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  1. Hard to say if he loses his starter status. I would say its probably unlikely because this team hasn't really just let Stalock run with things for a week or two. It gave him a few extra starts and then one stumble and he's back to being a backup. Dubnyk certainly has a much longer leash than Stalock does on this team. And I don't see the organization wanting to call up Kahkonen yet either.
  2. I don't really question Russo's integrity per se. But did you ever hear him talk about how he tried to talk to Fenton about being a conduit to the fans. I thought that was crossing some journalistic lines by even offering that. IMO, you have to stay separate. And Fenton made it easy for him to separate and find other people for information; much to Fenton's annoyance. Perhaps its just trying to cultivate a relationship than asking to be some kind of propaganda mouthpiece is how I mostly read it now.
  3. As to the former...no idea about that just yet. We haven't seen any moves yet. IMO, the actions speak more to me than what he actually says. So far, he's saying what just about any GM not named Brian Burke would say. As to the source. I was told what I was because I wouldn't reveal anything more and so I must honor that. Sorry. Not that you're demanding that I say so or not.
  4. That's funny you mention it. Kunin has been a lot better on his draws most recently. Still, he's probably not a Top 6 center solution. To that I'd say Quinton Byfield...
  5. Do you wonder if Guerin was being sarcastic when he talked about the close-knit nature of the locker room? Because I'd be surprised if Russo even bought that.
  6. Hartman is kind of a conundrum. He has moments where he makes smart plays and then makes real poor choices. In some ways he reminds me of Ryan White, in terms of the agitator type of player. But I also kind of hoped he'd chip in more offensively.
  7. I think some prospects are developing well. Duhaime is impressing a lot of people in Iowa. And Khovanov seems to be coming along nicely too. Sam Hentges is having a great start in St. Cloud this season too. Menell is steady eddy also with the baby Wild.
  8. You got that right @Antti_Laxative they had some key omissions. The original is vastly superior except in terms of special effects.
  9. You can disbelieve this if you please. But I have a source. And the dysfunction stuff is real.
  10. The Wild are a garbage team right now. Dubnyk is a part of that garbage. I have him on one of my teams too. He's doing poorly. I'll ask a simple question and you can take action as you see fit. Are there other (starters) goalies available in your respective league that would be better? If so...go with them. If not...hold on and hope he can be a part of some kind of turn around. I hope your other goalie is far better than he is.
  11. Well...I won't say who told me. But its not just a rumor. Its very real.
  12. Wild Run Out of Gas in 3-1 Loss to the Kings Pretty sad effort. Weak goals, horrific power play. The extra attacker was as bad as the power plays. Confused, disorganized and the Kings had more chances than we did. We helped Quick feel confident by not putting nearly enough shots on goal and not crashing the crease with a purpose. Lots of fly bys. Guys putting in 80-90% and hoping its good enough. Its not. I have a full game recap, an Iowa Wild report and prospect news too! Check it out!
  13. Its interesting how Kunin was all over the ice at the World Championships and the AHL playoffs but he's been kind of a non-factor for the Wild. And as long as #9 and #12 is here...they're going to be relegated to the bottom 6.
  14. There is no one else in the Wild's system that has Dumba's offensive talent from the blueline. Either Johansson...not nearly enough offense. Belpedio, hasn't been a big scorer in the AHL. Menell has piled up the assists but he's not the goal scorer Dumba could be. Let's not forget, Dubnyk's game has steadily eroded. Is it just bad plays or poor choices...or is a sub-par goalie giving up soft goals? Is that on Dumba? I think it'd be short-sighted to ship him out at this point.
  15. Trading Dumba would be a horribly stupid and short-sighted idea right now. This team sucks. The values of all of our players are low. Selling low is foolish. Its part of the reason we ended up with so many lame 1-for-1 'hockey trades' by Fenton. Opposing teams weren't offering much. If this team wants to make real progress. Find a way to rid ourselves of #9, #11 or #20. Getting rid of one of those players and their respective contracts is really the best step towards rebuilding this team. Tossing away Dumba for crap in return (which is what we'd probably get for him at this point)...its a loser's bet. Just wait, be patient...be bad and rebuild through the draft.

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