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  1. Fan? Try managing that mess! I'm actually leading in a matchup at the moment I think(?) for the first time this season. In other news, I've put a ticket in with the coding monkeys at Yahoo! since I don't appear to have the "Billyport Crips has proposed a trade" banner anymore. Also I think(?) for the first time this season.
  2. In fairness the big contract acts as a NMC...
  3. I think the GM being named Kekalainen had something to do with coaxing him into seeing how he might fit as a 4th liner. No camp. Wacky schedule. Pandemic. Decided he was done. The Koivus are a great hockey family and have meant a great deal to the sport in a lot of places. Two of my favorite players.
  4. This year, Laine is "on pace" for 82 goals in an 82-game season. That would be a Leafs record and he should probably just be credited with it now, don't you think? I mean, Matthews is just on pace for a measly 70.
  5. I will say that WNY has been pretty good with the testing prerequisites for the Bills and now Sabres. The optics remain hysterical.
  6. Keep in mind that the team is unable to play games because of a COVID outbreak... But, hey, we'll let the fans back in!
  7. Yeah, Finns hate cold weather. They have no experience with it.
  8. My first day out on the slopes on a ski weekend: WOOO HOOO! I'M INVINCIBLE The next two days: "why don't my knees bend?"
  9. This is why I haven't yet traded him off my FHL. Saddle up! If Torts can't kick some sense into him, he's simply not long for the league. I'd say at best a bridge deal for probably less than he's making now and then the Omsk option. Yes, Patrik, that is Jesse Puljujarvi (2Y, $2.35M) on the phone...
  10. In fairness, that infamous Dubois video didn't exactly set a high bar here. I'm expecting a little more "skate" from PLD tonight...
  11. As an RFA, I'm pretty sure keeping up that sort of play gets you a free trip to Omsk. You can see Kazakhstan from there!
  12. Speaking as someone with both of them on my FHL squad - yep...
  13. Yeah, I think the "tough love" approach from Torts is better than the "soft" approach from Maurice. Here's your kick in the posterior. Wake up, play the game right, or you're going to get another one. And deserve it.
  14. If he's smart - he'll learn from it and from Torts. He said that's what he wanted when he came in. This is accountability for that. (That said, he does have three goals in four games before PLD took a shift in WPG ) And he would deserve it. The question is whether or not the player learns from it. In the 'Peg I think he was shoved down in the lineup, not really benched per se. This is a big deal for both the player and the franchise.
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