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  1. Icechipper

    UND Hockey

    Very special year among many special teams and seasons, a hard-working and tough hockey club in a program known for its resiliance.. what at happened with my alma mater....Bemidji Stae University. They tipped the polls mid season......
  2. Beckmann a thrill to watch on those highlife so, a combination of speed and shooting accuracy....
  3. Icechipper

    UND Hockey

    Very special year among many special teams and seasons, a hard-working and tough hockey club in a program known for its resiliance.....
  4. Local spring senior tournament may be short without Canadian teams....
  5. This scenario: NHL ready but not all world players are released by their respective nations. North Americans fill the gap until they can return. You can see how much time I have on my hands. NHLPA would never agree....but a hockey mind might wander and ponder....
  6. What again is the stratagem of signing Beckmann, we're told he is 18, when he's almost certainly headed back to his junior team for the 2020-2021 season...?
  7. Watched part of a Gretzky-era Oilers game at a sports bar yesterday and chuckled to see the beer-league-speed, center ice traffic jams as teams try to avoid two line passes, and the absolute holding, hooking, slashing, shoving and general mugging and thuggery as defensemen try to hold the blue line. We've come a long way baby.......
  8. My son an hour outside cities when he heard game/season on hold. Very pissed.....
  9. I supplement my income doing stagehand and security for events. This is crazy. College basketball and hockey in empty arenas.....Twighlight Zone is apt expression......
  10. Stupidity can be contagious. Wearing ear plugs helps.....

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