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  1. No. If at all they were to wait to claim a defenseman on waivers i would have to think that it would be a better quality type defenseman than Brennan and that isn't to rip on Brennan. It's just since Buff hasn't decided yet they still have 6 other D men. I think if they do claim a guy it will be a better option. The guy they claim has to stay on the NHL roster for 30 days before they can send him down. I think that is not sure how that works since the rosters aren't set yet, maybe they would claim him and look at him and then waive him again if they don't like him. But Brennan is an AHLer at best. I think they would take a guy like Prosser first to fill out a roster....just my 2 cents.
  2. No surprises here. Now the Flyers can concentrate on their season and finishing the preseason strong...the remaining prospect now know who they are battling for the two maybe three roster spot available...depends on if Patrick and/or Pitlick start the season on IR. And the Phantoms and their crew can get over the demotion and concentrate on their AHL push for the playoffs. I am ecstatic to have a head coach who is taking charge and is going to hold these players accountable. This is what the great winning clubs have to do. Everyone has a hand in making this a winning team. I miss those days. I miss the days of not worrying about IF they were going to make the playoffs but worrying about how FAR into the playoffs they would go. Let's get back to the perennial playoff runs. They have the tools in the shed to do it all that's left is to go do it!!!
  3. Got to give it to someone $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  4. Well the good news I guess is it will help negotiating a new contract...hopefully. If anyone gets a small bridge deal it's this guy.
  5. The biggest thing i want is for him finally to hold their Captain accountable....and if he can't do it let's find another Captain. They need a leader by example....and i don't just mean stat wise...
  6. Oh he has and will. They don't have room for mediocrity anymore...no more room for passengers!!!!
  7. It's the way it should be. He has the experience. It's his neck in the noose he should be making the calls. They should obey. Crack that whip. That simple. Winning is all that matters. Cups is all that counts.
  8. I am totally behind that. The kids can work on their game in the AHL and when ready get a call up. AV 's main goal is to get the team right and on the same page and ready to hit the ground running hit the ice skating and not have a slow start again. Wins in the NHL are priority #1. The AHL is a great place to get prepared for the NHL speed.
  9. I know before i state this it wouldn't work salary wise but i would trade Patrick for Connor in a heartbeat.
  10. Barring a last minute change or injury this is supposed to be the lineup for Saturday's Ranger game.... 23 Oskar Lindblom - 13 Kevin Hayes - 11 Travis Konecny12 Michael Raffl - 21 Scott Laughton - 44 Chris Stewart76 Isaac Ratcliffe - 24 Mikhail Vorobyev - 72 David Kase64 Maksim Sushko - 46 Cal O'Reilly - 78 Matthew Strome6 Travis Sanheim - 59 Mark Friedman8 Robert Hägg - 39 Nate Prosser55 Sam Morin - 60 Reece Willcox ----------------------------------------------------------------43 TJ Brennan - 71 David Drake79 Carter Hart32 Felix Sandström --------------------------------------------------------------- 35 J-F Berube It would be nice to finally get AV a win. Seems like Pascal Laberge is falling out of grace....
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