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  1. Eichel vs. McDavid vs. Matthews

    He's not Jeff Carter, after all!
  2. Morgan Frost

    @King Knut If there is cap space, but nothing to use it on, how useful is it? It's a rhetorical question. As we've discussed there aren't a lot of "cap problems" in the bad decisions like Weise. Just dead weight on the roster. I'm not arguing that they should suck. Edmonton has sucked for years and they're still sucking. Arizona. And I completely agree that the team should be able to improve without sucking. I come from a time where a "down year" should be a 6-8 seed. But we have two rounds of playoffs in five years, they are on the outside looking in at this point and as I read your own estimation, they're still years - years - away from seriously competing. And that's IF some prospects pan out. I just think that sucks. And no amount of Voracek assists or Corsi/Fenwick "positives" changes that. I understand "the process" and I do see "positives" on the horizon. That doesn't change this being arguably the worst stretch of hockey in franchise history. It just doesn't. I think I've been pretty consistent in acknowledging potential positives while insisting that until it is actually seen on the ice it's no better than "winning the trades" against a team that is sitting on two Cups while we have two rounds of playoffs in five years. I own the orange and black glasses in my avatar. I just don't wear them while analyzing. The fact is, I didn't believe the "we're going to be good" 2-3 years ago when they were saying 2-3 years and losing to the Cup finalist Rangers 4-3 was "a good sign" and there were all sorts of "reasons" they were going to be - Voracek scoring, good Corsi numbers, young talent coming up, etc. It would be much better if they didn't continually blow smoke and instead went out and did it on the ice.
  3. Morgan Frost

    Are you saying he has an asset that isn't very useful? It is actually possible - and far from inconceivable - that in a capped league it pays to suck to get better. And then there's Edmonton. I don't think the Flyers are devoid of talent. I think they lack the talent to be a top team in the Metropolitan. And your own estimation is that they might be better once Giroux and Voracek aren't "the core" (with at least voracek still under contract). And in the end I don't blame Hextall, I blame the organization for squandering 10 years wallowing in mediocrity (presuming they are 2-3 or 3-4 "years away"). Because in no small part by all accounts they were instrumental in costing us years of hockey to impose a salary cap and they've been terrible in managing it. I don't hate Hextall. I appreciate many of the thinfs he has done. They are better off than when he took over. And they're still desperately trying to be in the wild card race. And, yes, 2-3 "years away". The unfortunate thing is weve been sold an idea they were 2-3 years away for the past five years.
  4. A Take on Giroux in 2017-18

    Kessel ate the cheeseburger
  5. A Take on Giroux in 2017-18

    It would be hard for Couturier, even given his strong play this season, to break into the top four centers in this division. A few more years like this and he can certainly be in that conversation.
  6. A Take on Giroux in 2017-18

    And all of those guys have significantly more goals than Voracek. The lowest is Bailey who just has 1/3 more goals (12 to 8), Crosby and Hall have almost twice as many (15) and Over chicken more than three times (27). Jake having almost half of his assists on the PP (19 of 43) doesn't do much to help his case for a 3-on-3 tournament, either.
  7. Morgan Frost

    The flip side of a middling team "getting up" to play a "good" team is that the "good" teams can have a tendency to overlook "lesser" teams. When you get to a seven game series in the playoffs, you're talking about a completely different animal. When you have a team that has been 6th, 5th and 6th in the division the past three years and are again in the lower depths of the division - with a great deal of the same roster - that's probably a better indicator of where they stack up than a "good game" against a "good team." Remember when losing 4-3 to a Cup finalist was a "good indicator"? That was three years ago.
  8. Morgan Frost

    I'll beat you by three months. I never bought in to the buying a Cup theory. And I'm very disappointed with where the franchise is now.
  9. Morgan Frost

    @vis 50 points to visyndor for Lehterable.
  10. Morgan Frost

    They are good deals, but they are deals that "definitley a playoff" teams don't make. And after two rounds of playoffs in five years, "a few more years" to even seriously compete is tedious at best. There isn't much of a better choice at this point, which is really a reflection of just how badly screwed the executives prior to Hextall left the team. And, as you note, the current exec's choice of coach. But just give them time...? We don't really have a choice, do we?
  11. Morgan Frost

    So, to sum up: bad signing? The Mac point is that giving a player who has never had length and term, length and term can change a player. See: Read, Matt Having a Weise on the roster changes how a coach makes decisions. His salary alone influences who plays It just does. Weise is a player a possible contender picks up for a playoff run. Chicago did that, and cut him loose 19 games later. And the Flyers gave him a four year deal making more than twice what he ever made before. Bad. Signing. I'll wager you're not going to see Weise in the AHL for the duration of his contract, barring an injury rehabilitation. And they're certainly not buying him out. So he's a waste of a roster spot. Another waste, when you look at the Lehteras of the world. Bad. Signing.
  12. Morgan Frost

    When you give a 27 year old twice the term and twice the money and he blows up in your face that is a Bad Signing. See: MacDonald, Andrew. His 26 points in 59 games for MTL may have shown something, but his one assist in 15 for the Blackhawks should have shown something, too. Chicago effectively gave up a 2nd for him and walked away. And it's not "hindsight" if one said it at the time. This team's record is a pretty good indicator of who and what they are. They're four points out of a playoff spot with three teams in front of them and there are all of eight teams in the league behind them. They're all psyched about beating the Islanders, who by all accounts (even their coach) are something of a disaster. Oh, and they're ahead of the Flyers. "Should be better" doesn't matter when they're simply not. Coaching is sure part of it, but the overall talent level on the team just isn't on the level to compete seriously in the Metropolitan.
  13. Flyers recall Tyrell Goulbourne!!!

    They are playing Very Soft, to be sure. As you've noted On Other Threads, it would be nice to have the Giroux with an edge back - but I'm not sure that guy exists any more. Once they get rid of Simmonds, I expect the team will all man up and play tougher.
  14. Flyers recall Tyrell Goulbourne!!!

    Simmonds is likely on a no fight order what with his brand new mouth full of teeth. Manning just got tuned up. Laughton is gun shy. And Weise is waiting for the team to be eliminated so he can start playing. I get the feeling Gudas is leashed.

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