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  1. Yep. He's simply here because he knows AV's system. He might win this year's Vandevelde Award, for lack of relevance. And you are shocked how? (Sarcasm font) I’m not gonna piss and moan over 1 game but I never liked the signing and still don’t. there still is plenty of time for him to change my mind…
  2. I hate the effing SO!!!!! end of story….. stepping off soapbox… that is all….
  3. Sorry …. You have to go through me first. I want a rematch with him in the Championship Game and this time it won’t end in a tie! LOL
  4. @TropicalFruitGirl26 @Bakanekimiwa Bak, its ok. TFG drafted a strong team. I can easily transfer the team from her to you. I can screenshot the roster to you and you can decide if you want to participate. I would love to have you back. ~doc
  5. 1. Bolts (until proven otherwise) 2. the other Fla. team not named the Bolts (have the pieces there... comes down to the movie title ..."what about Bob" in net....) 3. pro-rating the Laffs here. They will score BUT ...will the Soupman be the answer in goal. Agree with @TropicalFruitGirl26 D-fence will once again be their Achilles heel. 4. Chowdertown - see Laff, Tronno. Carbon copy. They will be able to score, lets see what Ullmark can do now that he has a decent defense in front of him and his out of the NHL version of purgatory. 5. Habs - no price = no playoffs. Do y
  6. I will give you a run for your money here ... ;) I have a ton of dual eligible C/wingers and I purposely drafted heavy hitters/blockers. SOG I'm near the top along with PIM. You snagged the top 2 goalies but I'm very happy with mine. Agree my offense will suffer a bit in G/A but, like you, I try to go heavy on peripherals. I'm hoping for a rematch in the championship game with you.. This time I don't want it to end in a tie. Good Luck!
  7. @Bakanekimiwa as TFG mentioned…. I have a spot open BUT I need an answer by Friday evening so I can send you the appropriate invite as the draft is this Sunday at 7 pm EDT.
  8. Hey Bak! nice to see ya again…. I might have an opening in the Conn Smythe league. I know @TropicalFruitGirl26 has an additional team because we were short a GM from last year. She was helping me out again this year but might be willing to give it up if I found another GM. let me reach out to her and se what can be done….
  9. he just does not know when to quit…, (smh) …. What a Jackassss
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