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  1. Speaking of numbers. This is sad. FEMA seeks 100,000 body bags from Pentagon as coronavirus pandemic worsens.
  2. For selfish reasons I would be good to go straight to the playoffs. But for everyone's safety let call it over and revisit it when it's time for camp/preason if that is possible by then.
  3. Not sure if it's accurate but this is all i found on Cates... ...sounds like he is heading back to college on a not very good team.
  4. Man this sucks..........soooooooooooo boring...i hope everyone is safe here...and everyone else not here. Some fun i guess...
  5. He should go pro. Wisconsin is losing so many players who are signing. Might as well too. Leaving: Caulfield, Turcotte, Ahcan, and K'Andre Miller might as well join them no one left to make a great team again. No word i guess yet on Noah Cates either.
  6. Something to look forward too...oh look hockey....i remember those days...
  7. He couldn't go back in the draft. He is to old all he had to do is not sign and then he would have been a free agent to sign with any team. Now they need to get Noah Cates signed so the Frat boy line is complete. Noah Cates Tanner Laczynski Wade Allison would be a very very good line for the Phantoms next year.
  8. That is very good news.....a hockey news even better...now back to my cave...
  9. It would be nice to hear some news on a few of these college kids who need to be signed. Allison and Laczynski as well as Kalynuk. I have him penciled in with Zamula as the top pair or at least the 2nd pair. I wouldn't bring Gordon back as head coach next year. Zamula-KalynukWotherspoon -Wylie Bigras-ProsserHögberg
  10. The Flyers. Four straight sweeps to hoist the Stanley Cup. If only the stupid virus wouldn't have derailed it. How can we throw snowballs with D batteries in them at a virus? I'll hang up and listen...
  11. Sure but I am talking about folks who don't live there coming in from other countries to experience it and then taking it back home to wherever they came from. It is possible like any other event folks flock too in masses.
  12. Worst scoreboard watching ever...US deaths up 60 so far...
  13. Watching Time Bandits. A classic Terry Gilliam movie from my childhood. Letting my 8 year old daughter watch it the first time.

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