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  1. Both ...you need a Xanax to watch the Flyers because of the acute anxiety they will give you and your basic assessment is pretty much on point. Problem is, and this too has been beaten to death like a dead horse, that this team never went into a true rebuild. Hexy tried to stay competitive and still do a rebuild. However with hind sight pretty much being 20/20, this plan is not coming to fruition. In the end they should have just let some of these higher priced veterans go. I could be wrong, but its the way I currently see ......
  2. You are not wrong......this has been the MO of the Flyers for years and has been beaten to death.
  3. I've had more comforting thoughts than that .......
  4. Will agree to disagree ..... Both are young players and only 4 yrs in the league. Different players grow at different rates. Revisit this topic again in 2-3 yrs and see where their respective careers are at ..... too early to judge. Laine has shown very little in playoffs and that is where it counts in my book ... Dobois is more than a #3 Center.
  5. Many ... Many ... Many ..... Many ...times. Along with the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. Our favorite aquarium has got to be the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. My wife loves Whale Sharks and they are 1 of only 2 Aquariums in the world to have a Whale Shark Exhibit. the other is in Tokyo. We were just there this past Sept. We love Inner Harbor and living in Lancaster it is only about a 90 minute drive depending on traffic.
  6. we are getting off topic ...but yes... we last visited their in 2016 on our way home from Florida. Loved touring the USS Yorktown and then boating out to Ft. Sumter.
  7. If I remember correctly ... Charleston (on the military base before they moved to Arizona)
  8. She was born in South Carolina, lived in Arizona a bit before moving to PA when in grade school. She hates the cold but I keep telling her if we visit in the summer Canada has warm temperatures. I'm trying!
  9. In honesty ... I have always wanted to visit Canada. Now if I just can convince my wife ...haha. That steak house has me salivating .....
  10. Not sure how much better Laine will enjoy playing under Torts in another small market.... Dubois swapping Torts for Maurice pretty lateral move too. Hehe. For fantasy purposes: I think Dubois should do fine in Winnipeg. Lots of talent around him. Will put up good numbers if he can get on the 1st PP unit. Laine should do ok in Columbus, but might have a small regression. Less talent around him and and a traffic jam of RW shooters. Laine likely sees 1st line deployment. I'm just can’t believe the Jets weren’t able to get more for Laine. especially when the whole world knew th
  11. That looks amazing. My family loves Zoo's/Aquariums ...etc. We have seen several Shark exhibits similar to the photo you posted. I bet that Polar Bear exhibit is awesome......
  12. No the over/under is how soon does Laine get into Tort's doghouse ....
  13. Okay, substitute the word "nobody" with "common". Laine is a special hockey player with elite skill. Dubois is easily replaceable by comparison. You do realize Dubois was drafted at #3 overall in the 2016 NHL Entry draft. Laine was #2. Scouting report for selected players .... Who do you draft? Player A: A phenominal two-way power forward who thrives under pressure. He brings versatility, being able to play as a center or a winger, as well as elite skill and agility. His athleticism is exemplified in his strong skating that allows him to back
  14. Wow.... I’m at a loss for words. That was a pathetic shift for a professional.....
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