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  1. Dear Gawd Frost WTF are you doing why you so damn soft like this??? Man they can't blow this squad up quick enough.......Frost is officially on my trade block...why not?? Are Maple leafs still drunk enough to be interest in Travis Sanheim???? I hope so....someone anyone. Make me an offer......
  2. Trade him today his value will never be higher... ...Wild fans said send him over here!!!
  3. I swear i feel so cheated....how long i have waited for a goalie like this kid...we all have waited... ...and it hurts me to my soul to waste his talents....pains me to crush his soul. Will the waste assets again??
  4. Anyone feel like being water boarded? Well if so or you can't find a board here is the 2nd best thing. Gulp a game link if you dare... http://retsports.com/nhl/Flyers.php
  5. I remember slightly the time that landed them the mighty JVR...those days being rough but it always felt like they were competing, it wasn't there fault they were good enough...and those memories are very faded in the brain like i hope this season does quickly. So this season is about as bad and i think even worse than that season. I just want it to be over with....it can't come quick enough.
  6. See this is where AV failed. He didn't have the balls to do it. So someone has to. Save us all the misery. So instead of doing his duty and putting them down they still are running around pretending to be a hockey team. Folks it's 2022. No one has time for this shat anymore. Exterminate the bunch and start over...
  7. Sell everything big you can move. Go ahead bring Emil and Samu over and starting getting them familiar with the north American way. Bring the main kids who contracts can be utilized in the AHL so get the head start. Why wait? Playing the 2nd best league can work wonders. Show them how far they have to catch up. The more kids that play by next season the quicker it gets fixed. But management must be sorted first.
  8. Good to see for the kid some good news. Kid should have been sent back to juniors though....not kept around for this shat storm.
  9. Very strange if this dude has surgery in the offseason i'm going to lose my sh it....to waste this whole season and then getting surgery would be proof they are run by a bunch of baboons without doubt.
  10. It's going to be ok they don't suck as bad as we thought.... Crisis averted thank the heavens...
  11. This should help. There will be blood. Should be a great game for Rick.
  12. @CoachX So this was were it went off the rails in my respnse. I'm so proud. Because it led to dry Island. Right where i was leading intentionally i guess when it gets back to Homer.....and AV - some how. My work here is done.
  13. Yep this is the closest they can get to brining Berube back as they can get. I feel it in my bones. Who else is going to want to tackle this group when you look at all the heads impaled before you?? So Tocchet is your man....gruesome i know.
  14. Sounds like the perfect Flyer destiny awaits!!!!
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