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  1. Which has what has been said for six years. Until this team shows me something more, I'm not convinced. You honestly think they're on the level of Tampa or Washington in the next two year's? Your mouth to God's ears, man. The officiating "needs to be fixed" sure. But it's not like 30 new officials are just waiting in the wings to make the Flyers more competitive. Show me on the ice. That's all I'm saying. Because I remember when losing to the Cup Finalist Rangers in seven was "a good sign" and that was six years ago. Give me a reason to care and I'll sing along forever.
  2. The difference is they've now got TWO GUYS who have scored better then 25 in this league in their career. Again, the 3-5 year window that's been open the past six years remains a 3-5 year window... To me, that sucks.
  3. You know I know this. But the officiating sucks across the league. Everybody plays with it. The Flyers still aren't good enough to be better than a bubble team in a league with crappy officiating. The actual Stanley Cup competitors are. For me, that's what matters. Losing to the Islanders at home outshot 40-24 with their playoff lives on the line is the story tonight. Not "the refs suck". If your mileage varies, that's fine. But one is a story about the whole league and another is a story about the Philadelphia Flyers. And the Flyers' story ain't a good one.
  4. Leon Stickle says "hello" If you're five points out of a playoff spot, at home, and the vaunted "core" is relying on a 20 year old goalie to even be remotely competitive, that's not on "the refs." That's on a team that after SIX YEARS still isn't good enough. I wish I was wrong.
  5. So was the team "fighting for their playoff lives" on home ice. The key thing for me is you didn't say much about the Flyers' play. You talked about the refs. Fine, the refs we're terrible. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Without Carter Hart NONE of this "comeback from second worst in the league" happens and this "comeback" has gotten them all of five points out of a playoff spot. They gave up 40 shots "fighting for their playoff lives." Pinch me. We now return you to "they'll be competitive in 3-5 years" already in progress for the past six.
  6. So, let me get this straight. One team lost it's superstar captain for nothing and is sitting in a playoff spot, second in the division. The other team has had a "core" together for six years and is five points out of a playoff spot with seven to play and it's "the ref's fault" that they lost - on home ice - being outshot 40 to 24 while scoring on the power play. OK, then. This team doesn't need excuses. This team needs to play better and be more consistent on a regular basis.
  7. Well, I think we can clearly see that a borderline playoff team - at best - isn't on a level capable of competing with actual Stanley Cup competitors.
  8. I really think he screwed up his entire career playing injured all last season. And, really, for nothing. Great heart and soul move, but terrible for his long term viability. He's simply not going to get the "big payday" he was building to.
  9. Obviously the four first rounders is a complete non-starter. As your post ably displays, losing four years of young talent is an absurd overpayment for anybody. I do think that looking at the mid-range $5-6M for a 1st and 3rd is not out of the question. Really depends on the player and the "fit" with the team.
  10. Totally agree. But I don't think we're talking about a $10+M offer sheet (to lose four first rounders). But somewhere in the $4-6M and dropping a 1st and 3rd? That's more doable and doesn't gut your draft for years. [Hidden Content] Not sure what the specific numbers look like for 2019's RFA class, but should be somewhat around those numbers. There's also the consideration of who is available: [Hidden Content] Do you take a shot at a Kapanen for $5M or so and give up a 1st and 3rd for him? I think it's a conversation we might have. I'm just not sure an NHL GM does it.
  11. I like the player, but I don't see him ever getting back to the 11% shooting that he displayed in his first year. If he can stay at his current career average at around 5.9% he's likely to be that 60+ point guy (which is what he did and was last year). Unfortunately, two of his seasons have been at under 4%. I absolutely concur that you don't ship him out now "to avoid the expansion draft." And that his value is not now what it c/should be. He's a great story, to be sure. He's also 38th in the league amongst qualifying defencemen (23rd in total points if you consider "ties" in points). On that note, Sanheim is tied with him in points (and shooting at what may be an unsustainable 9% clip). What I want to see from him is more consistency game-to-game and year-to-year. No, there aren't many. But the "m" in "many" is an important caveat...
  12. Ugh - is that what that is? I thought it was @ruxpin
  13. I should add, for the sake of the topic, that they absolutely should be willing to use offer sheets. Everyone should. But they don't. And won't. The best thing an offer sheet ever did was to blackball Homer out of the GM's chair.
  14. It's terrible asset management if you just "jettison" Ghost. I'm not riding him out of town on a rail. but if the right deal comes along you have to at least consider it. And the parameters you outline - a 65-point defenceman on a favorable contract - certainly factor in to that decision about what's "the right deal." But right now, he's not a 65-point defenceman, he's playing like he was in his sophomore season - a 40-point defenceman. Not chopped liver, by any stretch. But not a "Erik Karlsson Lite" that he looked last season (Karlsson hit 78 points in his third season and hasn't dropped below 62 (in a full season) since). And, yes, I know, Hakstol neutered his game... Of course, he did score 65 last year under Hakstol... But, if true - and Hakstol did destroy his confidence and his game - shouldn't they try to maximize that asset now if they can?
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