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  1. The funniest part of it all is he wants a raise based on that he played in most of the games. Its like the guy who came to work, sat at his desk and did nothing, but he expects a raise just for showing up. What a moron.
  2. It was the bowing at my genius comment that got me, the grandma comment was fine , but after this one , you have to admit you do make condescending remarks...and P.S. Fox is not part of the cancel culture , that’s strictly a left wing policy. Have a splendid day.
  3. I’m very hurt that you will be ignoring me, this cancel culture is out of control. .... and I have never been know for my maturity level. I can say the same about you making assumptions on my posts. Like how I’m anointing young guys as Captain.. Please feel free to call me names and insult me, I find it funny . The difference between you and me is , I put my insults right out there in plain English, you hide yours behind passive aggressive condescending remarks like saying how you bow to my genius and for me to STFU via a story about your grandmother . I can read between the lines . I called
  4. You are such a tool, my comments have logic and reasoning. Your comments are based on anger and disappointment. You bow to my genius ,...it’s just logical thinking and observation, something you completely lack. It’s quite obvious theta on the PP, all they do is pass the puck around for two minutes and barely get off any shots. That’s why we are gonna have a couple of actual shooters on the PP next year. Unless we acquire Mike Bossy, odds are that Farabee and Allison will be on the PP next year just based on their style of play. You enjoy arguing just for the sake of it. Our whole PP needs to
  5. We almost have to have a Bill Belechek mentality, at most you can re-sign two top guys when they hit 28 or 29 . You determine who is most valuable and who you think will be productive as an older player based on conditioning and lifestyle, etc... the rest you trade for prospects and picks and rebuild on the fly. Once you are saddled with a bunch of high priced ,aging ,fading players with long term contracts you are doomed. We have JVR, Jake ,Hayes and soon Coots, that’s four big contracts, with multiple years to go. G has one year left, we really can’t afford to re-sign him , if we wanted to.
  6. I have said many times , he is our most valuable trade chip and would get us the biggest return. If we are complete stuck with Jake and Hayes for god knows how many more years, then it almost makes sense to dump Coots if a true rebuild on offense is what we are doing. Otherwise you will have three 28- 32 players making 8 million each and starting to diminish in productivity. Hayes and Coots are similar players as it is. If there is an amazing deal to be had for Coots, I would certainly listen, something similar to when we traded Recchi for Desjardin and LeClair. It would have to be a franchise
  7. Sure , but if that is not possible then we need to figure out who to pick.
  8. Yeah and the whole team sucked balls this year, except for Farabee and Coots. So are we getting rid of the whole team ? Patrick missed a whole year ,so why write him off when guys who missed no time also sucked this year. Patrick is worth nothing in a trade, so sign him to another cheap 1 year deal and see how it goes, he is talented, whether he can put it together by next year, we will see. You can still get nothing for him next year too if someone beats him out at camp or if he does not improve drastically. Some players we want gone for sure like Jake and I wouldn’t re-sign Giroux u
  9. That’s right I am, because our PP has been horrible or mediocre for 10 years with G and Voracek. If you just observe you can see Allison is a perfect PP guy to jam the crease like Simmonds used to and Farabee is our best goal scorer. So with two PP units , I guarantee you both those guys will get PP duty. These guys are shooters that’s what you need for a successful PP, not guys who pass the puck around and kill of their own PP.
  10. We are picking around 11 or 12 , the Coyotes have forfeited their draft pick , so we just hope for a Chicago win and we pick 11th. There are a few sons of former NHL players that might be available when we pick, MCTavish and Sillinger , there’s also a good offensive player named Eklund , not sure if he is Pelle Eklunds son, but he looks like him. There are lots of good defensemen, but I don’t think they will be available when we pick. If you look ,we do not have a lot of depth at center in our system ,Coots is 28, Patrick is useless and Hayes is 28 or 29 and on his way to being useless. So al
  11. I think we need to give Patrick half a season next year, if we trade him now we get next to nothing, so it’s smarter give him a little more time. Between his migraines and the pandemic you gotta give him until the deadline next season. Our whole team sucked this year, so you can’t expect a guy that missed a year to do good when no one else did. So let’s see how he does in camp and early in the season. If someone like Frost beats him out and takes his job ,then that’s a different story.
  12. Provy got stuck with Braun for much of the season, even Bobby Orr would be a minus player with a partner like that. We get a defensively responsible veteran to pair with Provorov and he will bounce back from this bad year. All our defenseman took several steps back this season.
  13. No, it’s never too early. This season was more like training camp to decide who’s stays and who goes for next year. Allison and Farabee have shown more hockey IQ and offensive flair than most of the guys who have played for 10 years. I would never suggest making a young guy captain and put undo pressure on them. One thing I would try in training camp is a line of Farabee , Allison and Patrick/Frost. If Patrick can’t have a good camp playing with these skilled young guys, then he can be written off. I think a good competitive camp between Frost and Patrick would be good. Next season is Patrick’
  14. I don’t think he would make Provorov expendable, Provy is about the only defensive dman we have . If Provy had a good veteran partner, his game would be much better.York might make Sanheim expendable eventually. Since York is on a rookie contract,we don’t have to move any of our top dman at this point . York makes Ghost expendable and Morin makes Haag expendable. Then all we need is a good veteran to put with Provorov.
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