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  1. Fletcher is a stone cold idiot. Anyone nostalgic for the days of our cap situation causing us to dress ECHL defensemen because of an injury will love this guy.
  2. There is a 0% chance this happens. They are already an incredibly young team, they aren't going to add three more players under the age of 21.
  3. Overpaying for a middling second line center UFA while playing hardball with your homegrown #1 defenseman is such a perfect Flyer move. Fletcher fits this organization perfectly.
  4. This. If the Flyers become a perennial playoff team the next several years, it will be because the Hextall draft picks pan out, not because of Ser Hayes of the Stone Hands. Which begs the question: why sign this guy to an above-market contract when he will never be a difference maker?
  5. Ahh, the Holmgren/Fletcher school of GMing.
  6. One that doesn't exist. My prediction is Hayes scores 60 points this year (assuming good health and linemates) then never hits 55 again. That would not be a good signing to me unless it accompanies several deep runs to the Conference/Cup Finals where he is a primary contributor. He will be on the third or fourth line in three years.
  7. I'll put you on the list of people that think Hayes' contract was good so I can disregard anything you have to say going forward. It only took OC three days to realize it is a steaming pile.
  8. Seattle should love this contract in a year.
  9. Karlson's contract makes the Hayes contract look even worse. Karlson was an RFA, while Hayes was an UFA, but Karlson is the more desirable player in every way and signed for less money and less AAV.
  10. Hayes Believers going to begging for this guy to be traded within three years when they realize how underwhelming he is and we have nowhere to play better, younger guys.
  11. I know who you guys are. I lurked for years and posted under the same name at the Philly.com boards.
  12. My prediction is Hayes scores 60 points this year, then never sniffs 55 points again.
  13. With the NMC, Hayes has to be protected in the Seattle draft, so look forward to losing one of Lindblom, Provorov, Sanheim, Ghost, Konecny, or Morin.
  14. I live in NY, so I see a lot of Rangers games. Hayes is a less talented Stepan: another in a long line of young Ranger forwards who were supposed be stars and ended up being middle six guys at best. A high end grinder with a little skill, but not a dynamic game changer in any way, shape, or form. Hayes is worth $5M-$5.5 at best. Given the market, $6M would have been acceptable. At $7M+, Flyers fans will want this guy off the team in under three years.
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