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  1. This is just as good a place as any for this...
  2. Where have you been you are just figuring that out??? This is Elliott's signature statue move... ...then how about this stinker.... ...yeah he better fake an injury after this shi ity attempt... ...Flyers have the NHL worst 885% in net....yeah real stinky....thanks Hextall!!! nd then when you hit 5 or 6 posts or can't bury an easy one like this....an empty net... ...they can't even score with an extra man on the ice....i give up....you lose the damn game!!
  3. Please for the love of God can they give Lyon a game. Tampa is down a goalie for over a month so there is a chance if someone is waived this time they could be getting claimed. Tampa has already claimed Martel i would hate for them to snag Lyon....Pickard i wouldn't care.
  4. Well call this the having Kimmo and Coburn effect. So when he lost those two.....guess what???
  5. And now Elliott is down at out. Sprained his vag. And the Flyers are cursed. C'mon up Lyon! Neuvy don't even think about it!
  6. A bunch of pu**ies is what best describes this team.
  7. I change my mind on Nylander... ...go get his ass, he will fit right in with this bunch of soft pu**y perimeter playing bunch of pansies!
  8. 0 for 4 on the PP. I know the PK has sucked has for years. But I expected it when they didn't fire Lappy. Flyers now 3 for their last 43 chances. DEAD F**KING LAST since October 13th. This is the team's biggest problem besides a sieve in goal regardless the situation.
  9. I just watched the highlight of the goal scored who was that that was knocked down on that turnover goal? Patrick? Nice back check by Jake there with his weak last minute half ass attempt with his stick. And then Elliott with his even better 10 bell save. NOT! Those are the goal that just dive me crazy with Elliott sure it was a turnover but bro you have to make that damnit!
  10. Sure. But if those teams look out there the players have the leverage. I am sure if they can't work something out before the trade deadline then those teams could make a move to plan for that. All I know I really don't want to go into next year with Elliott or Neuvy penciled in the be the starter. I hope Hextall has a better plan. Praying!
  11. I can't see any of those teams letting those guys walk....for one they don't have a plan B when they do. In order for the teams to let those guys walk they need to have someone ready to take their place. And none of those teams have someone groomed to do that. Grubauer is in Colorado but he is what he is.... a backup. I think Flyers are going to have to get creative a swing a trade maybe for that guy...
  12. Per Bill Meltzer (on Misha): "He played well in the opener. That was it, apart from the gift-wrapped-with-a-bow first NHL goal in the next game. Otherwise he struggled pretty much in every facet.Compete level is not a new issue with him. Fairly or unfairly, some Phantoms teammates, vets and rookies alike, took periodic issue with some perceived work habit issues last year as a rookie (in any work environment, there is complaining when there's a feeling that a co-worker doesn't pull his weight and creates more work for them). That info was kept off-the-record last season and the original sources remain off-record but "the compete level" stuff is now open info because Hak directly alluded to it twice. In fairness, Vorobyev faced a lot of adjustments last season and did well overall. He worked his tail off throughout the summer and had an outstanding training camp and preseason. Then he fell into that cycle where the regular season NHL pace kicked in, he was a little overwhelmed, his confidence dropped (which can be mistaken for low energy), his assertiveness dropped with it, then his ice time dropped and he was in the healthy scratch zone. Struggled in his return game and was sent back to the AHL.I think he'll be fine. Was most definitely competing last night."

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