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  1. Dubnyk, because I think Guerin was so disappointed in goaltending (and I think he strongly hinted his disappointment was in #40) and not anyone else. Pateryn. He'll stay hurt, which is fine by me because when he came back he looked at least two steps too slow; and reminded me of Kyle Quincey all over again. As far as Rask goes...he's a center we might as well play him. But after another season then you buy him out too. We want to be careful with the buyouts with the fact they have to give Fiala, Kaprizov and probably Brodin pay raises next year. I think Greenway is tradebait too...you could tell Guerin was very disappointed with how he came to training camp this spring.
  2. Yea, probably. However, with all of thsoe clubs in the lottery. There is an incentive to keep those teams relavant and good from a ratings' standpoint. Sending that player to the Wild would be sending an elite talent into a media abyss because the NHL mostly doesn't acknowledge teams beyond the Eastern timezone.
  3. At this point, I am going to give Guerin the benefit of the doubt that he sees this team the way we see it. He knows it needs help down the middle and needs a true #1 center that is gong to be a productive player offensively with goals as well as assists. Plus I think he realizes how having two quality young wingers; he wants to give them a center that will make them the best they can be. Especially since the team shipped out the majority of its scouting staff I guess I'm feeling more hopeful that we don't take players with skating issues. But ultimately we'll see what happens. I had high hopes for Fenton and then he drafts Johansson with his first pick. But the others seem to have promise...but that was such an awful first one. I'm willing to give Guerin the benefit of the doubt at this point.
  4. Its funny you say Scandella I saw him in one of the round robin games and thought he looked lost in his own end the way he sometimes did when he was with us. I don't wonder about a 'what if' with him as much as I do about Alex Tuch. He seems to be just about everything we wish Greenway showed us more of. I think you have to move Zach to try to re-esetablish a new culture let alone everything else.
  5. I don't think it was any conspiracy. We had 12.5% chance of winning and an 87.5% of losing same as every other team in the lottery. While it could've helped a great deal it could have been worse. It could have gone to the Jets.
  6. Interesting choice. But whatever. I don't think the goalie coach gives up soft goals. But my guess is he has someone in mind for that spot and wants his guy.
  7. Well the Rangers sooo needed this after only getting Kaapo Kakko last year. They needed it for the pieces to get some more plaers to work with Artemi Panarin according to Mike Rupp. Good thing they can fill a need. (yawn)
  8. I'd offer them any defenseman they want. But its singular, but if that's what it takes to make the deal I am not super sentimental about anyone on the blueline. Even then, I'd be pretty resistant to dealing him based on his age, and the fact I think Florida is one or two players away from being pretty good unlike us. Still, if we could get Barkov, that would be huge.
  9. Minnesota's attendance is just fine, especially in comparison to Florida. But we need a Top line center in the worst possible way and that wouldn't be Lafreniere. We by far are the team that could use a 1st Overall pick the most, that being said...it will probably go to Pittsburgh, Edmonton or Toronto. Just because...
  10. I'd like Barkov, but I think Florida will hold onto him like grim death. And at this point he's an RFA so Florida would have to be willing to part with him and if they do let him go they'll want a king's ransom.
  11. I don't think this team will have the cap space to entice a center to come here. Taylor Hall is not going to want to come to Minnesota. Beyond that, the UFA class for centers is pretty ugly. Staal at best at this point is a 2nd line center.
  12. Hunt was horrible. It seemed to me like the game was moving too fast for his brain to process it all. And I wasn't impressed by his footspeed as opponents took adavntage of him with their speed on multiple occasions both in the exhibition and in this series against Vancouver. IMO, Addison, Menell can do just as well as Hunt...and if it wasn't for Hunt's shot, no one would care one bit about him.
  13. Well I thought I saw an add that has already stated that the Kraken black spiced Rum is already a sponsor of theirs.
  14. I think everyone but the Panthers know this.
  15. Evan Fitzhugh calling some games... Sounds like a good first choice for the Seattle Kraken.

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