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  1. They had one of those. Then they thought playing him for a season with a pelvic tear, fractured ankle, pulled groin, busted mouth, and torn thumb ligaments was a good idea. They were then surprised that his production wasn't up to par and shipped him unceremoniously out of town. Guy really put everything on the line for the organization and the organization walked away from him. Good times.
  2. He's the poster child for "fringe NHLer" If he brings something, terrific. It's not the make-or-break for this team. At least we hope it isn't...
  3. I hate to advocate the use of drugs, violence, or insanity to anyone. But they've always worked for me.
  4. I've had the Gonzo Porter and the Gonzo Stout. Prefer the Porter, but both good. They're imperials, so both are sippin' beers. Chugging them is ill advised from an alcohol and taste standpoint. Steadman, I believe, did the art for them.
  5. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
  6. Wondering who the heck is on the Finnish National Team at this point of the season? Should probably have been left in Finland rather than brought over to play in the A - at least for a year or two. (As I think you noted earlier in the thread). They're almost certainly not getting the value that they put into the draft pick in return for him.
  7. Ain't it funny filling a "need" for "next year" with a seven year contract? Will never understand that "rationale".
  8. Great to see the win and read notes on the play (started at 430 for me while I was still in a conference). Some nice highlights on TSN. 7-1-2 here we come!
  9. I can go with that. That "third" line has some nice punch to it (not sure I'd use it in the traditional "shut down" third line - might better see your "second" line be that).
  10. You may recall, I'm no fan of Mr. Sta-Puft being in the HHoF Sundin got in in no small part due to being in Tronno for so freaking long (where he *did* captain the team to two Conference Finals), being a "trailblazer" for the Swedes, and his international successes (where he was a big part of a gold medal winning Team Sweden). Giroux/HHoF is not a debate we'll need to have for some years now, and hopefully he will have made the decision easier by then...
  11. "borderline" is a good term. I just don't think he's a slam dunk at this point. And not a first-ballot, must-induct. Certainly not "blaming" him for it. Again, he's a very good player. He's not a "great" player yet. When the average hockey fan not from Philadelphia thinks of the great players of this era, I just don't think he's put himself in that conversation. No, it's not entirely his fault. But, again, 10 points in his past 23 playoff games hasn't helped his case.
  12. Yes, as captain. Obviously 2010 happened. And obviously he was on the team in 2011. He was an important, but complimentary piece on that. As "the second best player" and "longest termed captain" in Flyers history, playoff success has been something that hasn't happened.
  13. There's this one guy who had as many goals in five years as Giroux has in his career to date...
  14. Have been thinking this for a while. And returned to it reading your first paragraph before finding it in the third.

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