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  1. Let's actually have the players develop before we start giving them cute line names etc. I heard that Lulea's normal starter is returning to the team after playing in the #KHL. Some think that will have an effect on Jesper Wallstedt's playing time. Some have suggested that might mean Wallstedt comes over to play for Portland of the WHL because they have his rights. I can't imagine he'd go from playing men in a top-circuit European league like the SHL to now play major junior. My guess is the team either hopes he is traded to another SHL team or maybe he goes to play for another team in an
  2. Forwards RW - Mitchell Chaffee RW - Nick Swaney C - Damien Giroux C - Joey Cramarossa RW - Ivan Lodnia C - Connor Dewar C - Kyle Rau Defense: D - Fedor Gordeev D - Riese Zmolek D - Dakota Mermis Goaltenders: Andrew Hammond Dereck Baribeau Hunter Jones
  3. Wild just signed Dakota Mermis to a two-year, two-way deal.
  4. I don't think Boldy will be a 3rd liner for us. IMO, Bankier is a long shot to make it to the NHL.
  5. I see the Blackhawks are going to let Pius Suter become a free agent. He's fast, skilled and put up decent points in his rookie season. IMO, might be a good affordable option for a Top 6 center spot and not old either!
  6. The Wild also re-signed Andrew Hammond too. So that means they have 3 potential goaltenders in Iowa in Hammond, Jones and Baribeau. Sokolov was cut loose...which was no surprise. Shaw, Bitten, and Duhaime were all sent qualifying offers. Forwards RW - Mitchell Chaffee RW - Nick Swaney C - Damien Giroux C - Joey Cramarossa RW - Ivan Lodnia C - Connor Dewar C - Kyle Rau Defense: D - Fedor Gordeev D - Riese Zmolek Goaltenders: Andrew Hammond Dereck Baribeau Hunter Jones
  7. The Wild signed Minnesota State defenseman Riese Zmolek to an AHL contract.
  8. Yea, its easier to be bullish about the Top 3 picks in this draft for the Wild. Wallstedt certainly has some home run potential. His development curve to being NHL-ready might be shorter since he's already been a top performer in Sweden's top league too. Dealing just a 3rd round pick to move up for that selection was very economical to get a player that could be franchise cornerstone. Lambos was another player whom we selected at a point later than when many thought he'd be taken. I wasn't focusing on him too much so I'm still kind of on the fence on him. Peart looks like a t
  9. I have write ups posted for Caeden Bankier, Kyle Masters and Josh Pillar now.
  10. Day 2 Summary of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft for the Minnesota Wild I will update this as the picks come in and as I finish the write ups. I already have Jack Peart done. Check it out and discuss!
  11. I don't think so. He didn't get a lot of power play time with Iowa. He'll get that back in major junior. Is it as great as being in the AHL, probably not. But its just one season, or he can go and take his game to Europe but I think the Wild would prefer having him playing in North America.
  12. I can be more specific about his skating. He has good lateral movement, and scouts feel his skating is technically solid. Good power transfer, good on his edges and can change direction quickly and efficiently. So he sounds reasonably mobile.
  13. I think I could see him moved at the deadline where you hope teams might be willing to give you more for him.
  14. I think he has to play in Spokane or the big Wild. Not until his junior season is over can he report to Iowa.
  15. Lambos doesn't do much for me. Seems like they looked for a Ryan Suter clone. There were better defenseman available IMO, but we'll see what happens. Certainly not a Johansson-type of pick, but the scouts seem to think he'll be a 2nd or 3rd pairing defenseman at the NHL level.
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