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  1. Pulling the goalie with 4+ minutes down by 2....Lol...Why not? Thankfully it didn't work since I'm not a fan of doing that. I came in when it was 4-2 and at least the guys kept playing and not so much a defensive turtle. Could've made it more comfortable with Foligno's almost, But given who they were playing and Dubnyk not playing for a while...Not bad.
  2. I would keep Stalock in net at least for this game. Dubnyk may be physically fine but mentally can't be 100% focused on the game until his personal issues with his wife are taken care of. I'd only use Dubs when Stalock could use a break at this point.
  3. If "Player Safety" wants to be just that, They need to recognise behavior patterns that Perry is showing. Basing it on whether there's an injury or not is waiting too long. One thing I was wondering was ...Did that hit stop the play? Or did Stalock pulling off his mask cause the whistle? Obviously pi$$ed, But if it was earlier in the game would he have got a Delay of Game for tearing his mask off? It didn't look like it was dislodged since he had to work at getting it unsnapped. I might have just launched it at Perry's head but that's just me...
  4. I'm amazed anyone had Suter Above, Given the general comments last few seasons. I don't think he's doing bad at all this year given his age and slowness compared to a younger group around him. He is what he is and gets the 'At' from me.
  5. Btw, I should have said Don't include contract $$ amounts in your opinions. Just their play. Most surprising let downs for me have been Kunin and Spurgeon. Kunin shows flashes of his talent but no hot streak or even improvement. Spurgeon looks disinterested. No fire in his game. Seems far from last season's form. .....Oh wait, Didn't he just do " A little paperwork" ? Not the $$ amount but the word maybe is "Comfortable " now. We have a lot of "Comfortable" players on this team.
  6. Above: Foligno and Soucy. Both are why I keep watching and we need more like these two. Love their game and attitudes. At: Brodin, Parise and even Staal (Only because he's out there trying hard and nobody expects at his age to replicate what he did a couple seasons ago.) Ek, Slowly improving (?) I'll keep him here for now. Fiala seems to be improving also. Take out the trade comparisions and go by who we got from the trades, I think they're all doing alright or 'at' expectations. (Minus Donato) I doubt Nino or Granny would be playing any better. Stalock, He's making the most of his chances and not doing bad at all...Wouldn't it be something if the Wild keep him and expose Dubnyk to Seattle. (If even possible) I'm probably missing a few for the 'At' catagory but the rest have a notch or two they could move up.
  7. I knew this sounded familiar. And here we are again. Probably the easiest prediction of the year.
  8. Now that the team is whole again, We're back to the same 'ol chit. We saw some silver lining by having the youth come up at times so now would be a good time to cycle them in more often. Give the 'vets' less time and more rest every 2-3 games. I don't care what it does now with the lines and chemistry since the one's who've played together the longest aren't showing any. At least it wouldn't be a blatant "tanking" since we'd be able to give the youth more experience and exposure while weeding out players at trade deadline if possible. I know this idea has issues since all the stipulations of sending players back and forth, But however possible I want to see more of the youth here to really see what the near future holds and what trades soon and this summer can be looked at.
  9. 18.4% Power Play (20th in the NHL) 76.1% Penalty Kill (25th in the NHL) Both being in the bottom 3rd is unacceptable. I could handle one being in the top ten (used to be PK ) while the other is bottom. Anything but this. Specials teams is a nightmare in general. I've started yelling "Decline" when a Penalty is called againt the opposition. We could have good pressure going on, many solid chances and then it get ruined by a PP and switching to that 'system'. 4 on 4 is played like a PK, 3 on 3 was a little better for a bit...SO's -->
  10. I've read and heard similar saying that BB gets the most out of his players and I'll agree to that. That's probably why there's so many lines shuffles which really bothered me since even this season we saw with consistent lines a much better game. Passing was crisper and plays looked more fluid. The top teams have in general set lines but they also have those key players to do so.. We don't so much. I wonder if this article would be different if we had more 'name recognizable' players like past years (even past prime) like Heatley, Hanzal etc instead of Fiala, Donato. Even if the talent level was the same, Would they look at it differently?
  11. (I was watching from afar and not sure who started the SO for us) Shouldn't a "Hot Hand" get a chance in the shoot out?? Foligno deserved a chance. He's got the hands and a good shot. Also, No idea of what he may do. Beats fumbling Parise's attempts of late. What 1 SO goal in the last 10 attempts? Seems that way. Koivu was played perfectly, All somebody had to do is watch a tape of him to disrupt his move. Boudreau talks about how bad the specials teams have been. I'd have to think that some-most of that's on you Bruce for putting out the same guys.
  12. Didn't get to see any of this one but by reading this thread with no knowledge of what happened made me think we're down 3-0 after 1 minute. I figured we might have a chance being off since New Years and Jets playing last night?... Sounded like I didn't miss much.
  13. Yay, Somebody else thinks the same way I have for ...how many years now?? I didn't think the game was that bad after the Foligno hit. It really did seem to wake them up. I'm so glad Foligno was moved up in lines, Something I thought he's deserved for a long time. His level of effort every shift, The hitting and his play making has made him a very valuable player. I hope Greenway is taking notes... There as always were plenty of 'chances' around the net and yet our shooters miss the mark again. We're not going anywhere until that improves greatly.

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