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    • 36
      Trade on NHL Network. Rumor
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      No matter.   Flyers need not worry about this guy.   Hard pass!
    • 26
      What should be done with Nino?
      Minnesota Wild
      Tomdog - Posted
      If you sent him down would he have to clear waivers? I hate it when guys get premium ice time when it's not deserved.
    • 36
      Trade on NHL Network. Rumor
      Philadelphia Flyers
      King Knut - Posted
      I think I must have misconveyed my point.     Its not not that I think he’s holding out for an $8 million deal now, he’s holding out for a top 6 spot to help him get the minutes and line mates that get you to the kind of numbers that DO get you that 8 million dollar deal.  That’s what I’m suggesting.  That’s also what doesn’t make Philly a great choice but with Laughton playing like he is and JVR expected back (have nobodies how WN got along without JVR in TO) it’s not impossible I guess.    He’s also probably looking at Pastrnak who got a pretty good deal by doing just this... except Pastrnak was already in Top six position.          
    • 4
      Week 7 - Pick'em, Tuesday November 13, 2018
      NHL Game Matchups
      rottenrefs - Posted
      TUESDAY, NOV 13, 2018 AWAY HOME       Pittsburgh 2 New Jersey 3       Florida 2 Philadelphia 4       Vancouver 3 N.Y. Islanders 2       Tampa Bay 5 Buffalo 2       Arizona 3 Detroit 2       Washington 2 Minnesota 4       Montreal 1 Edmonton 3       Toronto 4 Los Angeles 1       Nashville 5 San Jose 0
    • 36
      Trade on NHL Network. Rumor
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      Two 60 point regular seasons ain't going to get you no 8 mill per deal.   Now somewhere around close to a deal like Schenn signed for i could see maybe closer to 6 mill per i could see him getting it.   Or worse case settle on a one year deal like we saw William Karlsson do for Vegas after a 43 goal 78 point season sign and then see what happens but no way in hell even in today's bloated contract standards in a soft perimeter center going to get bank like he wants. 
    • 36
      Trade on NHL Network. Rumor
      Philadelphia Flyers
      King Knut - Posted
      I mean, I can kinda see it.     You're in line to be the 2C  on a team that looks to be pretty darn good for a while and they go ahead and bring in Tavares on a long term.  Clearly suggests you are not part of their long term plans anyway.  And when you're relegated to 3C, are you really going to get the 82 point seasons you might have as 2C or 1RW with Matthews?  The seasons that will get you the big 8 year career deal?    So yeah, I get it.    He's not wrong and the way things are structured, holding out now when he doesn't actually have a contract is pretty much his only recourse.  I get it.  Not sure it's what I'd do.
      That said, those circumstances also don't bode well for any role he'd want to step into for the Flyers.     This is all with the caveat, that if it were me, I'd take the deal and win a few cups first.
    • 36
      Trade on NHL Network. Rumor
      Philadelphia Flyers
      King Knut - Posted
      I mean, I'd be just fine with him as 3C, but as you point out, then RW becomes the problem.     It would be kind of embarrassing to but him on Weal's RW.   Allison could be a great fit on that right side, but he's probably at least two years from getting his crack at the NHL roster... though I guess making out of camp next year isn't impossible for him.  Could they patchwork with Weal at RW in the mean time?   The other side of that is that I don't think Simmer as a UFA alone gets this done.  THey'll want and will deserve more for this guy.  And before anyone goes off on how he's not good enough, he's had two 60+ point seasons before the age of 23 and he was a G.D. +20 last year.  Dude is exactly what this team needs on offense.        

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