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  1. Wild Sign Defenseman Ian McCoshen and other Wild news, Emrick and Hartman tributes too The Iowa Wild roster is pretty much set now minus one more signing. McCoshen probably won't provide a lot of offense but they probably don't care either. Enjoy and discuss.
  2. The Wild started something...but accomplished a whole lot of nothing.
  3. But now they're all nice potential trading pieces if the team is indeed sub-par by trade deadline time.
  4. I heard Khudobin has already indicated he'd be interested in playing Vancouver. He said he likes the city and the way of life there.
  5. Minnesota Wild trade Kunin for Bonino as the team stockpilles talent on Day 2 of the NHL Draft I have full coverage of the players selected in Day 2 of the draft. Analysis, scout quotes, highlights and more...check it out!
  6. That's entirely true about the #1 & #2 center spots for sure. Its an open audition at this point.
  7. Marat Khusnutdinov profile... I talked about this kid in my Sleepers and Steals article. You can see a more detailed profile in the link. I will have an even more detailed article once I'm done going through the Day 2 picks.
  8. (shrugs) Even if he lit up teams like North Bay and Kingston, 132 points can't all just be from playing two teams. I think the defensive forward comment would make me more skeptical if he didn't have the production. IMO, then it would be a crutch to justify the milquetoast production. But he was a big-time offensive producer and he played responsible defensively.
  9. But we also will probably have less players this team feels obligated to protect. We don't have to protect #97. I think this is real smart on the Wild's part.
  10. I think the moves made in the last two weeks confirmed this team was re-shaping itself big time. And I don't think its over just yet. Smart move to get a guy who has just 1-year left on his deal to get three decent picks. Wild made two great selections in the 2nd round.
  11. I know this may kill you to wait, but I am at school and its parent-teacher conferences today. I won't have a post-Day 2 article up until this evening. But it will be loaded full of analysis, quotes, etc. So far, the Minnesota Wild are doing a FANTASTIC job with this draft. We won't know for sure what we have in a few years, but these are good selections IMO.
  12. Yes, it was a part of the trade of Luke Kunin for Nick Bonino, we also got a 3rd round pick too. Bonino only has 1 year left on his deal; so we added more picks which we landed two quality 2nd rounders and have another pick to use too! Smart move.
  13. The Minnesota Wild draft Marco Rossi 9th Overall in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft Here is my analysis of the Rossi selection, the player I had listed first in my forwards article. I provide more analysis, plenty of scouts quotes, highlights and more. Enjoy and discuss!
  14. Wild Trade Donato and Dubnyk to the Sharks I covered both deals here. The team will certainly look a whole helluva lot different next season, and I'm not complaining. The fact the Wild had to pay half of Dubnyk's salary sucks, especially since they had to chip in two potential 7th round picks just to make it happen. I'm guessing we'll see more moves; but I am not sure I'd say its a rebuild but it certainly is a full-scale renovation. Whether they're better or not is tough to say.

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