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  1. Well, we'll always have Paris(e). Once they lost Pronger, they should have leaned hard on Jagr for a couple years for his experience and influence alone. This gif brought to you by Homer
  2. Curious who he "should" have signed last year: https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/free-agents/2020/defenseman/ufa/ The big names were mostly gone by the time Niskanen flaked out. I think Pietrangelo signed a few days after and Krug IIRC was already gone. The on;y "big" name out there was probably Chara who wasn't likely to come here and wasn't likely what they needed. And who they might go after this year? I think this board looks a lot different when everything shakes out. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2022/caphit/all/defense/ufa I'd look at
  3. Yeah I don't think his thing is playing with the puck. He's a top pair but not neceasadily #1/PP guy. That's where Niskanen really helped. If he turns out to have something like an Ekholm career with upside I think that's around where he is. With upside. The interesting thing is the way no one in the media really even brings his name up. Shows how many bigger concerns the organization* has.
  4. This is honestly what has enraged me and pushed me off the deep end. Only thing that reminds me of it is when the team quit on Barber against Ottawa back in 2002. This season has just been so disappointing and disheartening.
  5. True but Torts would staple some asses to the bench. All in all, they're just some vet D and a 2C away from seriously competing. Or something. Again.
  6. To be fair he's really not asking me, either. My thing was/is IF they fire AV then they should bring in Torts and just burn the whole thing to the ground. And you'd have to have "Ride of the Valkyrie" as the theme song for the season. Real "End of Days" proto-Apocalyptic theme. Fade to Black. *scene*
  7. May have said he wanted to play 60 minutes. #controversial
  8. I don't object to the two for Gotstobehere. I object to the fine and no suspension for Wilson.
  9. Panarin is out for the rest of the season. Try to keep up here.
  10. I generally don't subscribe to the "league hates the Flyers" line but this is just flat out ridiculous... Wilson tried to kill Panarin and ended his season. $5,000.
  11. FIFY. This has been the absolute worst decade in the organization*'s history.
  12. The concept that guys being paid millions of dollars to play a sport at a mediocre level for nine years need a coach to be their sole motivator to compete and can't stomach criticism quite frankly disgusts me. Firing the only coach under which they have had any sort of postseason success over that time frame would be just the kind of thing this organization* would do. In related news, the only Flyer head coach for multiple seasons since Fred Shero that put up a losing record with the organization* is... Paul Holmgren.
  13. https://nypost.com/2021/05/05/rangers-fire-john-davidson-jeff-gorton-in-shocking-move/
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