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  1. Wasn't it a few years ago the TWolves brought in a "shooting coach," to teach grown men, professionals no less, how to shoot a ?
  2. Gave up on boring Wild-Kings pleasure skate and watched Leafs at Flames. Canadian announcers do not coddle bad play. "Couldn't bury our chances," "ran into a hot goaltender" and "rang one of the pipe" won't fly. Pinging the outside iron means you missed the net.
  3. Kahkonen let in some softies. Wild announcers pumping his tires for "robbing" shooters, but these "highlight" saves can just as easily mean he was out of position. Greenway playing mean but still tends to only have one hand on his stick. I love Foligno but center-ice, no-look drop passes best reserved for those with silky mittens. Kiprisov exciting, but seems to be all over the place. Memories harken back to beloved Stephanie Vielleux and his high-speed hijinks.
  4. Jared Spurgeon named captain. Been with team 11 years already at 31 years old. Pretty nice for a sixth rounder who went to Wild in free agency. Suter and Parise asst. captains. Undecided: Who controls the boom box.
  5. Duclair, the most frustrating? That's something from a bench boss is a literal toxic time bomb......Cagguila is fast, hard-nosed and a winner, having led the University of North Dakota to its NCAA championship in 2016.....
  6. Our Nashville nemeses can field a Wild Alumni line of Granlund-Huala-Kunin. Brad Richardson also a likely bomb squad player this season........ Our own Covid bomb squad could potentially include Gerry Mayhew, Luke Johnson, Marco Rossi and Matt Barkowski.......
  7. Interesting too that Rask has been skating since he was two, likely having spent nearly as much time on ice as on tundra. I'm guessing he needs to be slotted somewhere rather that being a utility forward. Never heard that the issue of Rask is work ethic, or lack thereof. Now Zucarello, we need to remind him to cut his stick down. He's a Smurf using a Chara pattern twig....
  8. I haven't quite figured out how Rask once put up 48 points in Carolina and now is viewed as a straggler. He was a second rounder and is still only 27. More than that, the Sweden has a sister named Fanny, which is cool by itself
  9. I imagine he might get a half dozen games in Minnesota then returns to either the 67s or is loaned to an Austrian club so he can begin season on time.
  10. It's musical chair time for NHL goalies. All were all-world at points in their career, and every team that takes one is looking for either a big turnaround with the proverbial "change of scenery" or a mentor. Stalock unfortunately can mainly mentor a minder to ride the pine.
  11. For a third round pick in 2021. Other move of the day is signing Sturm for two years. Sturm is stronger, a better skater and can take face offs as a center or work the wall as a left wing. Donato, I don't know, seems like his stick was too long. Clears really more a roster spot, as Donato is at $1.6 million.
  12. Well, he was Mr. Hockey Minnesota. His bio mentions core surgery and leg injuries. Hope he has no underlying concussion issues we don't know about.....
  13. You guys know how I feel about this, as in my opinion Brodin is the best hockey player on the Wild, mobile, high hockey IQ, and ability to shift directions seamlessly. He's also a cool hand carrying the puck out of our zone. Might I add speed as well.
  14. Brilliant. We got ourseleves another Johansson. Coaching pee wee, all I had to do is say, "Justin....get out there," and five guys jumped over the boards. So in about two years' time we will have Marcus Johannson at center, and Simon Johansson and Filip Johansson on the defense. At a minimum, this could cause confusion for Wild opponents. "Keep an eye on Johansson out there," a coach might instruct. "Which one, coach?"
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