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  1. Not saying Trouba is better, he has just been in the league longer, so I figured if he got that amount , Provy would get a bit less since he has hasn’t been around as long . If last season, Provy had a similar season to his second year , we would be looking at 8 million.
  2. I assume Provorov is gonna want 7 million but 5.5 to 6 million is more reasonable.
  3. Hayes isn’t really known as a tough guy, I think we need more than Hayes.
  4. Maybe they are giving him a chance as a spot duty , semi enforcer. Lets face it, we lost Simmonds and Gudas, we have no one to prevent other teams from hammering our guys. As it stands Morin is our 7th or 8th dman, so unless a guy like Ghost is traded to make room for Morin, on a nightly basis we will not be very tough. Maybe Stewart plays for the phantoms and when the Flyers have a tough opponent he gets called up. Its a given that teams will be taking runs at our guys, this is possibly the least tough team in Flyers history on terms of havimg a couple of decent sized guys who can fight when needed.
  5. Whoever had the idea of getting Boeser that would be great, he looks like he is the real deal. He sms to be pretty consistent. I would offer Ghost and something else if they can’t get him signed. Although Konecny could end up being as good as Boeser, so we can’t be paying over 20 million for our right wings,
  6. Sanheim is a better defenseman than Ghost and probably this season Sanheim will blow past Ghost as an overall defenseman. Sanheims offensive skills are equal to or better than Ghost and he is better defensively and bigger. I’d give up Ghost for either of Laine or Marner. We don’t have a dynamic skilled winger equal to either of them,
  7. Eklund is the CNN of hockey news. Fake news all the time. He talks about his sources, his source is the internet, what a fraud.
  8. Yes , it was so much more exciting in the old days . Even though the talent levels of todays players are fantastic, I prefer tough old time hockey. I miss the crowd at the Spectrum, the hard hitting, the relentless forecheck of old time Flyer teams, the fights and intense rivalries. I liked when the players hated each other. After Wilson pummelled Howatt or Bridgman fought Nystrom they didnt say... good fight buddy and pat each other on the butt...they hated each other and the fans hated each other too.
  9. Fake President, he won the election fair and square.Your not one of those buffoons that believes in Russian collusion. Putting up a bunch of fake IDs on Anti social media sites does not sway an election and if you are dumb enough to be swayed by a social media site, then you should move outta your parents basement . A real example of election fraud was Sam Giancana rigging Illinois and West Virginia to give JFK the nomination.Trump is certainly 100 times better than the soyboy up in Canada who’s ruining your country and much better than the euro cowards who are ruining their countries.
  10. Yes kind of like the Democratic candidates.
  11. Absolutely, just think of the majority of our defenseman over the last 40 plus years, we never had many homegrown defenseman that amounted to anything other than Bladon, Jim Watson, Behn Wilson, Yuskevich, Eriksson and a couple of others. We always had to trade for defense...Dailey, Galley, Howe, McCrimmon, Svoboda, Haller, Dykhuis, Markov, Wells, Desjardins, Timmonen, Pronger, the list is endless. Lack of defensive depth cost us the 1980 cup, Busniuk Bathe and Barnes didnt even belong in the NHL. Piss poor goaltending cost us countless playoff series and a pathetic third pair and horrible goaltending cost us the 2010 Cup. If we had defense and goaltending during the Legion of Doom years we could have been a dynasty, we ran Desjardins and Timonen into the ground because the other dmen were not capable of playing solid minutes, we always relied too much on one defenseman. And other than his first two years ,Hextall sucked in the playoffs and gave up 30 foot 5 hole goals and flopped around the ice. Our previous GMs didnt think it was important to get a dominant goalie and a deep defense in spite of those deficiencies being the very reason we lost year after year. In 5 years Hextall drafted more skilled defenseman than in the past 40 years combined. He also got us the best young goalie since Lindbergh.
  12. Its gonna be a big competition but i believe Rubstov will win the third line wing position. He is the most complete player of the group. He is also a good size and probably the best defensively. Sending the other kids to the Phantoms will only help their game.
  13. Yeah the pride parade with all the other gaping 5 holes
  14. Yeah the pride parade with all the other gaping 5 holes
  15. Dont worry we can always sign Neuvirth
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