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  1. It would be nice to have this whole paragraph more common knowledge for the various forums. It would save a lot of time and effort on those who say "Just Trade X and Y" They make it sound so simple. Did Parise and Suter actually think Seattle would pick one of them and their contracts? Had they just waived the clause, They'd still be here. A win-win for them. Oops, Get greedy for yourself and not think of the team...Win-Win for Us. Either way I'll bet Guerin had this cooking for a while and just needed Leopold's approval. I wonder how that phone call went between Suter and Craig.
  2. My main beef with Suter was he wouldn't clear guys from the net. Just relying on being 'Positionally strong'. I'm sure it was a shock to him but to hang up on BG is ridiculous. It's BG's job to inform players not your personal buddy/Owner.
  3. I suppose if Suter had been a healthy scratch similar to Parise at times, He may have not been so shocked by it. Was Ryan so confident in himself that even after many meetings with BG that they may have been about His play and not others?? I would think they're both relieved to be released and the hard choice has been done for them. Do they even really still want to play anymore? Watching the PO's and Shea Weber working his A$$ off is a far cry from his old buddy Suter and his coasting.
  4. Right now I'm thinking that EmptyShelf is running through the streets of St. Paul drunk and naked out of utter joy.
  5. That was my gut feeling early on about Kaprisov. His stint with the Wild was basically an audition for the big markets. Installed even more when he proved (So far) the hype was real. Sadly, All signs point to a short deal in Minny. Off the top of my head, I'd say sign him 4 yr-max $$ and trade after 3. (To a team that he'd favor going to anyhow) Get something solid for him for the post 11 and 20 era. Really tho, If we keep him for 3-4 years and keep Fiala and with the new kids coming in, We 'should' be able to make some sort of deep run in the PO's. If after that time period then maybe
  6. I wouldn't expect him to say anything different. Guerin needs to deal with Dumba...Trade him ASAP. He's had 2 *seasons to even show a glimps of his one partial good offensive season prior to injury. Nothing...Nada since. Not worth the 6M imo. We need that $$ now for Fiala, Kap and a solid C. If all else fails, Leave Dumba for Seattle to take him. I don't care if he somehow catches fire somewhere else. I think it's barely 50-50 that the Kraken would even take him.
  7. Hey JTG, Welcome to the 60's club. 💪😎

    1. Jimtown guy

      Jimtown guy

      Didn’t think I’d make it this long with the way I abused my body in my younger years but here I am. Thanks buddy 

  8. And so it shall be. I was really hoping for an Avs-Habs match up because I still think Colorado was the stronger team. Another Oops by Grubauer on the early tying goal not seeing where the puck when again allowed VGK yet another momentum swing. That game 6 could have been entirely different if it wasn't for that moment. At this point I'll bet the award goes to whoever's team gets the furthest. The easy way for the deciders.
  9. I'd pick Grubauer over Flower in a heartbeat. He's had to withstand so much more than Fluery and no crazy rebounds. He deserved to win gm 3 until that oops that let VGK tie the game. 1 oops (and a great bank shot) and the tide's turned on the Av's.
  10. Watching gm 2 of AV's-VGK was much closer to expected. So many chancess by both and all the pipes hit. AV's PP was pretty impressive. Not much different in style than ours, Similar passing but way less along the boards. Biggest difference is they're all moving and crisp passing and actual 1-timers, Not corraling the puck before shooting. Also very little 'dump and chase' on the PP, They have skaters who bring it in to the zone to set up. We have a lot to work on in that area still for sure.
  11. Now you're just making up words. That's the scary part if he goes Gabby style. But hopefully Kap sees a different team than Gaborik did. Back then it was all slow defensive style and flyover land. Now, More speed and youth coming and some chemistry with at least Zuc should make him happier here...As he's stated already.
  12. That makes all the time it took to get him here all the better and quite the signing overall. A nice tryout period in the big league to prove he's as advertized and Then all the leverage to come up with a solid contract to keep him here.
  13. Looking back at the series, This is a must. Sure we have Foligno who'll stand up for every teammate but I'd rather have his talents on the ice and not in the box. Other than him...Greenway? Has size but something about him on ice doesn't show me as being a real threat to punish others. Great at after whistle scrums, But that doesn't protect or stars. Dumba? Can be an annoying pitbull at times with some hits but doesn't cause much concern for the other team. The hit(s) on Brodin and not much retribution proves we need to toughen up and send some messages when things like that happen. I
  14. He did it last summer so why not again? At that time, He knew Kaprisov was coming here and obviously didn't know how he'd play but is that enough to make Parise want to stay here now? Then the question is if we do somehow make a trade, How much of his salary do we still have to pay?
  15. That would be too similar (for me) to the Ducks series after those 3-1 comebacks way back when.
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