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  1. Coach came out and called their "emotional win" and "tough plane ride" for the bull bleep it is. Nice to see an appropriate response.
  2. Here's some player comments: [Hidden Content] Farabee talks about how "the flight, and stuff like that, it definitely takes a toll..." Well, great, but do you think the Habs who played in Chicago while you were in St. Louis (and lost 4-1) got here by Scotty beaming them to the Wells Fargo Center? To be fair, he does say "at the end of the day we need a better effort." Then it cuts to Giroux talking about the in in STL being "a big win, an emotional win. And sometimes after an emotional win it's hard to get up the next day. No excuses." Ladies and gentlemen, your Captain. "No excuses" following what is clearly an excuse. If you go into a game thinking of all the reasons you don't have to (or "can't") get up for it, you don't get up for it. You're being paid $100,914.63 per game. That was worth 0 g, 0 a, 0 p, -1, 2 shots, 1 hit, 6-6 FW, a giveaway and an 0-4 power play in 26 shifts. No excuses.
  3. The "$10M goalie" thread I posted had a comment that the Habs have lost to the Red Wings three times this year. That's six points they don't have. They're seven points out of a playoff spot rightnow. Detroit has 12 wins all season. Two points are two points. You don't get extra for "getting up" for top teams. Games in October are worth as much as games in January are worth as much as games in March... If the Flyers had beaten the Habs last night they're "in" the playoffs "if the season ended today."* * we'd all be Very Surprised
  4. "I understand emotionally, but points are the same. This game was worth two. Last game was worth two. You gotta get up for it. You gotta get yourself ready." - Alain Vigneault [Hidden Content]
  5. I just keep coming back to sample size. Friedman has been on the ice for 65 minutes of NHL hockey. It's definitely easier for "stay at home" types and you absolutely need that type of guy. If Friedman can continue to be consistent and not make mistakes while being defensively responsible, that's great. No problem with experimenting with pairings, either. There's also something to be said for guys coming into the league making their game simpler. That's not what's expected of Sanheim and Myers. Those guys are expected to drive play and be an offensive catalyst. By definition, that's going to affect their play. I look again at a Dougie Hamilton who wasn't always the most defensively responsible while putting up 40+ point seasons on the back end. Now, at 26, he's a 40 point player halfway into the season who's also +30 (and, unfortunately, injured). I've gotta think that both CGY and BOS who gave up on him might like to have that guy. And, yes, it could be "change of scenery" necessary for Sanheim/Meyers. I'm just not quite "there" yet.
  6. Ghost is 26 and is in season five. Sanheim is 23 and in his third season. There's no question he needs to start showing growth. I do appreciate your "grass is always greener" approach to guys who haven't played in the league yet. From where I sit, Friedman is Hagg who hasn't had the chance to be exposed yet.
  7. I don't think "on blast" is the result. There will be people who disagree. And that's fine. That's why we're here. It's why I started off saying I just don't get the devotion to this "core". They're nice guys. They've put up some numbers. They've achieved nothing for seven years.
  8. Right, but those are exceptions to the rule. It's like saying "McDavid could score at 19 so why can't Kotkaniemi?" There absolutely are young players who can do it. Just that most don't. There were nine D taken in the first round in 2017. Three haven't played a game, three others less than half a season, Jokiharju at 86 games and then Makar and Heiskanen. Myers has played 51 NHL games. Total. Sanheim played a season and a half coming into this year. Not making excuses, but not thinking either of them should be standout players on this team rightnow. If three NHL head coaches can't improve their game - which doesn't happen overnight - then they're "busts." Friedman has played six NHL games. Let's let that play out before we're christening him as some sort of savior.
  9. I don't "hate" G - but I'm looking at a guy who hasn't really "taken over" a game in... years? I don't care how many points he has over what sort of time frame in comparison to Crosby, Overchicken, etc. Nobody outside of Philadelphia puts him in the same category with those sorts of players. Nobody. He's had one tremendous season and two good ones in seven years. And I keep coming back to situations where "the best player on a bad team" does put up points. But he doesn't make the other players better. (cue the "third assist" theory). I simply don't think other teams are feeling the same "uh oh" when he goes over the boards onto the ice that you see from a Kucherov, Overchicken, Crosby, McDavid, MacKinnon, Pastrnak, PKane, Malkin, Stamkos... At this point in his career, I seem him as a guy other teams think/know they can contain. And they have. I get the theory that the team will not immediately be "better" if you remove the VeeGees. There isn't an immediate answer to where the points come from. I just don't see where keeping them makes the team immediately "better" either. I agree, this isn't a fire sale. They need to get good pieces back. It's tough, but I don't think I can stand two more seasons of this.
  10. There aren't a lot of 22/23 year old defencemen who "know how to play defense" in this league. The record on D is that they generally emerge in their mid-20s. Looking at Dougie Hamilton, for example... Those two you mention will likely be in better shape with AV and Co than Ghost was with Hackstol.
  11. I think this is early to tell. Konecny is a solid player who's scored 24, 24 and on pace for 26 in his fourth year in the league. Farabee and Frost are still kids and have room to grow. Whether they're "the answer" to adding to the "core" and being a Cup competitor is another thing entirely. There are no easy answers here. I'm just questioning the whole "stay the course" concept with this group. JVR was always meant to be a complimentary piece - as he was in Tronno. Playing him on the 3rd/4th line isn't/wasn't doing anyone any good. Voracek is maddening, as he has been through much/most of his career. He scores a goal for the first time in almost a month and it's a cause for celebration. He's "on pace" for 15 and 63 points - his lowest total in three years. For $8.25M. Giroux is "on pace" for 55 points and has three goals in the past month. The actual impact players in this league are already closing in on those numbers barely halfway through the season. They definitely need to improve down there. And not Dale Weise and Boyd Gordon "improve" either. This is part of the problem with spending to the cap as a middling, bubble playoff team. You get to rely on Chris Stewarts, Tyler Pitlicks, Echo and the Bunnaman and NAK who, you know, scored a goal a couple weeks ago and is -4 in five games since. There aren't a lot of guys who improve after the age of 30. This "core" is locked down for at least two more years which is simply looking to be the lynchpin of the worst decade of hockey this town has seen.
  12. Alexandre Daigle says "hello"! Then there's also apparently 3 #1 overall that never played in the league [Hidden Content]

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