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  1. Just to be clear here, you're going to continue to harp on them losing Mark Alt to waivers and you are apparently OK with Hagg being an overpayment with a 2nd and a mediocre goalie for a stop gap fill in in Anderson? Asking for a message board.
  2. Swoop liking Gritty is the definiton of a bad endorsement. Swoop is behind the St. Joe Hawk and Temple's Stella when it comes to Philly's avian mascots. Stella is Bad Ass and the Hawk will never die.
  3. It's no secret that I don't like Elliott a little bit, so I'd move him for a broken skate sharpener. The question is whether another team is willing to give that up or if they'd want a third rounder for it as well...
  4. I don't want to give up what it would take to move Elliott.
  5. You spelled Lehtfourin wrong. You're welcome.
  6. Philadelphia is blessed with the greatest mascot in all of organized sport, the Phillie Phanatic. No other mascot so accurately depicts the fanbase which it is meant to represent: I suppose this newest abomination may balance that out...
  7. No. NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo. No. Just.... No.
  8. I hear what you are saying, but virtually everyone agrees that if he was slated to make $18.5M over the next three years - and wouldn't get it without it - he'd be on the ice. As it is, he collects $5.5M as a bonus prize over the next three years. There's a damn good reason they outlawed these types of contracts...
  9. I like Zetterberg a lot. Great player. Great story. But we lost a season and a half of hockey to get this cap and watching both sides dance around the obvious circumvention is ridiculous. The contract was designed for him to leave at this point and that's what he did. To pretend otherwise is IMHO deliberately ignoring the obvious. And, for the record, I laughed at Hossa's "problem" at the time and referenced it again here. Is it a coincidence he had an incurable skin reaction the very year his salary dropped to $1M? Of course not. I wish Zetterberg all the best in the rest of his life. But let's not pretend this didn't end the way it was designed to end when the contract was signed. It might have been a year early - I'm far too familiar with a tetchy back - but he was never playing out the deal to the end the way it was constructed (see: Pronger, Chris). And now Detroit eats a $6M IR cap problem for three years - as the team capfriendly has as the top salary team in the league.
  10. Maybe previous captain Staal? I like the move. He's got history with the team, respect of his teammates, backing of the coach, and is obviously known to the fanbase. Probably should have gotten it last year. Only real question is how long he'll be captain, being in the last year of his deal and all...
  11. And here I thought they would bring back Danny Markov to be captain.
  12. You mean he didn't want to play three years for $5.5M (total)? I'm shocked. His "back" must really be acting up. Kinda surprised he didn't develop some sort of skin rash when he put a jersey on...
  13. OK, as I understand it, the age of the player the June 30 before the season is what determines a "35+" contract. Simmonds would be 34 (birthday August 26) in this situation. A four year deal could make a lot of sense and Pacioretty is a good barometer.

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