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  1. I have a box of tissues for you to wipe away your tears after you lose.
  2. Yes it will come down to special teams and goaltending for sure maybe. He Sharks powerplay struggled and cost them the last 3 games of the series from what I remember.
  3. Their bottom pair is Matt Grzelcyk and Clifton. I will give the Bruins the edge there because of Grzelcyk (3 goals 7 points in 17 games) ability to add offense too over Bortuzzo or Gunnarsson's (who both together only have one point in these playoffs). You don't have to agree and i'm fine with that. I think the Bruins are deeper down the middle too. The 2nd line center i give the edge to O'Reilly over Krejci even though it's close. I have like Coyle over Bozak too even though that is close too. But Bergeron is a huge boost over Schenn i think. No matter it will play out regardless of what we think. And i give the Bruins the edge is goal which is close too. But unless Rask comes back down to earth this could be quick series.
  4. I am concerned with Karlsson and his wonky groin...it seems to always be a thing with him now he is at the age where he is starting to break down and it comes a lot from not taking care of yourself so i'm not sure how important to have a player of his skill level if he is always hurt in key games....like the playoffs.
  5. No they are not you're delusional. More news at 11. The Bruins do have more Cup experience including a Stanely Cup winning Captain and goaltender, so here is you chance of course to spin it where that doesn't matter.
  6. I think the Bruins are a very hard team to play against. They have the most Cup experience on the squad. 5 guys were on the team when they won it all in 2011. Blues have no one on the team with a Cup that i have seen. So that with the way Rask is playing (even better than when Timmy Thomas won their last Cup) i have to give Boston the edge in this. Boston is rested and waiting. Should be a good series. I like the Bruins blueline better in this too. Chara is still roaming back there and he and Mcavoy have formed and great top D pair. I like them over Edmondson and Pietrangelo. The Blues have the edge with their 2nd pair though. But Rask vs Binnington will be a good one the Bruins will get in Binnington face and screen him a lot not sure if he is use to what they will bring to the table. Bruins have the better coach too. Bergeron vs Schenn as the top line centers should be huge too. Bergeron has 13 points (8 goals 5 assists +8) in 17 games. Schenn 7 points (2 goals 5 assists -5) in 19 games gives Boston the huge edge. Bruins in 6. Guess we'll see soon.
  7. This would be a good option if Tampa was wanting to move him. But at what cost? He has a good contract and can play all 3 forward positions. They don't have much leverage if they were to move him however with his speed (which the Flyers really need) there would be a lot of teams in the bidding for his services. I could see the Bolts wanting to move him out west if they have a say so. Tampa and Philly had a good trade history going on but most of that was when Stevie Y was there. But count me in on doing this but i could change my mind on it due to what they want in return.
  8. I like the thought of Trouba and he also needs a new deal so who do you move out on the blueline for him?? I don't think Trouba is a top pair D man though so depending on what he wants could change my mind. And what round is the pick??? And now bigger question who fills Jake's 2nd line RW spot??
  9. Uh sorry not with that contract...Doughty is on the books for 11 mill per till 36....uh nope....
  10. Yeah from his numbers looks like I was right about Jones, and they are stuck with him for 5 more year at 5.75 mill a year...till 35. Unless of course they can find someone to dump him on....Seattle maybe?
  11. Yeah I know Jake won't bring the same return and I would be willing to give him one more year but someone from the core has to go that is why I say Jake. Besides I don't think you get as much as you think selling low on Giroux.
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