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  1. Whooops - I conflated our crazy-ass Czech goalies. Sorry 'bout that.
  2. Put your analyst on danger money, baby! (See: Guide to the Galaxy, HitchHiker's)
  3. According to his agent, he wants to go back to the backwoods of Minnesota and do all the things he loves doing. [Hidden Content]
  4. He's made almost $40M over the course of his career. If I had ~$20M...
  5. [Hidden Content] 4Y/$25M deal ($6.25 AAV). Sets the Habs' D with seven signed for the next two seasons. Never was a big fan of Petry, but he's put up three straight 40+ seasons and the Habs seem to like him.
  6. Obviously health has been an issue. That said, his first breakout year in the league he shot 11.2% and had 22 of 46 points on the power play. Then he shot 3.5%, 5.9%, 5%, 6.8%. His career is 6.2% and that may just accurately reflect what he levels out at. That said, even "broken" under Hackstol, he scored 65 points in 17-18 with 33 of them on the power play. For his career 49% of his points (97 of 199) have come with the extra man. To say nothing of his 3-on-3 regular season OT play (which obviously doesn't translate to the postseason). The Flyers often go four forwards and Provorov on the first unit. If he's not going to get the power play time he's gotten in the past here, he's not likely to put up the sort of points we may have come to expect. That could make him a valuable trade asset for a team looking for a PP specialist. The Flyers have a boatload of talented young offensive-minded defensemen working their way through the system and Gotstobehere just could be odd man out. And that could be good for both the organization and the player. His knees clearly haven't helped the situation and getting back to full strength should be more of a concern than just trying to get back into the lineup. IMO, too often players push to come back from injury "to help the team" while, in fact, hindering both the team and their own health (I'm looking at you Wayne Simmonds - among others). I'm not at all pushing him out the door - and I'm not looking to "sell low." But he might be a featured display in the shop window.
  7. It's not just him - it was the entire organization. And the quote was a reaction to the declaration about "bad teams." Yes, they were bad teams. Yes, he's supposed to say "we have to work hard to get there" not "we are definitely there." When they clearly weren't. But that's the entire corporate culture of the organization that has increasingly turned me off. There's a sense of entitlement that alienates me. It's not "the grass is greener" - it's "you agree this is the best grass ever in the history of grass, right?" When, in fact, we're watching this: I want to root for the crest on the front, not the names on the back or the names on the letterhead. Don't piss on my head and tell me it's a sunny day and why am I complaining about the rain? Just for the record, I don't bring those things up as if it is some sort of character flaw of Claude's. I agree with you, that sort of stuff is garbage in that context. There is the flip side of that where people bend over backwards to say he's not at all any part of "the problem." I don't blame him for being captain. I just don't think he's been particularly good at it. Again, I look at production which is often terrific in the regular season (although not always) but has failed miserably in the postseason. And in this most recent appearance by the team's own admission they folded tents and went home after things didn't go exactly their way ten minutes into a Game 7. He was never "the best player in the world" - he's a guy who has trouble cracking the top 12 on Canada's team. Yet he's the guy that the organization insisted was a #1 C (despite never playing the position prior to the NHL) and insisted was the heart and soul of the team (despite never being a captain before) that they absolutely had to build the entire thing around. And we got one playoff round win in eight years. I just think I kinda have the right to be disappointed. To me, it reflects the nature of how the team has been run. Quite frankly, if there's one person I would like to see completely exiled from the Flyers, it's Paul Holmgren. Thanks. Took some time off with the 'rona. Wanted to get some space. Needed it. Also figured I'd said my point about the "playoffs" and didn't need to rehash it. Good talking with you, as always.
  8. No argument. He was a Catamount first
  9. He certainly wasn't. And I'm not entirely "blaming" Claude for this situation. It's more that watching good players on bad teams just isn't all that interesting for me. That said, there is the little matter of four goals in 35 playoff games over eight years comprising the worst stretch of hockey in franchise history. Eight years to win one playoff round*. The upshot of which is that I've at least see some interesting things done with geoduck clams. And I don't even like clams. * I won't even put an asterisk on it. Oh, wait...
  10. Of players 25+, making $6.5+ he was 15th of 19 in Points and 16th in Points Per Game. Again, I liked the eye test and thought he was a valuable addition. If, say, Patrick pans out and Hayes can be a solid 3C his $7.1 in the last three years might not turn out to be a bad deal.
  11. This. I was a critic of Hayes, but he did pass the eye test. His production was among the lowest for players at his pay grade, but he did positively impact the team. I wasn't really worried about this year, but rather the years to come. Plus, he was a Rag...
  12. See, it was that same five year period that saw the Flyers go from "appointment television" (or even Partial Season Ticket Holder) to "yeah, maybe I'll watch it - oh, wait Chopped is on?" For me. YMMV.
  13. I get that this is a "thing that can happen" but am disappointed that the leadership group apparently "let the air go out of the balloon" after one goal. This is part of the learning experience of the playoffs, but is also the difference between a 2010 team two years removed from a Conference Final appearance and a 2020 team with three rounds of playoffs in the previous seven years. That said, last season the Isles we swept in the second round and this year are battling in the Conference Final. I have more confidence in AV than ever under Hackstol.

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