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  1. The other thing is, the previous superstars did not play physical hockey. Because of Lindros' size and style of play, the cheap shots he took were rarely called. If players hit Lemieux and Gretzky like that it would have been a different story .
  2. I havent watched an All Star game in 20 years, if they have to do one ,it should be played outdoors and have the Stanley Cup champs go up against an all star team.
  3. I wish they were on our team, they would punch JVR in the face in practice and wake him up.
  4. I agree with your assessment on the size and speed of players,etc. I never knew that skill could be so boring. Maybe its me, but i found the old time hockey to be far more exciting.
  5. The 70s and 80s was probably the most violent and physical time in the NHL , but I dont remember players being so badly injured . To me when no one wore a helmet there was much more respect among the players, as far as hits to the head. Players also knew if they targeted skill players they were gonna get hammered. Once everyone was wearing helmets the cheap shots increased and once they put in the instigator rule , little weasel players like Matt Cooke,etc started to do whatever they wanted since there was no deterrent.
  6. See, you havent had any hatred in 8 years.The NHL needs some villans for us to hate and to get the crowd going. As much as I hated all those guys, you really miss them. When Barnaby used to smile you just wanted to knock his teeth out.
  7. I totally agree, the game was plain vanilla, solid win but not a game you talk about and call ecxiting. But its also the same on the NBA, the classic physical battles of the 90s are history I used to be in a frenzy ready to jump through the tv and murder guys like Avery, Claude Lemieux and Barnaby watching the old games. I really miss the hatred. Other than Jake , who was the last player you wanted to punch in the face? On a good note my blood pressure is down.
  8. Remember when he tried to gouge out the Islanders Dean Chenyowith eye.
  9. Yes , Behn Wilson and Glen Cochrane would be in an insane asylum or on death row as habitual offenders.
  10. I miss the wars against Pittsburgh when the arena was loud and hatred was rampant. Im glad we beat the Pens 3-0, but i still think that I enjoyed the games alot more 10 years ago. I just wish we had a big hitter to lay a few people out and get the crowd going and I wouldnt mind a good pummeling of a deserving opponent every now and then. I know the game has changed and theres alot more skill, but im not exactly seeing the kind of excitement of the Lemaire, Lafleur and Shutt line. Its more like watching baseball or chess now.
  11. It all comes down to that laid back personality that carries over on the ice. Too many of our guys have that mellow dude persona. We need a few Type A personalities to light a fire on this team. Does Pete Rose 's son play hockey?
  12. Thats our biggest problem , we do have talent but Jake and JVR are so damn streaky and G is as well , but not as bad. They have been trying to get Jake to shoot the puck more often since we acquired him. Its even in his scouting report, he holds the puck too long and makes a low percentage passes , when hes in a better position to score himself. He could easily score 35 if he shot more often, but I guess he isnt gonna change after 10 years. Its like the fat guy that says ..i gotta go on a diet. as he rolls through the McDonalds drive through. Hes aware of the problem but just cannot apply the solution. I wanna see a line of Farabee, G and NAK. Im curious to see if NAK is the real deal and putting him with a couple of playmakers will show us if he can really be a finisher for this team. Even if they try it out in practice and see if there is chemistry. Other than TK, I dont see the other Flyers having that ability that NAK has, to find the open ice and get off a good shot.
  13. I would like to see Kubel get a couple of shifts on Girouxs right wing, he has a shooters mentality and might click well with G. Then move TK to second line and Jake to the third to spread out the offense.
  14. I understand the other teams play tight defense, but i cant see that you faced a great defense for 18 straight games. We have too many guys that disappear for too many games.

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