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  1. Yeah, and he was part of the package that got them Ellis. Point being that those sorts of players have value - especially defencemen in their early/mid-20s - even against shortcomings.
  2. Presuming that the line continues that level of productivity, they'd be fools not to. A decision that doesn't need to be made for another 4-6 weeks (at least). Also pending how effective Hayes is once he's back on the ice.
  3. I'll just offer that perhaps some credit where credit is due might be in order. Fletcher could easily have been in a bidding war with Homer, which is where the 2nd round pick entered into the deal. Fletch: "how about a 1st and Haag?" Homer: "throw in a 2nd" Fletch: "Should we talk to them first?" Homer: "nah" #halloffame
  4. Ok but kicking Fleury to the curb pretty much committed them to Lehner. He's got four more years at $5M per. Fleury's been a hot mess but so is the team in front of him. Not sure he would have had the same start in Vegas this season
  5. I like it as well, I'm just more concerned with the level of competition coming from the Canucks and, more relevantly, the Kraken. If they're getting the same level of results against the Broons, Panthers, and Oilers, (to say nothing of the Pens, Caps, Leafs, Canes) I'll feel better about the whole "Brassard as 2C" thing.
  6. If Dallas is still playing like they're currently playing, I'll wager they'll roll Hart out against Carolina and put Jones in for the Stars.
  7. capfriendly shows Sandstrom as still waiver exempt. I'm not so sure the organization would see an untested 24yo AHL callup as a sufficient replacement as a backup goalie for a team with playoff aspirations. From where I sit, team "depth" at the G position isn't. I'm pretty sure that unless Jones is an absolute tire fire in a dumpster floating down Broad Street in a tsunami they're going to roll with him.
  8. Again, I would have played him for the first time in Vancouver - a week from tomorrow. Coaches tend to frown on letting goalies sit for weeks. In my scenario, that would be 20 days between starts. Flyers have three road B2Bs before the end of November - all of them pretty difficult either in terms of competition or distance (EDM to VAN, CAR to DAL, TAM/FLA). I'm going to guess Jones comes out of the first 21 games with at least five starts at this point. If that translates into 60/2 games for Hart and 20/2 for Jones/backup over the course of the season, th
  9. I think this is the sort of thing that Lehner was trying to get out there, albeit not as adroitly as he might have. The thing about prescription painkillers is that you have to generally have a prescription for them. Much like the Mike Richards situation, team medical staffs have some responsibility here. Especially after the Richards, Boogaard, etc. situations (again and again) it is irresponsible for teams NOT to be paying attention to this stuff.
  10. Jones' last staht against da Broons? Five goals, .878 SV%, 5-1 loss And, yes, that was about two years ago
  11. well, if by "questionable body of work" you mean "hasn't had a .900+ SV%" and "has a 3.04 GAA" since 2018 then, yes (also, too, he didn't exactly have a preseason that was encouraging...) I get "needing to get him some work" but I still would have run Hart out there until Vancouver (unless he implodes). Not my call, though, obviously If nothing else, it looks like they will have the actual defense they envisioned going into the season with Ristolainen coming back. I anticipate being happy to see Braun getting bottom pair minutes...
  12. I'm more confident in him returning to more of the guy we saw in his first 74 games (~.915 SV%) than the guy playing behind a team that had no camp, not much chance to practice, and pretty much quit midway into last season. Obviously, there's a lot of hockey to go and we'll find out a lot as we go on. I'm expecting the next dozen games or so to shake out a lot of where this team is as a whole.
  13. IMO, if Derrick Brassard is the Flyers' 2C this season, they are in serious trouble. Brassard has 121 points in his last 261 games dating back to the 17-18 season. He had 20 points in 53 games last season for Arizona. He's a looong way from the 27/58 2016 version that last played under AV. He looked "fine" against an obviously overmatched, understaffed, expansion team last night. And (again IMO) he wasn't "good" against the Canucks (who also, honestly, aren't a great team). That said, I'll patiently give him a shot against the Bruins and Panthers and hope fo
  14. If I have my druthers, the first time we see Jones would be in Vancouver. If he plays well, maybe a home debut against Arizona. Presuming Hart doesn't implode (which I am not expecting nor predicting).
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