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  1. Nice try, I mean for next season in the NHL. Patrick is not coming back, if he does make him right wing to eventually replace Jake.
  2. If you put NAK with a playmaking center like Frost, I guarantee he will become a big scorer. NAK is one of the most offensively skilled guys on the team. His ability to get open and his shot are top notch.
  3. NAK is a RFA, Grant and Pitlick are UFA, thats three guys we need to sign, plus some of these college kids. We probaly cant afford Braun even if we wanted to keep him. We need to dump one big contract, JVR is probably the best candidate. Jake is having a big year, so his value is probably the highest, but It will be tough to replace Jakes offense. Some offense can be replaced with NAK and Farabee improving next season.
  4. Laughton and Hayes are deadly on the PK, they could easily have a couple of goals tonight.
  5. I guess its time for Ghost to step up and increase his value to the team or for a trade. He has the rest of the season to get his game back.
  6. Grant looks like a tremendous pickup , him and Pitlick both UFA next year and NAK is RFA.Unless we dump JVR , I don’t think we can re-sign these guys and the better they play , the more it’s gonna cost. Raffl and Laughton are also playing great .
  7. After beating division rivals NYR twice and the Caps, we have to be wary of the dreaded psychological letdown and then we face Buffalo. It’s hard to get up for those games coming off the previous games. We need to stay focused , every game is so important with the parity in the league.
  8. NAK has incredible offensive fundamentals, that play when he threw that backhand on net and it resulted in a goal. That really was a heads up play , He didn’t try and force the puck through the defense and cause a turnover, he just threw it at the net, like you have heard a thousand times, anything can happen and it did. He always seems to create some good chances when he is on the ice. I would like to see the creativity of NAK and Farabee together eventually playing on the same line.
  9. Im just saying that, with our team and a high end game breaker like Stamkos, Paneran, etc in our lineup, we would be alot more of a dangerous . What sets us apart from Tampa? Stamkos and Hedman, other than that we are close. In the past Crosby killed us constantly, he was usually the deciding factor even if we shut him down for 90% of the game, he somehow would beat us. We have great balance, but having a ringer puts you into a into a whole other level. Of course having a superstar and big holes in the lineup like Edmomton is not gonna get you a Cup. Im just saying that when it comes to teams that are close in talent are playing its nice to have that one guy who can score out of nowhere and end a game. Yeah., I dont believe they are gonna be at the level of OV, Crosby etc, but they probably have the best puck skills of all our players, especially Frost. Im hoping he can be that highly skilled , dangler who can go end to end and who's playmaking ability makes his linemates better. A combination playmaker and goal scorer a player who gets the fans out of their seats when he has the puck.
  10. Yes a team effort is key and we do have have good balance, but I still don’t think we have that one constant dangerous threat who can do it all. But as long as we play a team game and roll four good lines , we can have some success. I just worry that since the teams are so close in skill and the games are usually close, that our lack of a standout game breaker could hurt us. Look at how dangerous Panerin is , every time he had the puck he was making things happen. I guess I just wish we had an ex citing ,dangerous offensive threat like that.
  11. As a total team I think we are better than the Isles, Rangers and Penguins, but probably not Washington . We have proven we can beat the best teams in a regular season game,but the thing that worries me heading into the playoffs is, these teams all have a high end ringer on their team that’s can singlehandedly take the puck need to end and beat you. Ovechkin, Crosby, Barzal and Panerin are all guys that can win games with big plays. I can’t count how many times has Crosby beaten us by himself. Even if you shutdown the other players ,these kind of guys have that ability to change or win the game in a flash. We have a solid , balanced lineup, but we just don’t have that game changing , highly skilled offensive stalwart that is a constant threat to make one explosive play and end someone’s season. I hope that Frost or Farabee can become something close to that.
  12. Your wish came true, all three were a big factor tonight, some great passes by Jake and even to his own teammates .
  13. The way the league is now with contracts, you are always gonna have 3 or 4 guys making 8 or 9 million and as they age , you will be stuck with 3 or 4 years of poor returns. You just have to be lucky that, as some bad contracts expire, and younger guys want big raises, that you are able to crunch the numbers, keep drafting good players and keep the team competitive . Having a bunch of guys over 30 with big contracts and all heading downhill is when you end up handcuffed with no cap space and few options. G expires in 22, just as Coots is up for a big raise in 22, so half that Giroux $ will go to Coots. JVR in 23 and Jake in 24 and Hayes in 26. So its imperative that we dump one big contract at the expansion draft and you have to buy someone out down the road, in order to pay our younger guys as they improve and get bigger contracts. It seems like you get a 3-4 year window to win the Cup and then you have to rebuild. Its getting harder to win the Cup with all the cap implications it limits your options for FA and traded.
  14. After weeks of posting , they finally listened to me and put NAK on the PP . Notice where he was to take that pass , right in the perfect spot between 3 defenders. Most other Flyers would be at the net on top of the goalie , only to have the puck squirt out past them. NAK has a scorers mentality. He knows exactly where to go. Now if they would only follow my advice again and move him to the second line. RJ assistant coach

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