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  1. Basically all the Flyers have left on their to do list is sign Myers. Very important to hold on to that extra cap space. There are some teams in serious cap trouble. 14 teams have less than a mill under the cap. Teams like Tampa are in real trouble. If Tampa does not drop 10 mill or so, they will not be able to play and have to forfeit games until they are csp compliant. 3 mill in cap space could get you a 1st round pick conceivably...or an outstanding player on the cheap.
  2. If we are not gonna win the Cup, I'd love to see some take no prisioners hockey!! Guys with high character and work ethic have one thing in common...they play with an unbridled sense of desperation...i miss that!!
  3. I was wondering the same thing, always a head scratcher when that many teams in such a short period are involved. He did score some really nice goals last year though. Worst case, he sucks and you bury 90% of his cap hit in the AHL. This would necessitate a 2 way deal of course. A 1 way deal would be a non starter. Thing is, even playing on the 3rd line with Laughts and NAK etc would be equal to the talent on Ottawas top line...or very close. His upside is 15ish goals...which makes the gamble worth taking...assuming 2 way deal.
  4. Just wondering out loud, if he was cheap enough, would Duclair be a decent option to strengthen the secondary scoring. I dont wanna block anyone, but Duclair on a cheap one year deal could work.
  5. He's decent on face offs...defensively responible and has 11 goals and 19 pts in 30 career playoff games...not to shabby. I agree with Zippity...he would make a solid 3C.
  6. I'll go with disturbing, but expected...lol.
  7. Gus will certainly need to be sheltered on the 3rd pairing with a defense first type of partner. My gut says this is all about the top pp and creating chances/passing lanes. That HAS to be fixed...so they are hoping a guy 2 yrs removed from 60 pts can get the job done. He is an excellent passer, but is also exploitable in his own end. If Ghost is no longer deemed the pp answer, this is an acceptable gamble...the answer did not really exist on the present roster...so Fletcher had to find an outside answer that was cost efficient and fit with expansion draft plans. Considering all the factors and variables in play, Fletch seems like he did ok.
  8. I like him also...he's way better than just serviceable. He's 2 years removed from scoring 60 pts for Chicago, which is nothing to sneeze at. A respectable gamble.
  9. I think the plan is to have Gus on the top pp instead of Provs. As great as Provs is, his lateral movement is lacking, so no passing lanes open up. This will be good for the suffering pp. Keep Ghost in case of injury and let the Kracken take him or JVR in the expansion draft.
  10. Wonder how much it would cost to pry Marchessault outta Vegas? They are over the cap now having signed Piterangelo.
  11. Yes, anything can happen...but where do the goals come from? Even less room to maneuver...less ice for the few skill players you have. I would not only tank, I would almost give away Stall and Co just to create cap space...that is the new currency. Before the rona, Hurricanes got a first for taking on 5 mill in Marleaus salary...that return might just go up with lack of a cap increase. You can hope Greenway magically turns into John Druce ...or...tank and restart.
  12. Glad to see Kirill in the fold. He will get top pp duty etc...but as mentioned...needs surrounding talent badly. Blow this thing up and get in the bottom 4 of the lottery. You guys deserve so much better than this hockey purgatory.
  13. Wondering just why the **** games #2 and 3...AND games #6 and 7 are both scheduled for backs to backs??? REALLY??? In a hub where only one other series is being played we can't alternate game nights? I'm sure Varley has played WAY more back to backs than Hart...advantage (unfair btw) Islanders. Is there a ****** Ice Capades I don't know about...WTF!!!
  14. I believe the older player salary dump price got set with the Leafs trade of Marleau to the Canes. Leafs dumped 5 mill worth of salary and 1 year left on Marleaus deal. Leafs paid a 1st rounder (turned out to be 13th overall) and a 7th rounder...they got a 6th rounder back from Carolina. This was BEFORE the Rona in June of 19. Now the cap is frozen and won't go up...and G has 2 years left at 8.2 million, a far cry from Marleaus 5 mill and 1 year left. They are both 40-50 pt forwards at this point. I think it would cost a 1st, 2nd and a prospect to dump G right now...in other words, we are stuck with him. Same price for Vorachek...or very close. .he has more years left and looks cooked.

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