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  1. I wish I could completely agree but I have never been to Cleveland nor do I really want to. So i will have to take your opinion on this because Atlanta sucks just like you said. The only good thing I know about it is that they film the Walking Dead and Stranger Things down there. And I'm sure much more that I am not aware gets filmed there. So that is all I got on those two.
  2. I don't know about playoff teams but these bottom teams need to be relocated and given to cities that will support them... 2018-19 NHL Attendance Team Average Attendance Total Attendance Capacity Percentage Chicago Blackhawks 21399 855972 108.50% Montreal Canadiens 21046 862914 98.90% Philadelphia Flyers 19141 765622 99.14% Toronto Maple Leafs 19276 790316 102.40% Detroit Red Wings 19120 783958 98.00% Tampa Bay Lightning 19092 782772 100.00% Minnesota Wild 18907 775216 105.30% Pittsburgh Penguins 18565 761203 101.00% Washington Capitals 18508 758845 100.00% Calgary Flames 18501 758550 95.90% Edmonton Oilers 18347 752227 98.40% Vegas Golden Knights 18318 751067 105.50% Dallas Stars 18178 745314 98.10% Vancouver Canucks 18022 738918 95.30% Los Angeles Kings 18000 738029 98.70% Buffalo Sabres 17908 734238 93.90% Boston Bruins 17565 720165 100.00% Nashville Predators 17445 715276 101.90% St. Louis Blues 17361 711823 90.70% New York Rangers 17318 710074 96.20% San Jose Sharks 17266 707909 98.30% Colorado Avalanche 17132 702446 95.10% Anaheim Ducks 16814 689385 97.90% Columbus Blue Jackets 16658 682984 91.80% Winnipeg Jets 15321 612840 100.00% New Jersey Devils 14904 596166 90.30% Ottawa Senators 14553 596684 76.00% Carolina Hurricanes 14322 587222 76.70% Arizona Coyotes 13989 573552 81.70% Florida Panthers 13256 530244 77.80% New York Islanders 12442 510150 78.90% ...the bottom 3 for sure...i would at last like to move the Panthers...let's bring back the Nordiques.
  3. That was on Binnington not Berube, he just rode his coat tail...just will see how good a coach Belicheat is when Brady retires. AP and Parayko raved about how much he help them to mature and understand the game. He may not have been the right head coach but he knows his defense and is a very good assistant. There is a place in the world for his type. And I think he will help the Flyers youngsters out a lot. Will see in a year or two if i have misjudged him.
  4. Sure and that is from playing with a better goalie and partner in Morrissey and overall team. Ivan is better with what I go by and that is the eye ball test.
  5. No incentives are handed out like you're talking about except ELC and ones over 35. Ivan doesn't fit the bill. And signing bonuses are not the same thing. Signing bonuses are to be paid out first of the year. So Ivan can not be given any incentives. Performance Bonuses There are two types of performances bonuses available*, each capped at different amounts and restricted to different benchmarks the player has to meet to earn them. While signing bonuses can appear on any contract, performance bonuses are restricted to ELCs and 35+ contracts. How performance bonuses work in terms of cap management is the same, no matter what sort they are or which contract they appear on.
  6. Not sure how you can say that Provorov even with a down year put up 97 points in his first three years....and 17 goals his 2nd year. Trouba put up 72 and hasn't even sniffed double digit goals since his rookie year which was just 10. Sorry call me a homer if you like but Provorov is the better overall defenseman when talking about the two....and I think his has a higher offensive upside than Trouba. And I know he is better at defense. The Rangers are going to be hating that deal in 3 years.
  7. Incentives aren't allowed on standard contracts Only on entry level contracts.
  8. I would prefer the 8 year deal but the short 6.5mill deal will be the easiest to hammer out.
  9. But if he doesn't improve the net it won't matter who is in front of it. It will be a hard sell to go from Bob to Elvis...
  10. I don't see it for Werenski either still on his entry level contract with no arbitration rights. And the production isn't enough to get him 8 mill per season unless they go for the 8 year deal then yeah you are going to have to pay if you want him to give up 3 of his UFA years. And that is the only Ivan will get more than the 6.5 mill he is slated for. If he gives up 3 of his UFA years then he can expect to get like an 8 year 64 mill type of deal. Otherwise I think they sign bridge deals. And the Blue Jackets have more money slightly but they have a dumpster fire in goal. So i think they are ear marking some of that to find another goalie before the season starts.
  11. I can see TK getting around what Alex Tuch signed for. Maybe not the term but the 4.7 AAV. And what Rheinhart got 2 yr 3.6 AAV. So somewhere between those numbers. Guesstimate only.
  12. Trouba is one year away from UFA status coming off a 50 point season were he made 5+ with arbitration rights. Ivan is in the last year of his entry level contract with a good and then a bad year and zero arbitration rights. Where am I not making sense with this. No similarities. Besides being both play defense. And your point that they are?
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