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  1. It's called the Fletcher 401K plan.
  2. Plus the Wild training staff have all those Suter 20 jerseys... he will sport 20, eh?
  3. This is more bad news for Minnesota Wild in Central
  4. Never seen either player. A takeaway from both beautifully vague scouting reports: "He's a good skater." That's always a good place to start, as we might well already have two of the best skaters in the league in Brodin and Kaprisov. Nice taking a kid from Winnipeg's backyard too!
  5. Well, he should be ready about the time Suter and Parise salaries come off the books.
  6. Arizona. We bury bad contracts in the desert like hazardous waste. NHL purgatory. Feel sorry for the fans.....
  7. One of the best DCorps in NHL. They'll be in a a lot of 1-0 and 2-1 physical games. Will not be a soft stopover between western Canada and California.
  8. Can Greenway skate backwards? We need defensemen....
  9. Pouring salt on ESPNs Kraken leak wound, NBC sports online has released the entire roster with salaries some stats
  10. As I mentioned on Wild off-season thread, teams apparently have either notification or lists of selections, and picks are being leaked. Reports are that Seattle opted for Soucy from Wild over Kahkonen
  11. Apparently the teams have been notified of selections and nobody can keep a secret, so ESPN getting scooped on it's first big story.
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