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  1. Waiting for a bad Fletch trade is like farting in brand new underwear...regrettable, yet inevitable.
  2. What a huge loss to the hockey community. He lived a full life but will be missed. Had the pleasure of meeting him in a locker room after an old timers game when he was in his mid 70s. Salt of the earth kinda guy who gladly answered all my eager questions. Said Doug Harvey was one of his greatest opponents and alluded to how much respect he had for him. Tm myself...it was priceless info and you could tell he was thrilled I was so interested. The Cups and all star games take a back seat to the classy guy he was!
  3. Good point about technology. As great as his shot is, I have some doubt that he ever gets to 50...he is one of the streakist players alive. When he goes cold....he's more frigid than a witches tit in a brass bra. Wonder why? Not the talent feeding him the puck...I suspect his skating is not allowing him to get to the weak seam in the defense quick enough?
  4. Um...Mike Bossy and Brett Hull say hello....
  5. Colour me cautious, but probably the best choice available after Quenville signed with the Panthers. He brings structure and accountability, two things this team was severely lacking. The need for NHL experience was evident. They could have done a lot worse.
  6. Working on getting a keyboard for the phone...we will be able to chat about the draft at least. Looks like I was not wrong wishing for VanDeresche...the boys huge LB, huh?
  7. Hey OR...felt bad about not posting Eagles stuff with you. I only have this phone...and I cant type worth a damn on it...this post took me 4 times the time a computer would have...lol.
  8. I think he sticks in the NHL.. He can still learn the ins and outs...but his skill level says big leagues.
  9. Realistically, Gordon is a placeholder unless they can make the playoffs. The team would have to respond in fantastic fashion to save him. Maybe unfair, but I do believe that is the hill he has to climb.
  10. Prayers going out for Rick and his loved ones. In this very boring era of sports broadcasters, he stands out large, a good thing.
  11. Put me down for Hunter also. Great evaluator of talent who can break a close tie with his vast knowledge of jr hockey and young players in general. He can hire an expert for contracts and the cap...This guy will find the hidden gems and make the right calls on the early picks. Can recognize talent at the NHL level also...a skill you obviously need in trades.
  12. Could not read through all 7 pages, so forgive me if some of this is redundant. I get the disappointment in this year's team...but.. Upper management knew Hexy was taking a slow patient approach. What was he supposed to do...trade Giroux for a star goalie with Hart waiting in the wings? Now, he had limited funds to spend on goalies but inviting both Neuvy and Ells back did not inspire much confidence....and their play inspired even less. In the end, bringing both these stiffs back was a recipe for disaster. It may have cost him the ability to see his carefully laid plans come to fruition.
  13. I kinda see the Oilers thought process. The offensive depth is so bad, the only clear path to the playoffs (which is exactly what Chicc needs to save his job btw) is to switch to a trap type of defensive shell and hope McJesus comes through capitalizing on mistakes when needed.
  14. In totally unrelated news the Edmonton retail sector is doing the happy dance. The prospect of Mrs.Hitchcock with new access to NHL money is viewed as a real money "maker"....
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