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  1. Starting Hart behind this defense is like starting your franchise QB behind a Swiss cheese offensive line with no running game . He will be shell shocked in no time.
  2. That is a forgone conclusion. Finding a goalie will prove much harder. The real truth is, we need to improve the defense, whether by having new coaches or adding a veteran defensive stalwart. Even if we get a solid goalie, without improving the defense , we will still suck. If the defense is improved dramatically, we can actually give Hart a few games in late January and see if he is ready.
  3. Then he will get hurt and we will reclaim Pickard and Mrazek...any word on how bad Stolarz is injured?
  4. Ok , and who will be the new goalie when he is injured in the first period.
  5. If Stolarz is out for even a short time, we will definitely be trading for a goalie. Even if he isn't, I think they will make a trade . I hope to God we dont give up anything good for a 34 yr old UFA like Howard.
  6. I assumed the incompetent special teams coaches are fired too.
  7. I think we might have to pay the other teams to take those stiffs off our hands
  8. I read Pietrangelo and Parayko are available, they are both still young and would be a better pickup than Doughty.
  9. I dont really see many Jets games, is Trouba the defensive stalwart we need , does he play physical? We really need a shutdown kinda guy,
  10. I think if the Flyers management believes they can salvage the season, then the coaching staff has to go now, we have waited long enough for the PK and PP to be consistently improved and that's not happening. So get it over with or the season is a total loss. I am hoping Morin can help but he has barely played in the past 2 years. We can't expect him to step in and be a factor. Imagine if Sanheim had a seasoned skilled vet playing with him.
  11. If Stolarz plays solid hockey, do you still see us trading for a goalie or do we wait until the offseason? With this defense , even if we got a great goalie, we would only lose by 3 goals instead of 6. With the constant defensive breakdowns , I think they look for a defensive defenseman first. I think you wait on the goalie and see how Stolarz does for a good 10-15 games. No point in trading for another Mrazk, Elliot, Neuvy, Bryz, Beezer ,Snow, Burke,Wregget, etc. To me getting another goalie wont help until you improve the defense. Maybe we can swing a 3 team deal, where we trade Simmonds to a playoff bound team and use those assets for a good defenseman.
  12. If we made a trade like the old days when we gave up Ken Linseman and a pick for Mark Howe that would be great. Maybe we can trade Simmonds for a defenseman.
  13. Is Pietrangelo defensively sound, we really need a guy who is gonna help in the defensive zone and cut down our GA. I dont get to watch many other teams, so I'm not sure of his defensive skills. I think a top defensive guy will elevate the play of the whole defense and obviously help the goaltenders. Stolarz has played well , he looks fluid in his movement and his mechanics are sound. If he can just play solid and not give up too many cheap goals it will be a huge lift until we decide what to do in the offseason. Stolarz should play 80% of the remaining games so we can see if he is the real deal or not.
  14. I think Fletcher will make a Pronger style trade and grab a top minutes veteran defenseman to anchor the defense. We have some great young defenseman but its painfully obvious we need a veteran leader back there to mentor this defense much in the way Pronger did for us. The question is , are there any defenseman that can really help us that are available for trade and what's the cost. I dont see us sticking with this defense.
  15. I said the same thing in this thread...if we really want to improve the team we will have to trade some of our god prospects no one is giving us a good young player for Jordan Weal.

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