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  1. That may very well happen ....simply put Gauthier no longer wanted to be a part of the Flyers organization. Would rather cut out a potential cancer now then deal with it 5 years from now. It is very disappointing this happened. I get it ....
  2. This is really cut and dry. Greig scored a goal…. He did NOT have puck. Not only did Reilly cross check him, but he catches him in the neck and head area…. This should be rather simple….. without looking at Reilly’s suspension history… I say 3-4 games with an appropriate fine. Totally a bush league and idiotic move…
  3. @JR Ewing @CoachX That was my argument on the posts I hid because I was getting off topic.....
  4. You are not wrong ....was a rebuttal from a statement made....but you are not wrong.
  5. Agree ... the Chief said the initial investigation was botched and they probably found more evidence. Going to let them do there job .... I have nothing more to add or say at this point.
  6. Its quite possible that new evidence came to light that was not available before….. not going to comment any further as everything else could be misconstrued as pure speculation.
  7. Again as has been mentioned elsewhere.... I don't believe this case would never had been reopened UNLESS the prosecuting attorney feels they have strong enough evidence (based on the wording of the Assistant Crown attorney) that could bring about a possible conviction of one or all the players involved. I would be curious to know what type of evidence they have ....I know there is some type of video involved but that is all I know ...... That attorney, based on her wording makes it seem like they have a lot more evidence they have gather over the months ..... "IF" that is true and they have quote "a smoking gun", it would be interesting to see if any of the players makes some type of plea to keep this out of the courts....... just thinking out loud here ...... Of course everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and the evidence is made known to their respective lawyers.
  8. this is how you acquire assets ........ This is how you build a team and if the Habs draft correctly, draft impact players
  9. More like an online insane asylum.... LOL .. yeah some of us have a few nuts loose ... LOL
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