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  1. I'm not anti-Hak but he has yet to show me he deserves the job. Hextall has a longer leash, but it is shortening. My main point is not signing mid-range players to long(er) term deals. Weise is just sucking up space. I gotta believe Laughton brings what Weise does and Laughton is a dime a dozen NHLer so far.
  2. i just don't see where a fairly boring third liner warrants double the length and more than double the salary. Again, not the player entirely - although I've never been a fan - just not a good signing. Signing him for a couple of years, fine. Signing him for four was a mistake. And, again, not hindsight if one was saying it at the time...
  3. Weise is a lifetime .24 ppg player. With the Flyers he's a .21 ppg player. That's not too far off from "what he's done before" from where I sit. And he can't even crack a lineup more than Johi Lehterribe. I just don't get more than double the pay at more than double the length of any contract he's had since his ELC. YMMV. That's the egregious part of the signing for me. You want to give him Jordan Weal money for a couple years? I'd be happier with that. Two more years of this at $2.35M? UGH From where I sit he was working his butt off to get another contract and then got a deal. In one instance it's like needing to go out and prove yourself and in the next you feel maybe just that little bit "proven." I don't think you get roly poly comfy on $3.5M but it's almost triple what you were getting before. And his size doesn't help things once bigger guys are deliberately targeting him to get him off his game. I just don't know that he has the NHL game to get "a lot more". I just don't - and didn't - see him being a .5 ppg player over 82 games and the playoffs - much less a 28-goal scorer (8 in 22 pace) on a consistent basis. Yeah - this. And he's your prototypical second line center and theoretically the Flyers have a young 2C in the works. He's a demon on faceoffs and has offensive talent. I think his exit interview was more of an explanation of why the team just deflated (and a possible indictment of the coaching staff), not an indication that he wants "out." Thing is - it isn't just "next" year, it's the next six years for O'Reilly. I like the player a lot, I just don't like the fit in Philadelphia.
  4. Is there anyone who's a 30-goal scorer on a third line without being on the 1st PP? Simmonds is the only player I own a jersey for other than John LeClair and I'd be fine with seeing what he could garner on the open market. True - but he did score 28, 15 in 45, 29, and 28 in the four years before getting to 30, then did it twice in a row and dropped down to just 24 in 75 games. It wasn't like his first 30-goal season followed a 14 goal season or that his points suddenly jumped 43% after four years of steady decline or anything. It's possible - it all really rests on what Simmonds wants/takes in term and money. It's awfully hard IMO to "make room" for guys college, the AHL and Juniors by weakening the team today. When you do that, you're essentially admitting that the next 2-3 years don't really mean much, which isn't something I'm particularly happy about after the past five years... I get "the process" but I also get that I've been told consistently over the past 5-10 years that the next guy coming up is going to be key to turning this whole thing around - and that included Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, and Jake Voracek. I've been a consistent defender of Couturier, and was not shocked that he had his breakout season at all. I like Konecny (by coincidence my license plate starts with KNX but I'm happy with it). Provorov and Ghost (and some of Hagg) look good on the back end. If Carter Hart pans out then this is a nice young core, and maybe it does make sense to just officially acknowledge as a franchise (as opposed to a fanbase) that Homer royally screwed up the organIzation by trading away a Cup Final core and betting the farm on a 35-year-old defenseman, a crazy Russian goalie and "promising young players." By the same token, I liked Wayne Simmonds a lot since he was acquired, I always liked Jake Voracek before I had to watch him 82 games a season and really had high hopes for Sergei Bobrovsky when they were the "promising young players" on the squad. I just need to be convinced on the ice that this next crop of "promising young players" is going to do better on the ice than the last one that we're trading away did. Again, I'm all for exploring what Simmonds or Voracek could get on the open market - unlike Voracek, Simmonds has a 12-team no trade list. Or Giroux, for that matter, but for the NMC - and I don't think you ask Giroux if he's willing to waive until you've got a solid deal with a team that you figure he'd want to go to. That said, I'd be very surprised to see Simmonds not on the roster to start the season. Voracek is reaching the very definition of "his value may never be higher" (@ruxpin) But, salary-wise, this franchise has its sights set on seriously competing over the next four years. That's the VeeGees and Couturier and Ghost - all under contract - and likely Provorov, Patrick, Konecny, Hagg, Sanheim, and Lindblom (conservatively). Trading away big pieces of the puzzle he's put together doesn't strike me as something Hextall wants, or is likely, to do.
  5. He didn't really say anything bad about the fans. He said something worrisome about the team - which is that they rabbit ear at home and tighten up. That's not good. That's what team leadership is supposed to overcome. He points out that the team plays their game and system on the road, but doesn't do that when faced with adversity at home. Why not? I finally heard the actual audio of the interview on the drive home today. It does come off that way - that it's not a "waaa, they boo me" thing. It's a "we change our game when we get booed" and that's just distressing. And I totally believe that they need to stop.
  6. He had 55 points in his first 50 playoff games. He holds the team record for most points in a playoff game - 6. Given a better supporting cast, he just might have a breakout playoff. He just needs to go out and DO it.
  7. I agree that Hayes' spin is the real issue here. He makes it into what he wants to generate the controversy. Again, though, it's the Captain's job, from where I sit, to make sure what he's talking about doesn't happen. And it really doesn't help to say you feel more comfortable on the road than playing in front of your own fans - which he pretty much does say.
  8. I had a ticket package last year. Guy in the next section would scream at MacDonald every time he was on the ice. "You're terrible MacDonald. I know you can hear me MacDonald." It was amusing to a point. And then terribly tiresome. There's no question there are "bad fans" - although I'm not ponying up a criteria. I WANT the Flyers to win. My fiancee and I wore our Ed Snider memorial shirts for Game 6. We were totally into Game 7 until they fell apart at the end of the 2nd. I introduced my fiancee to the concept of "crushing goals" in the first and last minutes of a period. And then the 3rd started with another lesson. Philadelphia loves redemption stories and Giroux could be a Philadelphia legend. Or another failure. It's all on him.
  9. Not that you were saying but, I'm certainly not jealous of salary. Undoubtedly there are people who are. In a capped world, salary is just another number to be factored in. When I talk about a $16.5M void in production it's because successful franchises get more from those players. We need more from Giroux. It's not a question, it's a fact. And he needs more from him, too.
  10. He is answering a question. And there is some "issue" with the context that was apparently cited by Myrtetus on the Fanatic today (I didn't hear show, heard vague references thereafter). And, yes, Marcus Hayes is a terrible writer with delusions of grandeur, a bone to pick with Flyer fans, and is definitely playing this up for clicks. That said, there is a point to what Giroux is saying. My point is that the fans were behind them to start every home game. Loud, very loud. NBC Announcers acknowledging it loud. And the end of Game 6 their ire was primarily directed at the officiating with the non calls on Giroux (early) and Couturier and the mishandling* of dust up with Konecny. And rux's point is well taken that they cheered until they had basically had it beaten out of them by the play on the ice. The Flyers rode the fans' emotion early and took play to the Pens in both games, but got nothing out of it and then the Pens broke them open in the second period and, quite frankly, the team played beat. Once folks who came to cheer left after the second intermission, the only ones left are the ones who are staying to boo. Again the cure is not to get your ass whupped playing uninspired hockey. The fans wanted to keep the "City of Champions" theme going. And I think the team did, too. The fanbase that has been selling out your games and paying for the cable packages that allow you to make the $8.25M you do. I totally agree with the "shut up and dribble" being dead in this day and age but "shut up and dribble" was a coach thing; the 1980s Mike Keenan thing isn't going to work these days. The other side of "the game has changed" is that hockey players make exponentially more money these days and it's funded exclusively by the willingness of the fanbase to pay higher and higher prices. Couple that with an organization that continually uses "competing for the Stanley Cup" as a reasonable expectation for the fanbase (through the "anything can happen" philosophy) and some of your paying customers just might get a bit unrly. So that could be adding to the pressure from the fanbase. And when you're a 100-point MVP Candidate on a team that squeaked into the playoffs, you've had virtually no postseason success in five years as a captain, your organization hasn't won a Cup in 43 years, and you're staring at the high side of 30, you should feel that pressure. But** isn't it the Captain's job to be the steady presence that doesn't panic and doesn't get taken out of his game? Yes, he's "still new at this" so when does he actually learn? When doesn't his team lose it's composure? This isn't "Giroux is suk" - this is just his record. I wish it wasn't true, too. Unfortunately, it is, and he's the only one who can change it. Wait 'til next year. * dereliction of duty ** there is always a but
  11. Giroux has 24 goals in his playoff career. He has 1 in the last three years and 3 in 19 games as a captain.
  12. Schmitty took his lumps during his career, but he would up winning a Championship and is a fairly beloved figure in Philly to this day. He was also MVP of the 1980 World Series. And voted - by the fans - greatest player in the history of the organization in 1983. We can only hope Giroux is as reviled. I think he's going to be an A to Couturier's eventual C...
  13. I get this - I do - and I concur that it can sometimes be counterproductive. But as a professional athlete who is making upwards of $8M and wears the mark of the leader of his club, he's simply got to be better than that. He's got to motivate himself and he's got to motivate others. If he's sitting there letting FANS get under his skin, what else gets under his skin on the ice? It certainly wasn't Philly fans booing that got him a -4 with one shot and no hits in Game 1. And it wasn't the mean fans in Philadelphia that saw him put up no points, -1 when they lost the first two games in Washington in 2015. They were likely to be a factor in his one shot, -1 in Game three that year (a 6-1 loss). But they somehow overcame the adversity of playing at home in the 2-1 win in Game 4. I love the TR quote, too, but there is also the old addage that if you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.
  14. Don't want to hear boos? Don't deserve them. Couturier mentioned folks yelling shoot on the power play, but adds "you're not creating anything." That's the point, isn't it? Watching a bad power play - AGAIN - isn't going to assuage folks. Getting NOTHING from 90 seconds of crucial 4 on 3 isn't going to go over well. And the last line in the article is spot on. The MVP candidate has ONE playoff goal in the past THREE years and FOUR whole points in his past TWELVE playoff games. That's a giant, gaping hole on his resume as Captain. Don't like it? Go fix it. Because telling fans forking over hard earned money that it's "hard" to earn your $8+ million dollars don't cut it.
  15. I don't know if Tronno wants to pick up 8Y/$10M with all their young talent that's going to need to be re-signed in the relatively near future... But crazier things have happened.

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