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  1. Remember when the news media was all giddy about Hextall being fired because they would have "access" again?
  2. There's that, yes. But, also, too, they don't seem to want to move on the power play. They go to their places and they wait. They let teams set up in a PK and then they give them exactly what they expected. And, surprisingly enough, it isn't successful. I do think that's coaching...
  3. And it is widely reported that he took the job because of Fletcher.
  4. I think a lot of people - including probably most on this board - were "reluctant" to do things like make trades to plug "holes" this year that may be filled next year internally. For example, trading away a Ghost and/or Sanheim for a Quick that could then be "blocking" Hart in a couple years. Or signing, say, a 31-year-old Grabner to a three-year deal who might then be "blocking" a Vorobyev, Rubstov, Laughton, etc.? You think ol' Fletch just might like to have an old friend who's in the locker room on a regular basis helping him "get to know a situation" before he has "a reaction"? Not as a "spy" or a "saboteur" but someone the GM trusts implicitly who can give some day-to-day insight as to how the team responds to Hakstol, how Hakstol runs the team, makes decision, etc.? 'cause I do...
  5. He got some "NHL ready talent' but it just wasn't particularly remarkable. Sam Gagner (Pronger deal), Radko Gudas (Coburn), Valtteri Filppula (Streit) are "NHL players" just not "great" players. Heck, they keep rolling ol' Jordan Weal (VLC) out there. With that and the previous moves mentioned, that's half of his 21 moves as GM. Five more are low round/AHL deals. And if they're looking to "fix" the 3C, it's more than likely it'll be something along the lines of a Gagner/Filppula "type" than a big splash.
  6. He didn't do a lot of in-season, "fix it" type of deals*, but he did have a pretty strong track record of trades when cleaning up Homer's messes: The Hartnell deal fetched the pick he flipped to LA for the pick that became Vorobyev (and, yes, also included Umburglar - gotta give to get, amirite?) He got the picks for Timonen one of which went to Nashville in the Konecny deal. The Coburn deal fetched Gudas as well as a pick he flipped to Nashville for what became Konecny. The Lecavalier deal brought a pick he combined with another for the 1st that became Rubstov. And his own "mess" with Schenn brought in the 1sts that became Frost and O'Brien. Still a long way to go to see how all of them turn out, but that's not a bad track record of turning **** into Shineola. I do believe he would have made deals if the deals being offered made sense. Like a lot (most) on this board, he wasn't really interested in flipping young talent/high picks for "fix it" moves a la Homer's Kubina, Prospal, Versteeg, etc. On the FA front, JVR was arguably the #2 FA option on the market last season and he locked him up. And in-house signings like Couturier, Ghost - even the Schenn deal wasn't terrible. Of course then you also have Gordon, Weise, Neuvirth, Elliott... I got nothin' And, to be fair, Homer had his moments as well. Of course, when you fire off a shotgun (IIRC, he averaged 6-7 trades a year and had several years over 10) you're likely to hit something * the deal for Mrazek, while it didn't turn out great, was him taking a shot to "fix it" in-season at a reasonable cost for a return with potential short-term upside (that, again, didn't pan out).
  7. Parise/Suter is often brought up. I remember pretty vividly the owner campaigning publicly for that.
  8. That, too, is in no way mutually exclusive. And I didn't and don't dispute. Hope that helps.
  9. Those things are in no way mutually exclusive. Hope that helps.
  10. I was using your quote to illustrate the general feelings of Wild fans about Fletcher's tenure and also to point out that the many and varied flaws you bring up sound eerily reminiscent of the many and varied flaws we saw with Holmgren during his tenure as GM (which, fair enough, started out pretty good). Over the hill vets with long contracts and NMCs? See: Lecavalier, Vincent (5Y, $4.5M per, NMC). Rental vets for draft picks? See: Prospal, Vaclav (obtained for Alexandre Picard and a 2nd in Feb, 2008 - traded away in June, 2008 for a 7th and a conditional) Rental vets for draft picks that disappear from the NHL? See: Kubina, Pavel (obtained Feb 2011 for a player, 2nd, and 4th - never played in NHL again after the season) Essentially, I can see where Fletcher doesn't have "philosophical differences" with Holmgren.
  11. By Year Nine of the process, there was undoubtedly some concern as to whether they would ever get over the hump - precisely because they had made the trades and coaching changes. It was pretty well reported on even during the Final last season. There was a profound sense of relief throughout the organization and fanbase when they dispatched Vegas.
  12. In the end, it's just a matter of degrees and how things are put in order. People will have varying opinions and different ways of looking at it. I'm just not in the "Hextall had to go because he was an awful dictator" camp first. I'm in the "they'd be fine with the awful dictator if they were winning" camp first. Clearly, the "dictator" thing was "a reason" that entered into the calculus of it all. In the end, for speculation's sake, I think they didn't expect Hextall to tell them to go shove it when he was confronted and when he did they were more or less forced to fire him, at which point his "bad points" (which included telling them to "go shove it") were emphasized. They had no plan to replace him and certainly had no plan to replace Hakstol, which is why he's still here. In addition to being "a good guy." Could easily be that Hakstol was smothered by an overbearing general manager who forced him to put Dale Weise on the second line, overplay his goalies, and an Assistant coach who was a spy and fiddled with Hakstol's preferred "system" so the players didn't execute it properly. And if Hakstol had only been allowed to pick his own staff, all of this could have been avoided. That's certainly a possibility. We'll see... And then... [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Is there more of a "his guy" out there than the guy who comes out of retirement to take the job because of his longstanding working relationship with "the guy"?

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