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  1. Let me know .... I will join ya ....
  2. I looked back at the standings ....both the Blues / Preds were about even with the Wild when comes to wins and point totals. The Hawks are obviously the outlier consider the make-up of the team. I get your point now ..... again sorry for the confusion earlier ....
  3. Wow ….. that some feat. So they are a lock to make them this year..
  4. Gotcha … sorry for confusion… so the point totals you listed are for Wild teams ? If so … sorry my bad …i misread your post.
  5. Where are you getting that number? Final Standing in 2014-15 . Flyers miss playoffs. Do you mean 2013-14 Season? If so then yes they finished 3rd and lost in 1st round to NYR. 2015-16 Season final standings ... they make it as Final WC team. Lose in 1st RD to Capitals. 2016-17 - They miss playoffs ... 2017 - 18 they lose to Pens in 1st round. Not sure what you are trying to convey here? Both the Pens and Caps had, for the most part, better record
  6. I get your point ...I really do. But what else can we do? What is done is done .....
  7. Cautiously holding my breath .... maybe ...just maybe , as other mentioned, Risto learns from Ellis and all will work.... I'm still peeved about the cost .... BUT I will give Risto and the Flyers ~20 games to see what Risto brings to the ice ...
  8. Come on Jammer it is simple…. My kids learned their colors at and early age
  9. Since when does a goalie make a d-man look great ???? If anything ...did you every consider the fact that Hutton sucked because he had no decent D-man in front of him???? Hmm inquiring minds want to know ...........
  10. I was against the the Fletcher signing from Day #1 ...... we all knew this was not going to end well ......
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