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  1. I'm on board with this - to an extent. Aside from firing Hakstol - which absolutely, no question, should have been done - I don't know what other moves he was "expected" to make that he didn't - and after he was fired his replacement managed to deal: Jordan Weal for Jacob Graves and a 6th Taylor Leier for Justin Bailey Dale Weiss + Christian Folin for Bryon Froese + David Schlemko Anthony Stolarz for Cam Talbot Wayne Simmonds for Ryan Hartman and a conditional 4th Hardly anything earth-shattering. Bailey (23 games) and Hartman (24) were the only skaters to suit up for the NHL team and their combined 2 goals and 5 assists didn't do terribly much for the direction of the team. Remains to be seen what they will do with Talbot. And the team was virtually out of options when they were basically forced to call up Hart, which they didn't do until the day they fired Hakstol - and only because Stolarz went down with an(other) injury. Presuming that not firing Hakstol was the straw that broke the "disrespected" ownership's back, why did they wait another three+ weeks to pull that plug?? Hextall signed the (arguably) #2 overall UFA this past offseason, drafted the Frost, Farabee and Ratcliffe you mention (in addition to Sanheim, Lindblom, Konecny, Provorov, Patrick, and Hart), signed Couturier to a tremendously team-friendly deal and Gotstobehere for a pretty good number as well. I get that Dave Scott and some Comcast Spectacor functionaries had their feelings hurt. I get that the team was underperforming - again, for the third coach in seven years. I get that that third coach in seven years needed to go. But this was only starting to turn into "Hextall's team" - and they had to dig out from the wreckage Paul Holmgren wrought for, arguably, the first three years of Hextall's tenure. Which is to say that the team will be benefiting from the "plan" that Hextall put in motion for the next 3-5 years. And that this offseason was the consequential one in that plan where there are good pieces to be had and - potentially - cap room to go get them. I wouldn't think for a moment that the "Frost, Farabee, Ratcliffes" of the world are "untouchable" under a new "win now" mandate. But at least the team is actually built to start winning. We'll see whether they do. I'm not sure I get this at all. How is hiring a coach to "spy" on the head coach the GM hired - and apparently at least in part got fired for not firing - "crossing a line"? What line? And, again, why wait three+ weeks after firing Hextall to can his "spy"? Legitimately curious.
  2. Wait, I thought losing to a Cup Finalist was a good sign? Shouldn't losing to three consecutive Cup winners be even better?
  3. Because someone will pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars? Just spitballing here. Or there aren't many head coaching opening and you can't get a job coaching Soccer, am I right? #sabres Who was the last guy to do that? The Flyers have assembled a deep, experienced coaching staff. Gotta get results on the ice.
  4. Yes, it means no "slow start" to start the season. And, yes, the vets who have been around here for the past seven years of relative futility. You do realize Couturier wears the "A" and will be in his ninth NHL season next year, yes? That counts as a "veteran" from where I sit. I might also count the 30-year-old entering his 11th NHL season as well... And by "slow start" I don't mean "but Giroux was a point-per-game player in October" I mean "not going 5-7 in October and 5-5-2 in November". We shan't talk of the 5-6-3 December. And they need guys who can score the puck. I'm not the only one saying that "another scorer" is needed on this team. See? There's you saying it! Can we let guys get to to door before they're "knocking" on it? This squad has a #2 overall pick that has yet to break 32 points. Can we let the 20-year-olds at least have a training camp before we're slotting them in as can't miss scorers in the NHL? I was as well. Which is why I said "the likely alternative for this year's problem." This organization - and I'm back to using the term loosely - wants to compete next year and not wait for "the kids in the wings." Waiting for "the kids in the wings" was one thing (along with a slavish, unfounded devotion to a coach) that got Hextall fired. That means throwing a long-term deal at a guy to fix the problem for next year. Not what you would do. Not what I would do. What they will do. Bet on it. He was slotted in as the #2C from the moment he was drafted and played in that role for two years. He has so far failed to produce and virtually every analysis says that the Flyers need to bring in a 2C to fill the role he hasn't taken yet. Good NHL teams are pretty good at not giving guys "who need room to breathe" room to breathe. Guys often need to make their room. This isn't a situation where he was put into a defensive role like Couturier. He was put in a position to succeed. He just hasn't. Which is in no way to say he "can't". But the "win now" mentality demanded by Our Corporate Overlords may not give him that chance again at 2C next year.
  5. I helpfully passed it along to my wife, as well. She's working on giving it back to me. We do special things like that for our anniversary...
  6. Sorry to hear - hope you feel better! I've been dealing with a nasty rhinovirus for over a week now...
  7. Absolutely. You'll notice I was responding to FD who was "fixed" my post to say that "the rest" of the D and Jake and the forwards need to turn it over less. This is true, but doesn't quite absolve Gotstobehere of similar responsibility...
  8. Saw this in teh Twitter feeds: [Hidden Content] The highest paid player left in the playoffs makes $8M. Which does beg the question if higher salary breeds success on the ice. For example, since signing Toews and Kane to their $10M+ deals, the Blackhawks have two rounds of playoffs and missed the postseason entirely the past two years. The flip side could be that the Caps won the Cup last season with OV making $9.5M - but no one else on the team was above $8M. That said, the eight guys making $10M+ in cap hit last season had zero playoff rounds (McDavid, Toews, Kane, Kopitar, Eichel, Price) and one round (Tavares, Nylander) and the highest paid guy left in the playoffs is Burns at $8M cap hit ($10M salary) at 22nd in the league. After that, you get Tarasenko at 31st and O'Reilly at 33rd ($7.5M each) and only four more guys in the top 50 cap hits (Vlasic, EKane, Rask, Bergeron). Yes, it's a weird postseason this year, but does having a big payroll equal success these days?
  9. Obviously if the team is more consistent in giving the puck away, that would be a Bad Thing. Gotstobehere was fifth on the team in giveaways last season. Third the year before. And second the year before that.
  10. I appreciate the concept - and don't necessarily disagree. What we need from Ghost is what we need from the team in general - more consistency on a regular basis.
  11. I get the theory and all, but the fact remains that both his breakout rookie season and his 60+ point season happened under Hakstol. Is it that Hakstol gets all the blame and none of the credit? Could be. Could also be that Ghost is an inconsistent player a la a Keith Yandle type. We'll find out soon enough...
  12. Honestly, Laperriere should never have been on the ice to take the second shot. Almost undoubtedly wouldn't be allowed to in today's concussion regime. I'm fine with him "always having a job" in the organization. I don't get why it has to be Assistant Coach.
  13. It's Lappy. That's kinda covered under "pie". It's not meant to be taken literally, it's meant to apply equally to all manner of baked goods.
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