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  1. Cam Atkinson continues to steal and pay check and these boys can't find a spot.
  2. 14 year anniversary coming better get the steamers, cake and balloons ready to celebrate!!!
  3. It's going to be ok because one time the Kings won a Cup as the 8th seed so all the Flyers have to do is keep winning. It happened foe them it can happen for the Flyers right?
  4. Please explain what gives you this idea or feeling I have seen nothing of the such in fact just the opposite but please the floor is yours.
  5. Too late for that lil buddy it's happening in you watching it unfold right as we speak. They are going to run it back next year so just sit back relax and enjoy the plummet! They keeping everyone...
  6. Well he needs to be given every chance to play with the top wingers. At Coots age i am good pushing him down the lineup may help keep him fresher. Eventually push to 3rd line shutdown duty.
  7. I like TK a lot...i could live with him getting only because i like his game. But can we do 8x6? If so i will sign off on it with why not.
  8. I know right i was this many years old when i seen that last night i just watched on TNT because easier to pause.
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