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  1. Scott Sandelin of Minnesota Duluth, played at University of North Dakota and Montreal Canadians. A winner.
  2. You don't want a placeholder. Go after Duluth and Team USA coach Scott Sandelin.
  3. Excuse me, but aren't like half the fans at games retired and vacationing Canadians? A Tampa fan I worked with says that's the case, eh? So Tampa and much of Florida are like a warm-weather Canadian province? Hell, you guys should just annex the thing
  4. According to Tampa Radio jocks some Panthers were spotted at a local strip club early into game day morning.....
  5. I could see Beckman making big club next year.
  6. So-called goalie controversy ******** as the five skaters with five foot sticks didn't keep the puck out if their own end. I'm still kinda in shock.
  7. was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!
  8. Did he ever play with alumni teams? Played against North Stars at a summer tourney about 20 years ago at Breezy Point
  9. Bugsy in for DeLo....injury or faceoff tactic?
  10. Nothing that I know of. Just scratching my head.....guess you go with a cup winner and first overall vs guy who played at Alabama Huntsville but cant beat St. Louis.....
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