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  1. Russo hard up for tweets?? So what. At that point Carolina 'bested' us anyway. Why not have some fun. With players switching teams so often, That doesn't mean friendships end. I'm sure when Zucker and Coyle are on the ice together they want to get the better of each but not to the point of dirty plays. Hockey and especially Football there are few teams that truely dislike each other these days. Look at how many FB players are hugging, maybe a few selfies after every game. Far cry from the older days where teams wanted to destroy the other team and physically hurt them.
  2. If we pressured Carolina like they did us, No way they get 40.
  3. So many errors throughout the game. Like Illa said, Back to Earth.
  4. They figured it worked vs Tampa Bay, So... Got away with it then.
  5. Wild's passing and plays are less than stellar tonight.....As I'm typing this Nanne was saying the same. Lol
  6. I'm with you. 1 player isn't going to carry a team to the Cup. (Ok, There are exceptions) But you need a decent team around him. Better scouting and developing from the farm is what I'd like to see and now we will see if Guerin is able to piece together something of value. Fenton was over his head and didn't help from Fletcher's many mistakes. After years and years of middle of the road picks and 'Plug n' Play' vet signings, I can see the appeal of a top pick coming here. I just don't want to go through even worse years to get it. Imo, It's a horribly tough choice for CL and Guerin to make on which way to go.
  7. That's why I brought up the goalie issue. The team 'may' feel like Dub's can keep the GA's low, But this year 3-4 has been the norm. When Stalock's in, 3-4 GA's may be expected so they may play different to avoid that. It can't be coincidence that this points/win streak isn't directly related to keeping lines together...Something we haven't seen consistently in ...Well, Forever. It's just a nice streak and fun to watch. The 'tankers' aren't enjoying it right now, But I don't think anyone's thinking the Wild are last year's Blues team. Btw, I only saw the 3rd last night and some of previous from prior game away from TV... What happened to Koivu??
  8. Agreed. Would it matter who's in goal because they're playing as a full team? Or are they playing more determined because of 'Back ups' being in net. Either way, Keeping the lines for the most part together has finally proven it's worth. I don't think Stalock will steal many games like a true #1 goalie but I'm somewhat happy with his play generally speaking during this extended opportunity for him.
  9. Well whaddaya know. an actual 5-game win streak.
  10. For years all the attention has been on Dumba, Spurgeon, Suter For various reasons. Yet all the while Brodin has been going about his business quietly and improving each year. I've been saying this for years (Not bragging at all) and I couldn't understand why people weren't seeing it. Plus he's an outstanding skater. I tried playing D and some of those backward crossover moves probably gave me my 1st big concussion. With Spurgeon and Dumba both sputtering on their offensive skills which lessens their rating in my book, Puts Brodin as our #1 D guy.
  11. I'm thinking this current points streak is the closest thing to my 5 GM win streak predicted back on page 1. Dallas possibly overlooked us as maybe some others and I doubt teams will now, Seeing that we're playing better and staying in games.

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