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  1. YES !! Finally getting recognized for his value to the team. Surprised at the 7 years tho. 5 would've been right in my book.
  2. I feel bad for Koivu for this being his last season with such a screwed up one. A sudden stoppage and months later a paltry 5 game playoff. I hope he goes back home and picks up a season with someone there, If he feels like competing still. Had many good moments here but a couple rule changes took away some of his pluses quickly.
  3. Have to keep the Big market fans happy and interested in their teams. And let the majority of the rest fend for themselves. Bettman knows of our state and it's fan base's love for the game. He probably never gives us a second thought...Or even 1st. Conspiracy? ...Why not? I didn't see the ping pong ball selection process but heard that the person dropped 1 ball briefly. The NYR's of course Maybe a little 'slight of hand' going on?
  4. Smart move to get some fresh blood in here. Nothing against him but hopefully one of many moves by Guerin.
  5. Ok, I did have to look that up. For Guerin, Sure. Even better for him would've been at least a few more games... And us.
  6. Nice top 5. Just some thoughts... Parise: Since the deal was almost made and the fact he waived the NMC, That sends a clear message by Zach that he doesn't think he'll see a cup here anytime soon. I can't see a full effort from him because of it. Get a top Center: Time to trade Greenway and Dumba to possibly help this. I've lost any hope of Greenway becoming anything dominant. He has so much of the criteria but hasn't shown it other than brief flashes. How long can we wait on him? Dumba, I bought into him when he bacame a scoring threat. Given the Defensive nature of our other D I could take that trade off. Since the 'fight' he's pretty much returned to that liability status. Keep Brodin: He's the most reliable D we have and has the speed you speak of and pure skating ability. He's the stabilizing factor now for our younger D as what Suter was supposed to be (and did) when he got here. Goalies: Dubnyk should probably be bought out. I doubt trading will be possible. I do like Stalock but I feel he's only good enough to tandem like we had with Fernandez/Roloson. Captain: Foligno is really the heart and leader of this team. Spurgeon and Suter as 'A's
  7. For me it seemed like it was about 4's. 4+ months with no Wild. We get only 4 games... And really only about 4 periods of good play. Possibly 4 more months before we see them again. A bit feeling like this last week wasn't even worth it.
  8. Gives them something to write about. Have they seen our contracts?? As a team, The Wild were still just a bubble team. Even tho they caught some fire when Evason took the helm, That was 4+ months ago. That energy burned out long ago. They still needed changes back then to make any playoff run, So why is now any different? Relying on a handful of players that are actually playing to their potential right now is what we're getting. Hopefully they can pull this one out tonight and have an interesting gm 5.
  9. I figure it'll be Stalock and obviously if the Wild got up 2-0 in games, They could try others to see what they look like. I wasn't as impressed with Alex last night tho. 2 goals should've been stopped, Especially the first one. I don't care if it fluttered or not. It wasn't a rocket that's for sure. The D around him was terrible too most the night. If that was Dubnyk in game 2, People would be all over him. Imo, Stalock should get the same scrutiny now. 2 early PP's and they do squat with them. It's almost like the teams swapped jerseys form game 1 Back to that Jekyll and Hyde team I guess.
  10. Maybe we rattled the Canucks goalie a little bit at the end. He's still beatable for sure. Now the question, Does Evason put Dubnyk in for game 3?? If he doesn't, Does that mean he has no confidence in him ?
  11. This was the Canucks team I was expecting to see. Let's see how we handle this now. Side note: it's nice to see no one complaing about the refs. We had 2 early PP's and did squat.
  12. I really liked the first 10 minutes and the last 10. The Canuck kids adjusted and even tho we had great positioning and Stalock putting out any sparks, I'd like to see some more offensive zone time. Maybe it's just me, But watching Spurgeon's goal it didn't look like he got all of the puck on his shot. Something about how his stick follow through and how the puck left it , But hey it found it's way through a double 5-hole so I't all good. It'll be fun to see if the Wild can continue to ignore Roussel's antics and frustrate the kids even more.
  13. I was in no way saying Dubnyk should start because of experience. Agreed that Stalock was the better goalie. I do feel that no matter what Dubnyk's wife said "Go play" that his head was no way in the game. Understandable for sure. Still at this point we don't know what's going on with her and the illness. (at least I haven't heard anything) All the goalies should be fresh and pumped up so Bob Mason has a tough choice to make or at least suggest to Evason. Still weird to be talking Hockey in mid July.
  14. If Boudreau was still at the helm, I'd expect Dubs to be the starter as the most experience. Easy call. Hopefully Evason is evaluating all 4 equally and goes with his gut.
  15. If the Wild can quickly return to their play when Evason took over, I think they could get past Vancouver. Key factor might be Fiala. Can he return to that form? I won't expect him to and we'll need other's to step up their game. I missed the last 3 games prior to shutdown but did read the recaps here.

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