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  1. I wonder if we see a Carter Hart recalled due to emergency conditions. If Tokarski has to be called up he will be subject to waivers to be sent back down. I might go this route before being forced to make a trade.
  2. Myself i think they will find someone else after the season anyways season ending or not just for the same reasons you mentioned....Elliott ain't getting any younger qnd the most games in a season was 55 so he will need a backup for 25-30 games....any Neuvy is just not reliable.
  3. I agree especially with the kid they signed from the Blackhawks (i forget his name) being up and down this season.
  4. Well i guess Lyon will get the Lion's share of playing before the deadline... ..sorry for the bad pun!!!!!
  5. Yeah sure as long as you haven't watched him play. Might as well bring this guy back... ...he is already on the payroll!!!! Nope i would stand pat or find another cheaper options. The goalie market is not huge most team are good. I think Hexy waits till the last minute when prices come down because teams need to move guys.
  6. Giroux we welcome you to the 200 goal club!!!!!!
  7. Well sadly they have their top goalie on the Phantoms John Muse (who is actually in net as we speak and he is 4-1-0 935% 2.07 gaa in his callup time this year). ECHLer in their lineup: De Haas Lamarche Only today oncthe blueline. Not sure the forwards they have up.
  8. He has been damn good since he was sent back....and that blueline has dealt with injuries all season and still are though. And they still have ECHL guys plays in the lineup down there. Take it all with a grain of salt.
  9. Well one thing i would do is take this week to take a loooooooooooooooog look at Lyon before you do anything drastic before the deadline...it is only one game....i say like his other games you can't get to low on his not so great play and you can't be so high on his good play....how does he look stringing together games. Now the time to see. Ghost got lucky Buchnevich didn't bust out his Alex Semin boxing moves.... Not even sure what this dumb ass was thinking??? Is he crazy??? He be pushin up daisies like that. Flyer's keystone cops Gudas and Manning left Lyon out to dry on this one... Much better in his movement in net... His positioning looks much better. And dude this kid's wrister is wicked!!!!!! And then G thang with his 200th.....icing on the cake. Celly for your first win kid and ice up son they gonna need you. Great team win. 6-2-2 in the last 10!
  10. I guess it would be the struggling Carey Price and the Canadiens however at home who as of today have lost 3 straight. I hope these guys don't play down to the competition........fingers crossed.
  11. Woah bro.......i wake up before work to find you got your wish....7-4 dayum! Mcdud and Lehtera joining in??? AMAZING! However i see Neuvy is hurt....trip over the blueline and sprain his vag. Nice to see a win in Columbus and New York in the same week. Great way to start my day. I only seen the highlights but nice to see Lyon come in make 25 stops and get his first win. I will have to ask on how he did redeeming himself in net?? Guess Neuvy being hurt now will force a trade.

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