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  1. LOL, here’s another great one..
  2. If it works , I am all for it, but I think Braun is the real weak link. I wouldn’t be surprised if we try to get another defensive defenseman, but they would have to trade Ghost first.
  3. We have “potential” for next season, you are right about the question marks, so either we can be better if Patrick and Lindblom play well , but guys like Farabee , NAK and Konecny need to also take it to the next level, if they don’t we will be worse. Losing Niskanen is a big loss. Gustafsson is a potential replacement for Ghost, but there is no replacement for Niskanen. The coaching staff talks it up like Braun can step up, but if Niskanen didn’t retire Braun would be unemployed. I look around this room and see a lot of potential....you have potential and you have potential...
  4. That’s a pretty cool black jersey, I like it better than the new pajama top jersey.
  5. Looks like a pajama top. I would have preferred the classic 1975 burnt orange with the white lettering.
  6. Let’s not say JVR sucks, let’s say he is not assertive enough, he has skill, but it seems he loses his confidence easily and has a very laid back personality ,which carries over on the ice. He lacks ferocity and determination, but you can’t turn a mellow , hey dude kinda guy into a ferocious lion on the ice. If he had just a little bit more determination he would have been a very good player. To sum it up, JVR just does not have “The Attitude” , for those familiar with Fast Times at Ridgemont, no matter how much Damone coached Rat, he was still a wuss and would never have the attitude.
  7. JVR is not the kinda guy who will turn a game around on his own, but if he is put with some creative playmakers , he can be a good goal scorer. He needs someone to set him up, so if Patrick comes in and plays well and Farabee is the other wing maybe JVR can make an impact. JVR had only one stretch of truly inspired play in his career, which was against the Bruins in 2010 playoffs, he was driving to the net with authority and scoring goals , he looked like he was gonna be great, the fans were chanting JVR! Unfortunately he never showed that kind of effort again. There is a good you tube video of that for those who didn’t see the series or forgot.
  8. Problem Is, its a flat cap, its gonna be that way for a few years. Most teams have no cap space and there are lots of teams trying to unload their overpriced players. So you are probably going to have to pay off another team with a draft pick or a prospect to take JVR off your hands. No one is lining up to take an aging, overpaid, one dimensional underachieving guy like JVR. You have to hope Seattle takes him in the draft. Ghost has a good contract and a certain skillset that makes him easier to trade. We better unload Ghost this season, if we dont, Seattle would most certainly take him and then we are stuck with JVR and his bloated contract for 5 more years.
  9. I agree, we definitely need a big tough winger who can crash the net and who has finishing ability. Since we lost Hartnell and Simmons, we have been lacking in that area. Hopefully in a year or two Ratcliffe can be our big finisher on the left side with Allison on the right. We have some skilled smaller goal scorers with guys like Brink, Farabee and Desoyners and one more big finisher , Foerester, so if all works out we can have a nice blend up front. Between injuries and COVID a lot of our prospects lost valuable development time and several would be contributing to the team by now. Rubstov, Patrick , O’Brien, Morin, Allison and Laberge all have been set back big time. That’s four first round picks and two second round picks. Talk about bad luck, that’s a lot of prime draft picks that so far have not worked out for us, so far.
  10. Yes , i believe I have stepped over the line, I am a habitual line stepper. At least some people here have a sense of humor and are not triggered by sarcasm.
  11. No problem, you know I am right , its OK
  12. FILTHADELPHIA is not exactly known for its low crime either.
  13. Lets face it, Philly is not exactly on anyones top destinations list. In the better days Philly was a team with a winning reputation and known for taking care of their players. The team has been mediocre for years, Snider is gone and if you haven't noticed, very few free agents and even the college free agents, did not have the Flyers on their list. Not many players want to sign here and raise their kids in a crime ridden overtaxed ********, which is what most of the Northeast is now. As someone else mentioned players are signing in States with low taxes and a much better standard of living.
  14. We have to go with goaltending, defense and team play, we don’t t have the firepower to go end to end with some of these other teams , so we have to play a complete team game and out work our opponents . We may have to play boring defensive ,NJ Devils style hockey.We took the Oilers to 7 games in the 87 Cup mostly on hard work and a team game. Their talent level was vastly better than ours , their top 2 centers were Gretzky and Messier, we had Sutter and Zezel. On paper it should have been a blowout, but we had good leadership, good goaltending, good defense ,our offense was solid, but we didn’t have any superstars. We were well coached and no team worked harder than the Flyers .
  15. The Rangers and Devils loaded up in this draft. It still kills me that they got so lucky with their lottery picks over the last few years. If Lafraniere and Kakko both reach their potential, that’s a duo that we can’t come close to. Montreal is also building a good team.The Devils are also loaded with young talent and the Islanders who are very good already, also have two highly skilled players coming in this season ,Dobson and Wahlstrom . Unfortunately our two best players are 30 and fading fast and these other teams best players are all young. We have them all beat in goaltending, but we have to somehow get or hope someone develops into a real game changer to match the best players on the other teams.

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