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  1. He must be protected due to his NMC same with Hayes.
  2. TK: “... It’s a fresh start, and everybody is believing and trusting our systems right now and we’re sticking to it. We’ve seen his past success, and we believe in what he’s teaching us. We’re just a bunch of sponges and soaking it all up.” Sometimes believing in what you're doing makes all the difference especially when it yields results.
  3. Hey wait a minute didn't you just correct me and then you put the "e" in there.... REPORTED!
  4. No he wouldn't need to be protected. I have to say i prefer them to take Jake....JVR has at least scored 30 goal and was on pace for 30 had he not got hurt. JVR is very deadly around the goal especially on the power play i think he will come around to scoring goals. Right now i want Jake numero uno. I can live with Ghost on the bottom pair unless you can package him with Jake then i'm in for a solid return. Yeah for whatever reason it corrects it on my phone to that...so sometimes i say f**k it they know who i mean. Ey basically the only reason i did it he is a first round pick with some nice upside. He just turned 21 in June so i want to hold onto him. And they can stash guys in the minors too. And besides who else you going to protect?? Will Patrick come back?? If he does i would make him my 7th forward. Yes they could. But i would prefer Jake, Ghost or JVR in that order gets claimed. But honestly i would pursue every avenue i could to trade those guys to other team even so as to not give Seattle very much to chose from. This will take a lot of planning and phone calls. It won't be easy but i think it's doable. I agree it's that how Vegas got Bellemare?? Those utility guys are useful. So you would huh....yeah i'm on the fence....but yeah i could be swayed either way by then.
  5. World War I and II were conspiracies... ...they never happened....
  6. Ok so who do you protect? Hart Giroux Hayes TK Lindblom Coots Rubtsov ????? Ivan Sanheim Meyers That would be mine.
  7. I think alot of it could have something to do with fatigue I mean he went from college to the NHL so he isn't use to playing 3 games in four nights in the best league in the world. But I agree too I'm not seeing any glaring deficit in his skating but then again I too am not a skating expert by any means but i did stay at a Holiday Inn once... And I think the whole team seemed to have heavy legs in the last half of that game.
  8. You are just trying to draw the attention of you know who and Pelle jokes....he'll be here soon...I'll give you a hint it rhymes with codeine...
  9. There are a few team that can afford them. No one said trade them in a salary dump where the Flyers get just picks and the other takes on 13 million in salary. I'm talking reality not fantasy on the PS4. I'm not going to waste a bunch of time coming up with the scenario that might work for a bunch of arm chair GMs here to shoot back "blah blah blah blah that won't work cause blah blah blah..." ...nope not going to waste the time but it can be done. Chuckles has to make up his mind to do it. Till then we'll just speculate away. Both those guys have value they just might need a wake up JVR like trade to wake them up. LA was having some issues with guys they need to sign or move explore that some...
  10. Well see I was hoping you could tell me, dang I have to do all the work? Get creative make me an offer...
  11. If we move him can we kill two birds with one stone? I say let's package Jake and Ghost together. I think is a solid package certainly there has to be some takers on those two. Right?
  12. Who knew: Flyers lead the NHL in shootout wins so far with 3. Who is this team. After rewatching this goal again....wow love how he just picks his corner. Flyers (10-5-2) have a season-best four-game winning streak, six-game point streak and are 8-2-1 since Oct. 21. The team's 10 wins through 17 games marks the quickest it has reached double-digit victories in a season since 2011-12. Claude Giroux, Jakub Voracek and Kevin Hayes went scoreless over the weekend and the Flyers still pulled off the back-to-back wins. Trending the right direction is all that matters now. Rest up the #1 seed comes to Philly for showdown. The shootout started early for the kid.
  13. Don't look now but they are 3rd in the Metro... ....ssssshhh...our secret.....
  14. I have to say I love his sense of humor it's different.

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