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  1. Not saying dump Morin right now...BUT if he looks like he might not be in the future plans after an extended long training camp look....how about Morin for Josh Ho-Sang straight up? Both players have warts.. but the talent is there with Josh..if he gets his head on straight...which happens when your back is to the wall in what could be his last chance to secure a regular roster spot.
  2. I think his injury history will not work in his favour...however, valid point...the regime change gives him a somewhat longer leash. I dont think his skating improves much at this point, his ticket to the NHL will be hockey sense and defensive zone awareness.
  3. It is do or die time for Sam. He does not have to be stunning but solid and dependable are a must at this point. There comes a time in every prospects time line that demands progress, regardless of d men taking longer and injuries in this case. We have reached that point. He simply has to put it all together this fall. Another injury would spell his inevitable end in the org...his fault or not. There comes a time when you have to pull the plug. I have been a big proponent of patience with Sam..but the time to deliver has indeed arrived.
  4. One of the positives of promoting a hard working guy like NAK is NCAA free agents see they have a legit shot if they play hard in the AHL.
  5. Tony Twist, Probert and the Grim Reaper.
  6. At least I know the answer to my question now...would take MUCH more than a quarter mill to entice wife licking...his and her blindfolds for a half mill?
  7. Would you lick puss out of a festering wound for a quarter million?
  8. Slight overpayment. Still think he has 40 pt upside...with the right minutes played and linemates. We shall see... but even at 20 pts he provides speed and makes the team tougher to play against.
  9. Odd season for Laine...almost broke the monthly goal record with maybe the most torrid November of all time. Rest of the year he scored 6 goals. He's kind of a 1 trick pony that has not shown consistency with that 1 trick. He is gonna want to get paid for projection and upside...I'd let somebody else take the chance. Not enough cap space anyways. He will either score 50 or score 30 and get paid like a 50 guy. Lots to like...but the Jets are in a real conundrum here.
  10. Little buzzed...a lot to be real...but just felt the need to tell you...you might just be the absolute coolest human alive!!
  11. I separate the warrior player from the "I like shiny toys" GM philosophy he brought...ie Vinny L etc. Respect him as a person but good riddance and the less stroke he has in the org the better!
  12. One of my fav all time Flyers...well deserved. Almost all his goals in the finals against Dryden where right upper corner rockets. It got to the point everyone knew he was going there... but his release and velocity overcame everything else. His Conn Smythe in a losing effort that year was simply one of the top 3 feats accomplished by any Flyer ever!!!
  13. I'd take Ferland on a cheap one year deal...would not block kids and I like the guys game. He was good on the Flames top pp when inserted. Either way more physicality needed in the line up and not sure any youngster could supply that. This team needs to be tougher to play against and more guys needed to pound and punish opposing d men.
  14. Easy to look back in retrospect...but Joe Thornton on a 5 mill or so 1 year contract would have bridged the gap to the kids efficiently.
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