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  1. Oh, he plays it out. Ain't no one else giving him $10M per.
  2. Strokes killed about 140,000 in the US last year. COVID-19 has killed nearly 120,000 since February while we have experienced some of the most serious lockdowns ever experienced to mitigate the spread of the disease. There were 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed in the US last year. There have been 2.1M new cases of COVID-19 since February. And the 18,000 new cases diagnosed yesterday are about the same as they were a month ago. And you do, of course, realize that strokes, heart disease, and cancer are not spread via the air, nor from people who are showing no signs of infection, right? In fact, they aren't spread from person to person at all. Stop comparing apples to hockey pucks. This is a serious disease that isn't "going away when it's warm". Alabama had the highest number of cases ever two days ago and was about 20 below their previous high yesterday. Oklahoma has had three of it's highest number of cases in the past four days. Florida has also spiked. Texas continues to trend up. We have "flattened the curve" but it's also no longer a "curve" as much as a "plateau" nationally.
  3. Truer words never spoken [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  4. Given that the entire exercise is being carried out to appease the broadcast networks, this doesn't surprise me. But your is exactly why there will be an asterisk. Maybe not in the "official" record - the NHL doesn't have one on 2013, for example. But it will always be there in the back of everyone's mind.
  5. The Leafs have lost in the first round each of the past three years. They missed the playoffs the three years before that. Then they lost in the first round. Then they missed the playoffs for seven years. In '04 they made the second round where they lost to... the Flyers. The year before that they lost in the first round to... the Flyers. I'm guessing you're referrring to 2002 - which was 18 years ago. #11Cups
  6. The theory as I understand it is that the "bye" teams will play some games against each other to get into "game shape." The incentive would be the seeding (i.e. they are playing for top seed).
  7. Honestly, nobody bases their degree of success against the Leafs. It's like basing whether you car moves on four tires vs. a car with no wheels up on blocks.
  8. The Flyers haven't won a playoff round for seven years. True story.
  9. Dahlin is worth every penny of $924,000. Eichel has yet to prove #### for $10M.
  10. The Other Rasmus can (and will and was) start to take the load off Ristolainen and let them use him in the role he is best suited. I disagree he needs to be "sheltered" - as Rick notes it would be great if the goaltending could make a stop once in a while. Lehner was swiss cheese behind anything BUT a hardcore defense-first system that sheltered him on the Island. Hutton was a cheap gamble that had so-so rewards. That said, I just really don't think Eichel is a $10M player... And paying top dollar for Skinner to score goals on his wing and then inexpicably not playing Skinner on Eichel's wing certainly didn't help. And for a team that has "expectations" they have all of nine guys signed for next season (with 7 arb-eligible RFAs). This is a big offseason for them. Yes, "again." AND ANOTHER THING - get an actual NHL coach for the team - look what Vigneault's hiring did for the Flyers.
  11. Don't worry, they'll get the police departments cleaned up up there.
  12. There was really no chance that that was ever going to be the case. There will not be 10-20,000 people in an enclosed space for a while to go - Broadway is closed down through at least September, for example.

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