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  1. This is true. At this moment they are undefeated.
  2. Report: Fleury has no desire to play for Blackhawks after being blindsided by Golden Knights Justin Cuthbert Tue, July 27, 2021, 12:20 PM Marc-Andre Fleury has reportedly been traded to Chicago. (Photo by David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) Twist the dagger. The Vegas Golden Knights have traded face of the franchise and reigning Vezina Trophy winner, Marc-Andre Fleury, to the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for prospect Mikael H
  3. I can honestly say i don't know what the fcuk to expect this upcoming season. I am not buying the season package....now if they look good by the end of the year i may buy the half season....till then they have a lot to prove. And i mean everyone under the umbrella of the Flyers, owners to management to gate personel....to the cop directing traffic into the parking lot. I hope i have a reason to fork over the cash...i really don't want another year of bad hockey. Otherwise i'll just catch the lowlights on ESPN........yuck. I feel bad i
  4. They don't have that much cap space now. I don't understand this move unless Toews ain't coming back.
  5. AV is going to scratch him the first game to send a message...
  6. Ha I found this tweet that was more along the lines of what I was saying... Ryan Gilbert @RGilbertSOP Keith Yandle is a low-risk, high-upside signing. Best-case scenario he's a gr
  7. That was yours truly. Well now is the time to do it. He doesn't have a contract it could depend on his asking price. But I highly doubt it.
  8. Yes I understand I don't want to block this kid I think he has a nasty shot...
  9. Yeah and I'm thinking he will be playing on the 3rd pair with Braun so only about 12-15 minutes a night. It is crazy free agency doesn't start till tomorrow and the Flyers only have one open spot. Backup goalie. One thing is for sure this will be a new look roster. But will it win?
  10. WTF are you talking about? Guess I'll have to goggle it...
  11. They are going after Yandle because he is besties with Hayes, knows AV's system and will provide leadership for the team. And Ghost wasn't getting a chance here so might as well move him. But I like Ghost I thought he showed more effort when it come to defense than Travis Stickcheck Sanheim. But now the Flyers get a chance to bench Yandle and end his Ironman streak.
  12. Atkinson and now Yandle Hayes is assembling his buddies is going throw a coup for Giroux's C!!! And here we thought no one wanted to play in Philly. Charlie O'Connor @charlieo_conn Little late, but can confirm that the Flyers are indeed signing Keith Yandle to a one-year, $
  13. Their price tag could change my mind as well.
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