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  1. @radoran It always makes me laugh when you argue with yourself. *shifty eyes*
  2. I like the format 3 vs 3...it does allow the league to showcases it's players speed and skill. I think it's better than a full team of dudes going through the motions of a "real" game. It's pond hockey and I'm alright with that. I also think the skills competition night is pretty fun, I watched it, I thought the shooting stars gimmick was cool. I liked seeing Al McInnas hit a 100mph bomb with a wooden stick at 56. It's nice recognition for the players especially the younger ones. The Tkacuck boys had a blast, and helped make it fun for the viewer and those in attendance. That said, I would be fine not having it.I don't clamor for it, I don't look away either.
  3. I also think medical technology and knowledge has advanced quite a lot in the last 40 years. There is more known now, similar to weather technology, now there are tornado warnings that are quite accurate based on models and radar signatures, in the 70's you knew a tornado was coming when you saw the funnel cloud. The truth will cost you everything.
  4. @radoran This is the first year in a while I haven't lied to myself about the talent on the roster. They're 12pts ahead of last year's dreadful pace and have shown they can indeed "do it". I've often wondered what it would be like to be in a band with Henry Rollins. He's a thoughtful, intense and serious dude. I'll bet he's a miserable son of a bitch, even if you're giving him great riffs for his poetry. That's it, Henry Rollins intense guy - team better than last year- carry on.
  5. If my aunt had any balls she'd be my uncle. -nothing else that's it, one of my favorite sayings and I get so few opportunities to use it. good post, carry on.
  6. I don't think so either actually, it doesn't seem to fit the Dubas M.O.. That said that team could use a little more physicality and actual defense from their you know, defensemen. Ultimately I think you're right the splash would have to be Nylander for "OMG breathless OEL" or something and I don't think the Flyers have the depth at D-corps to deal a player of that stature. I would hate them forever if they traded #9 for Nylander- as I think most others would.
  7. @WordsOfWisdom Sorry to hear about your grandma. Feeling pretty confident that Kapanen doesn't get you Myers though. I don't think Kapanen alone gets you kind of player you're envisioning but maybe he gets you what the team needs and it's just not as glamorous. Truly a guy like Robert Hagg woul be helpful on your team. He's a bit of an enigma to me, there are moments in a game where he'll do something, make it look easy and leaves the viewer wondering why "that" doesn't happen more often. He's got a good shot - accurate and heavy, hardly ever takes it. He skates better than he gets credit for also, I don't know why he isn't "better". His current game is what I think your team needs, I don't know if he's done developing or there is some offense that can be coaxed from him, but he's a decent physical defensive minded defenseman. He has been quietly having a good year for us this year.
  8. I have no problem hating, I hate every team except...thinking, thinking...no I hate them all. I hate though, so, it's no big deal. "Sports hate" works pretty good for hating, it's not actual get out of my country hate or any thing malicious, while still being hateful. I am hoping to being able to return to hating and gloating...now that was fun, when the iggles won, that was some fun right there. I could work the old hate ball up for the Patriots and say 41-33 fags...truly a zenith of my sports fan life. Not sure, if the Flyers grant then next hate exacta or the Sixers, but I feel hopeful.
  9. @Podein25 @radoran Is it the only band that matters ? ( didn't click the link )
  10. That would be Samuel Morin but he broke his knees again, I think that kid has the potential to be a Chara-like late bloomer. Chara was nothing with the Sens, a bust...just took him longer and damn he turned out fine for a long damn time. Morin could be that player should he be able to stay healthy. He's got a great motor and could really skate for a being a giant too.
  11. Will echo what rux is saying here. Phil Myers is: 6'5', 215 lbs, a right hand shot defensman, he has some snarl to his game, he skates like a smaller man, he sees the ice very well and has an overpowering shot from the point. Guys like that don't grow on trees. So while I love Kaspari Kapanen's X-box speed and overall skill set, he's not enough to pry Myers from my team if I'm the GM. Rux mentioned Sanheim, again no way, Travis is starting to assert himself in the NHL the way he did playing for the Hitmen. He's a better skater than Myers but only by a little, and is almost as big. Together they are starting to look like a really good NHL pairing. Recently there have been moments where it's clear the game is slowing down for them and they are able to wreak havoc in the offensive and neutral zones so well, they don't spend time defending. I noticed this in the Kings game and versus the Pens and those guys can skate. At this point in their development, I don't split them up let alone trade one of them. I don't know if Kapanen is enough of a game breaker to pry a potential top pairing guy from a team that isn't run by Peter Chirarelli . It seems to me as though your team could use a guy that actually defends, we have Justin Braun as a rental and could add defensive prospect like Mark Friedman or Reese Wilcox, both of whom play the style you need, but are probably going to get caught up in a numbers game here, for Kapanen. Freidman played very well in his call up during Braun's injury, Wilcox is a smart guy that plays minutes you don't notice and that's a thing I'm told people like about their defensemen.
  12. That sucks...I'm guessing because it ended their title drought ? It was a nothing shot played poorly by a career AHLer... oh well. At least they didn't make Brian Campbell's stick save on Jeff Carter the save of the century or some ****. Kane has scored about 100 goals prettier than that one.
  13. Hey there, nice list @yave1964 I would like to submit Mike Sullivan from Pittsburgh for the Jack Adams, look at that roster and you'll see names of kids from boyscout troop 98 in Shadyside...they lose Crosby for 5 weeks , Guentzel for the year, I think Malkin was down for a stretch early in the year Doumoulin the list of guys they've been with out is long and esteemed and this team has been whooping ass the whole time. I don't know what coach is doing there but they're 4th in points in the league and they are just blasting teams not squeaking by but taking teams out behind the woodshed. Fonzi knew he was starting the year with Monsters and built his squad accordingly. and well....Sullivan frequently needs introduced to guys on his 3rd line and that team is still a wagon, that's coaching. Edit: I noticed no SELKE TROPHY Sean Couturier, on pace for another 70 ish point season. Facing the top lines every night. 5 v 5 his advanced metrics are very good. If a Flyers player is struggling and winds up playing on 14's wing suddenly they aren't struggling anymore. Everyone he plays against seems to have an "off night" for some reason. True story, vs the Pens on Tuesday, Sullivan put Crosby and Malkin out vs Couturier...it didn't matter, they didn't get the puck and when they did, they didn't do diddly/poo with it. He's been pretty awesome this year,

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