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  1. And here at first I thought Rotty had mistakenly posted pics from the last meet-up from the old forum. *Runs*
  2. SUNDAY, NOV 18, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Dallas 2 N.Y. Islanders 5 1:00 pm New Jersey 2 Carolina 4 5:00 pm Minnesota 4 Chicago 3 6:00 pm Colorado 2 Anaheim 3 8:00 pm Vegas 2 Edmonton 5 8:00 pm
  3. I don't base my opinions on score sheets. I have no issues with Coyle defensively, It's what he's doing and not doing on O. Nino on the other hand...Anyway I just have issues with having each of them on the PP while they aren't on their game. Nice line with Koivu last game, Who'd have thought all 3 would have scored. Keep them together for a while I say but I know they won't once Parise feels better. Clearly those 2 read this forum and wanted to prove me wrong about my comments.. I was very happy for both of them that they scored. I don't expect some major turnaround just some gain. Agree fully with the last paragraph especially Haula. Victim of the favoring the vets and other 'established' guys even if they're not on their game. What a waste of someone who consistently showed hustle and budding talent when given the chance.
  4. If Nino's issue is more mental then why is he on the PP regularly? That means more plays to remember at a time he needs to focus on his regular game. Same question with Coyle. Why is he on the PP while his 'game' isn't all there? There are plenty of others who could fill the role if those two weren't on the PP. I'd rather see Foligno replace one of those since he's playing solid. Reward the good players. I think everyone here wants Coyle (Myself included) to do well...Take the next step...Be all you can be... But how long do we keep thinking that? Right now he's the Charlie Brown of the team. It was good to hear Parise say it's the best he's felt in 5 years, And now he's proving it.
  5. SATURDAY, NOV 17, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Tampa Bay 4 Philadelphia 2 1:00 pm Detroit 3 New Jersey 1 1:00 pm Buffalo 3 Minnesota 4 6:00 pm Florida 3 N.Y. Rangers 4 7:00 pm Pittsburgh 2 Ottawa 4 7:00 pm Montreal 3 Vancouver 2 7:00 pm Columbus 4 Carolina 2 7:00 pm LosAngeles 1 Nashville 4 8:00 pm Boston 3 Arizona 4 8:00 pm Edmonton 4 Calgary 3 10:00 pm St. Louis 4 San Jose 2 10:30 pm
  6. THURSDAY, NOV 15, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME TampaBay 4 Pittsburgh 1 7:00 pm NewJersey 2 Philadelphia 3 7:00 pm N.Y. Rangers 3 N.Y. Islanders 5 7:00 pm Florida 3 Columbus 4 7:00 pm Detroit 4 Ottawa 1 7:30 pm Vancouver 2 Minnesota 4 8:00 pm Nashville 4 Arizona 2 9:00 pm Montreal 2 Calgary 3 9:00 pm Toronto 5 San Jose 2 10:30 pm
  7. After enjoying a good 7 gm away trip and especially the B to B's over the weekend where everything clicked, I thought I'd get back to the Pace topic. The last 2 games our game was shut down and somehow we won 1. Watching the Caps finish off nice 1 timers while we bumbled them made me think back of who we've beat to get this nice record and Pace. WINS: Chicago Arizona Dallas Tampa Bay LA (twice) Colorado Edmonton St. Louis (twice) Anaheim Now take the current standings with the idea of 'pace' in mind. Only 3 of those teams would be in the PO's. TB is solid while Dallas and Colorado would be the WC's.....That's it. Many of these teams usually are better but are having issues for whatever reasons. Our Losses are VGK, Colorado, Carolina, Nashville, Vancouver , SJ, Washington. Wash, Nash and even Carolina handled us pretty easily. Basically we've been beating teams that have issues... Great. The problem is we haven't faced that many solid teams yet and when we have the results aren't pretty for the most part. (The Tampa Bay game was good tho) Not trying to be negative at all, Just feeling like our current standings/Points is a bit of a Trojan Horse. How we clean up our game when it comes to the more dominate teams will determine if we can keep this Pace going.
  8. FRIDAY, NOV 16, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Boston 2 Dallas 3 8:00 pm Buffalo 2 Winnipeg 4 8:00 pm LosAngeles 4 Chicago 1 8:30 pm Washington 4 Colorado 3 9:00 pm Toronto 5 Anaheim 2 10:00 pm St. Louis 4 Vegas 2 10:00 pm
  9. WEDNESDAY, NOV 14, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Washington 3 Winnipeg 4 8:00 pm St. Louis 3 Chicago 2 8:00 pm Boston 5 Colorado 3 10:00 pm Anaheim 3 Vegas 2 10:30 pm
  10. After Nino finally scored one, It has seemed to help a bit in his play. We'll see in the next few games. I'll bet Boudreau is now afraid to have him sit out a few days (or week) as it might crush any confidence from that goal. He had most the summer to get away from it yet nothing changed from late last season to this one, I doubt sitting out a few games will actually do anything. Coyle hasn't shown much change since his goal. Still bumbling around.
  11. They say "They all can't be Rembrandts"...This one was more of a Piccasso where even his mother wouldn't have put it on the refrigerator. Our equipment guy must have mistakenly given them electrical tape. The Blues weren't any better but since we played just a week ago, They seemed to know exactly what we were going to do with the puck and had no troubles breaking up our game.
  12. Exactly what I was going to say. If Staal comes close to last years' production (which would be tough...maybe) We'd probably be in a good place and have no reason to trade. This is one of those times where I'd wait and see what he wants to do at the end of the season. We don't know how he feels about playing and last year rejuvenated him for this year. If he likes it here and wants to keep the family settled he may just sign up again at a fair price. I'd take that risk. Much better than some pick that we may never see.
  13. TUESDAY, NOV 13, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Pittsburgh 4 New Jersey 3 7:00 pm Florida 3 Philadelphia 2 7:00 pm Vancouver 3 N.Y.Islanders 4 7:00 pm TampaBay 2 Buffalo 4 7:30 pm Arizona 5 Detroit 3 7:30 pm Washington 2 Minnesota 4 8:00 pm Montreal 2 Edmonton 4 9:00 pm Toronto 5 Los Angeles 2 10:30 pm Nashville 4 San Jose 1 10:30 p
  14. MONDAY, NOV 12, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Vancouver 3 N.Y. Rangers 4 7:00 pm Chicago 2 Carolina 3 7:00 pm Columbus 3 Dallas 5 8:30 pm Nashville 3 Anaheim 1 10:00 p
  15. I always enjoyed the little battles between people and glad to see them continue. I always liked to go back the the GDT and watch the transition of emotions throughout the game and how during it the sidetracks of recipes, Personal stories and so on. The pics, Gifs and photoshops too. I know they still go on now but because of my schedule etc, I still have to record the game and watch it after it has started. Also having fans from other teams (Edmonton in particular) show up to discuss things. That was fun too.

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