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  1. Reports much appreciated. Does Hammond travel between St. Paul and Iowa this season?
  2. Game was exciting on KFAN stream, Bob Kurtz on the call along with Joe O'Donnell and Tom Reid. Nice job navigating the offside challenge and OT infractions.
  3. Per multiple Winnipeg outlets, Wheeler is out indefinitely with symptomatic Covid breakthrough...
  4. Just another weapon in the Metro Divisions war of mutually assured destruction. Wilson loves it....
  5. Seems like the NHL version of law enforcement busting someone for a petty misdemeanor to get their attention while evidence is gathered for the felony charge...
  6. Beer league chirping 101 "I'm open!" sometimes works with rookie opponents
  7. Just keep your head up, two hands on the stick, stick on the ice. The puck will find you.
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