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  1. Some valid points in there Digs. Mid 1st round this year did look like a crap shoot...except for the fact the #1 ranked Goalie Walstat (sp) was sitting there for the taking. Who knows maybe this Belarusian wonder we took in the 3rd is a steal, but on the surface, missing out on the top ranked Goalie hurt. This organization badly needs quality prospect depth there.
  2. If a lot of things go our way...top 5 team. If Hart and the defense stink, bottom 5...literally could go to either extreme.
  3. IF the Flyers can afford 1 more forward after signing Sanhiem and a back up...I suggest the Yotes Michael Bunting. Made 737,000 last year, rumored to make approx 1.5 as a UFA. 25 year old late bloomer who had 10 goals in 21 games after getting called up last year. Throws a few hits a game, physical, tough to play against. Fits what they are doing.
  4. Um...McCrossin factor? Hurt by November.
  5. Tough to call on Goalies, but my initial reaction is Holtby in Philly would not go well. Bernier looked solid with the Wings who basically had an AHL defense last year. Bernier or Riemer for me. I expect Vegas to go after Jones or Holtby after dealing Fleury. Vegas allows the least shots in the league, so perfect spot for a struggling vet trying to recapture his old form.
  6. Great deal and provides options.
  7. Posters on another site are flat out refusing to call him "Risto" and instead have turned to "Risky"....which is pretty funny.
  8. Yeah, apparently...Risto had improved stats for a 10 game stretch when he was partnered with McCabe. Then McCabe got hurt and it all went to ****. That at least gives a bit of hope that the right partner can help. Still, colour me skeptical. I favour the eye test over analytics ...but it is nice to a numerical value to compare with others. He failed the eye test miserably though. Logic and history say he is what he is...players don't magically change their stripes entering their 9th season.
  9. To be fair, a few advanced stats clearly indicate Ristos teammates have better corsi/possession stats when he is NOT on the ice. The rate of allowing easy zone entry is alarmingly high also.
  10. Read a few months ago: The Flyers are the first team ever to alternate making and missing the playoffs for 10 straight years. Not only Hockey, all 4 major sports!
  11. Getting this Tuomaala kid is kinda like a 1st round pick. It does not excuse the Risto debacle, but makes it easier to stomach. The other thing I was very happy about was this Belarus goalie in the 3rd. This team badly needed quality Goalie prospects and this kid fits the bill. Snagging the 2nd rated European goalie in mid 3rd is respectable value. This kid kicked serious ass for Belarus at last years World Jr's. Very promising!!
  12. All I know is he's got nice wheels, was rated in mid first and is supposed to be one of the better goal scorers in the draft. Dont know why he fell.
  13. I dunno if the Flyers leaked the rumor that 7 teams in total offered 1st round picks for Risto or not. Perhaps a false leak to save face in the wake of serious negative responses to this deal? Regardless, the responsible move would be to bow out and let the other 6 teams fight it out. Like you said, seems like he locked on the target and was hell bent on winning his services. There is always other options. Sign a UFA to a 1 or 2 year deal biding time for kids to break through. What a horses ass Fletch is!!
  14. They will not get a penny from me for a looooong time...but I love Philly, love the Flyers, no Salt Lake City hopes, no matter how disgusted I am. They are kinda tattooed on my left arm...lol.
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