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  1. Yes, I agree. He did the best under the circumstances. I just have a feeling that Gauthier is gonna be game changer and Drysdale is gonna be like Ghost.
  2. The thing that worries me is, it took him until 30 to become this defenseman we see. I’m not sold, I can easily see him returning back from a second pair guy to a #7. I would trade him if we can get a second rounder or good prospect. If they only offer third, then keep him for a playoff run I would only re-sign him for a reasonable deal, but he’s thirty he had a career year and will be looking for that big pay day with long term security.
  3. Drysdale is a lot like some of our current and past young players, he has missed a lot of games due to injury and he is behind in his development. He has already had two major injuries including a torn labrum, which kept him out a full season. Not sure if it was the same shoulder that was injured tonight. I just hope he isn’t a snake bitten player who’s made of peanut brittle and always gets hurt. We already had more than our share…Lindros, Bourdon, Morin, Patrick,Allison and O’Brien. I know the Flyers were limited in the teams they could trade with, but considering Patrick and all the rest ,I’d be wary of trading for a guys who’s had two major injuries right off the bat. It seems that guys who get injured early on are always injured down the line.
  4. We signed Coots to a big contract and then he started to break down and now he will continue to decline, he played a lot of tough minutes from 18-29..
  5. In looking at that hit on Drysdale, I don’t think he took a head shot, it looks like a separated shoulder or an arm injury.
  6. If Drysdale is out, there goes trading Walker for any assets. Drysdale has been injured two years in a row with Anaheim and missed a lot of time. Hope he isn’t Nolan Patrick the second.
  7. All he had to do was standup and cut down the angle on that last goal, instead he goes down, he sucks.
  8. You can say that about a lot of NHL teams. There are so many teams with much more talent than the Flyers who are totally underperforming this year. On paper we are a bottom ten team. We have Torts who gets the most out of the least and we have a bunch of other teams underachieving. That’s the only reason we are in a playoff spot. You also have two defensemen who basically did nothing for their entire careers, that are having breakout seasons in their UFA contract years. Don’t be fooled this team has a long way to go in the rebuild.
  9. I sense a loss coming. You had an emotional 2-1 loss to the Rangers at home, now your on the road ,back to back games against a rested team that needs the win alot more than the Flyers do.
  10. Old school brawl, nothing like the lame grab the jersey with the left hand and jab with a handful of jersey of today.
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