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  1. I'm not saying he should be Behn Wilson, I just want him to have the strength to win some puck battles and to not get manhandled ny Nathan Gerbe again. I didnt hear anything about him reporting to camp with any added strength/size. So if he hit the gym this summer than that's a good thing.
  2. One thing is for sure, this is the most exciting Flyers hockey I have seen in years. I would like to see Morin take Brauns job and give us another hitter on the blue line and I think Allison would be a clutch PP guy and give us size and skill on the wing, we do not have any big physical wingers with skill.
  3. So why the hell didn’t management send him to the gym this off-season. He still has the strength of a 98lb weakling
  4. What we need is a line that’s gonna be together for years like Leach Clarke Barber and Lindros ,Leclair , Renberg. I’m so tired of boring hockey, we need an exciting line to get the fans out of their seats and create some finesse plays. Atkinson is already much more fun to watch than Jake , in the past when we sucked there was at least a good hit by Rinaldo or Hartnell pummeling Avery. Unfortunately with our coaching style , we probably won’t be overly exciting,but definitely better then the last year. I’m looking forward to Risto laying out some big hits.
  5. This is exactly what we need, when was the last time that any Flyers coach kept a line together for an entire season, when was the last time we had a dominant line at all? They are always moving guys around and shuffling lines, I hope that Frost Ratcliffe and Foerester can be the next Legion of Doom or LCB line for the Flyers. I really think that Foerester and Frost are close to NHL ready , Ratcliffe probably needs a little more time. I hope we develop some good pairs on the blue line and a couple of good lines with these young guys in the AHL. So when they do come up they can actually complet
  6. The collapsed lung and COVID shutdowns setback Ratcliffe 2 years, hopefully he can have a good year . Having a good playmaker like Frost setting up Ratcliffe can be a confidence booster for him and having a big guy on the line can give Frost some room to operate. I agree there is no space on the roster now for Foerester, especially on right wing with Atkinson and TK and Allison sooner than later …that’s why I hope we don’t re-sign Giroux, Foerester would be perfect on the off wing PP blasting in one timers like Mike Bossy. Instead of wasting 5 or 6 million minimum on G , I’d rather dump him
  7. Condoms would have been alot cheaper.
  8. I wouldn't mind a line of Frost , Foerester and Ratcliffe.
  9. I downloaded ESPN + app for $69 to my smart TV and iPad and have watched all the Flyers games so far,except last night it was on NHLN.. Im in NY, not sure if it's different for Canada.
  10. He had lots of highlight reel goals and setups in juniors if Risto can be very solid defensively, then Sanheim can take some chances to create offense, but he has to put in the effort and have some confidence. If he plays scared, then it's over for him.
  11. Soyheim is built like Roger Thomas from What's Happening. You can be a weakling and a defensive liability as long as your offensive game offsets your weak points. If you are rushing the puck ,setting up great plays and putting up points, then its a trade off . So this is the season where Sanheim has to become an offensive force. He showed great playmakiing skill in juniors. If not, then Zamula or York will have his job next year.
  12. Is the ice T the Flyers practice facility lopsided ,what are all these hip and groin injuries, I’m fed up with this crap. Fire everyone.
  13. On a good note , if the injuries keep piling up the Eagles can get a top 5 pick plus the two other picks , just hope Wentz stays healthy.
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