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  1. It is a sad day. He was never shy about his love for the Eagles, which I always admired. Guess you win the most famous from your high school debate 99.9% of the time. Al Arbour went to my high school...was actually locker partners with my Uncle Dan.
  2. The more I think about it...the more I think a blockbuster with the Rangers might be coming. One thing you never hear mentioned, but IS looming large ...Anderson is UFA after the 20/21 season. A ways off...but the cap hell will be no better...how are they gonna afford 8 or 9 mill for him...answer...Georgiev...lol.
  3. Ahhh...my memory failed me. Kinda why you could hear a pin drop, huh?
  4. Word is his KHL team is offering him large money to stay in Russia. NHL has a strict entry level contract so dont know how they would get around that...bonus? But cap on that also..no?
  5. First of all...Leaky Leighton never moved on that shot and it was no heat seaking missile! Was not obstructed from what I remember...any decent goalie gets something on that shot to deflect it!! Scary to think but if Leighton wins that game and game 7 back in Philly...he probably signs s 8 year deal...lol Second...my Uncle Dan (RIP) met Stickle in a bar and bought a round for him...Hab fan so was not pissed BUT he did say my nephew ....who is a Flyers fan says "you suck donkey balls"!! So I got an indirect shot in. ..LOL! .
  6. The problems on D are fixable, but it will take a historic bit of creativity to get the job done. Among other pressing issues is the need for defensive depth...ie making sure there is ample depth to survive inevitable injuries in a long playoff run.
  7. In my little world, the Leafs are the Flyers main rival. I rejoice with every Leaf loss. Still up in the air, but I have a sneaking suspicion the Leafs let the wrong guy go and Hunter was the best choice available. Should be interesting to see what Dubas can do... cause he needs a legit back up goalie and with their top 4 d men able to leave...he must go all in.
  8. It's called lack of professionalism. You are paid millions of dollars to perform a function...do it no matter which team/conundrum is placed before you. Beyond that...and more important is self pride and being the Alpha Male.. not letting anyone dictate the play to you...take what is yours...like a Lion in the wild. Not enough Alpha males on this team.
  9. Good chance Binns shuts them out...as soon as the Blues pp gets a few chances...the floodgates will open.
  10. There is no way Elliott beats Binnington in St.Louis! Flyers just dismal on the road...and against the best defensive team in the league. Only reason to leave JVR on the pp is to hope he goes on a hot streak and improve trading value?
  11. Best way to resolve the JVR situation is to give up a 3rd or 4th round pick to entice someone to take the cap hit. Sounds gross, but that is the easiest way out. Either that or a trade for a middling prospect that has little hope of cracking the NHL. That does not really give a lot of incentive to take on a guy or his cap hit, with no heart and no real love for the game. I would think a team like Arizona would be looking for a top 6 winger...its clear a mid 30's Kessel is only going to regress from this point on.
  12. Hopefully this is nothing serious, or the Flyers season theme song is slip sliding away...as in potential playoff spot. Even a first round series gets all these kids some valuable playoff experience. It's a different game in the playoffs and you need experience dealing with decreased space and increased intensity.
  13. Gonna be some real heat on the next battle of Alberta. Probably wont happen...but craving some good old fashioned retribution violence....and call up the goon reinforcements...blood plz!!!
  14. Never witnessed the first fight between them...but not surprised. Tkachuk is a turtling little weasel. If he pulled this crap in the original 6...he would have been pounded into retirement. If you wanna throw dirty hits, at least answer the bell for it.

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