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  1. To a certain extent till you've at least won one you got to be all in on that then yes i am good with my players getting paid. I'm not worried about the owner it is all business most times with them and it's like that with any sports where they treat it like a money maker it is we're addicted. Here we are sadly talking about losers....cheers
  2. And if you want to win it all sometimes you have to take a smaller piece of the pie so your teammates can get a slice too This is what Tom Brady did for many years he was never trying to be the highest paid because he was banking on endorsement and other investments and leaving so so they could build a team around him. Some players just DGAF about that some just want all the money. And that is fine to they can live life however they want. But Jalen Hurts did that to he took a little less money signing when he did ans he didn't have to he could have wait but he didn't he left some money on the table for his teammates too.
  3. Yes and no. They can look into trading that guy at the draft or in the offseason. Right now they should be moving the UFAs out if no one else. That would be Walker and Seeler and now have been the time to start bringing up some kids in the meantime to audition on the defense before all this went down they had an extra spot in the line up they could have done this with but they have chose to leave it blank some times even going with 22 skaters. So they just need to move the UFAs playoffs be damn call guys up to replace them. And then Danny Jones is more likely going to have to package both picks in the 1st round to maybe move up and draft a Berkely Catton some mocks have then needing to get all the way up to the 6th pick to do that. Not sure both their 1st picks can even do that but that is when you can weaponize your cap space to help a team out in need maybe. But like many of us said they going to have to get creative in order to do this.
  4. Flyers could already have a dark horse in the center race but he maybe a year or two away from wanting to sign an entry level contract away he can play from Jake's spot or Giroux's old spot on the power play in the future. But certainly put all your eggs in a college prospect's basket. They certainly need more iron in the fire...
  5. HA!!! I love the name actually i'd rock it makes the 90's come out me. STANK GOT THAT DANK OVEN!!! Never mind long story....
  6. Travis Konecny for Logan Stankoven (not all that would be moved just main pieces) and the start of discussions. Let's talk about it....
  7. Brayden Point says hello. Sure he is 1 inch taller but but has the frame to get as big needs about 15 to catch Point but with a year or two in the AHL Sure he is a winger but he could if any do have it, what it takes to play center with this great coaching (many don't want to admit we seeing going here why they are punching over their weight) in Philly it could be a huge boost. But Matvei Michkov is smaller than both weight wise and Point size height wise 5-10. I'm not saying he can but i also wouldn't count that kid out he has some fire in him. But it is a long shot but he has 2nd line wing sticking potential either way. Remember ever piece you gather you can also move out for a piece you need they are going to have to get creative maybe. I would love to see whole weeks or two games to see how it would look to see Frost with Tippett and Konecny to see how it could maybe works pushing Coots to the 2nd with Joel and Cam but what i would like of Joel and Foerster between Coots. With knowing what could take place next season something like this to start 2024 74 Owen Tippett - 48 Morgan Frost - 11 Travis Konecny 86 Joel Farabee - 14 Sean Couturier - 71 Tyson Foerster 27 Noah Cates - 25 Ryan Poehling - 24 Bobby Brink 19 Garnet Hathaway - 91 Elliot Desnoyers - 62 Olle Lycksell
  8. That is why I said I don't think you find that guy in free agency which you left out thar is where he found Danny.
  9. I seen reports the other day that they heard that they'd be happy running it back with this group again I sh it you not. Hearing that almost made me want to throw the f uck up.
  10. Yes before the ink dries they will regress to the mean.
  11. Sure I get and agree but without a dance partner there is no dance. But Dany does need to find his center of the future like Holmgren found him and I'm not sure you find that guy in free agency but they must be creative Because they must improve down the middle or it won't matter who you have on the wings.
  12. Not a fan of this move at all it leaves zero room for improvement on the back end. Sure I like moving Risto but not the rest either. It is a rebuild and resigning 2 older D men doesn't make sense and will once again drafting in the 15-20s again and once again prove they refuse to embrace a full on rebuild like many of us feared.
  13. Dan Silver @dsilver88 If #Flyers re-sign Seeler + Walker and trade Risto in offseason, which seems to be gaining momentum, would be looking at York-Sanheim Seeler-Walker Zamula-Drysdale Andrae Something like that next season, they want Sanheim on right Drysdale still PP1 but needs ironing out 5v5
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