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  1. At work so don't have time to look it up,but I remember more than that. Broke his hand in Windsor, and had a concussion for the Spits also. You're forgetting...I saw his entire Jr career ....not just the NHL.
  2. Ellis looked good on paper, but I was warning in that trade thread on his extensive injury history! Sad to be right.
  3. I feel your pain. Colour me disgusted as well. I would think Savoie will be in the mix as well.
  4. No way do I trust the same crew that A)acquired and B)extended Risto to actually hire a competent coach! If Fletch does its pure luck!! These are dark days for Flyer fans. Until upper management admits Fletch is crap and fires him, we are screwed. Thankfully, he gets the next year probably, cause they will SUCK again!!
  5. Spitfire biased confirmed....Julien or Quenville. Why? They both have won the Cup as coaches,both know what it takes to win (who sits and who plays) and both are experienced at matching lines and which lines are favorable match ups. If the plan is to go for Bedard, cancel my selections. A complete and total tank is what this team really needs....a rookie NCAA coach that the team can grow with may help in the pursuit of Bedard. Off topic, but how come there is never, ever a superstar when the Flyers pick super high? JVR, Patrick (not many teams knew Makar WAS THIS great), now Wrig
  6. How about admit you are ****?? Ice an AHL team, try every prospect on the pp and see what you got! Admit you are ****!! Tank like nobody has ever tanked before. Trade everyone and start from scratch...including Hart, Provorov, Konency....pile up 1st rounders and start all over. This team and management group disgust me. We will always be ****!!
  7. I've seen a few mocks where Cooley goes 4th...hard to say how accurate they are.
  8. Hoping for Cooley. He should go 4th. Seattle would have to win a few games for the Flyers to sneak into the top 3...not counting the lottery of course.
  9. Retool? Nah...fire every member of management and tank for 5 years...or suffer the pain of mediocrity for the next decade!! Nobody is untouchable.
  10. This is a really, really bad signing. It compounds the original horrid trade and turns it into a 5 year curse. This guy is simply not good at hockey. Zero hockey sense, out of position, HORRIBLE skater, especially backwards. He represents everything that is wrong with the current Flyer management team! I would have been thrilled to trade him for a second round pick and be done with this MESS. Wake me up when Fletcher is fired. WE SUCK ANF IT WILL CONTINUE!!
  11. I remember Coffey doing the same thing when he played for the Wings!!
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