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  1. I would love to see Friedman get a chance sometime too....could he make Hagg or Ghost expendable? [Hidden Content] Just asking for a friend.
  2. He scored the tying goal to force OT tonight for the Phantoms and picked up an assist! So it's official the Flyers won the trade! The Flyers won the trade!!!! Just kidding... ...I feel I have to put that on here because someone here will literally take me seriously I just know.
  3. Phantoms lose in OT 6-5 Stolie's first start off IR. Stopped 37 of 43 shots. Justin Bailey has a goal and an assist scored the tying goal to force OT.
  4. I have looked and looked on twitter and seen no mention of Weise being informed he will be traded. Just that he won't be playing next game and he has already started his break early. That's it.
  5. What? A trade for Weise? That would be awesome. But why wouldn't they just claim him for free? Unless the Flyers are going to carry part of his salary? Where did you see that?
  6. I don't think so. Just an AHL move to free up NAK soon. Nothing ore really. Leier wasn't ever coming to the Flyers again time to move on.
  7. I'm sure Knight will be sent to the Phantoms as soon as he is ready too. He was one of Hak's old pupils.
  8. I rather take some of the Preds prospects than Canadiens...i don't think they would give us Ryan Poehling but if they do that is who i would want. Preds have guys they would move first i think.
  9. Didn't translate to the NHL. Sorry. Sure but you seen his name compared to Chris Conner....another career AHLer...it's all he is i wish him luck with the Sabres...nothing to see here really. Exactly...much more we could talk about than this move.
  10. No not say just his physicality....he will just replace NAK so he can play on the Flyers soon. Unless Fletcher trades NAK. The Phantoms need guys to play for them still when NAK is moved soon is all. I really hope Fletcher doesn't trade this kid. I want him on the Flyers. He could plug Simmer's spot on the 3rd line LW if/when Simmer is moved or at least help out on the 4th in Weise's spot. Kid is very good 5 on 5 and is very physical. I would like to see him get his shot is all i am saying. Leier and Bailey more than likely are just swaps of career AHLer more than likely Bailey is just bigger.
  11. Sorry but it was a miss not all draft picks pan out. Leier is unfortunately just a career AHLer...it happens.
  12. He will be the winger that fills the gap when NAK gets called up soon. Phantom lineup will be this so NAK gets a chance to prove himself. The goalie situation i think will need to be resolved before this goes down maybe. So Stolie will replace McKenna and McKenna will be Hart's backup. 10 Carey 25 Bunnaman 95 Justin Bailey 24 Twarynski 15 Vorobyev 13 McDonald 27 Mike Huntebrinker 21 Vecchione 22 Conner 12 Goulbourne 11 Swavely 36 Krushelnyski Not sure where Weise will play he doesn't have to play for the Phantoms just yet. However NAK needs this chance.

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