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  1. Has Lindlom ever played the point? The NHL isn't the place to learn, I'd be wary of trying this.
  2. This is fun and the amount of forward talent (and potential) has me feeling like there could be 2 potent units on the power play. I would do Giroux, Jake, Patrick, Ghost and Provorov on the first unit. The thought here is overwhelm the PK with talent. Then have Couturier run the second unit with Koneckny, Lindblom or JvR, Simmer and Sanheim...whom I have making the club out of camp because did you watch him down the stretch? Here's another thing, Andrew MacDonald can play on my second unit in a pinch, also I'd have no problem having Raffl pop in there in a pinch. I like Patrick's hands better than Simmer's for PP1, I think that kid is going to be really damn good and the more touches he gets the better. When I typed this up initially I didn't include JvR. He is a known PP contributor. But I would not hesitate to yank his ass if Lindblom puts it together in 5 v 5. I love that we have a lot of smart players. I am looking forward to hockey - I miss it.
  3. this is hilarious, but holy ****, @JR Ewing 's quote caused a coffee slick on my keyboard, when did he say that ?
  4. Oh good grief for the gajillionth time. Campbell deflected that shot. It went off the butt of his stick, it was the **** ass luckiest play of all **** a** lucky plays.
  5. From your fingers to Hextall's frontal lobe.
  6. okay, so right handed shot, check. I wonder if this is a Hextall guy ? I would think the "pipe line" from LA is kind of over by now as far as familiarity with prospects goes...
  7. Meltzer was tweeting about this. He thinks the ask for EK starts with Ghost plus perhaps Simmonds and a first. So there most likely is no way Karlsson, Ghost and Provorov wind up playing for the Flyers. It's Karlsson & Ivan or heaven forbid EK and Ghost with #9 going to Ottawa, which would be muy no bueno. If it were only money I would pursue Karlsson, hard because he's awesome... but I don't know that I want to, as others have said, give up our EK lite who is still improving, a top forward, and our first round pick in a year when the better Hughes kid is the prize to do so. I have been staunchly against blowing holes in our roster for magic beans during this "build". Even though Karlsson is one of the 3 best defensmen in the world, I don't think this is the area where our team needs improvement. This team needs goaltending and a 3C, the scoring winger has been added. Edit: Meltzer's column today has the forward going to Ottawa being Koneckny... um, no.
  8. John Stevens... baked that cake
  9. screw that guy, couldn't manage to keep building something with VGK, went for a payday instead. not that i can blame a bloke for wanting to get paid...and I've never been to Calgary, but, how can that situation be better than what's going on in Vegas ?
  10. IIRC Paul Holmgren traded for Luke Schenn, so that wasn't Hextall's move, but it was his mess to clean up. Like much of the Flyers salary cap and prospect pool. Hextall, had familiarity with Bryaden Schenn from his days with LA, I don't think B Schenn was ever a "Hextall guy" . The Flyers needed more scoring punch to open the window for being really competitive now. JvR provides that this season, there is no "hoping he gets it" with Lindblom, or Ratcliffe... I wonder if the player signed was different if you would think differently about the deal ? I may be having a difference of opinion with you now, but I am not jumping up and down with excitement for this move either. However, this move does address a need, it doesn't kill the cap, he can be traded if something better comes along. I prefer JvR to say James Neal. Short and medium term on paper he makes the team better. you wound me sir. this whole statement is wrong. Brayden Schenn at 5 million on this team didn't make it any more competitive. We saw that. He was going to be middle six, 50 points a year, bad in the defensive zone, slower skating and thinking than what's needed in the East. He was the standard bearer for mediocrity.
  11. this is an interesting take. you're Brayden's cousin then, right ? I think I remember chatting with you about how the trade wasn't Schenn for Lehtera but for a 2nd first round pick (Morgan Frost) and Lehtera was the cost of doing business. Morgan Frost's ceiling is higher than Brayden Schenn's his floor is higher too IMO and he's on a rookie deal... Pine away for Schenn and what could have been... he was a known quantity and he didn't fit the style of player Hextall has been drafting and signing. He doesn't make others better, he can score, but he can't "get his own shot". He did not live up to outsized expectations here. The salary cap went up, the market was set for JvR by the Sharks signing E Kane to similar numbers for similar production. 103 points at 8 million is good value, so those who said we're stuck with Giroux have to mute themselves for a time... This could have all been averted had JvR not been trade for Luke in the first place, then we could have maybe seen , Schenn, between Simmonds and JvR for more than a month. The Leafs will be exciting, the Islanders had a good draft, just saying.
  12. You are right about this, who is available...there wasn't a "bumper crop" of free agents available that fit the Flyers need. If we can all get past the fact he was here before and just "whelmed" we should enjoy a team that has more offensive firepower and better depth 1-9 especially. Like Rux I would like to see a Pker/3c added, but maybe that guy is already in the organization. Morgan Frost has been killing development camp. One of the V's might make a push, Misha Voroybev continued to improve and Veccione is at the time where he's either going to be an NHL player or an AHL leader...those guys are "free" and maybe an upgrade over the ghost of Valteri Filpulla.
  13. I had zero expectations of what Solo was going to be going in....I mean obviously it's an origin story. Ron Howard directed it, so it's fun and taught. It was a good theatre movie experience. I think I could have used more time between TLJ and Solo. I think I've hit a Star Wars fatigue. The new movie every couple of years worked well for keeping me interested. With Solo I had just seen and enjoyed TLJ and wham here's another movie not even 6 months later, the movies need to go away long enough for me to miss them, Solo's release timing was too soon. That's my only complaint.
  14. Yes, okay back to JvR. I have not paid one nano second of attention to him since he was traded. It was too easy to simply hate Luke Schenn, no need to make myself feel worse by checking in on JvR's production. I think @flyercanuck would occasionally tell us JvR was still soft and playing on the perimeter, but he was managing to score goals in the NHL on a "not-good" then "rising" team. There were no precious assets shipped to Toronto to bring in the 30 goals, this to me is the best part of this acquisition. It is just money and it's not mine. In light of the deal Evander Kane signed I don't see where JvR's deal is "out of line". On the whole I would rather pay JvR this money than be Jim Rutherford paying the shell of Jack Johnson whatever the hell they're paying him. My lack of excitement over this signing has more to do with my memory of being disappointed with the player for not living up to what I thought a 2nd overall pick should be...not necessarily what the player did. I do remember videos of the kid trying to drag trucks around parking lots in the off-season in an attempt to get stronger, I do remember the good Schenn, Simmonds and JvR being a pretty good line for a month and then inexplicably, they never played together again. I do remember the "kid" saying things about wanting to be a leader...so maybe if I can get past the fact that he wasn't Patrick Kane, I can think more positively about this signing. He's a good player, he skates very well, his contract doesn't hurt the team's ability to sign our precious. I think I can come around on this, especially if he's going to be potting 25-35 goals a year.
  15. fantastic movie, super fun, my daughter is going to see it again today with her friends.

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