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  1. Wow....I never wish ill will on anyone. Speedy recovery....however I would expect the Habs to come out flying and rallying around their coach....
  2. I guess the 5 OT game really did not affect the Blue Jackets.... just turned on the game. 3-1 Jackets... Barring a miraculous comeback game 3 should be a dandy....
  3. great minds think alike... I just posted the same thing at the same time...LOL
  4. This just in... because of the lateness of this game, the NHL has pushed the Canes/Bruins game until tomorrow morning at 11 am.
  5. OMG ... yeah... and to think I stayed up until ~2am watching the Pens/Flyers dandy. This game may top that one!
  6. I would slightly disagree here. I get that based on experience, yes, Price has WAY more experience in the playoffs than Hart. However, looking at the number THIS year, Hart is having the better year. Rk Name Team Age GP GAA SV% W L SO 1 Carey Price MTL 32 58 2.79 0.909 27 25 4 16 Carter Hart PHI 21 43 2.42 0.914 24 13 1 41 Brian Elliott PHI 34 31 2.87 0.9 16 7 2 68 Charlie Lindgren MTL 26 6 3.33 0.888 2 4 0 69 Keith Kinkaid MTL 30 6 4.24 0.875 1 1 0 76 Alex Lyon PHI 27 3 3.55 0.89 1 1 0 78 Cayden Primeau MTL 20 2 2.52 0.931 1 1 0 Hart has a better GAA and SV%. He does have 3 less wins than Price but in 15 fewer games than what Price has played. To be fair Price has slight better GAA and SV% to Elliot but Elliot is considered the back-up. MTL backups from a STAT perspective are hideous. I would take the Flyers goalie tandem over the Habs goalies any day of the week. From a historical perspective, yes, Price has more playoff experience. EDIT: In addition to the above STATS, lets look at Quality Starts (QS) and Quality Start % (QS%) Price had 58 Starts, 31 QS for a 0.534% QS% Hart had 40 Starts, 25 QS for a 0.625 QS% Elliot had 27 Starts, 14 QS for a 0.519 QS% MTL Back-ups had 13 Starts and only 3 QS. Total: MTL goalies 71 Starts = 34 QS Total: PHI goalies (Hart/Elliot) 67 Starts, 39 QS Again strictly from a Statistical POV, ...the Flyers have the edge in net.
  7. I like what you did here..., would love if you did that for the other 7 series threads.
  8. There is a spot on your entry where you can edit your name. ...but yeah it generates some crazy names! LOL
  9. Oh what the hell .... here is mine ..... and yes I truly believe for the first time in a VERY LONG time that the Flyers can go deep. I'm picking 2 upsets in the Eastern Conference. I truly believe the Canes are gonna give the Bruins fits and without Hedman and Stankos, I believe lightning (pun not intended) can strike twice and the Blue Jackets take down the Bolts. Vegas will not be unprepared and will be ready for the Hawks. The Avs are too deep and will handle the Yotes. Same goes with the Blues over the Canucks. Vancouver's time is coming, just not right now. In an upset the Flames take out the Stars..... Reshuffle time.... I like the Flyers over the Blue Jackets and Washington will barely get by the Canes leading to a classic rivalry Eastern Conference Final of Flyers/Caps. In another upset I will take the Flames over Vegas and the Avs over the Blues .... The AVS and Flyers in the Stanley Cup Final ....... if this works out then I am going to Vegas
  10. If there is an upset this year....I truly believe this could be it. The Bruins have not responded well during the round robin and I don't subscribe to the "turn it on" and play theory. I watched most most of their 3 games and they simply did not look the same. Agree Rask in net will keep it close. The Canes can score and if they get decent goaltending in net then this series is going 6 or 7 games. I really like the Canes chances here. Bruins going home scratching their collective heads and Bruin fans complaining how they screwed by going from the #1 seed to the #4 seed. (which will be entertaining) Going with the upset here with the Canes in 6.
  11. Simply put...I don't trust the Stars offense. As @Villette/Lavaux put it ..."Benn, Seguin, Radulov, Klingberg have a horrendous season so far....." With their shoot-out victory over the St. Louis Blues in the final round-robin game, Dallas was rewarded with playing Calgary instead of Vancouver. Either way, this team will need to get its sputtering offense going (four goals in three games) or it won't matter who they are playing. Raising more eyebrows here ... Ben Bishop was “unfit to play” for this past Sunday afternoon’s game. The NHL does not permit teams to disclose any injury or illness updates. It was the second game Bishop missed since the Stars arrived in Edmonton. He is listed a day-to-day. Fans in Calgary must be delighted to see Sean Monahan leading the team in scoring after four games with six points. More importantly, all four lines contributed which if carried over to this series will make it very difficult for Dallas to keep the Flames in check for this series Lets see if the Dallas defense can slow down the Flames. I really like the Flames chances here. Flames in 6
  12. Blues are simply the better team ..... for now. The Canucks are young and upcoming and could steal 2 games. With that said I think Vancouver gives the Blues all they can handle and the Blues experience will be the deciding factor. I'll make @Hockey Junkie happy and take the Blues in 7.

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