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  1. I take that deal and run...fast. Raddysh is gonna be a very good NHL winger.
  2. I have seen a fair amount of Senyshyn live, 3 games at if I recall correctly. Kid has nice wheels, wicked shot, good hockey IQ. In my view, he's a pure stud who has a legit chance at being a star in the NHL.
  3. Just gonna throw this into the thread....Spit's expected to go this year... 1)Curtis Douglas....rated anywhere from 55 to 85....he is by far the biggest player in the draft. He's 6'8 and change...and weighs in at approx 232 to 240. Thing is, kid has ok hands, but can't skate a lick. Usually I just dismiss guys like this, BUT, it could be his body has not really adapted to his size type of thing. He looks uncoordinated though, and you usually can't fix that. 2) Connor Cochoran.....This kid is REAL interesting. His rookie year he barely played cause of our Memorial Cup run/win. In fact, they played the lifelong dman at C just to get him into games. Rook year was a right off. He showed limited offense in his 2nd year, but only gained pp time at the end of the year. Thing is....this kids stride, it is breathtaking....like straight up beautiful, a lot like Scott Niedermeyer only less speed. A right hand shot....if he lasts past the 5th round, something is wrong. I think he goes early 4 cause of his skating. 3)Matthew McDougall....might be the most talented of these 3 draft eligible Spits. Nice hands, speed, IQ, but a tad undersized. Could be a home run for somebody. Prob 5th or 6th rnd.
  4. Hoffman is better than Bodeker. He just is. The stats don't lie. My gut says Ottawa was in in a no win situation with all the off ice problems. They HAD to take a diminished return. Florida gains the best player, but the move was only needed because both Riley Smith and Marcessault are better or at least equal to Hoffman. Had they not made the costly Vegas errors, this trade would have never happened. Mismanagement by Tallon all the way around, and now he's grasping at strings. As far as Ottawas goes......the *right* move is to trade Karlsson. Rip it all down, start over from scratch. Take the amazing assets that can be gleaned from Karlsson and put the franchise on the right path. Problem is, it risks Ottawa as a team. The Sens fans only filled the seats at a 81% ratio.....5th lowest in the league. A total rebuild will put into motion a total fan backlash. Melynk would have to sell or move.....100%. Perhaps it is for the best, if the Sens fans don't support their team properly, it's for the best. I must say though, having the nw arena in Katana, WAY far away from downtown Ottawa was a HUGE error.
  5. Very odd trade all the way around. I *think* Arizona's long term plans are having Strome at 1C, Gally at 2C and Stephan at 3C. Problem being, Gals has already proven he is not a good C. Needless to say, this could throw some kinks in their plans....lol. I question the Yotes pro scouts here, where in the holy hell did they see a fit at C for him?? Domi has more talent than 9 goals and 4 empty netters among them. The kid has nice moves and can skate. He was tried on the first line a few times, and it just did not work. He ended up on the 4th line playing with Zac Rinaldo and other variables.....not great for pt production, but he was on the 4th line because he did not click on the upper lines when given the chance. If ever 2 players needed a change of scenery, it's these two....but I suspect the results will be the same. The winner of this trade is the Habs, only because Domi will take up less cap space......and btw, 3.1 is a gross overpayment for what he has shown so far, a 1.5 per year prove it deal was warranted here.
  6. Will comment on this excellent work later, but just wanted to say, we are really lucky to have you. A lot of knowledge and hard work goes into each one of these!!
  7. All that typing for nuttin....lol. These are respectable trade proposals, and some even outside the box thinking....thus, Kenny does NOT do outside the box....what a stiff, huh?
  8. I owned Allen for a brief moment in NAHANA, dealt him away to MD pretty quick. Agreed, on a defensive minded Blues team (esp under Hitch) he should have been much better. He would go on torrid winning steaks and just as horrid losing streaks as well. Allen is substantially better than Lehner, who is not really an NHL goalie in my books.
  9. I dunno, Lehner is a bum in my eyes. He did have the CRAPPY Sabres defense in front of him....but Allen for Lehner and a 1st in my books.
  10. I do think Allen is a tad overrated, but if the Sabres are done tanking....LOL, they might wanna get a real starter.
  11. Just saw an outrageous rumor that had Jake Allen going to Buffalo for Robin Lehner. If that was straight up, the Blues GM's needs to go NOW!! I would imagine there would be picks and or prospects going the other way if it did happen. Then, I started thinking, who would inevitably take over for Lehner? I realized I knew nothing about the Blues goalie prospects, so I set out to rectify that. [Hidden Content] In 2016, the Blues used their 2nd round pick on goalie Fitzpatrick. That's a pretty steep investment for a goalie. I guess he has played ok....but the 2014 4th rounder Ville Husso has surpassed him. IF the Allen trade happened, one of these two would probably back up Lehner. One thing we know for sure, 32 year old back up Carter Hutton will go UFA, so he is out of the picture, leaving back up wide open, no matter who the starter is.
  12. This Nucks thing is a prime indicator he does not want to stay in NYI. He will get real close to a max deal, and max years, so he does not need to leverage, he is shopping for a new home. UNLESS he is trying to secure 10% of ownership after he retires...never know.
  13. OK....when in doubt....go to the OHL!! The Hawks are SO weak at Center, I'm going right back there, double dipping. With the 27th pick, the Black Hawks proudly select...Akil Thomas. A tad light, but tons of vision and skill. Like the way he goes to the dirty areas, despite being a bit of a light weight. Like this kid a LOT.
  14. Sorry guys, busy morning....some unexpected guests etc....will pick within a half hr
  15. Did not know that....thanks for the correction fc. I like him even more now.