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  1. Thanks KT, most informative article.
  2. Not the "steady veteran" type defenseman I'd choose to lead the blue line. Too volitile for me, but then I'm a " 2-1 final" type of fan. Price matches though. Maybe we should check with Hart. He seems the most level headed member of the organization.
  3. Changed gm, head and defensive coach. Time to change the core group. Do a proper rebuild.
  4. Clarke said Bernie was the best player on the team.
  5. A "signed" Nylander? And for how much? Then maybe.
  6. Don't have the goaltending to go deep. Only deal we make should be good for now and the future.
  7. Have gone from good to mediocre over the last five. Expect a stinker tonight.
  8. Maybe Sanheim and popcorn for a couple of games. He's having trouble with "when to go - when to stay". A look in real time next to Hexy might help. Need to get that sorted.
  9. Hire Toe Blake. He won a 1000 cups. Oh wait, the Habs had more talent than the rest of the NHL.combined. The talent level of our young forwards is seriously overrated.
  10. Ivan likes him . Said so. That's good enough for me.
  11. He's positionally sound and has learned to hit. Isn't easily flustered. Big and strong and a good skater. Nice first pass from the zone. Good looking rookie.
  12. Watched one game with Provorov paired with Hagg. It took Ivan one period to see Hagg was defensively responsible enough to foray offensively. Don't need Markov and Don't want McDonald anywhere but LHV.

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