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  1. I dont know about any teams salary cap situation but would a team like Edmonton want a couple of guys like Voracek and Ghost?
  2. If we trade Ghosr this year ot would have to be for an equaly talented young defenseman who is a top notch defender. Basically an offensive dman for a defensive one. For example ..Ghost for Parayko or someone like that. We can gamble by holding on to Ghost and hope he has a huge second half and move him in the offseason for a big return or if he flops again this year his value suffers even more and we get less. Or trade him now if management feels he is not gonna bounce back.
  3. Meyers is starting to produce offense, Provy seems to be returning to form, we just need to get Sanheim going, once that happens I wouldn't be surprised to see Ghost get shopped around. Ghost just cant seem to get any good open shots at the net and when he does get open he is so over eager he either misses the net or flubs the shot and breaks his stick. His defense was never anything to brag about but he isnt doing much offensively either. Is it that the other teams figured him out and know how to defend him or is he just playing like total crap. The longer Ghost goes without producing the lower his value drops. Cam York is a purely skilled dman and he will eventually replace Ghost. I truly believe the Ghosts days in Philly are numbered.
  4. No, by talking to hockey people and checking his medical / injury history you hear things through the grapevine about players that might not be common knowledge and you decide its not worth the risk.
  5. The thing that I am going by at this point is the skill level of these draft picks, sure some of them havent proven anything yet but we have drafted some highly skilled players with skating ability unlike many of our draft picks in the past. We have never had a pool of such potential before.
  6. Patrick and Morin could end up as total lemons due to injuries , maybe the Flyers could have researched Patrick's medical history and traded down that year , but it's too late for that now. In general the Flyers have done pretty well with our first round picks , Konecny, Farabee, Frost, Sanheim, Provorov, Laughton. We also got some good later round picks like Lindblom, Ghost, Ratcliffe and Hart and two highly skilled free agents Myers and Zamula. Considering we usually pick late in the draft we are doing pretty good. All we need going forward is a couple of big defensemen who can clear the crease and play defense and actually help prevent goals.
  7. I. Cant believe this. He worked so hard to come back. You gotta figure hes done in Philly .
  8. Braun gets burned again and Ghost does his patented desperation snow angel that never works. What a brutal tandem....but a great goal by Farabee.
  9. That’s exactly what we need instead of the passive soyboys we have now. I wish someone on our team would punch someone and show some emotion.
  10. Can you get Max Domi traded to the Flyers, I like the way he plays.
  11. After being called out you will probably see a better effort from our two highest paid players but i dont think it will he enough. You cant turn passive people into leaders no matter what tactics you use. You cant change someone's nature. I guarantee there will be some kind of trade attempt to acquire a Chris Pronger personality type of leader. I know there are very few guys like that but G and V are secondary kind of leaders oir team needs more.
  12. @OccamsRazor I have been saying for years we need to draft a finisher but we go for the two way player in the first round most of the time. We passed on Caufield and Boldy the two best pure goal scorers and picked a dman, but we did take Brink in the second round. Right now we have four potential finishers, Ratcliffe, Allison, Brink and Farabee. Two big guys and two small guys. If two of them can pan out it, will be a big help, but other than Farabee the others are 2 years away from being any kind of factor for the Flyers.
  13. Maybe when you get the Giroux and Voraceks jerseys will be on the 50% off discount rack.
  14. I would like either of the Tkachuk brothers, or Bo Horvat. they play old time Flyer hockey, have skill, stand up for teammates and can be leaders for young team. We could probably also use an older leader as well, but the problem is the vets are grossly overpriced and washed up, for example Getzlaf. I know there is no chance of getting Horvat or the Tkachuks,but we n some player who play fire and emotion.
  15. I'll save him the trouble , Voracek cannot carry the puck and Ghost cannot play defense , Shitlick is useless and you need to acquire a true leader for this team.

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