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  1. Hey, 17 black is my pick! And it's worked out well in Vegas and Altantic City. Not to mention Philadelphia...
  2. Put giroux at wing on the second line and what does this give? This may very well allow creation of a 1a and 1b line, which gives depth others are still looking for. The Patrick pick opened up a lot of possibilities. I am curious to see where this goes.
  3. What does Mats Sundin have to do with this?
  4. [Hidden Content] Buried down at #25 in the "31 Thoughts" podcast is a speculation that Wayne Simmonds may be in line for a "TJ Oshie" type deal. Oshie's in the second year of an eight-year, $5.75M per contract signed at 30 with a modified NTC ( 2017-21: Player submits a 15 no team trade list. 2021-25: Player submits a 10 team no trade list. ). Total salary at the end is $4.5M, $5M, and $4M. I'm a HUGE Wayne Simmonds fan, but I'm not sure I would go with an eight-year deal for a 30-year-old player at this point. On the flip side, the $5.75M number, quite frankly, is lower than many around here have been speculating. From where I sit, if they can get him under a deal for $5.75M per - even at eight - I think they should consider it. Even if Provorov gets into the $7.5M club, they've still got around $30M in cap space for 19-20 and significant young talent bubbling under at the AHL/Juniors level that can balance out the veteran salaries at the top. Eight years scares me, though. Other reports have Hextall not exactly racing to sign any big deals over the summer. Which i think makes sense. If this team looks like it is going to build on what they did last season, you can still reach accords during the season with Provorov/Simmonds. If the team is floundering around come the trade deadline, you can get a haul for Simmonds. (apologies if this has been discussed in the Simmonds thread - but after 14 pages, I thought it kinda deserved it's own discussion)
  5. He scored 21 goals as a 21 year old. "Struggling?" No doubt the Leaes were happy to move Schenn, but the major "Struggling" guy in the scenario is Holmgren.
  6. The article points out that under the terms of his contract, winning the Cup triggered an automatic two-year extension with a $300K raise on his $1.5M salary to $1.8M as a 19-year NHL coach with a Cup on his pedigree. For comparison's sake, first-time NHL coach Dave Hakstol is making $2M a year and he has yet to get out of the first round of the playoffs...
  7. I do give him credit for the early on moves. Even Biron was a low risk signing. And he drafted fairly well, when he left himself draft picks to use... I just feel that the overall body of work washed that out. Bryzgalov wasn't a terrible idea in and of itself - but the nine-year deal was insane. Committing the team to Richards/Crater for 10 years and then bailing on both of them. The Pronger deal was egregious - from the perspective of "building" around a 35-year-old defenceman. And chasing Parise/Suter instead of reloading the gun in 13-14 was just stupid. And we haven't even mentioned Shea Weber yet...
  8. I think the article points out that Homer had the ink drying on the Bryz contract when he made the two trades. "The trades" weren't a "rebuild" move, they were "retooling." Homer expected the team under Pronger to continue to be a high level playoff contender. Homer was just terrible...
  9. For me, this is an "interesting" article more for what it omits, than for what it contains. Kind of a dry, almost clinical restrospective that doesn't really reflect a lot of the drama surrounding why they wanted so desperately to move the two players they had just signed to extremely long term deals. For an article that bases its premise on "why the deals were made" (third sentence, second paragraph) this seems to me to be a fairly large omission. To paint this story as "the team had always wanted Voracek" is somewhat myopic (at best) and reflective of a story that appears not on hockeybuzz, but on the official website of the team. It also pretty much tap dances around l'affaire Bryzgalov. If anything, this reads as the take Holmgren's PR person would have on the whole thing. I'm hoping Meltzer - an insightful writer with a solid take - isn't morphing into the next Dave Spadaro. You know what's also missing? The words "Chris Pronger." "There are those who would seek to revise history - revisionist historians, I call 'em" - George W. Bush. This was one of the most impactful restructuring of the lineup the organization had ever done and the results are, well, mixed to this point. The article mentions, but somewhat glosses over, the whole reason the team didn't have a 1/2 pick for 2011 (adding Versteeg to bolster "a 106-point season a year after coming within two wins of the Stanley Cup" and trading Upshall and the 2nd for Carcillo). The Upshall deal was widely seen then and is generally considered now (in places outside of philadelphiaflyers,.com) a warning sign of the "troubles" that led to "the trades" two years later. It's just matter-of-fact in the article. On the return of "the trades" - It's pretty well known that I'm a HUGE Simmonds fan. Obviously they've now gotten some good picks for Schenn (who IMO was never really used properly in Philadelphia). Voracek has been a solid, if erratic, regular season performer. Adding the pick that became Couturier bore fruit early with a solid two way center that has now shown us the offensive side many expected before his bout with mono dropped him in the draft rankings. Couturier is a solid piece moving forward and Voracek (if he ever produces in the playoffs) is, too. Simmonds is an important part of the leadership (that may end up having to be moved for salary reasons and will likely get them a nice return if there is a trade). Schenn got them two first rounders. Those are pretty good returns. But, in the end, they have three players who are "key pieces" of five rounds of playoffs over the seven seasons since they "won the trades" and have outright missed the playoffs three times. Those aren't. So, in the end, I'm still in the camp that says they need at least two Cups with some of the assets they got to have really "won the trades." Revisionist history notwithstanding.
  10. Kessel also has an eight-team no-trade list which I would imagine includes any team in that situation. If you had to put a list of eight teams together that you wouldn't want to be traded to, would Arizona, Carolina, and Vancouver be on that list? I think they'd be on mine... Also, his compensation doesn't really drop. He's due $7M the next two seasons and then two $1M salary/$5M signing bonus ($6M) years.
  11. I don't want to give up what it would take to trade MacDonald.
  12. The Flyers have many pieces, they just need the puzzle to come together. Third in the division was nice, but also just a point above the Devils (a team not many around here sees as serious competition at this point) and two points out of missing the playoffs entirely. Sure if they didn't lose 10 in a row, they have more points. But they won ten in a row the season before and missed the playoffs. They need their top two guys to be more than regular season powerhouses if they're going to get it done in the playoffs. Giroux has 10 points (3 goals) in his past 19 playoff games and Voracek has 8 (3 goals) over the same span. More depth will obviously help. Couturier gives them a solid pivot on the first (and had a productive postseason with one fewer goal in five games than Giroux/Voracek have, combined, in their past 38). Couturier also allows Giroux to move to the wing where he had a resurgent year after trending down four straight and lets them put more talent on the second line. Patrick can give them a solid #2 option as he continues to develop. Getting some production from the bottom six would give them the depth that contending teams really need to succeed in the postseason (the Caps, for example, have nine guys with 5+ goals in the postseason). A wild card is Simmonds, who clearly had a down year due to injury (while still potting 24 goals) and was ineffective in the postseason because of it. If he comes back strong, that can do two important things - give the Flyers added depth and/or make himself more valuable to acquire assets if they need to move him. My gut says Hextall wants to keep him, but if it becomes clear the price will be too high, it would be great to get more prospect depth going forward as a consolation prize. Goaltending remains an issue no matter how the numbers get parsed. Elliott has been exposed in his past two playoff years and the Human Injury Machine was worse when he got the call this season. Both are pretty much filling space until some of the Highly Touted Goalie Prospects can emerge. The continued development of the young D corps is another factor. You can see in Vegas that guys can only play above their heads for so long, and that's even with a goalie putting up .947 SV% in the first three rounds. Five guys with an average age of around 21 (Ghost, Haag, Provorov, Sanheim, Myers? Morin?) plus Andrew MacDonald is more than likely going to have ups and downs. Nevertheless, they are probably better off going young and getting them developed. I'm not convinced that the organization sees it the same way. All of this bodes well for the "3-4" year time frame - especially if Hart pans out as an NHL starter (since Price, the last 10 CHL goalies of the year played a combined 69 games in the NHL last season). Of course, if things come together on the ice, they could be "closer." At that point, one needs to compare where they are with the competition in the rest of the Conference and the League. Other teams aren't just treading water. Washington, Tampa, Pittsburgh, and Columbus all have solid cores with goalies in place (and have playoff pedigrees). Heck, even Tronno has some pieces. And that's before you even look out West.
  13. Waiting for "the fix is in" because Vegas bookies were set to lose BIG on a K-Nig-Its Cup win. Because, you know, that's why we didn't have teams in Vegas. Or something. Actual photo of the K-nig-its starting lineup for Game 5
  14. I came into this series thinking I might "keep" Karlsson and Smith in NAHANA. I'm off Smith entirely and seriously reconsidering Karlsson - what a sorry showing for the "case closed best line in hockey" Washington looks like a team on a mission. They are winning the little battles and the big ones. And they're just hitting the crap out of the filthy k-nig-its. I'm thinking this is the soundtrack to the Vegas Game 5 into:
  15. Listen, I don't think they should bring Filppula back and they should get rid of Lehterrible. Me. About two Finns. Think about that...
  16. I think Ristolainen comes back strong - call it a "sophomore slump" coupled with being the focus of every team since he was the only real puck-moving defenceman on the squad. I still think $10M was too much too soon for Eichel. He's got to stay healthy and he's got to be a 30+ goal scorer (probably 35+) for that to work out long term. In a "down, depressing" year for O'Reilly he only managed his second-highest point and goal totals of his career and flat out dominated on the faceoff dot. I'd like to see what he can do on a team that is "going somewhere." Big questions with depth and in the crease are the main issues. $5.6M for a declined, 35-year-old Pominville is fine for a team with the cap room, but overall a waste of money and Moulson was a flat out mistake from the moment they traded for him (forget the re-signing, which was egregious). I'm betting Lehner is back for at least the short term, which I don't like, but it what it is. I'd let an arbitrator figure out what 3.01/.908 is worth in this league - although he does have two seasons where he was .920 or higher, he's got to be more consistent. They have $19M in cap room, so they can do "something" - I'm just worried that "something" might be in the "James van Riemsdyk" category instead of "John Tavares" category (who they have no shot at). Maybe they make a run at a John Carlson type for the blue line?
  17. Dubuque is my "go to" for "where the hell is that?"
  18. I cheer for the Flyers because I love hockey and they are Philadelphia's team. If they moved to Dubuque, I'm not cheering for them. But I'd still watch hockey.
  19. I'm not anti-Hak but he has yet to show me he deserves the job. Hextall has a longer leash, but it is shortening. My main point is not signing mid-range players to long(er) term deals. Weise is just sucking up space. I gotta believe Laughton brings what Weise does and Laughton is a dime a dozen NHLer so far.
  20. i just don't see where a fairly boring third liner warrants double the length and more than double the salary. Again, not the player entirely - although I've never been a fan - just not a good signing. Signing him for a couple of years, fine. Signing him for four was a mistake. And, again, not hindsight if one was saying it at the time...
  21. Weise is a lifetime .24 ppg player. With the Flyers he's a .21 ppg player. That's not too far off from "what he's done before" from where I sit. And he can't even crack a lineup more than Johi Lehterribe. I just don't get more than double the pay at more than double the length of any contract he's had since his ELC. YMMV. That's the egregious part of the signing for me. You want to give him Jordan Weal money for a couple years? I'd be happier with that. Two more years of this at $2.35M? UGH From where I sit he was working his butt off to get another contract and then got a deal. In one instance it's like needing to go out and prove yourself and in the next you feel maybe just that little bit "proven." I don't think you get roly poly comfy on $3.5M but it's almost triple what you were getting before. And his size doesn't help things once bigger guys are deliberately targeting him to get him off his game. I just don't know that he has the NHL game to get "a lot more". I just don't - and didn't - see him being a .5 ppg player over 82 games and the playoffs - much less a 28-goal scorer (8 in 22 pace) on a consistent basis. Yeah - this. And he's your prototypical second line center and theoretically the Flyers have a young 2C in the works. He's a demon on faceoffs and has offensive talent. I think his exit interview was more of an explanation of why the team just deflated (and a possible indictment of the coaching staff), not an indication that he wants "out." Thing is - it isn't just "next" year, it's the next six years for O'Reilly. I like the player a lot, I just don't like the fit in Philadelphia.
  22. Is there anyone who's a 30-goal scorer on a third line without being on the 1st PP? Simmonds is the only player I own a jersey for other than John LeClair and I'd be fine with seeing what he could garner on the open market. True - but he did score 28, 15 in 45, 29, and 28 in the four years before getting to 30, then did it twice in a row and dropped down to just 24 in 75 games. It wasn't like his first 30-goal season followed a 14 goal season or that his points suddenly jumped 43% after four years of steady decline or anything. It's possible - it all really rests on what Simmonds wants/takes in term and money. It's awfully hard IMO to "make room" for guys college, the AHL and Juniors by weakening the team today. When you do that, you're essentially admitting that the next 2-3 years don't really mean much, which isn't something I'm particularly happy about after the past five years... I get "the process" but I also get that I've been told consistently over the past 5-10 years that the next guy coming up is going to be key to turning this whole thing around - and that included Wayne Simmonds, Brayden Schenn, and Jake Voracek. I've been a consistent defender of Couturier, and was not shocked that he had his breakout season at all. I like Konecny (by coincidence my license plate starts with KNX but I'm happy with it). Provorov and Ghost (and some of Hagg) look good on the back end. If Carter Hart pans out then this is a nice young core, and maybe it does make sense to just officially acknowledge as a franchise (as opposed to a fanbase) that Homer royally screwed up the organIzation by trading away a Cup Final core and betting the farm on a 35-year-old defenseman, a crazy Russian goalie and "promising young players." By the same token, I liked Wayne Simmonds a lot since he was acquired, I always liked Jake Voracek before I had to watch him 82 games a season and really had high hopes for Sergei Bobrovsky when they were the "promising young players" on the squad. I just need to be convinced on the ice that this next crop of "promising young players" is going to do better on the ice than the last one that we're trading away did. Again, I'm all for exploring what Simmonds or Voracek could get on the open market - unlike Voracek, Simmonds has a 12-team no trade list. Or Giroux, for that matter, but for the NMC - and I don't think you ask Giroux if he's willing to waive until you've got a solid deal with a team that you figure he'd want to go to. That said, I'd be very surprised to see Simmonds not on the roster to start the season. Voracek is reaching the very definition of "his value may never be higher" (@ruxpin) But, salary-wise, this franchise has its sights set on seriously competing over the next four years. That's the VeeGees and Couturier and Ghost - all under contract - and likely Provorov, Patrick, Konecny, Hagg, Sanheim, and Lindblom (conservatively). Trading away big pieces of the puzzle he's put together doesn't strike me as something Hextall wants, or is likely, to do.
  23. He didn't really say anything bad about the fans. He said something worrisome about the team - which is that they rabbit ear at home and tighten up. That's not good. That's what team leadership is supposed to overcome. He points out that the team plays their game and system on the road, but doesn't do that when faced with adversity at home. Why not? I finally heard the actual audio of the interview on the drive home today. It does come off that way - that it's not a "waaa, they boo me" thing. It's a "we change our game when we get booed" and that's just distressing. And I totally believe that they need to stop.
  24. He had 55 points in his first 50 playoff games. He holds the team record for most points in a playoff game - 6. Given a better supporting cast, he just might have a breakout playoff. He just needs to go out and DO it.

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