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  1. And just like that...The team we beat twice to start the season is tied with us in points. Hope for the trendy split thurs. G'night all.
  2. I thought he established that at some point last season. Good to see again. LA's just letting us set up our plays and yet we still can't connect. It was our best 2nd 1/2 of a second period this year tho.
  3. Question for you all about this season's scheduling. Aside from the obvious Covid factor, Do you like this back to back set up? I do not. I'd rather see a 4-5 game road trip out west with different teams for variety and seeing multiple styles of play/scenarios. My fear is the NHL sees how close all the teams will end up standing wise, Becoming falsely relevant late in the season and adopt this format next season and beyond. They'd love to have every team feel like they can make the playoffs to keep fan interest/$$. I don't buy it sets a playoff feel, Leave that for the actual PO's.
  4. Only 12 shots on Jones at this point of the game is pathetic. Passing overall...Ditto.
  5. I felt kinda bad for Dubnyk last game with the tribute and no fans in the stands. 1st time back I'm sure he would have appreciated some cheers for what was his best year(s) of his career here.
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