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  1. A complete list of the Greatest Minnesota Wild goaltenders of all time @MNSOTA and I wrote up this article evaluating all of the players that have manned the crease for the Minnesota Wild in its history. It is amazing to see how close some of the statistics (goals against average, save percentage) are for the various goalies even if they spanned different eras in the franchise's history. Enjoy and discuss...
  2. At this point, expectations for Johansson are about as low as you can get. Its good to hear Frolunda has a good reputation for development, because he needs it but we'll see if that translates to more opportunity as well.
  3. Thanks! Are you on Twitter? Don't be afraid to ask questions to @BravetheWild by tagging them #BTWMN
  4. Hmm...not sure why the links are not working. Let me see if I can post them here. Those are all the videos I had in my article. Also, I updated it to include the fact the Wild signed Hunter Jones to an entry level deal. So could this mean Dubnyk is more or less going to be brushed aside and Kahkonen moves up while Jones and Robson man the crease in Iowa?!?!
  5. Brave the Wild - Crease And Assist I was on a Wild podcast this morning. We talk prospects, North Stars stuff, where we think the season will go next, retirements, Kirill Kaprizov and more. Enjoy an excuse to have an hour away from the more dire aspects our daily lives these days.
  6. I think there is no drawback from signing any of these forwards. Next season, the team will no doubt let some of its older players that were helping carry the mail in Iowa move on with their careers and give more of the prospects the ice time and opportunity to develop. As I see it... Damien Giroux Connor Dewar Brandon Duhaime Mason Shaw Mitchell Chaffee Will Bitten Gerald Mayhew Ivan Lodnia Dmitry Sokolov Luke Johnson Gabriel Dumont Alexander Khovanov Will probably be the forwards in Iowa next year. On defense...they only have two under contract already. The rest are RFA's and one UFA. Fedor Gordeev Calen Addison My guess is they will re-sign... Brennan Menell Louie Belpedio Stepan Falkovsky had a good year for Allen, but they already have one giant blueliner in Gordeev. But do they really want to keep Hunter Warner?!?! Not sure. Between the pipes...the top two options are both RFA's. Hunter Jones - signed Kaapo Kahkonen Mat Robson
  7. Wild Sign 3 Forwards: Damien Giroux, Adam Beckman and Mitchell Chaffee I share my thoughts on the 3 forwards the Wild signed over the last two days, I have video and stats too! Enjoy and discuss...
  8. For some...and I have that game. But NHL '94 is where I'll spend my day today.
  9. No Hockey and need your hockey fix, I have some ideas With COVID-19 cancelling just about everything these days, I thought I'd give people some ideas to get their hockey fix. Enjoy and discuss!
  10. Rask's goal was impressive. IMO, I'd try to give him another chance. When you consider how long he spent just watching from the pressbox and to play as well as he did was a credit to him. Yes, I know he's a professional but he was assertive and engaged...good to see.
  11. I don't think he's overweight, and by what I've heard...he's put a lot of time trying to work on improving his explosiveness. He was noted for staying later after practices to keep working on it. I think his attitude is in the right place. I'm more concerned about his decision-making with the puck than his skating. While he's shown some finishing ability and he can dangle pretty well, he can make some really ludicrous decisions with the puck. The kind of mistakes you normally don't see in players that have advanced beyond pee wees.
  12. Fiala and Rask Clutch for the Wild in 5-4 Overtime Win in Anaheim Dubnyk played like he normally does (crap) but the team dug deep and Fiala bailed him out with a victory. Kind of an ugly choppy and chippy game. Sort of like what they've seen this entire California road trip but the team managed to go 2-for-3 and now are back in the playoff picture for now. Unlikely we'll still be there when we play Vegas on Thursday but we got 2 more crucial points. I have a full game recap, an Iowa Wild report and ton of prospect news as well as a full State Tournament summary. Check it out!
  13. He's hustling out there. He's winning some draws. I like how he likes to push the pace. I agree with @IllaZilla for the most part though. Offer him a fairly cheap deal, short-term (like a prove it deal) and let him show he's worthy of something more or you deal him.
  14. My brackets are totally wrecked. St. Thomas' goalie ruined that for me. And then Hermantown crushed Cathedral to ruin Class A for me. Hill-Murray and Eden Prairie should be an interesting match up, as I think Bill Lechner is the best coach in the tournament. That team just executes so well and I like the puck movement they get from their defenseman; very efficient and smooth. And Mahtomedi looked considerably improved from their quarterfinal performance against Delano. I thought the Zephyrs looked a lot faster and more physical and certainly more confident. I still think Hermantown has the edge, but it might be closer game than most may think.

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