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  1. It does to me because i want him to show up Jake and Giroux it would expedite their departure. Thats bourbon by the way not beer....but i supersized it!!!!
  2. No argument there i think it could do some good for Patrick to be moved somewhere else that he won't have the pressure of being the #2 overall pick on his shoulders.
  3. This is a pretty solid look forward at the roster...i like it except one skater. Not bad. Just one tweak i would like to pick up salary on Jake if need be and move him somewhere else. Seems like the L.A. Kings might need a winger like him. Somewhere anywhere but here.
  4. This place to many is therapy for us to be able to vent frustrations about this club and it seems endless problems. And it is a lot to do with your timing honestly (i won't speak for anyone else but it is how i look at it) is that by the time you have came around here well there isn't a whole lot to crow about from a positive stand point to be stated. And it has been that way for far too long. It just doesn't feel like they are headed in the right direction. And myself i get alot of that from by mom...when i would bring the ol report card home from school i
  5. I get what you're saying the fact is they don't suck that bad....just kind of suck just enough to NOT make the playoffs. Yeah i know but right now they are the very definition of mediocre. I watched just so i could see the kids play. However i do miss Morin being in the lineup. But i will say Hagg has played very well since getting back in the lineup. In fact in my line up i have Braun scratched and Sam in...Not sure how you juggle the pairing.
  6. I don't i want to see as many kids play on the Flyers as they can get into the lineup especially with the Phantoms games keeping getting canceled the kids need to play. Besides i know there is no way the can move closer down into the top 5 so just try and finish out the season on a good note and healthy and prepare for the next season. I think Laczynski and Allison will be apart of next year's lineup to start. These aren't just kids TL will be 24 by the start of the season and WA will be 24 by October so i think they have a great chance to stick if nothing else in the b
  7. I remember reading scouting reports on this kid comparing him to Johnny LeClair before he was even a Flyers so i sure hope he turns into a second coming of him. Great debut. The Wade. Ginger Sniper!!! Keep up the good work kid you don't have much competition right now.
  8. Not sure where this has been this year? And... Still give up a point though. Can't even tank right.
  9. Wade Allison on his NHL debut, which followed a slew of injuries in college: “It’s been a long road. A lot of ups and a lot of downs. I did it. It’s pretty cool. Something I’ll remember forever. Something that no one can ever take from me. It’s pretty special.” #Flyers
  10. Great back check Patrick Jake has taught you how to coast real well...
  11. Someone remind me WHY Justin Braun is a Flyer??? Crater flys right around him and nearly started his hat trick. Luckily the good Crater was up for the task.
  12. Just got home. 0-0 Ok what gives? http://sportsstats.xyz/www.sportsstats.me/nhl2/Flyers.php
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