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  1. Trotz in his first year took the Isles from the worst defense to the top defense, so if we get him, this will be a big test for Risto. If he doesn't improve in a big way, then it's safe to say he never will.
  2. For sure the softies and slackers need to go, so let's start with JVR ,aka Private Pyle. I just like Trotz better, Torts is a nut job like Keenan. Trotz has a little more patience.
  3. Torts is certainly a good coach, but I am not sure if his fiery coaching style will work with todays overly sensitive soy generation. He wears out his welcome real quick and we are not close to being contenders, so he would probably be fired before we even fully rebuild. I think Trotz is the kind of guy that is better suited for a young team and he can help develop our younger players.
  4. And I thought I was gonna be a trend setter.
  5. I cant wait to get a Seeler jersey for next season.
  6. Let's not get carried away, the only thing Sanheim can drop is his panties . Rubbing someone out on the boards the and being strong enough to win some battles is just fine from a guy like Sanheim but getting rag dolled by Nathan Gerber Baby was embarrassing. He just needs some upper body strength. As long as Sanheim is rushing the puck and creating offense he is valuable.
  7. The three potential guys we may pick from are closely rated and we do have a need for both a center and a dman since G is gone and Ellis is probably on his way out sooner, rather than later. Im not saying any of the young guys will step in and replace 10 year veterans right away ,but it's a big step to a better future if we make the right pick.
  8. Realistically, I think Savoie will be there when we pick and we could really use his skill to replace Giroux, but I just have a feeling they will pick defense due to the status of Ellis.
  9. I think since Ellis is an older player who had a history injuries, he can't be counted on to play alot of games next season. He missed an entire season, there is no definitive diagnosis of his injury and he did not get surgery. I have never seen this situation with injured players before. So after 7 months of rest with no results, do you honestly think that suddenly he is magically gonna be ready for next season? I think he probably has some degenerative hip injury that will either end his career or have him in and out of the lineup. We are counting on him to be the #1 guy and th
  10. Sanheim doesn't need to lay people out, all he needs is some more upper body strength to win some battles on the boards and be able to push some guys off the puck.
  11. True, he needs to build some upper body strength to win some battles and it was embarrassing when Nathan Gerbe who is practically a dwarf, dwarf tossed Sanheim in a fight. I do have to give Sanheim credit, he was our best dman and his offensive game really improved this year. As long as he us providing offense and setting up plays, we dont need him to be a tough guy,.but he should be hitting the gym to improve his overall game.
  12. He moved like Sherman Klump in quicksand.
  13. Flyers just promoted two former players to coaching positions. Dave Hoyda was just named the skills coach and Brad Marsh is the new power skating instructor.
  14. Right…we don’t want someone who is a 98lb weakling trapped in a 6ft 3 ,220lb body like JVR. We want a either a big guy who plays the way he should or a smaller guy who plays big. Bobby Clarke wasn’t a strong guy, wasn’t fast ,didn’t have a big shot, but he was strong in his mind, he outworked and out hustled guys who had way more natural skill than him. Richards was very similar. We have too many guys that are mentally weak.
  15. True, we do need skill, speed and finesse up front, but we also need some big wingers with skill too. So if either Savoie or Slavofsky happens to fall to #5, then either one will do. As slow and unskilled as we are, we are also small and weak and lose almost every battle on the boards and in front, when we played the Isles 2 years ago in the playoffs,we were completely out hit, out muscled and out skated. It was purely Hart that got us to seven games, the writing was on the wall then. We can’t play a skating game or a physical game .At least in the old days we would outwork and outhit our oppo
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