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  1. Voracek is a good player, but he has these annoying habits that he still has not corrected after all these years in the league. On the PP they usually give him the puck to rush up ice and a lot of the time and he does a good job ,but after he beats the first few guys, he holds onto the puck too long ,and tries to beat two more guys and blows an open chance at setting anyone up and he ends up taking himself out of the play. He never works a give and go and and he skates into a wall of players and turns it over. He holds the puck when he should pass it and when he has an open shot he is looking to pass it. It drives me insane. We have to dump salary , so if we can dump Jake or JVR ,we have to do it. Jake is definitely a more valuable player to the Flyers and also as a trade chip than JVR, but if we trade Jake ,we may have to pickup some of the $$ due to the amount of his contract and the term or else take another Jori Lethera as part of the deal we make.Then In the off season we can hope Seattle takes JVR or offer them something to take him. If we are unable to do anything as far as a trade or working out something with Seattle, before I let Laughton or NAK get claimed , I would trade them and at least get something and leave Seattle with either JVR as Jake as their choice.
  2. You get my point, we don’t need any questionable players. No one is disputing Drouin’s talent. Over the years I’ve seen players like him come and go , Galenychuk and Kovalev are guys that had great talent but had character issues. Richards turned into a druggie after double shoulder surgery, and he doesn’t have the natural talent of Drouin or the guys I mentioned , but he came to play every night. I would rather have a little less talented player with a heart than a skilled player with no guts. Drouin is another Voracek, we don’t need any more players like that. We need winners and motivators. If Montreal wants JVR or Voracek for Drouin I will make that trade. We need to dump a lackadaisical player before we add another.
  3. Drouin has been in a bad situation since he came into the NHL, he failed in Tampa and now he isnt wanted by his hometown team. So when is he going to reach his potential? He has talent but he does not have a winning attitude . We dont need another physically and mentally soft player on this team, we need real leaders and players with a Bobby Clarke or Mike Richards work ethic to inspire the floaters we already have. I would trade JVR for Drouin, but not Ghost, but I know Montreal would never want JVR.
  4. Ghost definitely has value. There are not that many defensemen are around with his skating ability and blistering point shot. He has a reasonable contract . He had knee surgery and that definitely hindered his game , he still has speed and a great shot, but no confidence. Sure he is a defensive liability, but his real value is on the PP. If he is used correctly and teamed with the right personnel, he will be a factor. True, Ghost didnt help our PP but we have to realize that the Flyers PP is pathetic, and so predictable, with G on the left trying the same old lame pass to the crease that gets blocked. Have you ever seen a PP with such lack of creativity, telegraphed, predictable ,slow and inaccurate passing and so few shots taken?You cant judge Ghost by our failed PP, we could have put Bobby Orr on that PP , he wouldn't score either. Ghost can get us a good return.
  5. Drouin is a softie and a floater. He is the last kind of player we need.
  6. In watching the video, Sandin definitely has the ability to find the puck, even when he seems out of the play, the puck somehow ends up on his stick. How many times do you see the Flyers jam the net and they are in so tight that the rebounds bounce out right past them and right to the defensemen.. Kubel is the ony guy I see who stays a few feet off the net and finds an open spot for a good shot. We usually have three guys in the crease trying to jam the puck in and the goalie has the whole lower net covered. You arent gonna score that way, you need to hang back a bit be able to roof a rebound in.
  7. Clitlick was a top performer for us in the playoffs. Im sure he will want a raise, the question is how much? We do not have much cap space after we sign some of our RFA. On the right wing we have, Voracek, Konecny, Kubel and Pitlick. We also have Sandin who has offensive skill, so I wouldn't be surprised to see Kubel take Pitlicks role and Sandin take the last spot on right wing. Only way there is room is if we trade Jake or have someone play the off wing.
  8. If Sandin can be a speedy offensive threat that can be a huge help, I think NAK is a secret weapon, he has some of the best goal scorers instincts on this team, Patrick is the real key , it helps solidify the third line. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect 20 goals or more each from Patrick, NAK, Lindblom and Sandin.
  9. Thinking about where the Flyers will get some extra offense from for next season....In today’s NHL and especially when your picking late in the first round ,it’s very hard for rookies to come in and make a big impact, as far as scoring goes, even if they spend time in the AHL. Back in the day , Carter (11) and Gagne (20) both scored around 20 goals in their rookie seasons. They both did their full junior careers and didn’t play in the AHL, except Carter played in AHL playoffs. The the last big rookie season from a Flyer that I can recall was Renberg scoring 38 in his rookie season, but he was 22 and spent 4 years in the Swedish elite league And before that was Brian Propp, 35 goals and 75 points total, but he was 21. So I guess am hoping that Linus Sandin ,turns into another Renberg for us since he is an older rookie and played in an elite league. Maybe he can come in and score somewhere between 20-30. If Patrick and Frost can also step in and play and Patrick can score 20 and maybe 15 from Frost , maybe that will help if we can’t acquire a scorer.
  10. I enjoy talking hockey with you too, I understand the truth hurts and in todays overly sensitive climate,.people cannot handle it. I state nothing but facts and common sense. I was also joking about telling you to F yourself. We have no problems.
  11. I can always exercise my freedom of speech and tell you to Go F yourself, can you read that?
  12. I’m not doubting he said it, I am saying it’s fake news because it is a blatantly false statement that the third and fourth line cost us the series, it was the top two lines lack of scoring that cost us. Similar to when CNN has the nerve to say with a straight face that, the protests in Portland are peaceful, when they are Burning , Looting and Murdering. Get it.
  13. I thought they said we lost because of the third and fourh lines? We all know it was the first two lines that cost us the series. So that's why I said it sounded like CNN,.its a blatant lie.
  14. Holy crap , Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo of Fake News CNN are more credible than this ridiculous story.
  15. Meyers and Sanheim need to hit the gym as well. I would hold onto Clitlick, he was our best playoff performer , unless he wants some crazy contract.

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