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  1. Alert; Tonight's Wild game postponed due to curfew in place for Chauvin trial. Twins and Wolves also canceled games
  2. If Wild shake tree, I expect it to be minor deals if any. Not like the days we'd bring in a missing element, or in the case of Chris Simon, the missing link, . Move might be made to get Boldy in the lineup. Good on Doobie! He went to Colorado for a pick and a Pateryn. Nice backup work if you can get it. Not like he has to win every game 2 to 1 like he did with the World's former pop-gun offense. Any long shots? Pipe dreams?
  3. Listening on Westwood Radio Minnesota State v St. Cloud State 4 to 4 in third period in Pittsburgh. Minnesota-Duluth v. Massachusetts to follow. Mass missing goaltender and top scorer to Covid..
  4. Would be nice feather in cap of former North Dakota and Philadelphia coach Dave Hakstol, asst. w/Toronto since Babcock firing
  5. I think Isles have space. Where there's a will there's a way. But yeah, a lot of pieces and salaries and "picks to be determined," would have to be shuffled. "Future considerations..." I am a Wild fan and admire Parise's game....hope he stays, but....
  6. Parise holds all the cards. He can retire when it's time. Both Parise and Zajac are University of North Dakota products. As far as rumours, no this is just me throwing gas on the fire.... It would be a creative deal, given the season and all....
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