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  1. No one should have expected this team to be good. They were terrible the year before and they made lateral moves at best.
  2. What are you talking about? At $2M fine, he's movable. At $5.4M and 5 years, he isn't going anywhere without a couple picks accompanying him. Not one. A couple.
  3. This is the part in the movie where Ristolainen rips off his mask revealing he has been Andrew Macdonald all along.
  4. Ristolainen is a guy you are just hoping he doesn’t mess his diaper in the first 5 minutes of the job interview but, no, this dude shakes your hand and just soils himself before he ever even sits down.
  5. Why would any team, good or bad, want a $5m player they had to hide? You can get players you have to hide for the league minimum.
  6. Lol, the entire point is don’t sign/trade for ANY guys with that much tread on their tires because chances are it’s going to end in a blowout for one reason or another.
  7. Then they will have to give up assets to get rid of him. Anyway, in a struggle between Torts and a player like Ristolainen who is Fletcher’s chosen one, I think Fletcher/Ristolainen is going to win that one.
  8. I don't believe any of that will happen under current management. How is Columbus' culture right now?
  9. I mean if you want someone to come up big in game 6 in the first round, he's your man.
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Torts for the circus aspect, but not interested in him milking out 5-6 more wins a year so we can pick 10th instead of 5th
  11. I would say he found his level perfectly.
  12. How far do you think you could punch Chuck Fletcher's teeth into the back of his throat when he steps up during the draft and suggests you pick a UofMN forward who plays a responsible defensive game?
  13. I love Couturier (favorite Flyer the last 10 years) but can you imagine what they would have gotten had they traded him at the deadline instead of extending him? You're not going to be in the playoffs for a bit, he's a playoff-type player who people want, this isn't that hard.
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