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  1. My reply was not just about COVID, it was about how much it would suck , if we finally won the Cup and we couldn’t go to any games or have a parade. I guess we could all wear our Flyers Jerseys and loot and burn and just call it an overly exuberant victory parade.
  2. My entire life has been about hockey, and especially watching the playoffs in the spring. As much as I miss hockey , I really don’t believe there will be a playoff season. To me ,the NHL is better off canceling this season and prepare for next year. Look at the spike in COVID cases already. As soon as the traveling starts and all the players get together there will be an outbreak, It’s July already , who wants a half assed playoffs with no fans and the games played in other cities. I’m predicting now there will not be any playoffs. Imagine if there is a playoff season and after 45 years of suffering the Flyers finally win the Cup and we didn’t get to go to a single game , they won in some other city, in a empty arena and there is no Stanley Cup parade . Who the hell wants that. Who needs a ******** gimmick playoff and then a shortened season next year. Forget this year and also forget this social distance crap, open everything up , you can’t stop a virus, it has to run its course. We have been shutdown for 4 months ,we partially opened up and people are getting sick again, you can shutdown for 10 more months and the same thing will happen and we will be bankrupt and half the population will be on welfare. Unfortunately, the virus has to run its course and lots of people are going to die , you can’t stop it, just like you can’t stop a cold or flu. We are only prolonging the inevitable. P.S. All the allegations against me are false, they all wanted it...
  3. Thanks to the worst G. M. And all time moron, Mike Milbury.
  4. Why is that, I am a top notch poster as well as an attractive porn star,
  5. You gotta face reality and plan accordingly. There is strong possibility that Patrick and Lindblom never make it back or come back in some diminished capacity. I’m still talking hockey, I have had enough of the other stuff.
  6. There’s nothing else going on to talk about at this point, so that’s why I started this thread. What If he is still injured, right before expansion, does he have to be protected or is there’s some kind of injury exemption.? My opinion is based on Patrick’s susceptibility to injury. I have seen it too many times ,where s player is just snakebitten right from the start and their career just never flourishes. Of course I hope he makes it back and is a good player, but I just have a bad feeling.
  7. The expansion draft is still a year away so no decisions have to be made yet, but I’m not very confident that Patrick will ever come back full time and be a factor. At best , he will be another Bourdon or Lindros, in and out of the lineup for long periods of time. His development is never gonna hit its peak. If the draft were being held now , I think Laughton is more valuable to the team and I would protect him over Patrick .Or if I could get a second round pick , I would consider myself lucky. If Patrick is still injured by the draft , is he exempt from protection and on Long term injury list? What are our options?
  8. Nice try, I mean for next season in the NHL. Patrick is not coming back, if he does make him right wing to eventually replace Jake.
  9. If you put NAK with a playmaking center like Frost, I guarantee he will become a big scorer. NAK is one of the most offensively skilled guys on the team. His ability to get open and his shot are top notch.
  10. NAK is a RFA, Grant and Pitlick are UFA, thats three guys we need to sign, plus some of these college kids. We probaly cant afford Braun even if we wanted to keep him. We need to dump one big contract, JVR is probably the best candidate. Jake is having a big year, so his value is probably the highest, but It will be tough to replace Jakes offense. Some offense can be replaced with NAK and Farabee improving next season.
  11. Laughton and Hayes are deadly on the PK, they could easily have a couple of goals tonight.
  12. I guess its time for Ghost to step up and increase his value to the team or for a trade. He has the rest of the season to get his game back.
  13. Grant looks like a tremendous pickup , him and Pitlick both UFA next year and NAK is RFA.Unless we dump JVR , I don’t think we can re-sign these guys and the better they play , the more it’s gonna cost. Raffl and Laughton are also playing great .
  14. After beating division rivals NYR twice and the Caps, we have to be wary of the dreaded psychological letdown and then we face Buffalo. It’s hard to get up for those games coming off the previous games. We need to stay focused , every game is so important with the parity in the league.

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