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  1. We have been through several coaches and it’s basically the same results as far as our top players not being difference makers in big games , the players not showing motivation or urgency, a crappy PP, horrible in shootouts, sleeping through half the game. Other than Haksol , you can’t blame the head coach. The common denominator for 10 years of mediocrity has been the so called nucleus, Giroux, Voracek, etc. When we played Boston, their top guy Pastranuk destroyed us in two games singlehanded. Our so called best players do not rise to the occasion for big games, they are a non factor when
  2. An even higher skilled Wayne Simmonds. He’s gonna be deadly on the PP.
  3. Yeah the $$ has ruined everything. Every time there a big FA in any sport and he is interviewing with several teams , you will hear him say something like, I’m going to go to the team/city that is best for my family ....it always ends up that it’s the team that offered the most $$, and usually it’s not the top 2 or 3 teams that have the best shot at winning a championship. You see a lot of these a holes in the NFL ,they care more about their stats and moronic end zone posing than if they actually won the game.
  4. Today’s game is supposed to be this high octane skill and speed, I’m just not seeing it. The 1970s Canadiens and Soviet Red Army were far more exciting and skilled than any team I see today. Maybe because the league has so many teams and the talent is spread thin. They call it parity, I call it mediocrity. They took out the red line, took out fighting , cut down on the interference and there is barely any hitting, but it has not created this incredible exciting high scoring hockey, at least not for the Flyers. To me the Flyers were far more exciting in the old days than they are now. The Fly
  5. Yes it’s a problem when every point is an assist except for one. We have too many passers and not enough finishers. As I said if we had a finisher to complement Giroux ‘s passing skills , then his lack of goal scoring wouldn’t be so bad.
  6. You are right, give me a Tim Kerr or Reggie Leach , who would have double the amount of goals over assists and looked to shoot every time. We have one goal Giroux instead, I guess at this point in his career he is no longer gonna score even 20 goals , yeah I know he is playing well, but if he had a pure goal scorer to pass to , his lack of goal scoring wouldn’t be a problem..
  7. Hopefully he is our not so distant future Wayne Simmonds. The fact that an 18 year old 4th round pick is scoring big in the AHL is very encouraging. He also plays the type of game that the Flyers sorely need.
  8. Don’t forget O’ Brian also had a bunch of injuries, so just like Patrick, his development was hindered. At this point I will settle for just one of them becoming a good player. Morin and Rubstov don’t look like they have much of a future in Philly , so we really need at least one of these guys to pan out.
  9. That’s all it takes is to stick up for yourself and others will get the message. Patrick allowing an 18 year old French puss, to get away will only encourage other players to rough him up. I understand he may have been worried about a fight and his headaches, but if he does not put a stop to it now, he will be the recipient of many more cheap shots down the road. Until we get some abrasive/skilled players on this team , I don’t see us getting too far. Everyone plays bigger when you have a spark plug on your team, we have buttplugs.
  10. Someone wrote about how Patrick was roughed up against the Rangers and I do recall that play.Lafraniere, basically pushed Patrick’s face into the ice and Patrick and his teammates did absolutely nothing about it. How do you let an 18 year old punk get away with that. Patrick is not a tough guy, but neither is Lafraniere . Patrick should have done something, if not a cheap shot back, a body check, anything, even later in the game . Patrick is really coming across as a soft perimeter player The more I watch Patrick, the more he seems to be plain vanilla. No killer instinct or tenacity at all. H
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