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  1. I’m predicting Allison will be on the first or second line in short order. He is gonna be a Mike Knuble / Tim Kerr type of finisher . I’m not saying he’s gonna score 50 goals, but he will be one of our top goal scorers.
  2. On grit and determination alone, we should definitely be a much better team. The real key is Risto, if he can play physical ,sound positional hockey and we have to cut down the GAA big time. If he is a colossal failure, then we are in trouble because, we have nobody that is capable of filling that spot. Braun is horrible, Morin has no experience and York is very talented, but unless he really is the next Leetch, we cant expect him to fill that role yet. On a good note if Risto is a flop, then Shmuck Felcher is out the door...so it's a win win situation.
  3. Much better leadership and having players who play hard has to rub off on the younger guys and improve their game. The defense has been improved, now we need some younger players to take it up a notch and score some big goals...Konecny, Farabee, Allison and Lindblom all have to become the offensive catalysts for this team.
  4. Fletcher did this to try and save his job, I assume we were out of the running for the other available defensemen, so Fletcher was worried ,he would get shutout if he waited any longer and he panicked .He figured, at least show management he did something, even if it was the wrong move, in their eyes any move was better than no move.
  5. We can only hope G is traded at the deadline and we can get a decent return.. I really don't see how you can re-sign him, even if you wanted to. We have a number of older players with $5-8 million contracts, we also have to plan on Coots demanding $8 million next year and probably re-signing Ristoso . With the cap, it's hard enough already to try and improve the team going forward , so G has to go. If we are mediocre next year, I would certainly entertain offers for Coots too.
  6. Don’t forget….I like our club…the immortal words of Paul Holmgren
  7. It was a love hate, we loved to hate him.
  8. That’s a line from Cuckoos Nest. I hate baseball too, I’d rather watch a Joe Biden speech before I watched baseball.
  9. Just watching Atkinson dangling and scoring like that is a far cry from Jake coming down the wing and being stopped dead at the blue line or watching him hold the puck way too long,skate it all the way in to the end boards ,only to be rubbed out behind the net. Thank god that goofy looking bastard is gone. He looks like Grittys homeless older brother .
  10. Don’t any of you F’ in maniacs wanna watch the World Series…
  11. Even if they waive it, nobody is trading for Hayes and his long and bloated contract, especially coming off core surgery. We do have a shot at dumping G at the trade deadline to a playoff bound team.Since we are stuck with three overpaid players, Jake, JVR and Hayes , who’s numbers are going to diminish with each season ,there is absolutely no reason to give 29 year old Coots a 6 year $8 million contract. He is our most valuable asset , we can restock the team if we make the right deal. Coots is worth a top prospect a top young roster player and a first. That’s the way to go, with Coots we wil
  12. All this is for nothing ,unless we address the lack of leadership size and grit on the wings and get a goal scorer. On top of that we are stuck with three huge contracts and soon to be four when we re-sign Coots.
  13. Frost will be one of the pieces used to dump Jake, and are there actually and FA goal scorers worth signing? We already gave a first and two seconds plus Meyers. Suddenly we don’t have so many assets. Next year is when the big name FAs are actually available.
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