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  1. I wouldn't rank them 29th but definitely in the bottom 1/3. I guess It doesn't bother me that much as I'm able to tune out Greenlay's blabbering and Walz's looong calls and stories and focus on the action. LaPanta's adequate. Fully agree on Nanne. I'd actually get distracted from the game listening to him. Carter is fine also. When they first started rotating out Greenlay, I swore his voice was a bit rough. Thought he might have a medical issue. That bubbly-babbly goofiness wasn't there. Maybe he was just reacting to the writing on the wall and it was showing in his voice and demeanor.
  2. Great article !! I too liked the Manny/Roli combo but like you said the biggest "What if" with Harding. Things were looking pretty good in the goalie dept at the time. Something we really haven't seen since.
  3. I think it's in his head that he's an expendable player given all the times he been traded recently. Tough to feel settled in with any team. I wouldn't expect a lightbulb going on turnaround like Fiala, But it does seem likes he's improving a bit with building some chemistry lately.
  4. I'm going to miss the next 8+ days of games so who knows what the standings will be like for me to come back to then.
  5. That entire 3rd was agonizing We finally have a bit of magic on our side.
  6. I will agree even more now given the new info on his 'activities'. Like I said in the GDT vs Wash, He needs to lead by example on AND off the ice. I wonder if becoming a 4th line C is a little way of the team handling this unfortunate situation.
  7. I thought I heard during a broadcast of the team wanting Darby down on the bench full time and not splitting his time upstairs. Giving him a better perspective of the game and the players. That sucks about Koivu. Professionally being labeled the Captian, He should set an example for his team on AND off the ice. This is no different than J.T. Browne and his antics. On the personal side, And this is no excuse for him, Things at home must have been shaky for him to even consider this 'one night stand', and who knows how long that's been going on and maybe affecting his job. We'll see how the Wild organization handles this I guess.
  8. Maybe that's why Koivu made such a clear statement about his staying with the club, Lol...Who knows what's going on with #11 and #20 overall...So all this may have started last summer, At least with Parise. Both supposidly sold their houses but bought new ones? ...Were both approached during that time about their contracts? Maybe Parise and Suter talked about it with one another while one is interested and the other wasn't...Only way to know for sure is the old 'Fly on the wall' at either BG's office or their agents. Sure, Parise's goal made it 4-0, But it wasn't with 3 minutes to go or some game winner. There was still plenty of game left and 4 wouldn't have been enough against the same team a few nights ago. Just that blank look as he went down the line.
  9. Nice part about these last 2 games (I was unable to see the previous CBJ game) is all the goals were really good ones. No garbage. A mixture of solid efforts, Good passing and some really nice shots. Fun to see. I'm really enjoying the passing plays lately. A whole new look. Odd thing about Parise's goal. Sure it made it 4-0 but he had no emotion after it. I wasn't expecting a chest to the glass moment but a freaking smile would of been nice. Now that makes me think of last game where he went to town on his stick after missing that breakaway. Was that actual frustration from the missed opportunity or that the trade didn't go through? Poor little Zachy. I feel so bad for Brodin having to babysit Dumba. Another night of carelessness resulting in one of Stalocks tougher saves. Tell me again why if we trade him, He'll become the next Burns?!? Did anyone notice in the Detroit game around 3mn left in the 1st when Brodin gets the puck as he was doing a power crossover from reverse to forward. That was amazing...The last time I tried to do something remotely similar, The next thing I heard from my instructor was "You Ok??"
  10. Yeah, Seeing all those empty seats in Hockeytown made me wonder what The State of Hockey and the X would look like if we went the same way as the Red Wings.
  11. I actually never knew that.But I'm not that deep of a stat hound tho. Good to know tho, Thanks. On that note, The same idea should go for the goalie not having an empty net goal go against him if he's not on the ice. (if it doesn't count, Then I refer back to my original statement)
  12. Agree for the most part but you kind of make it sound like his responsibility is to the team first then himself by allowing the trade to happen. You sign a contract, In sports or any job (doesn't really matter the amount) to provide for you and your family First. It's then up to the GM to make the #'s work, Not you to worry about how this may affect your team...Everyone here would do the same. Now knowing there's a divorce fresh in the works, Maybe Koivu doesn't want to pile on the distractions for the short period of time left in this season. It has to be pretty hard to do your 'job' with all that going on and the uncertainty while possibly ending your career. Maybe by not waving his NTC, It's Koivu's way of saying he just wants to play out these games and end his career as simply as possible. Now if for some reason he wants to keep going another season, Of course the Wild organization will bend over and give him another extention as some sort of honor for his time here. Then I would say he could've sucked it up for a month or so while making the transition to another team and then focus fresh on the next season. All this explains the sudden statement by Koivu and then shortly after the Parise rumor. If that's how BG was going to move Parise and Koivu screwed it up, Then BG was either testing the waters and didn't care if it went into summer. I find it hard to believe if he really wanted to move Parise now, That he didn't have some alternatives to use. At least as the deal started to fall apart, BG didn't pull a Fletcher or Fenton.
  13. Been watching NHL network and not even a peep about Parise deal.
  14. Does all that transfer to NYI if the trade happens?

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