly there have been some complaints that this thread is getting off topic. You want to bitch and moan about the call, go for it. However you cannot call every blown call in any sport a conspiracy every time it happens. Discuss the game and the series and keep this topic on topic, conspiracy theories is not not talking hockey. End of discussion.
  6. Consider this a warning shot across the bow. Posts have been hidden because of getting off topic regarding the Sharks / Blues playoff series. This thread is to discuss the actual games/series NOT some hidden NHL or conspiracy theories. Please keep this post on topic. That is all. Carry on.
  7. Both teams survive Game 7. Now it is up to the Sharks and Blues to see who will represent the Western Conference in the SCF. All discussion regarding this series goes here. Schedule: TBD
  8. All discussion regarding the Eastern Cup Finals between the Bruins and Canes go here. Schedule:TBD
  9. First of all welcome! @hf101 did a great job explaining our philosophy. I would like to add, if you run into any problems or questions, please do not hesitate in contacting one of us either via a PM or by reporting a post via the report a post function. Most of us try to respond as quickly as possible. Bottom line, even though one may be a Islanders fan, or a Pens fan, or a Sharks, fan or a Flyers fan...bottom line we are all hockey fans. Please don't be shy around here. We are looking for to your insight about the Islanders. Feel free to have your buddies come and look and round join us. The more the merrier. Again...Welcome! ~pilldoc
  10. you got us ....You are right .... I finally found your video evidence that confirms your conspiracy theories ........
  11. LOL ...you must spent too many sleepless night worrying about this....... do some simple research on phyics my friend .... First of all the top view isn't a good view. Quick saves a high shot, the puck bounces down, and since its not a perfect sphere, the puck's edge hits and makes it bounce out. The puck changes its path because as it head for the goal it hits the ice, however there would be a gash in the ice and it would have hit the gash at such an angle that it was forced away from the net. The puck in this video wasn't flying very fast due to Quick getting a piece of it, but it was still spinning at a very fast rate. when the puck hit the ground, the spin wasn't overridden by the speed of it flying through the air when Iginla hit it, which caused it to change direction as soon as it hit the ice From Alan Hache, "The Physics of Hockey" ...... "In a real three-dimensional world, however, a puck doesn't always slide smoothly. It can also bounce, roll, spin, and wiggle all kinds of ways. We talked earlier about a bouncing coefficient of about 12 percent for a frozen puck. Theoretically, the puck should then stop bouncing after two or three hits, for after the third bounce it would rise to only 0.2 percent of its original height. Unfortunately, it doesn't bounce as predictably as, say, a rubber ball. The asymmetrical shape of the puck greatly affects how it rebounds. Much like when a football hits the ground, there is just no way to predict how the puck will behave from one bounce to the other. In physics, this is called a chaotic system, something that is only predictable for a short period of time. A minute change in the initial conditions, like the puck's tilt or velocity, can dramatically change the outcome. Although chaos brings physical prediction to its knees, it sure makes life and hockey exciting!" you can do this very same experiment had home with a frisbee. When throwing a frisbee with enough rotation when it hits the ground the rotation of the frisbee causes it to radically change directions..... I'm done discussing this .....time to move along little doggie.
  12. sure you can make a topic out of it ...sounds interesting. I have to read up on it more before I can comment.
  13. Back and to the left ....... Back and to the left ....... Back and to the left ........
  14. I'm cheering for Dallas not because I am anti-HJ or anti-Blues or anti-Schenn..... My bracket is so busted and blown up and this years NHL playoffs are so wacko ....why not go with four (4) Wild Card Teams in the Conference Finals ....
  15. Jeezus HJ..... you quoted FC when he is said right now .... no were did he mention about 4-5 years ago (SMH) if we go back 5 years ago Coots was only in his 3rd year of the league playing on the 3rd line. You CANNOT compare a 3rd year player to an 11 year Vet playing on the 1st or 2nd line. You can't and it is stupid to try to make that comparison. Two players with completely different roles on there teams. Again (SMH)
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