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  1. Guy started 80+% in the offensive zone and was -8. At least they aren't paying him much.
  2. Thinking more about this trade and Fletch's other moves, they strike me more and more like Paul Holmgren moves: decide ahead of time what the move will be, then do whatever you have to do, pay whatever price is asked, to make that move happen. Extra 2nds, bad contracts, move picks for cap space to make more moves - I've seen this before. I expect this team to be marginally better than last year at least to start the year. Everyone played terrible last year and they are bound to be better at least just because of regression to the mean. But this team and this management will not
  3. That video is amazing. Must have thought he was playing on European rink.
  4. Did this post fall through a portal from 2014 in re: Andrew MacDonald?
  5. Buffalo GM: [Stifling Laughter] "Ok, Fletch, you got me. We'll trade Ristolainen for your 2021 1st and Robert Hagg." Fletch: "Great, we'll send the paperwork -" Holmgren: [Bursting through wall, KoolAid Man-style] "Oh, Yeah!!! Here's your bonus 2nd rounder!"
  6. Rad, I don't understand what you are arguing the Flyers should have done with Ghost, other than keep him (which is what I would have done). Edit: Missed a couple of your posts. It sounds like you would have kept him as well (not because he is good but because wgaf about cap space right now).
  7. Easy, killer. Couts is my favorite Flyer and has been since his rookie season. But this franchise is in shambles and drastic measures are required to inject high-end talent.
  8. I've been saying this for a while. This team is nowhere and needs a multi-year rebuild. The shortest path to that is to trade Couts ASAP, since he has the most value. I do think you could position things where you could get something for G - not a lot, but something - by getting your cap such that you could retain $3M of his salary at this deadline. Being able to offer teams G for $5M could be valuable.
  9. I've had a few, but I'm doing well. I just get tired of reading fantastical trades the Flyers are going to pull off with nothing more than pixie dust, Jason Akeson, and a 7th round pick.
  10. Here is my post from January wherein I predicted the Flyers would have to trade a pick to get rid of Ghost.
  11. Jake isn't going anywhere unless the Flyers package him with Farabee, York, or a first or two.
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