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  1. Yo, meme, boy: fortuitous in that the "best" team in the conference just may have lost their best defensemen on the way to a 0-2 period.
  2. That might have been the best/most fortuitous period of Flyers hockey I've seen in 25 years.
  3. I would have one of our 4th liners take a wack at the back of the leg of McAvoy to send a message.
  4. My favorite Flyer since his rookie season. Provorov and Hart ready to join him.
  5. Only if we throw in a second rounder for fun. /holmgren
  6. No team can afford to pay $4.5M to their 7th D. Even if he would be a 5th or 6th D on another team, I don't see anyone giving up more than a 3rd for Ghost at this point. I would take that because I don't see him ever equaling his 1st or 3rd seasons again.
  7. Your previous statement above is the opposite of what your nytimes link says (as well as the sources I posted), which all indicate statistically significant higher mortality this spring. For instance, in April 2020, Michigan had the highest monthly mortality of any month in the last 20 years. #2 was March 2020. Just a coincidence.
  8. You make statements like this and have provided no links or support for them, so I assume you made them up. A quick google search reveals: 8.5% would seem to be statistically significant. Likewise, in Europe, excess mortality rates were abnormally high compared to the same periods in prior years and subtracting known coronavirus cases, meaning the death rates are likely much, much higher than reported: " Twice as much death would seem to be statistically significant as well, but maybe your European sources have better information. Please share them.
  9. Citation(s) needed. I personally know two people affected: 50 year old, no prior conditions, dead. 24 year old got so oxygen deprived so suddenly he ended up in a coma and has been in rehab for 2 months trying to regain the use of his right side. So GTFOH with your bull$hit.
  10. Put aside the fact that we don't even know if herd immunity is possible, herd immunity will likely take even longer than a vaccine and would take the death of millions to get it. Per the The Mayo Clinic: For instance, Sweden, which took a much more lax approach to the virus in an effort to foster herd immunity, has a long way to go: [Hidden Content] The US would be looking at well over a million deaths at that point.
  11. Again, people wanting the NHL to shut down this season to "save" the 2020-2021 season are making a huge (and from health experts, an unsupportable) assumption. I could at least understand the argument that the NHL should shut down permanently until a highly effect vaccine is found even if that means sacrificing multiple seasons.
  12. What 2020-2021 season? When the virus comes back bigger in the fall, I don't see there being a 2020-2021 season. Perhaps at all.

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