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  1. I like Laine where he is - on my FHL team. I miss the days where Finns were raised to be defnesively responsible and if you were lucky you got a Sinisalo, Kapanen (Sami) or dare I say a Selanne or Kurri out of them. Hoping Laine hits 30 goals with Voracek feeding him on the power play. Don't really want either on the Flyers at this point...
  2. I'm seeing a lot of fawning from the Flyers over their 10 year player Voracek. What's your favorite Voracek memory as a Flyer? I honest to God don't know that I have one. By all accounts he's a good guy. I just don't immediately recall the defining thing that he did. Anyone?
  3. Team needed a radical makeover. It got one. Whether it works out remains to be seen. IMO this is a crucial season for Giroux in terms of whether they ee-sign him as a lifetime Flyer. If nothing else it's not boring.
  4. It hurts your position when the player is trying to wiggle away from his second organization.
  5. Including, it would appear, the GM. This is now a radically different squad than the one with the "pandemic" problem. It needed to happen and has and is.
  6. Number is good. Term is good. What's not to like here? I'll give it to ol' Fletch this isn't going to be the same ol' Flyers team.
  7. Name one. And I am likely the biggest Koivu fan on this board. Even with the Wild fans. Seriously to say he "built" a competitive Wild team is absurd. That's a quote - not a paraphrase.
  8. He's a consistent 40 point defenceman. The point stats are the. The analytics are not. He has a chance to turn everythinf around. If he does it - and re-signs - he can be a real fan favorite.
  9. You post as if people haven't seen him play... I've seen him play. Live and on teevee. I LIKE the player and can see why some proverbial "hockey people" do. A 1st 2 2nds a 3rd two roster players and a 7th is just a lot. Even a 1st, 2nd, and Hagg is a lot. I don't think I'll be trading my #17 in... Yet...
  10. SHHHHH! His agent might use this when negotiating an extenstion...
  11. I LIKE the player and I'm perfectly willing to see how it plays out. I still think the individual trade is too much and coupled with the Ghost divestiture is egregious. Happy to walk the block to Broad Street to see the Cup when I'm wrong.
  12. Dany Heatly is #10 overall points and #18 in points per 60 minutes for the 2000s. Is Dany Heatley on your top 20 list of players in the 2000s? I'm not pissing on your leg. And ignoring the rest of my post doesn't speak well for your assertion. You think Giroux is an undoubted superstar. That's fine. I disagree. He still has the chance to prove it. I'm just inviting him to stop trying to dunk on Sam Carchidi on Twitter and go ahead and DO IT. Until then he has accomplished precious little in his tenure as captain of the Fl
  13. I don't believe "hasn't produced" is in a post. I don't consider him a top 20 player in the league any more than Voracek is despite them both being in the top 20 of points on that list. To wit, he's 23rd in points per 60 minutes. He doesn't break Team Canada's top 12 when all players are available. We've plowed this ground before. I'm not here to **** on the player. We've covered the issues forced upon him by incompetent management who never got the supporting cast (I think he's a great "supporting cast" player more than a great, dominant superst
  14. And I get that. Voracek is #18 on that list. Is Voracek on your list of Top 20 players over the last 10 years? G, Tavares, and Wheeler are the only non-Cup winners in the top 10. It's also somewhat telling when you sort by points per 60 minutes in all situations he's 23rd. Next season is a defining moment in his career. Does he shake off the stink of this season and take advantage of the shakeups to the roster to LEAD a team to success? We'll see... I HOPE he does it.
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