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  1. Hard to believe this kid was put on waivers to start the season and anyone could have plucked him and now he is playing a pivotal role in gaining home ice advantage through the playoffs.
  2. Over rated 4th liner you say? You still feel this way about the guy? One guy is off to the KHL... ...and the other scored the game winner to help clinch the #1 seed. I'll let you guess which is which.
  3. What would you say if before all this started the Flyers would win the number one seed in the East... ...and Giroux, Voracek, Hayes, Couturier, Konecny and JVR would score ZERO goals?
  4. No it's not its the tactical side of it I hadn't even considered like last line change. And sides of the ice the start on and finish on within proximity to the bench. Just win baby!
  5. So the Flyers went 0-2 vs the Bolts. In the first meeting they lost 1-0. On the lone Maroon goal. Kase (6th NHL game) and Friedman (3rd NHL game) were in the lineup then. Hart in goal stopped 27 of 28 shots. And in the second meeting the Bolts beat the Flyers 5-3 (5th goal empty net) for their 10th win in a row. The Flyers were still trying to find their footing and struggled with this team 5 on 5 but their PK shut the Bolts down on 5 tries. The Flyers got the power play going scoring on 2 of 5 attempts. Hart only stopped 19 of 23 shots. I think the Flyers are a much better well rounded team now than this med February meeting. I expect AV to try and matchup the Coots line vs the Palat, Point and Kucherov line and try and shut it down. Should be a very very good game. I think Hart is playing the best hockey of his young career and will be up for the task. Flyers will need everyone rowing at the same time to slay this dragon. Go Flyers!!!!
  6. Good point i had actually totally forgot about that which is huge since you get to set your matchups. And it can work in the Flyers favor. So a win today would be huge. I would love to win this #1 overall seed. Winning always makes things better.
  7. That i what i say. When this team is on it's game they can beat anyone. Anywhere.
  8. And to me the worst part if you win home ice throughout the playoffs what does that really even mean?? The color of the jersey you wear on a given night?? I hope once the playoffs actually start we all only hear the home team goal song/horn when they score....otherwise there is nothing to give the home team that feels like home at all.
  9. You went to bed to soon and missed an epic collapse!!!!
  10. 8 pm. From what someone reported earlier it wasn't a benching like he is hurt or sick not sure.
  11. Go after another goalie... ...try to get one from the Penguins. Or wait and see what happens in Vegas. Will they resign Lehner?
  12. Jake. Farabee is on the top line in his place. I would have put NAK there to be honest would love to see him play with Giroux and Coots.
  13. Yeah for sure so they plan on bring Rinne back next year as a backup making 5 mill per yikes. After looking at the number you posted he certainly doesn't have good ones. Maybe they try and trade him this offseason. But they have scoring issues to boot it's already cost Lavy his job and they still spiral downward. And their once strength their blueline depth just isn't there right now they have 5 defenseman 30+ or older. I guess all that trading away picks for playoff gambles the chickens are coming home to roost. And in my eyes they have one of the most over rated forward in the NHL signed for 8 mill for the next 5 years. Ryan Johansen. Dude hasn't scored 20+ goals since 2014-15....think about that for a minute....the last year he even sniffed 70 points. The organization is sliding to the toilet...the have nothing in the pipeline when it comes to goalies. There are in trouble.
  14. With about 8.9 mill in cap space i think one of JVR or Jake gets moved, more than likely JVR. Myers Hagg NAK Elliott Unless someone is moved Braun, Grant, Pitlick and Thompson won't be back. Not sure what Chuckles has up his sleeve but i know he knows he can't afford a 7 million dollar 3rd line LW. The following year Hart, Niskanen, Sanheim and Laughton will need new deals. More youth will be supplemented next year i think in the bottom 6. Frost and Bunnaman will more than likely find a spot. Elliott will be 36 next year do they look for a younger cheaper option??

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