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  1. Don Cherry says Finlanders are ******* on the faceoff and should be required to wear the poppy on their sweater when playing in Canada.........OK OK just making a little joke there. I am American whose grandparents emigrated to the Red River Valley from Ontario. If Trump sees this I may be deported to Canada......
  2. True some big Russian winger tried to board Wild bus after the game?
  3. I always thought he was a blowhard know it all who ran down Europeans and Americans like they were stealing jobs from Canadians. His rockem sockem videos glorified fighting while doctors and others began to recognize it as basically barbaric (even though even the most docile and timid among fans still shoot out of their seats for a brawl, but that's another story.....) I kind of think that as a supposed expert and promoter of the game, he seemed to enjoy tearing down more than building up. Yeah, patriotism and respect for veterans is to be lauded, but not jammed down our throats, be it Canada or the United States.
  4. Didn't Dumba get time with Suter last season?
  5. Check out the trash talk over at the Kings page.......pullin' your leg. No posts since 2018. Yikes!
  6. Hey Blues were worst in league last Christmas.....ah, who's kiddin who here....they dumped Yeo-Yo-Yo and found a money goaltender. Plus they had OReilly. And Tarasenko......and, ok, bad analogy, can't fault a guy for looking for silver linings.....
  7. Ouch. You had to bring up Burns......
  8. Alex Henry. Blast from past. Realist Jaques Lemaire often deployed this chugalong defenseman as a fourth line winger. ...
  9. Bill Guerin says all is hunky dorry. Picture Ek throwing tape balls at Suter, Greenway locker-boxing with Parise, Fiala blasting Katy Perry on the boom box, Donato filling Koivu's shoes with shaving cream and Kunin throwing cold water on Zucker while he showers...crazy kids...all this camaraderie must be a laugh riot!
  10. There is another Winnipeg Zajac in the league but he is a young defenseman...
  11. Given his relatively young age, he is really part of the future d core, he and Brodin serve as a balance and hopefully solid professional example between the vets (Suter Spurgeon Hunt Parise Foligno Staal Koivu) and a group of guys barely old enough to drink (EEk Donato Fiala Soucy Greenway Donato) So who exactly is that No. 1 center you would target? Taylor Hall? Malkin would be cool but he's hurt and we'd be giving up youth and potential for another vet. Way this season is going Wild should be trading for picks and prospects. Intriguing idea you float but I think dumping Dumba would come back to bite us. Would not be surprised to see Wild pick up a Vet on waivers (Spezza?) for center depth. Or, how is Sturm doing down on the farm?
  12. Check the stats on that game. Embellishment roughing boarding elbowing. Good players in that league but also some ass clowns with zero respect for the game or their opponent.
  13. Conundrum. They can't play the send down for "conditioning" card with Stalock. I do wonder if Dubnyk might be struggling with a nagging injury (groin?). If we lose two more out West, especially if we allow 4-plus per game, I predict we will see a change. Spitballin' here but are there any NHL-veteran tenders we might target?
  14. Can't believe this thread has endured for 6 pages.....................

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