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  1. And, that, folks, would seem to put a fork in the NHL and NBA seasons...
  2. Something I hadn't really thought about, but probably does impact some of the "salary inflation" we're seeing: Basically, players are only making about 90% of their salaries to start...
  3. I'll put this a little more in perspective. If your net worth is half a million dollars, the proportionate donation of an NHL franchise, NFL franchise, and their $4.7B owners is less than $128. Truly - heroes.
  4. I'll be "fair" here: [Hidden Content] The Pegulas - "along with" the Sabres and Bills - are "giving" "at least" $1.2M to recovery funds in Western New York. For those of you following along at home, an NHL Franchise, NFL franchise, and their $4.7B owners have buckled down and put up .000255% of their net worth to "help" (after creating some of the unemployed and underserved urban and rural families in WNY). Big of them. Let's all join in a big #thanks
  5. At even $15/hour for 40 hrs/week (which we know these jobs weren't) $1B could pay ~30K people for a year and still leave the Pegulas scraping by with "only" $4B or so. I appreciate your perspective and would like to think that these people are being treated equitably and fairly. I just don't think they are. IF "we're all going back to work next week" (spoiler alert: we're not) then this was doubly cruel and smacks of a way to put people in lower positions making less money. If this situation goes on long term, there's plenty of time for them to put them on the public assistance dole without burdening taxpayers with needing to do it rightnow in the midst of an economic crisis. A BILLION DOLLARS is a LOT of money. In some cases an unfathomable amount. If the Pegulas wanted to they could have taken a ridiculously small hit, gotten some great publicity, and not even noticed the "loss." They didn't want to take even a small hit in the face of the first major global pandemic in a century. I believe the operative phrase is "#### those people."
  6. it really depends on the situation. There is a "with cause" and "without cause" aspect, at least in Pennsylvania. In my time in the non-profit performing arts industry there were several times I've been "let go" because of financial problems within the organization. I suppose you could term that "laid off" but it wasn't "laid off" like you were expecting to be going back after a period of time. Different states have different rules and different applications of those rules as well. Such fun.
  7. I thought it was buying cheap wine and Grey Poupon?
  8. The Flames were actually the first: [Hidden Content] And then (somewhat) reversed course: [Hidden Content] I get that and I know many similar places that have done the same. Generally, UI is less than you would normally get. Pegula could afford to keep these people whole and then go the UI route later if this looks to be interminable. Again, comparing a local small business to a multi-billionaire-owned sports team is apples and monkey wrenches. In the end, the billionaires are saving themselves money and are costing us money to take care of their employees. I know that's how the world works these days, but I don't like it. This is really what got me - not only are they not agreeing to hire them back but if they do they may be in different positions at lower rate of pay. Or, they could just be screwed. Indeed. It is times like this when you really find out what's what and who's who. It has certainly changed my perspective on the Pegulas. And I have no problem raising taxes on them to help us all get through this together. None at all.
  9. No, not the fools running the team or the underachievers on it Just the arena staff that's cut loose amid the Coronavirus pandemic. IMO, this is simply shameful. I revoke my fandom.
  10. Just more proof that the league hates the Flyers.
  11. Having multiple 10+ and 20+ scorers is always a Good Thing. The Blue Jackets have six guys on IR including Atkinson, Dubinsky, and Jones - not to mention being gutted in free agency. Take out Konecny, Hayes, and Provorov (not perfect comparisions) and see where the Flyers are... Jackets are still miraculously in a wild card spot. The Rangers (who were/are smoke and mirrors IMO) have one guy on IR right now (Michael "who?" Haley). The Canes lost both of their goalies in the same game. Pesce and Vantanen are respectable players, but they're not the reason the Canes are in a tailspin. Imagine the Flyers without Hart and Elliott. The Bolts still have a 30+ goal scorer, a 25-goal scorer, 23-goal scorer, two more at 15+, and three more 10+. Flyers have 24, 23, 22, 19, 3 10+. I'm not sure Tampa's going into a tailspin without Stamkos. First place, they get a wild card (Jackets/Isles/Canes/Rags) and certainly should be favored. 2 or 3 and (at this point) they get the Pens or Caps. Get a lead early and hold it and the ice is decidedly titled in your favor. Teams playing catch up are typically blown at the end of games. Flyers are clicking on all cylinders right now. If that keeps up, they'll be a tough out. I like their chances in the Metro at this point especially if they face the wild card and then get the survivor of Pens/Caps. That said, Pens and Caps are playoff-tested groups. Boston and/or Tampa could be a real challenge in a Conference Final. Both are 50+ in goal differential and have something to prove. Make the playoffs and win a round and see where they are.
  12. Halfway between City Hall and the stadiums - right off the subway.
  13. Flyers are getting scoring from up and down the lineup. Teams are hard to play against when you're getting that sort of production. IMO, the Islanders are getting a bit exposed. They're 2-6-2 in their last 10 and have lost four in a row. Their goal differential has dropped considerably from where it was when they were #3 in the division. Still could be a tough out in the playoffs, but not if the Flyers keep playing the way they are.
  14. Would be nice to squeeze up in the playoffs and put the Caps and Pens in a first round matchup. That said, as it stands that would mean facing the Isles - who are looking like a team that the smoke is finally clearing from the mirrors, but has been a tough out. Next step is the first round. Keep walking.

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