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  1. I sent invites out to everyone who moved up from Conn Smythe to All Star.
  2. Good Afternoon Everyone, YAHOO sports just opened up the Fantasy Hockey plat form for the upcoming year. The following GM's listed below will be invited to the All Star League based on their top 6 finish in either the All Star League or Conn Smythe League. From All Star League: 1) @yave1964 (putting on the foil) 2) @Bakanekimiwa (Bakanekimiwa's Team) 3) Nasty Angryman (Nasty Angryman's Team) 4) @pilldoc (Divinie Swine IcePigs) 5) @ruxpin (Hell Bears) 6) @J0e Th0rnton (Halifax Sharknado) 7) @TropicalFruitGirl26 (Green Star Blades) * - Please note TFG is being invited due to the fact that there is an extra spot open. From Conn Smythe League: 8.) @Hale (Mickey's Gang) 9) @hf101 (Slick Sticks) 10) Brent (Mom's Luv Letang Too!) 11) @The Mountain Man (Bambi on Ice) 12) @Jagged Ice (Jagged Ice) Please let me know ASAP if you plan to participate or NOT participate in this year's All Star League. Please note: Automatic Invites have already been sent to those who were in All Star last year and therefore your team has already been renewed. No further action is required. Just log in and make sure everything is still good. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in sending me a PM. Finally, I will be sending out further invites to the new invitees later today. Thanks @pilldoc
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone, As the calendar turns to the middle of August it is once again that time for many us to be thinking about one of our favorite past times in the hockey world …. Fantasy Hockey Leagues (FHL). With the implementation of a new format and platform over the course of the past two (2) years, many of us experienced a very exciting Fantasy Hockey season last year. In the All Star League alone we had over 30+ trades! The HF.net Fantasy League is now open for sign-ups. Our “FREE” FHL is currently a two (2) Tier League. Tier 1 = All Star League. This League is by invite only by finishing top 6 in last years All Star League and finishing top 6 in last year’s Tier 2 Bantam League (Conn Smythe League). Tier 2 = Bantam League. The Bantam League will be comprise of at least one (1) team known as the Conn Smythe League. If needed, a second Bantam League known as the Jack Adams League will be added. Both of these Leagues are open to everyone. No experience is required. I will be sending out both PM’s and e-mails to those who participated last year inquiring to your desire to participate this year or not. I am also highly encouraging our new members from the Minnesota Wild Forum to participate. We would love to have many of you join our League. We have a wonderful FHL and you will be a great addition to our league. We will be using the same format as last year with YAHOO as our FHL platform. It will again be a Head-to-Head: Categories type FHL. In a Head-to-Head League, your team will square off in a weekly matchup against another fantasy team to see who can compile the best stats across a number of different categories. This again will be a DAILY roster setting league. The roster will remain the same as last year with one notable change. It was suggested that we drop a d-man slot and add a utility position. Therefore this change will be effect for the upcoming season. Roster Size will consist of a total of 20 players with the starting line-up of 16 players. That leaves 4 for the bench and 2 spots for players on IR when needed. The breakdown for the roster is as follows: (RED = NEW CHANGE FOR THIS YEAR) Centers = 3 / Left Wing = 3 / Right Wing = 3 / D-men = 4 / Utility Player = 1 Goalie = 2 (max of 3 per roster) Bench = 4 (forwards, defenseman or a goalie) IR+ (if needed) = 3 (IR+ means if a player is day to day you can put them on IR) The scoring categories have NOT changed and WILL REMAIN THE SAME as last year. New this year we are adding that the President's Trophy Winner for all the Leagues (the GM who has the most points at the end of the regular season) will automatically be invited into the All Star League for the following year regardless how they fair in the playoffs. In addition to adding one (1) additional IR+ spot we will allow one extra roster move for the week. Increasing the number of moves per week from five (5) to six (6) Complete guideline can be found here: [Hidden Content] A draft date and time has not been determined yet and will be announced as soon as possible. I will be listing/sending out invites to the ALL STAR League as soon as YAHOO opens up the Fantasy Hockey Leagues on their platform. Please send either @hf101 or myself an PM if you are interested in participating this year along with signing up in the poll above. thank you! ~DOC
  4. Yes ...they are in California .... [Hidden Content]
  5. @TropicalFruitGirl26 I got to hand it to ya ...sometimes you come up with some off the wall posts that just make me chuckle out loud!
  6. LOL ..... you are not far from the truth ..... LOL
  7. @hf101 time to create a Seattle team page :)
  8. very well thought out post.....however I still disagree about moving Provorov. It is a known fact that D-men take longer to develop then forwards. I'm not moving a 1st pairing d-man right now for Marner. Removing Provorov from the Flyers actually makes them weaker on defense. In this case you stand pat and move Ghost if anybody.
  9. Kansas City style all the way for ribs Texas style for Brisket Carolina style for pork shoulder I'm currently looking at buying a Traeger style pellet smoker .....IF i can convince my wife! Ha! A little bit of everything from Def Leppard to Bryan Adams to Matt West / MercyMe and Third Day
  10. I'm all up for discussion...Hell I'll debate all day Gen. Lee's command decisions at the Battle of Gettysburg. I'll debate who the Flyers should draft and why, and I'll debate how to make great BBQ........ I explained to you, my position on how both Laine and Marner simply cannot fit into the Flyers plans ......... I have yet to see, from you, a counter argument on how it could work out. The assets involved and the Cap Space simply make it impossible for the Flyers to obtain either player. You countered on trading Provorov, but you never explained how you replace a 1st pairing D-man? you never explained how to make it work, Capwise , for either team. I explained on how salary would have to move and yet you did not explain on how either the Leafs or Flyers could make this work. Realistically there is no way of acquiring either player without giving significant prospects or breaking apart this core. I personally don't want to go down that road for one player. This is not your NHL 2020 video game. And yes @ruxpin is right ... its the dead of summer with nothing else to do ....reminds me years ago when there was a thread between the Pens fans and Flyers fans on who had the bigger pricks on their team ....... I'm bowing out of this one .......
  11. Then you create a hole at defense ...that is a Homer move.... Who do you plan on plugging in at D? Who is saying they have the money to sign Marner? The Leafs?? Ha..... They only have 3.7 million in cap space..... They have to move salary...period.... if they want to keep Marner. Marner had a breakout year last year...he will get somewhere around 7-8 million per years at least...from someone but it won't be from the Flyers...... As one of my daughters favorite Disney characters sings ..... Let it go ......
  12. No...... why would you move a 1st pairing d-man??? And... the Leafs can’t afford Provy who is due a raise.... It’s nice to dream ... but let this one go....
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