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  1. Well, the first two seasons he split time with the AHL. The thing to be looking at is whether the MCMI has anything at all to do with the shoulder injury he also didn't get surgery for last season... But the Flyers medical team cleared him, so I'm sure he's fine. Absolutely sure. No question in my mind.
  2. Not being argumentative, sorry. Your point had been that Pronger's playing history didn't indicate that he'd be likely to be taken down by the type of freak injury that did. That freak injury being analagous to the Mysterious Core Muscle Issue (MCMI) that Ellis' playing history didn't necessarily indicate he'd be taken down by. Around this group there were concerns about his being 34 years old with a lot of hard years on the body. And then they signed him to play until he was 42. Wudder unner da bridge. The Preds were going to need to move salary to
  3. By the same token, it's a stretch to say that a broken hand or a concussion is a harbinger of a mysterious core muscle injury. It's not the individual event, it's the overall toll taken on a body over time. The idea that a guy who played the game like Pronger would be fully healthy into his late 30's/early 40s was criticized by many when the deal went down. Whether it was a freak eye injury/concussion or something else, it wasn't terribly surprising that his career ended in injury. And Pronger was 6'6", 220lbs, not 5'10, 180. The overall issue -
  4. I think the whole problem was that Giroux filled a need for Florida that didn't really exist. They were a President's trophy winner without him. With him they get bounced by the two time Champions. Would that have happened anyway? For me, Giroux is simply not a difference maker by himself - my evidence is only his career. He is a great complimentary player - but that sort of chemistry doesn't happen in a handful of games after the trade deadline. Of course #nothisfault @mojo1917 We have been over this ground. You know from where I co
  5. A 35 year old with Pronger's history isn't that different than Ellis at 31. There was a LOT of mileage on Pronger and there's no way to guarantee if his previous history didn't play a role in the "freak" injury (see "freak" mysterious core injury).
  6. Dude "aggressively retooled" the team into one of the worst seasons in franchise history. He kinda owns that. There's another team that's taking a $12M cap hit next season and then two $14M cap hits to get out from under some other ol' Fletch moves (yes, we are aware the "owner wanted it"). In the end, the Flyers and ol' Fletch deserve to be under a microscope. That is, as they say, a BIG "if". I hope Ellis can come back and be "Ryan Ellis" but until that happens, he's just a broken tool in the shed. Meanwhile, the organizat
  7. There's really nothing in his history that says a mysterious core muscle issue would be the thing that takes him out for a season. A broken hand here, a concussion there, a joint... But the point that he has a LOT of wear and tear on his small-for-the-role body c/should have been more of a red flag. This is part of the problem with the whole "aggressive retool" approach - it lends itself to seeing the best, expecting the best, and ignoring the potential problems for the benefit of a Big Name that can Change Things. See; Pronger, Chris. This organization* see
  8. Pretty sure that's the influence of the bands that Korn ripped off. Seriously, I was just setting up the bird...
  9. You'd think an organization* with experiences like Rathje, Hatcher, Pronger, and Niskanen would stop betting on 30+ veteran defencemen, but you'd be wrong... Is there a recent good example that I'm missing? Braun wasn't bad but he was meant to be a bottom six. I liked the concept of the Ellis trade at the time, but if he isn't going to be "Ryan Ellis" even for ~60 games then that's an awful big "miss" whether they have LTIR or not. Not that ol' Fletch has a history of making bad deals. Ask Bill Guerin about the $12.7M of dead cap space next season and the $1
  10. They had a $76M payroll last season. That's $5M in space left. Granted, there's $9.5M in IR cap hits and another $2.7M in dead cap from buyouts (including the aforementioned OEL) But they weren't even last in the league. Nine teams spent less than the Coyotes. Only one of those nine were worse than the Flyers - Seattle. Two made the playoffs. One's still playing. Flyers were 10th overall in spending last year. $84M. In the East they were better than... the #1 overall spending team, the Montreal Canadiens. Of the nine teams that spent mo
  11. Since 1996, they've only picked top ten nine times. It's really insane. Then, over the past five drafts, ten players have played any NHL games with just two playing more than half a season. Who does their drafting? Ron Hextall? It's also the story of a team that has always been struggling just to make the playoffs because then something could happen. They wind up with mid-round draft picks and never really grab a star player (hello #3 overall Kyle Turris or #6 OEL). Where have we seen that repeated recently...?
  12. Sure, and Forsberg went where he had a solid center to let him be the playmaking wing. He wouldn't have had that in Philadelphia. It's why Lindros - why Clarke - was so valuable: the center position can make wings better.
  13. You know, the vast majority of people here get it. They know where the Flyers "really" are. Stuck in a painful spiral of mediocrity derived in large part of their own making both through managerial malaise and the unfortunate decision to remove the ability to spend their way out of bad decisions. @CoachXibelieve it or not knows this... There were games with less than 10,000 people actually in the stands... It's not the fan base. It's the management of the franchise.
  14. There will be changes and they will continue to do things the way they have always done them. #winning
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