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  1. Seriously ...wow ...just wow. If I'm Seguin I'm demanding a raise or at least something substantial ...... like free tattoo's for the rest of his life .....
  2. I sure hope so! Welcome to HF.net. As you might have guessed by all the other posts I am sort of the unofficial welcoming committee. We are glad you decided to join our Hockey Community along with your other compatriots. Please browse my other "welcome" posts. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a PM. Again Welcome! ~doc
  3. Great to have you on board. See all my other posts welcoming you and your friends from the Wild forums. Any questions just drop one of us PM and we will get back to you. ~doc
  4. Welcome! See my other posts to your buddies welcoming you all here. Any ??? just drop one of us PM we will get back to you ASAP. Again Welcome!
  5. Welcome! Glad you found our little corner of the internet and our Hockey Community. Make yourself at home. See my other posts in the other thread welcoming you and your friends. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Again Welcome. LOL ... Us Flyer fans know about those all to well! Our former GM affectionately known as Homer (Paul Holmgren) handed those things out like candy on Halloween. Although it was more of a Trick instead of a Treat. Thank God Hexy (Ron Hextall) seems to be taking a more sensible route and holding off on the NMC /NTC when working out contracts. Several years ago I believe at one time the Flyers had no less than 8 or 9 players with NMC/NTC stipulations in their contract. Sheer madness I tell....sheer madness!
  6. @hf101 To all Wild Fans ... Just for giggles ...this is how bad the old philly.com site looked back in the beginning of 2013 .... Someone and I can't remember who, infiltrated the old site and posted the following listed below. LOL The Admin at the time did nothing ........ So we completely understand your predicament.
  7. Yeah at one point in time a couple of years ago there was literally like 5 new posts in a 2 year period and the whole board was infested with Trolls. Like @hf101 mentioned, that board has NEVER recovered. Oh my ... I totally forgot about that. It was EPIC. Is there a copy of it somewhere ?? We definitely need to have that enshrined somewhere.
  8. Yes, you are correct, it is a basic YAHOO H2H league. We use to be a points based league, but switched to a categories based format last year and it was a hit. Will probably make some minor tweaks here or there but for the most part the format will remain unchanged. And yes...this is strictly for fun and bragging rights only. This is NOT a money league. As I have been telling all your friends. Welcome aboard. So glad you decided to join our hockey community. Please see all my other posts welcoming you guys. We have a lot to offer so if you have any questions just let myself, @hf101, or any other Mod know, and we will do the best to help you out. Again Welcome! ~pilldoc
  9. Then by all means I hope you give us a chance and join our league come this fall. You will see lots of postings when that time comes. We are looking for new GM's all the time and would welcome you with open arms. Besides we have a great group who really keeps each other on our toes. @J0e Th0rnton and @yave1964 are some real sharp GM's and have a wealth of FHL knowledge. Just let me know if you have more ?? about our FHL.
  10. As long as you keep it civil without attacking each other by name calling, you will have no worries from us. All fans have heated discussions...its just our passion showing. You will see we are pretty laid back and hardly intervene unless we have to. We do stress, that if there is post that is causing you stress or consternation, then please use the report button located in the upper right hand corner of each post and we will deal with it discreetly. LOL ... yeah it does but you can change that in the settings part of your profile. You should see it when we start sending trade offers back and forth during the regular FHL season ... LOL talk about your inbox exploding.
  11. Welcome! We are happy that you decided to join our hockey community. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to one of the Mods, myself or @hf101 (site manager). Again Welcome!!
  12. Welcome! Glad you joined our little community. See my other posts. Any questions .... just ask away!
  13. Face it ..... Vegas was set up nicely as soon as they plucked MAF from the Pens. I don't see many other SCF Goalie winners being left unprotected.
  14. Congrats to the Vegas Knights your Western Conference Champions ..... Wow ... is all I can say .... History being made in front of our eyes ....
  15. Totally agree ... Living on the east cost made watching the Knights very difficult at times. (4:30 am comes way too early for me...) However, I have been able to watch a lot more of their games during the playoffs. What astounds me the most is not only how they transition well, but it is with their quickness on how well then transition. This is a very fast and quick team. For example, take the last game on Friday night. The speed at which R. Smith showed on the game winner was amazing. You are absolutely right about the Vegas transition game. It is very smooth, efficient, and quick.

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