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  1. Looking at your observations, pretty well done but I think a team that must get more praise are the Seattle Kracken. It’s pretty impressive how good they are at home and after a tough loss to open an East coast swing they beat the Islanders and then go into Boston and take them out! I hope they get in. The Blues also are impressive. Look at last nights results vs Edmonton. As for my Sabres. they showed what they are capable of with 7-0 win over Kings. Florida is playing maybe as good as anyone. I already. Said, losing Jack Quinn was an injury the Sabres did not need. The bright spot has been Luukenen. He is now their best goalie and has earned the position. Now I’m not sure if they fire Granato ? I’d keep him, fire Adams and make a trade now! Trade Krebs if anyone would have him and maybe they should consider tracing Power? I have to see just where the Blues and Kracken sit in position to get in?
  2. You know, perhaps the sleeper in all of this are Winnipeg? Look at their record. Could sneak up on some teams in playoffs? Might have the better goalie of the contenders in West? Except for Binnington of course If Blues sneak in .
  3. Did I mention Toronto? Disregard. Such a bunch of under achievers they are. Austin Matthews! They’re version of McDavid or Eichel. And don’t they have Taveres? Mitch Marner! WTF? PS. Never sell the Blues short when they have Binnington in net and Schenn!
  4. I’ve never seen the likes of them! Lol! Just Kidding. The final should be Edmonton and Florida but Tampa could have a say as well as Boston or Toronto in East. But Florida is playing lights out Remember the disgust you had the first month of the season? Well your boys are well on their way now and the biggest fear is always injuries. I’m so disgusted about us losing Quinn. He and Paterka are very good together and we’re playing with Cousins. I think we are dead without him unless that useless Adams who belongs with the Adams family, makes a trade. My Eichel jersey, brand new, wrapped in plastic somewhere in my closet. As for Edmonton, I’ll cheer against them as they have enough hardware from the days of The Great One , in those classic wars vs the Islanders.
  5. Can’t argue with your take, I believe the Sabres could have snuck in had they not lost Quinn. Killer injury. Adams needs to make a trade based on this alone. They were finally starting to come on and some of the lower seeds they could catch. If they had Quinn. His absence was a killer early. This is a bad injury. I’m sure Adams will do nothing. Can’t stand him. I think your Tampa is playing well and can’t be ruled out either. I’ll take them over Carolina . Boston and Leafs can’t be ruled out. I know what you’re saying about the Blues and realistically Seattle May have a better shot of being a dark horse than them, but with Binnington in goal they are tough. Schenn, Thomas, Parayko, and even Sammy Blaise. The Kracken are tough to beat in their building and I like them. They are now my third favorite
  6. I just learned Quinn on IR until end of March. Can’t overcome this. He was the spark the Sabres needed, got and now he’s done!
  7. Ill stand by this prediction for now. I do not see any team being more impressive than Florida, though Tampa has come on of late. In the West Edmonton are playing well and are pretty much on fire. Vancouver has been a thorn in their side and they have the best record in the NHL last time I checked. Vegas of course cant be eliminated. And how about those Blues? When Binnington is in goal they can beat anyone. I keep waiting for a talented Toronto team to get it going and play up to their potential. As for my Sabres I still do not count them out of a come from behind playoff spot but there is little room for error from here on out. They need to beat Dallas next game to reach 500. Then they get the Blues. If they were going to fire Granato it would have happened already. I think the late surge just before the break saved him. And now it seems they have finally realized Luukenen is the starter. As he should be. I wish they would make a trade. Id trade Greenway. Size for speed.
  8. And they will beat the Steelers. Count on it. Do you really believe Mason freaking Rudolph is in the same class as Josh Allen who is Superman!!!
  9. Come on. You’re a Pittsburgh fan. And they have been playing well I know. I still believe Luukenen is our best option. He had been our best goalie. I’ll pay more attention later. Right now the Bills are more important
  10. Tage Thomson woke up and Jack Quinn scores again.
  11. Your both the Grinch! I love Christmas and all it stands for
  12. I have posted in several Sabres sites that I want Adams gone. Not Granato. But I do not think most agree. I expect an effort tonight after they sleep walked in a blowout loss to Columbus recently and then they responded with a win with 9 goals. But now Tage Thompson is gone for "personal reasons" they say? It must be serious. If thetiy lost to Columbus tonight, which is likely a coin flip, maybe the Sabres play Luukenen and win, I believe Granato will be fired and might as well go to Times Square to fight the Palestinians tomorrow night.
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