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  1. I'm not so sure. The first thing I am concerned with is damaging Hart they have to figure something out first before I want to put him back in. Not worried about Elliott he is a 34 year old vet he can handle it. Hart is too important at a young 22 years old get the team playing better first priority. Then you can go back to Hart. No sense putting all the pressure that comes with the position which is the most outside of playing QB in the NFL. Take care of your future. Fix the the flawed team.
  2. It's so bad the only way out right now I fear is ride it out till the end of the season and go from there. I mean honestly I don't know how they are going to fix this. They have some good pieces. Then will have to go through a rough retool year next year I think they will have to go cheap in the bottom 6 with some kids to be able to start fixing it. The blue line you have a decent 4 maybe to build around with Ivan, Myers, Sanheim and maybe I still can't tell yet with Friedman. But Gus, Hagg and Braun have to go they are just terrible
  3. Yes they did. Let's not do the same. I would have pick up some salary on the table even. It is time to break up the band. If not now then when? And what else does it take I mean do they have to just actually hit rock bottom before they will? If so it may never happen they can still barely get by with some wins here and there but they have to want more than barely getting by. Not sure they want more. Status quo.
  4. No it will be time for Chuckles to jettison as much dead weight as he can. Should have did it this past offseason but they used the covid season as an excuse. Now with the flat cap era it will be even harder.
  5. Yes. My fear was always them finally finding a great goalie and then them ruining them kind of like what the Eagles have done to Wentz. You find a great guy to build around and fill the roster full of bums. They need to act fast before the fickle Philly fans start clamoring to trade Hart. Seems like you just can't have nice things in Philly.
  6. Well they need to take cues from the Sharks. They got rid of Pavelski, Marleau, Thornton and the Flyers bum Braun and maybe some others I am forgetting. When a team keeps underachieving it is time to find other players and you know try something new. And they did it not long after coming off a Stanley Cup finals. The Flyers need to follow suit. They did it with Simmer now keep trimming.
  7. He played like sh it. At least I don't make excuses like you do for your KHL goalie and blame it all on the team they hung him out to dry. Funny Varly gets shutouts and Sorokin can't stop a beach ball. But he was so good in the no talent KHL. What is your next excuse?
  8. It not going to change until we stop asking excuses for the entire team. The opposition went through the same issues the Flyers did. New guys and injuries and no exhibition games or much practice. Just like the bubble every team went through the same issues. In the end the best teams find a way the best men lead by themselves they don't look for other to lead for them. When we all stop making excuses sometimes we have to be honest with ourselves the answer is right there before our eyes. Now all you have to do is do something about it
  9. Well dress Morin for the forward. I mean damn what is the point of having him and not trying it. And if they aren't sure then dress 11 forwards and 7 D man to try it out.
  10. Two guys I would prefer who have also been mentioned around these parts in other conversations I would target. David Savard my first choice with a 4.25mill cap hit. A right hand shot. Is a UFA at seasons end. The other is Brandon Montour with a 3.8 mill cap hit. Also a right hand shot. Also a UFA. Two reasons I would prefer the rentals is two fold should be cheaper to acquire and it gives you a chance to see how they mesh before signing for longer. Best case you resign at the end of the season. Worse case you g
  11. I made a mistake I thought the Isles were the next two games up. It's the Devils. So this will be a great test to see what gives with this club. They have many issues. Injuries they can't do anything about expect the guys taking their place need to step in and play well. But the overall team play can be improved. One thing that sticks out and sounds so simple is the goal differential they are now sitting at -2. I think fixing the matador of the blue line is the first must fix. And I am just out of answers.
  12. This kid is going to have to spend some extensive time on his shrinks couch with this shi ty team in front of him... ..they better figure out something fast and don't hand me that sh it they have injuries. Or there was no exhibition games bulls it. These bums need new addresses...
  13. How about now? No? Well you will...two games with the Isles are on deck. It could be brutal. They have to ice these clowns. Hey Chuckles you might want to warm Sam up for the blue line he is needed these guys you have now can't keep up much less play.
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