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  1. I mean, I get it, but at the same time Flyers fans have done that in DC, Newark, and the Garden over the years... Jonsey could always geofence the tickets...
  2. There wasn't really anything more than the NMC clause activating that made it anything but pure speculation. Obviously Hart couldn't be moved, but the people who wouldn't move him for anything under any circumstances got their wish...
  3. Gaudreau was an obvious problem waiting to happen. And, again, I'm not upset that Matthews isn't here (we simply CAN'T trade Hart!!!) But what is it about 52 goals in 56 games that speaks "problem" to you?
  4. Flyers made the Finals after getting in on the last day of the season. No, really, it happened once!
  5. Same answer you don't have, either. It's not hard work, obviously.
  6. They haven't done anything "to make the playoffs" aside from playing hockey. Hard to get mad at hockey players for that. That they are NOT fire sale stripping to the studs is true. Whether that would actually work is debatable. I want to see what they do at the deadline and off-season. That will inform my opinion greatly.
  7. It's exactly what it is and that's not a bad thing. Devils had some real injury problems. Flyers really haven't all season. That's another aspect...
  8. The Betty Crocker recipe for "getting blown out in the playoffs." You need intangibles, but the tangibles get it done...
  9. Well, they both had movement clauses... "A GM" could have. There was no way Holmgren was going to do that. Never. Hall of Fame.
  10. It's pretty much actual value for him. I think when you're getting down to $1M a year or less is where "roster friendly" deals are found. This also sets the culture that Michkov could* be entering. See: last season
  11. Matthews scoring breakthrough goals at Mullet Arena writes itself...
  12. That season was the fourth of Giroux's eight year deal. Voracek was in his second year of his eight year pact. Holmgren doubled down on them when he "won the trades" and nothing was going to stop him from showing the world just how right he was. And he sure did. I don't expect they put the A on TK to make him a more attractive trade value or "convince him to stay" a la Jason Smith. I expect something in the 8s for both term and length. We can debate the particulars when they happen.
  13. The cost of living - especially for a luxury lifestyle - does start to offset a bit... Not that it doesn't remain an advantage, even moreso over Canadian franchises.
  14. He doesn't walk away with all that. First taxes. Then management and agent. He's not hurting but he's not free and clear with full value. A question is was the $20M worth not getting a Cup?
  15. And, of course the comparison of a 1C to a 1C is almost exactly the same as comparing a 1C to a 7D. Happens all the time. Scouts have made careers of it.
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