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  1. There are not a lot of bigger defenseman in this draft. In fact, that's the way its been trending for the last few years. Lots of 5"10"-ish guys.
  2. Goaltending is probably the only thing the Wild has ever had (at times) that approached elite in status. Yet not as much from one individual as it was from a tandem. But eventually the organization went to a more traditional...starter and back up kind of deployment.
  3. I would've been surprised if he signed somewhere else being a Fargo kid as he is. They're a fairly well-to-do hockey family in the Fargo / Moorhead area.
  4. I just think he'll see an old tired team play against Vancouver. And beyond Fiala he won't see much potential help and be like...what the hell am i getting myself into. He has zilch to prove in the KHL; if he really wants to be in the NHL as fast as possible he should sign with the Wild. But he hasn't...which leads me to think he might be having second thoughts.
  5. Kirill Kaprizov Drama continues, will he sign in Minnesota or the KHL? So what else is new...more Kirill Kaprizov drama. Enjoy?
  6. I liked John Davidson when he used to be the analyst for Fox national broadcasts during the late 1990's. Then he had to go be a Team President for 3 different organizations. Pete Weber and Terry Crisp were actually a pretty entertaining duo in a 'listen to your grandpa' kind of way. I like Chris Cuthbert too.
  7. He's done with his show until next fall. Which sucks...but I totally understand.
  8. NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings Movement Tracker Who rose, who fell...IMO the draft talk really gets going once this list is published. Enjoy and discuss!
  9. That's an interesting way to put it @Alexandron but I think people haven't been happy with the Wild broadcast for years. I agree on the point on Walz, who had a decent start but then seemed to think he needed to talk so much more, when the opposite is true. My favorite broadcast teams in the NHL. San Jose Sharks New York Islanders TSN - Murphy and Ferraro Hughson and Simpson - Rogers I like John Forslund although Tripp Tracy can be annoying.
  10. The NHL Should Cancel the 2019-20 season or history may repeat itself I provide some simple thoughts as to why I think the league would be wise to just cancel the 2019-20 season and just focus on next season. Enjoy and discuss.
  11. You can E-mail questions to paladinolive@yahoo.com if you'd like.
  12. If you look at Manny and Roloson, they did pretty well considering they played on teams that chronically were some of the worst offensive clubs in the organization's history. Yes, they also benefited from Lemaire's defensive style of hockey, but I still think their goaltending held up pretty well. When Dubnyk first arrived, he was much better but its been a steady decline ever since that first season when his numbers were among the league's best. And even a slip in Dubnyk's game usually was a big part of the team going on a losing streak. I still think the most interesting fact is how close those big sample numbers are when you look at save percentage or win percentage. It kind of proves the team has been stuck at a certain level of above average-ness for an extended period of time. I didn't have this in the article, but Harding also was a rare right-catching goaltender. He had a few solid seasons in Houston before he really got any significant chance to show what he could do in Minnesota.
  13. Minnesota Wild TV Broadcast Ranked 29th in the NHL We provide some thoughts on this latest ranking of the broadcast and remind people we told you it was this bad a long time ago. Enjoy and discuss...
  14. Thanks. Yea, those were combative times where people seemed to be in one of 3 tribes. Manny, Roli or they didn't care at all. Remember all of the posts about Brent Burns' hair and the other puckbunnies? Blech...

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