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  1. March 22, 2019 AWAY HOME Minnesota 4 Washington 3 San Jose 4 Anaheim 1
  2. March 21, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 4 New Jersey 2 Tampa Bay 4 Carolina 3 Arizona 2 Florida 3 N.Y. Islanders 3 Montreal 4 Pittsburgh 3 Nashville 5 Detroit 2 St. Louis 4 Colorado 2 Dallas 5 Philadelphia 4 Chicago 3 Columbus 2 Edmonton 3 Ottawa 1 Calgary 4 Winnipeg 4 Vegas 5 San Jose 5 Los Angeles 2
  3. Well. The thread was about Robson.. I took a side road from the OT, But I'll blame the Philly guy. * aw Cr4p, he's here.....
  4. I agree. One thing I've noticed since the trade deadline deals is we have younger faster guys, Especially Donato. Which in turn has now made Suter and Staal Look slower than ever. Maybe it's just the illusion and Suter is going the same pace as always...(ok, Staal seems to have slowed much more since last season but still ) With Kunin, Greenway, Ek, and a couple of the new guys playing more and faster has messed with what we've been used to seeing pace wise.
  5. I was talking Stalock, You must be on Robson.
  6. Yeeeaaah...If they liked him so much I'd think we'd see him start more.
  7. I have a question about Kakkonen. Since I'm not good with all the in's and out's of the rules with players coming up from the minors. I know we signed Stalock to protect KK from the Seattle draft. (Which is after next season. ? ) I kinda doubt Seattle takes Stalock but who knows. So... Does KK stay 1 more season in Iowa and we go with Dubs and Stalock for 2019-20 ? (Barring injuries of course) One thing that would be nice at this time of the year, If you've been mathematically eliminated from PO's then you could call up a certain # of players without counting as 'Time served' on their contracts just to get them some NHL time on the ice. I'm sure the Player's assoc wouldn't go for this tho.
  8. Heh, It's just that time of year here in Minny...Every year. Dirt covered snowbanks, Potholes everywhere, Flooded basements...and something else...... Oh Yeah, The Wild bumbling around the 8th seed.
  9. I tried picking my nose today and ended up poking my eye. so.... March 20, 2019 AWAY HOME Toronto 3 Buffalo 4 Tampa Bay 5 Washington 2 Winnipeg 4 Anaheim 3 Ottawa 2 Vancouver 4
  10. March 19, 2019 AWAY HOME Pittsburgh 3 Carolina 4 Montreal 2 Philadelphia 4 Detroit 2 N.Y. Rangers 4 Boston 1 N.Y. Islanders 3 Washington 5 New Jersey 3 Edmonton 4 St. Louis 3 Colorado 4 Minnesota 5 Toronto 2 Nashville 4 Florida 4 Dallas 3 Columbus 1 Calgary 3
  11. Truth, As long as BB is here. More so than most teams the Wild live and die with their goalie(s). If the O could dominate more of the games and score enough to overcome a not so good outing by Dubs or Stalock, We'd be in much better shape. And I have to think that would ease the pressure on our goalies as a result. But since that's not the case, Maybe that's why BB goes with 'his best chance' with Dubnyk night after night.
  12. How many people saw who was on the ice to start OT and said "Game Over" ? Or "Why...WHY !!" How about, Just off the top of my head who have speed and puck handling: Spurgeon - Donato - Kunin Brodin - Zucker - Parise At least have 2 of 3 with speed FFS. That brief moment we had control of the puck and we play it like a PP. "Get it in deep behind the D..." = Put it to the boards and turn it over.
  13. March 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Arizona 2 Tampa Bay 5 Vancouver 4 Chicago 3 Vegas 4 San Jose 3 Winnipeg 4 Los Angeles 1
  14. Since Boudreau is fond of 'The hot hand'...Why the **** wasn't Spurgeon on the ice to start the OT ?? What a waste of such a monster game by Spurgeon. The decision to start the Turtle line gave away 1 point...again. I'm so in favor of Fenton bringing in whoever he wants as a coach now. Unbelievable.
  15. Yeah, It's well known Dubs Wants to start every game. That's a great attitude and should be for a #1. But that's so unrealistic in today's game. This is where Boudreau needs to do his job and not rely on Dubs wishes. Too easy for BB.
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