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  1. The Leafs have lost in the first round each of the past three years. They missed the playoffs the three years before that. Then they lost in the first round. Then they missed the playoffs for seven years. In '04 they made the second round where they lost to... the Flyers. The year before that they lost in the first round to... the Flyers. I'm guessing you're referrring to 2002 - which was 18 years ago. #11Cups
  2. The theory as I understand it is that the "bye" teams will play some games against each other to get into "game shape." The incentive would be the seeding (i.e. they are playing for top seed).
  3. Honestly, nobody bases their degree of success against the Leafs. It's like basing whether you car moves on four tires vs. a car with no wheels up on blocks.
  4. The Flyers haven't won a playoff round for seven years. True story.
  5. Dahlin is worth every penny of $924,000. Eichel has yet to prove #### for $10M.
  6. The Other Rasmus can (and will and was) start to take the load off Ristolainen and let them use him in the role he is best suited. I disagree he needs to be "sheltered" - as Rick notes it would be great if the goaltending could make a stop once in a while. Lehner was swiss cheese behind anything BUT a hardcore defense-first system that sheltered him on the Island. Hutton was a cheap gamble that had so-so rewards. That said, I just really don't think Eichel is a $10M player... And paying top dollar for Skinner to score goals on his wing and then inexpicably not playing Skinner on Eichel's wing certainly didn't help. And for a team that has "expectations" they have all of nine guys signed for next season (with 7 arb-eligible RFAs). This is a big offseason for them. Yes, "again." AND ANOTHER THING - get an actual NHL coach for the team - look what Vigneault's hiring did for the Flyers.
  7. Don't worry, they'll get the police departments cleaned up up there.
  8. There was really no chance that that was ever going to be the case. There will not be 10-20,000 people in an enclosed space for a while to go - Broadway is closed down through at least September, for example.
  9. [Hidden Content] This just gets dumber and dumber the more we learn about it. That's seven Western Conference cities - six of which actually have teams in the "playoffs" All three "Eastern" Conference cities also have teams in the "playoffs". How do we feel about playing the Penguins... in Pittsburgh? Is it impossible to find a neutral site for these shenanigans?? Heck, there are, after all, seven cities that don't have teams in the playoffs...
  10. Even beer league teams have some fans. Heck, at most practices there are more than a few people standing around. Playing to almost dead silence in an empty arena? How does that even work? I'm betting we get piped in "crowd noise" and chants. What they won't have is what they should have: a laugh track.
  11. Thinking more on this, I think the most bothersome thing to me is the implication that the fans don't matter. That they can't have an impact on a game. That it really doesn't matter if they're there. That they aren't important. It's a theme the league has developed throughout the 21st Century and it just seems like it continues with this spectacle. This will be a Stanley Cup awarded with no fans having anything to do with it. That's bugging me. And the biggest difference between this Cup and ANY other ever awarded.
  12. And that's completely fair for you. I object to the entire concept of 3/4 of teams making the playoffs and the chance that a team who wasn't qualified to be in the real playoffs being given a chance to win a Cup. And I'll feel that way regardless of who wins it. The 70s teams won a legitimate Cup playing a legitimate season using the measurements in place to determine a legitimate playoff participant and winner. The winner of this Cup will have won a contrived tournament that bears little similarity to how the season and playoffs are played using the measurements in place to determine the winner in any other season. Imagine the spectacle of a player skating around the ice with the Cup over his head in an empty arena. For the sole purpose of satisfying a TV contract. Give the teams a participation trophy and an honorific for the winners. Since it's Bettman's dream, make it the President's Trophy. Not the Stanley Cup.
  13. So, you're tuning in to the whole reverse psychology of this, then? i just don't think this is going to be the "playoff hockey" we know. There's been two months off with most players not really having the opportunity to do much training at all (there are many examples of players saying this). Three weeks of "training camp" and then playing in empty arenas will simply (IMO) never have the same atmosphere. I also wouldn't count on a "parade" regardless of who wins. Philadelphia got slammed after a pandemic parade 100 years ago. I'm a block off Broad Street and I'm seeing maybe 50/50 folks with/without masks. And it will never feel right seeing that banner up next to 73-74 and 74-75. For me. YMMV.
  14. No way, dude - you're the champ. #### the Warriors!
  15. FWIW if this farce goes on, I'm crowning the winner the NHL Television Champion. They are in no way "Stanley Cup Champions" for me.
  16. I have **** all to do with it. The monkeys at Yahoo! will make whatever decisions are made.
  17. So basically you've got the players playing virtually nonstop from July through next April and some all the way into next June? And you don't think that's a recipe for increased risk of injury? The idea that someone who hasn't been on skates for two months.- or even with a reasonable workout regimen - gets back into game shape in two weeks is silly. So you're saying there's no real reason to do this? Good point. The second wave of the Spanish Flu pandemic was far more lethal than the first. As a resident of a town that was among the hardest hit because people "wanted things to be normal" I'm familiar with the risks. One of the things that did it was the resumption of travel. Then you had the third wave... If they can make it work, great. I just find it hard to believe they have answers to all of the potential problems. And I don't think that giving out a trophy is a good reason to substantially increase the risk of death. Which brings up another concern - how many people want to pay top dollar to put themselves in a high risk environment? The concept of flattinging the curve is not only to ease the burden on the health system but also to keep people safe while a vaccine is developed. You don't need to wait for a vaccine to do a lot of things, but putting 15-20,000 people into confined spaces so they can scream and shout is not one of them. There are accounts of promising vaccines being developed in many countries, including here. It could very well be that they could play next season as usual. There's just no good reason to "finish" this one with a contrived tournament.
  18. There is no place where 15-20,000 people are going to be allowed to gather "safely" in the next few months. Tronno is closed through June 30. The "business" reason to do it is TV contracts. That's really the ONLY reason to do it. I've already quoted Bettman on this issue. And it can absolutely be "a job" and not comparable to a 9-5 office. Pilots, doctors, truck drivers - just for starters - are all "jobs" and none of them are standard 9-5 professions. None of these guys have been on skates for two months and you think it'll be just like early season hockey? Put your analyst on danger money, baby. Now think about the first time a guy tests positive during "the playoffs" - something that's statistically almost inevitable even with a strict lockdown. Check John Oliver's show this past Sunday (it's on YouTube). The difficulty of "getting back to normal" in sports is real and won't magically go away.
  19. Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on where players went. How many Swedes do you want coming back from Sweden during their "herd immunity" experiment? Will the Canadian government admit Americans? And vice versa? But the point is that the teams themselves aren't going to have the same chemistry, the same momentum. You know who says this? The players themselves. "But you can’t really carry that momentum over with this much of a break. It’s just a reset and hopefully we can come back.’’ - Scott Laughton [Hidden Content] And stop with 9-5 job analogies. This isn't a 9-5 job, it's sport. Bring players back from quarantine, give them two weeks to get back in game shape, put them in empty arenas playing a condensed schedule and call it "playoffs." Call it what it is - cheap and contrived. Then expect them to come back a few weeks after that, go into training camp, and play another full season. You'll have higher risk of injury from players not in game shape, and higher risk of injury next season from overextended players. And you'll have games that likely little resemble the level of "playoff hockey" we've come to expect and a "Stanley Cup Champion" with a bigger asterix than the 48-game season one.
  20. So why don't the players agree to work themselves to a degree that risks serious, career-ending injury far above and beyond that they already accept? Truly a mystery. Every player - every fan - knows that you can't "re-start" this season and have any semblance of "where it was" when it was shut down. The ONLY reason to re-start this is overall "hockey related revenue" which is tied directly to the league already cancelling a season and a half this century because billionaires couldn't agree how much millionaires should receive to play the game to make money for billionaires. Good job, that.
  21. So you're saying Laughton should be credited as the first 80-goal scorer in franchise history? I've been critical of him but he has emerged as a solid 3C which is better than nothing.
  22. I, for one, have always respected your role in Boondock Saints.
  23. Here's a general comment from Bettman [Hidden Content] "Bettman said that if the Stanley Cup playoffs are outright canceled rather than played as a made-for-TV event, the league could owe its broadcast partners "credits against next season," since the bulk of the TV revenue is from the postseason and the league has already received its money from those deals this season. And this wasn't the specific article but [Hidden Content] "The bigger problems would come with the regional sports networks that have local deals with the different teams; those networks would be losing a lot more inventory (especially when you consider how many of them there are), they wouldn’t have much of a chance to make it up (RSNs do get some early-round NBA and NHL playoff games, but they don’t get to keep showing games through the playoffs), and perhaps most crucially, the regular-season games played wouldn’t hit the minimum number written into the RSN/team contracts (which appears to usually be 70 games). And that could lead to some big problems. There have even been some discussions, notably from Matthew Sekeres (a sports radio host on Vancouver, B.C.’s The Team 1040), that not hitting those minimums could lead to contracts rolling over (specifically with Sinclair, which bought the “Fox” branded regional sports networks last May) and to networks not paying for the next season."

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