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  1. Guerin must have filled out the lineup card for Bruce......
  2. Boudreau should gracefully step aside. F'd up the lineup card? Really? Time to settle into that advisory role and let somebody else coach this mess.
  3. Dallas certainly had a nice day for showcasing NHL players elbowing guys in the head.....
  4. Wearing toques kind of cheesy in Dallas....
  5. Stick tap to University of North Dakota freshman for his work with Team USA. ..including an on camera F bomb.....
  6. Unless.. . Detroit or Chicago to boost TV ratings in the US
  7. If we don't host Winnipeg the NHL is nuts......
  8. Last Man in voting begins at 11 a.m. central could use a shooting defenseman. ...
  9. When you speak, consider: 1 Is it true? 2 Is it necessary? 3 Is it kind? Or so I've heard......
  10. If you think Lanta and Walz sound dumb, try close caption in a bar dominated by football fans. Cliche after cliche. Like how the Wild looked strong early but then "the wind went out of their sails" so they need to go home, be with their families, have a practice and "saddle up" to face Calgary Monday.....
  11. What up with Dumba standing behind net with the puck? Does he think it's 1970 and he's Larry Robinson?
  12. Home cookin': Poolman of East Grand Forks and University of North Dakota on first D pairing for Jets. Johnson, of Grand Forks and UND, jumps to Koivu's center slot for Wild.
  13. Just confirmed: Chris Stewart has compromising photos of Chuck Fletcher......
  14. 16 below zero but I'm watching warm at a BDubs in Fargo......

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