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  1. Didn't realize VGK is on such a win streak. They have home ice sewn up for the most part and the Wild might be the 1 team they don't want to face in the PO's. They take 1st place and that will avoid that worry. I'll bet we don't see Kuemper on Weds...We got inhis head again.
  2. There's been at least 3 calls that could've been made in the 3rd so far. Easily made if earlier. But not now.
  3. Ever since that BS over turned goal and the bitchin after, I was worried we might not get a call in our favor. Seems to be happening that way now.
  4. I like a good 'Cele' but even more so the recognition to the guy who set you up. Good on Fiala for that.
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