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  1. Every player should try to get every cent they can. The owners certainly are. I mean the owners are the ones that insisted on a salary cap. We lost a season before the players accepted it. Now you want those same players to also cut the owners a deal and not take what they can get. Hell of world we are living in.
  2. Can't win the Kentucky Derby with a draft horse.
  3. I am sure the playoffs would go differently. No need to sell high. We got them right where we want them.
  4. If Konecny continues this production, his next contract is going to be 8 years long and at least $8M per year. The only question is whether the Flyers or another team give it to him.
  5. No one was trading for this guy. We had to listen here for years how Andrew MacDonald was going to be traded and it never happened. This isn’t going to either.
  6. 8% of those reported are false? What % of sexual assaults are not reported?
  7. Isn't that exactly what happened here? She reported it to police, who swept it under the rug. After the criminal justice system let her down, only then did she resort to the civil system.
  8. Laughing about stories of sexual assault is a reason it doesn’t get reported. Boys will be boys, eh?
  9. It took 4-5 years to correct it because those in charge had to be publicly embarrassed by leaks into taking the investigation seriously. Had that not happened, it never would have been done correctly. It would have been settled confidentially, with a payment of over $3M, in an effort to make the story go away.
  10. The only thing questionable about this case is why the police didn’t do their job the first time around and had to be embarrassed into doing it the second time.
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