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  1. The more I think about this, the more I'm kinda like...eh...Bonino isn't a plus skater, he's hard as heck to play against Cizikas would be my first choice, then maybe Palmieri...I think I want speed in that bottom 6. Even though I like Bonino's game a lot.
  2. Alright put it this way, does McDavid sell anything, even the league in which he plays, in America? Crosby sold Reebok now sells adidas and gatorade. To me a superstar transcends the sport. I'm not here saying McDavid isn't great at hockey or isn't exciting. The Oil haven't even been a featured team on many national broadcasts in my market. 97 might be the league's best player but he isn't a household name to the casual sports fan. Does that make sense to you?
  3. yeah, i don't think the Flyers have that kind of $ for what would be maybe a luxury ? There are RFA's that will require decent deals that will take up a majority of the cap space that's left. The free agent money is going to be directed towards a quality back-up goalie and I think that price is going to plenty steep. So after that business is attended to, there's not much left for a 5th centerman, even though he's a good one.
  4. @OccamsRazor I'd love that, I think, he can skate and hit and is good on draws. Do you think the Prince of Lies will let him walk? I also think he'll be too beaucoup for boom-boom.
  5. yeah sorry 'bout that. between 7 to 8 million aav to sign both players. definitely in line with what you're projecting there. Since both players struggled last season the Flyers may be able to get them for what I hope will be a discount by the end of these signings.
  6. I was thinking between 7 and 8 aav for both players. This was based on reading Charlie O'Connor in the Athletic. Big Sam is in at 750k, just announced. That leaves under 3 for the BUG, the Flyers should be able to get a serviceable guy for 2.5ish x 2 or 3 right? Also feel like without another big move, once the goalie is signed the off season will stabilize , it's been pretty wild compared to the last 4 or 5 years. So I'm not counting on a F/A 3C or #6 defensman being signed. I think guys will have to step up. I feel better relying on 2 or
  7. I'm talking about the Wild teams constructed by Chuck Fletcher.
  8. The decade or century, because he was definitely a thing in the aughts? (00-10) not the century for sure. He also killed a guy so maybe his infamy added to his Q factor. I don't, is this a case of semantics ? People don't come to the rink to see Giroux play like they did Mario or Gretzky. I don't know that there are superstars in the league right now that transcend the game. McDavid ? Crosby? MacKinnon? Kane ? I think the closest to an actual superstar would be Crosby because of the heel energy he creates. But I don't know that anyone is coming out to watch McDavid.
  9. Does this include Carter Hart playing decently? Because as I've been saying I don't think any of these things exist in a vacuum. If the team is stingier with shots and goals allowed. I think they are a playoff team. Can they, even in this "broken down" state, go on a run ? I just watched Montreal do it. The additions and subtractions should change the culture and play of this team. Guys that were good before that pandemic and struggled during it will most likely revert to the mean and perform to their capabilities. I think the team as constructed even today is
  10. Also I am treating the team's futility during the global pandemic as an outlier and not a trend. It seems that many are taking the opposing view, and are in the process of allowing the worst case scenario in every instance to shape their attitude towards the players and team. Oscar Lindblom won't get Ewing's Sarcoma again (god willing) and has had some time to rebuild the body mass lost during his treatment. No one can tell me the guy we saw last season was in the same shape as the guy we saw start 19/20. This was guy the team was relying upon. Travis Konecny
  11. @flyercanuck @radoran 2017 49 wins 107 points is a good team. 2014 43 wins 98 points 2015 46 wins 100 points 2018 45 wins 101 points That's not sucking, that's not futility. Who else was good in their division at that time? Chicago, with 3 generational talents acknowledged as one of the better teams of the last 10 years. This stuff doesn't exist in a vacuum. Andy Roddick would have won a lot more titles had he not been contemporaries with Roger Federer.
  12. @Howie58 Frost is supposed to have elite skill. I don't think this is even worthy of ridicule let alone gastro-violence.
  13. https://theathletic.com/2729242/2021/07/25/lebrun-hurricanes-negotiations-with-dougie-hamilton-kraken-prepared-for-big-free-agency-flyers-shake-up-roster?source=user-shared-article The cost for Savard at the deadline was a first and a third for a couple of months. Other teams did drive the price up so there was overpayment. But this isn't some kind complete ripoff. Ristolainen is a 5 tool (baseball term) player who was fending for himself the entirety of his career. Everyone getting so bent out of shape about this was startling. I fear this topic ma
  14. I'm definitely "positive spinning" this. Risto's success will depend on many variables. I'm hoping our defensive coach can whisper some wisdom that sticks. Having a player like Ellis around to mentor the group will be a positive effect for the whole corps. In Buffalo there wasn't a guy to learn from, he was it. I fully understand this move could turn into a shitshow right quick.
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