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  1. Doesn't make sense from a cap perspective. Risto opens up $5.4M in space but the Sabres are currently about $1M over the cap limit (you can go over in the offseason). Maybe if they'd take Okposo, too - but Kyle's got a MNTC under his belt...
  2. Touche, counselor Of course, were that true, you'd think he'd be signed by now... And Provorov is also an RFA with no arbitration rights who isn't signed at whatever they want to sign him at. That said, wouldn't surprise me if they have a handshake deal with Konecny pending Provorov. I don't think it would be vice-versa. Announce them both at the same time. "Locking up the future" press conference yadda yadda.
  3. They very well may need to figure out what Provorov is getting to be sure they can fit both of them. As for comps to Konecny, what do you give your young star winger with two less points and five more goals than your $7.1M 27-year-old center has over the past two seasons? And, sure, we can factor in how PK time and faceoffs affect that number...
  4. This is my concern. It's been five seven years of "we're definitely a playoff team" and not much to show for it. I want to see some edge to their game and some spring in their step. They've gone from zero NHL head coaches to three NHL head coaches. No more excuses.
  5. VLC was long gone by then (unless you spelled Valtteri Filppula wrong lol). Just for the record, I was another early adopter of the "Couturier doesn't suck" platform. I'm still going to disagree about keeping Patrick up that first year. Asking a kid coming off a 33-game Junior season to play 2C in the NHL for 82 games was asking for trouble... Filppula was a 2C option. He'd scored 25 once, and had 50+ points a couple of times, was defensively responsible and could play the penalty kill. He just didn't have a $7M contract...
  6. I would agree with that, with the corollary that it was an underperforming team that put Scott into the "oversight" position where Hextall mouthed off to him. @King Knut was an early adopter, but there were signs that Couturier was putting his offense together. He had the injuries in 1516 and 1617, but was on pace in 1516 for 50 points and his "post all star" 1617 showed 21 points in 31 games ("on pace" for 56). The hard minutes were a part of it, but he was starting to put up pretty good numbers despite the zone starts, etc. Then being put into a position to succeed at 1C, and getting Giroux back to his (real) natural position on the wing really paid dividends. Blind coach finds nut. I don't disagree. But I might say "could" have been. I'm not yet convinced this team is as good as we/they think it is. Whiz witout, tyvfm. I said sometimes didn't I?
  7. I don't think there's anyone actually doing that. If there are, feel free to quote them directly and respond. Sometimes it helps to put aside the steadfast beliefs and look at things from a different perspective. My point was that the season before Hextall "should have" fired Hakstol was the best Flyers season in four years and once can see where Hextall might not have thought the foundation was cracked and the roof was on fire. 98 points. Third place in the division. Lost in the first round to the two-time defending Cup champions. From that perspective, things might not look so so "fire the coach" bad. That doesn't mean the foundation wasn't cracked and the roof wasn't on fire. Both things were true. But Hextall saw it differently and, quite frankly, so did a lot of people before things cratered out of the gate last season. And it cost him his job.
  8. Not at all disagreeing - as you well know. But I can see where crusty ol' hockey guy Ron Hextall wasn't gonna let some pencil necked geeks tell him who should coach his hockey team. #davescott
  9. I forget where (or if) I actually posted this, but for all the clamour about firing Hakstol before last season, if You're Ron Hextall looking at the guy you hired, well, that guy's team just finished third in the division with 98 points and played an OK series against the Penguins in the first round. What's telling Hextall that this is clearly going to blow up in the face the next season? I think we mostly agree that there was a fair amount of smoke and/or mirrors in that 3rd place finish (only behind the Pens and Caps!) and the "close" 4-2 first round loss to Pittsburgh. And I'm not "defending Hakstol" here - just trying to put some perspective on where Hextall's head could have been at the time. That said, I don't think many anticipated the team being as abjectly woeful as they started the season out (nor would m/any have suspected setting a record for starting goalies). Adding a #2 overall UFA c/should have gotten better results, no? Which is one reason I'm ambivalent about where they will go next season. I'm not entirely convinced it was entirely the "coach's fault." Or even "bad coach" plus the "goalies' faults." Something has to fall at the feet of the 18 skaters. And it's why I need to see this team actually go out and accomplish something on the ice before I'm penciling them in as "definitely a playoff team". Not at all saying "can't happen" - just "hasn't happened yet."
  10. I think Backstrom is a good target to get bumped. He's riding somewhat on reputation in this poll and I do think Couturier has probably eclipsed him in current value.
  11. [Hidden Content] Additions? Omissions? Your Thoughts?
  12. I thought I had noticed some different things coming out of Finland. And certainly the IIHF Championship bore that out. Hoping they can bring some balance into the equation with skilled players and responsible hockey.
  13. And in which a player has $10M in his pocket from a buyout... "$10M, plus a shot at a Cup with a true contender? Thanks, New York Rangers!" The Rangers provide another lesson in why "ZOMG MUST SIGN TOP UFA LONG TERM ZOMG!" doesn't always work out for teams...
  14. It's interesting to me, because the Finns tend to be solid positional hockey players because of the way they are brought up in the national system. Except as you now look at players like Laine and Puljujarvi, the "natural talent" kids seem to be given a bit more leeway to "just do what they do" - i.e. score goals. Which works fine on a Junior level - and maybe internationally - but not so much at the NHL level. I'm wondering if that can be "fixed."
  15. I think you also had a situation where a team that had been in the Conference Finals in 15-16, had lots of regular season success, and nosedived in 17-18 came to the conclusion they had something to prove. And they proved it. Chief probably had something to do with just saying to them "you're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it people like you" and getting them to play. He also likely learned a lot about being a head coach in failing in Philadelphia. The "what not to do" approach. Could also be argued that the Blues were just top to bottom better than the Flyers were and got their Binnington at the right time. Flyers c/should be in that position in the next 2-3 years if Hayes pans out and they find the gear.
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