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  1. Fantasy hockey is the Flyers continuing to hold on to their good players the last 10 years hoping they could rebuild while still remaining competitive. This thing needs to be nuked from orbit.
  2. Yes. Couts has been my favorite Flyer since the playoffs of his rookie year, but you have to trade him right now as well.
  3. He is going nowhere.
  4. This team isn't going to make major changes next year. These moves seem like they think if they just cut some dead weight and a few young guys replace them next year, we can take another shot. They don't realize there is dead weight all over the roster.
  5. In a reversal of what some of the teams did with Las Vegas expansion, Seattle is going to trade the Flyers a pick so they don't have to take one of our scrubs.
  6. Imagine being upset with G & V at this point? Jake is what he is. An over-achieving Pat Falloon. G is not a captain. I could see him getting somewhat rejuvenated if he joined a contender in a supporting role. I would even root for him. But his days on the Flyers should have ended the second Hextall got here. I save my wrath for all the moron ex-Flyers still controlling the organization.
  7. None of those guys you mentioned make enough money that replacing them with league minimum prospects really helps much. There is no quick fix for the Flyers - it will be a multi-year process that will require them to be bad for a number of years. Each year they delay means another year of mediocrity and that the process will take even longer. Tear it all down and come back in 2025-2026.
  8. Jones would take, at a minimum, York and a First, and i don't think that gets it done.
  9. Bingo. The Flyers are a couple of buyouts away from being the worst franchise of the last 15 years.
  10. I wouldn't pay Hart $5M in monopoly money.
  11. Overpaying Hart for a several years on the off chance he develops into a top 5 goalie and then is slightly underpaid would totally be a Flyers move. Like naming Mike Richards captain and trying to will him into the reincarnation of Clarke's jockstrap. Like naming Claude Giroux captain and giving him a long deal just because he's your leading scorer. Like signing Voracek long term because he stopped eating pretzels for 5 seconds. All I am saying is, prove it, then we'll over pay you. Hart hasn't proven anything.
  12. I wouldn't break the bank for Hart (or any goalie really). They are like relief pitchers - mostly a bunch of head cases who are up and down from year to year. Make him earn it until he is a UFA and if he has been consistently good at that point you can always overpay then.
  13. You pretty much can't lose just having a rule not to offer 5 year contracts, except perhaps for very young players like what they did with Couturier. The idea that you need to offer more than essentially bridge contracts, because the player might leave or not sign is, imo, dumb. I am struggling to remember a single player the Flyers developed, got outbid on, and regretted it. On the other hand, I can remember many contracts the Flyers offered to because they thought they needed to lock up a player that they ended up regretting at some point: Carter, Richards, Briere, Bryz, Hayes,
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