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  1. He's not signing for one year for the qualifying offer. He'll negotiate a multi-year RFA deal like Sanheim and Konecny did last year.
  2. Ultimately, prioritizing character would seem to be a conservative, risk averse approach.
  3. Prioritizing character might improve the odds that they become a pro, but if you prioritize speed, it might improve the odds that they become a game breaker (while possibly increasing the odds they don't make it).
  4. I got family in NY over 120 years computer cowboy. Citation needed.
  5. I know you hate facts, but here you go: States by Life Expectancy States by Violent Crime Rate Violent Crime by Year 1990-2019
  6. The best part was all those Cups we won.
  7. At a minimum, we would need one of Frost, Ratliff, etc. to become a superstar and Hart to be the best goalie in the game before I would even begin to think contender.
  8. I really hope you are right, but I don't see the window opening. I see a mix of declining veterans and under-baked middle six prospects who won't be ready for another 2-3 years, combined with half of a very good defense and a potentially great goalie. Things would have to go extraordinarily right for this team and prospect pool to be contenders instead of perennial 4-5 seeds who never make it.
  9. I'm not against the pick because all I am going on is the scouting reports I read after we picked him. But some of the same posters complaining that MTL and NYI were so much faster than us are the same posters making excuses for this pick. The idea that you can fix skating and have it go from being a weakness to the player being a burner seems like magical thinking.
  10. I admittedly don't know anything about most of these prospects, but I would love for once for the Flyers not to draft someone with a scouting report that contains the phrase, "if he can improve his skating."
  11. I think it's always been obvious JVR and Voracek are going to be on the Flyers' opening night roster. Any other conclusion is wishful thinking.
  12. The timing is that Niskanen told Fletcher the day after Game 7 v Islanders and Fletcher was shocked.
  13. He was decent, if still overpaid in his first, year. I can't wait for all the posts wanting to get rid of him in another year or two.
  14. Laine is supposedly on the trade block. I have reservations, but would anyone trade Sanheim for Laine? It would take something like that to get it done. If you move, JVR, you could then do: Laine/Coots/Voracek Lindblom/Hayes/Konecny Giroux/Patrick/Farabee ???/Laughton/NAK Provorov/Niskanen Ghost/Myers Hagg/Friedman I would prefer to move Ghost, but you could also flop Niskanen and Myers.

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