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  1. Agreed. Need the points and Khak's doing just fine. No need to rush Talbot back and see if there's any rust
  2. Solid win. Very good passing and supporting the play all game. Do the same tomorrow.
  3. I really thought we'd get our 1st SO. But if you are going to let one in, Might as well do it in style.
  4. Heh, Suter actually scored tonight. Has 4 wicked wristers so far this season.
  5. Easily the MVP so far even more so than Foligno. I was surprised when I first heard he was ill and Evason considered being cautious and not playing him. "Not so fast there Coach" said Hartman. Sucks Dewar is out for a pointless 2nd fight.
  6. If history has anything to do with it, I'd say we see Fluery tonight and NOT tomorrow since he has demons playing at the X.
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