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  1. Hey a slow day and all so why not ask this would you trade for Tuukka Rask??? I seent his article and there is no proof that Bruins want to move on from him and all but at 31 and only on the books for 3 more years would he be a good option...just asking for a friend. Here is the article. [Hidden Content] So i wonder if the Bruins would take say Elliott as part of the deal??? Now of course it would require more but just kicking some tires on this. Would Rask 7 mill cap hit for the next 3 years bbe too much or would he just be a bad option all around. 2018-19 Rask/Neuvy/Lyon 2019-20 Rask/Lyon/Stollie 2020-21 Rask/Hart And maybe just maybe by 2020-21 trade Tuukka before the trade deadline. Thoughts?? Worries. Comments or concerns welcome. I will not be able to comment right back headed to the gym.
  2. Even better....Holtby sharted his pants....
  3. Frost making the team is a huge if. Ron will be looking forward a little when it comes to resigning some of these kids i think. You have 7 entry level contract starting this year not including Frost. Hart, Sandstrom, Laberge, Ruby, Bunnaman, Kase and Twarynski. So i know he will be taking that into consideration some. And he has to he is the GM. It won't be the final say so but Frost will have to blow them away to stick. The following year you will have Frost, Ratcliffe, Sushko, Strome, Allison, Laczynski, Lycksell, Hogberg and Bernhardt starting their entry level contracts. And maybe Ustimenko maybe coming over from the KHL not so sure with him he could stay one more year i think. So those are a lot of problem (although good problem to have and weigh and balance). Now the good thing is most of these kid's bridge deals won't be huge or anything however is is a balancing act between they guys you have and will be not resigning and moving on from to replacing with youth. A tough job. I'm sure Ron will do his home work and move the ones he wants who he sees fits and move the ones who don't. No worries it is good to see all the talent that has been collected.
  4. R.I.P. Rayzor.... Gone way to soon.
  5. Wow. Terrible news. Wonder if he hit something when he jumped off the boat...and of alcohol was involved who knows not saying there was any. Just terrible news no matter the case. Just lost a friend of the family in Afghanistan just found out about as I got home from Charleston an hour ago and then read this. Sad weekend.
  6. I don't hate Gudas but I want someone out the lineup between him and Mcdud. So if Mcdud is out I can live with it.
  7. My opening day lineup... Giroux-Coots-Konecny JVR-Patrick-Voracek Lindblom-Laughton-Simmer Raffl-Vorobyev-Aube Kubel -------------------------------------------------- Lehtera Weal Wiese waived to AHL. Provorov-Ghost Sanheim-Mcdud Hagg-Folin -------------------------------------------------- Gudas Elliott Neuvy I'm not happy with the goalies situation but it seems like Ron is convinced Neuvy changing trainers is going to make him better. SMFH But anyways. I would also hope there could be one more addition as Frost winning a spot and forcing the Flyers to waive one of Weal or Lehtera or trade someone for room for Morgan. But right now i'm ok for him going back for one last year of junior.
  8. What i can't believe noone chimed in with one of their favorite Bryz moment....ok here is mine... ...saddest part he is the last goalie to win a playoff series for the Flyers. Let that sink in a moment....
  9. At the end of the day it is all about goals and wins. So yes move guys around till it works. But Simmer back on the top PP and as you say let Patrick run the 2nd is a good start. PP1: Giorux, Jake, Ghost, Coots and Simmer PP2: Patty, JVR, TK, Provo Cop and Lindblom Those two if only on paper sound like a lethal good starting spot. Adn wehn time presented itself and Ivan and Ghost look to need a break from heavy minutes Sanheim i think could fill in in a pinch. It would be nice if Lehtera could be waived to make room for a Frost, Vorobyev, Vecchione or Aube Kubel even. If they earned the spot that is.
  10. Every Flyer fans favorite flashback moment in history....friday the 13th....
  11. Yes. It is why I think they could be used as a good physical pair to put out when Hak wants to grind on the other team some. And the best part of he doesn't find a fit or just bombs you just bury him and move on. The perfect 6-7th type of D man to have.
  12. Yeah well there is a 5 year age difference there to. However if Vex can't help this year it could be over for his Flyer career there is just too much talent behind him to waste much time on a 26 year old prospect. So if he doesn't land a spot this year he will be playing on a new team come 2019.
  13. Huh? No way. No way. He isn't a offensive Dman he is a stay at home Dman. This team needs that type too. Nothing spectacular can do everything better than Gudas with less turnovers and and penalties. Although the penalty part could change once he puts the orange and black on. If you don't expect too much from him you'll be ok. If you expect him to come in and play on the top pair and put up a bunch of points you'll be disappointed.
  14. He is a solid position sound type stay at home defenseman. He brings a nice physical presence on the backend that to me is welcome. He does everything Gudas does except draw penalties and brings less turnovers. However don't expect anything flashy. He has a very heavy shot from the point that he needs to use more i think. I think he could be a very nice physical partner to pair with Hagg maybe on the bottom pair who could be hard to play against. Plus you can deploy them together on the PK so you don't have to break the pairs up. He is the type of guy though is not going to really standout much but that can be a good thing the unsung type guys who just come in and do the dirty work and doesn't produce all the glamour points stuff.

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