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  1. I've always liked @Podein25. Great post.
  2. I'm not going to overreact to one game. It is definitely not AVs fault. I actually thought Hart played pretty well; he had zero help. IMO this team should probably be about as good as last year, but has a couple of issues if they want to take the next step: 1. Niskanen was a solid, if unspectacular, #2 and they have not replaced him. They can hope Sanheim or Meyers takes that step but I haven't seen anything, especially defensively, to indicate either of those guys are more than high end 3-4 defensemen. If one of these guys hasn't taken the next step by the deadlin
  3. Did they scratch Frost at the last minute? I haven't heard his name all game.
  4. The main value of Zamula/York etc. is that two or three years from now when Sanheim and/or Myers need to be paid $6M per year, you have a younger, cheaper version to replace them.
  5. Again, I wouldn't necessarily, because what we would have to give up would hurt. I already suggested that the minimum CLB would even consider would be Patrick+Ghost+3rd and I don't think that even gets it done. FYI, Allison is OLDER than PLD. I'm pretty sure CLB isn't interested.
  6. I am not suggesting we make an offer at all. I am suggesting the offers of Ghost, Allison, etc. are woefully insufficient. Let's put it this way: what would you want from CLB for Konecny?
  7. Nobody is giving the Flyers their 22 yo 3rd overall pick 61 pt three-zone center for Ghost/Hagg/Friedman + Voracek+3rd round pick. Why wouldn't CLB just pay PLD something between $5M and Voracek money instead of giving up assets for Voracek?
  8. A defenseman who plays in only 25 games because he is in and out of the lineup doesn't have much trade value and wouldn't be more than a throw-in for salary in a PLD trade. I am not advocating for trading for PLD . I'm just telling you that, sorry, Ghost plus Laughton (or other spare part) isn't going to get it done. Would you trade Konecny for Ghost plus Laughton? I hope not.
  9. No, I don't think so. And neither does the guy who takes his drink order in the press box.
  10. PLD at age 20 put up more points in a season than Hayes has in any season.
  11. Teams are going to be so scared of Morin on the wing, they'll just trade us their best players.
  12. Please. Would you trade a 22 yo Couturier for Ghost? Before everyone starts pointing this out, yes, PLD and Couturier are different players, but PLD is much more accomplished player than Couts at his age. If Ghost doesn't bounce back this year, you're going to need to package a pick with Ghost just to move him.
  13. It's going to take much, much more than Ghost to get Dubois. Much more.
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