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  1. He was at the gym and rink all summer. He has one of the better work ethics of all the players on the team. I've heard from multiple sources (through pod casts and interviews)that he's a rink rat. There was only one Behn Wilson, he's not playing anymore. Sanheim isn't that guy, his projected playing partner is though so... See if you can find some good in the guy's game, there is some. Or you can continue to wish a fish can climb a tree, up to you.
  2. you are not wrong, Myers is a freak. But...he didn't hit, he didn't get his shot on the net, he didn't lead and join the rush, he passed the puck away from his support, a lot. he watched the opponent make really fancy plays often, but sadly didn't pick up any pointers. He wasn't getting it and didn't appear to be getting it soon enough to suit. Travis' problems as reported here are he gets out-muscled in front of the net, and he loses board battles, those are the 2 biggies anyway. There are times when he might be slow to react to something, but compared to Myers he's like a s
  3. well you hope never- right? always learning, always improving. I do think when he's playing well he isn't actually defending much- so when he is defending his errors/opportunities for improvement really stick out. I also think this is the year he becomes either a cornerstone or a just a guy. Hard to give up on a dude that can skate the way he can.
  4. Hey though, overall good win. Even though the boys chased way more than I would have liked, of those 40 shots maybe 8 were high danger. The Penalty Kill was solid against a pretty good power play. The top line chased too much for my liking, but that B's top line is very good and in the 3rd period when it came time to win the game, they found an extra gear and won that game. In the last 4 minutes, drawing that penalty and playing keep away from the Bruins who were trying to get Swayman off for an extra attacker that was some assassin type play from Couturier Giroux and Konecny.
  5. The thing about Sanhiem's defending is...it's still a work in progress. When he's having good shifts I don't notice him in the d-zone because he's winning a race or a board battle and moving the puck. Where I notice him up ice on a pinch or blowing past a guy in the neutral zone; He's not actually defending, which I understand is a big part of his job, but when he's playing well he''s not doing it as often. See last night's 3rd period. I thought Risto got compounded bad luck on the Hall goal. His dump wasn't the from best angle and the puck went right to McAvoy ( I think ) t
  6. I think actually, it's to keep the 31 year old sharp/engaged. It has been a couple of weeks since he's played. I don't know if I agree with AV here, but I can understand his reasoning.
  7. This is about the time where, Pelech and Pullock took off. Ultimately, I agree, we are in the part of #6's development cycle where his play needs to take off if he's to become a cornerstone type player.
  8. @elmatus @OccamsRazor There were several points in the Kraken game where, Brassard's compete level kept the Kraken from breaking out cleanly. Actually, that whole line doesn't give up on 50/50 pucks, I don't know which player it comes from, I noticed Brassard working really hard to keep and regain possession of the puck multiple times. That's a kind of hard to play against that the Pens, Panthers and Islanders use to wear teams down; it was great to see our guys wearing the other team down.
  9. That's offensive juggernaut, Justin "the Brauner" Braun to you bucco. I think I would keep calling Hart's number too, I actually think Hart will see more shots vs the Panthers, they're kind of scary so far this year. I also think saving the Broons until Cahtah is in a more of a groove might not be such a bad idea either. They did a number on him mentally between the 3back door PP goals here and then the debacle by the lake in Tahoe. Maybe just let the young fella towel rack and smack talk on Wednesday.
  10. First off, Seattle's road white uniforms might be the best looking kit in any sports league. Second, their team looked awful. Third, the Flyers seemed to not care and played to their capabilities. Fourth, seems like the old guys were pacifists and the these new guys are okay finding out what's good. I was happy to see Seeler and Thompson have a go last night, I'm not a huge fan of fighting in hockey, I tolerate it and last night's scraps showed a toughness that has been lacking from the team in the last 5 years. You don't cross check our top line winger, and
  11. Missed the game because teengirl Mojo was cheering Friday night lights. Tough night for the boys they played the #1 ranked team in 5A in the state, (i think) . Our boys are young and small plus ravaged by COVID quarantine. Running clock was implemented 1 minute into the second half. So not a lot to cheer for, Central York looks like a college team. So Hart struggled a little, the make shift line up could not maintain its momentum and they salvaged a point. Seems like what i was expecting. Tread water until guys get back/ healthy and come together. Could be worse?
  12. Hey Howie, I don't think there's much patience for "let's see what this kid can do" especially after last season when nearly all the "kids" pooped the bed. I also think Chuck Fletcher loves that Identity Line that plays for NYI. Those guys change the momentum of games on the regular, they're relentless, tough and have some skill. I'm sure he'd like to have a line that plays like that here. There are some pit-bulls here but they're little Konecny, NAK, Laughton, or they're brittle, Allison, Lacsynski. So we're seeing if a high energy physical line with some hands can be put
  13. I look at this roster of "olds" as temporary. Injuries have wreaked havoc on the young guys potentially breaking into the lineup. Frost, Allison, Laczynski that's 3 dudes with real world impact potential not available because weird **** happened to them. Frost will be ready sooner rather than later based on his LHV pre-season performances. Allison and Tanner may be mid-season additions. Nothing wrong with icing some reliable guys that can play in the NHL until the young guys take their spot. I do think the 3 young guys I mentioned will be taking someone's spot. Hayes isn't a
  14. The Flyers have an abundance of wingers. If Bobby Ryan could play center he'd be welcome. Losing, Tanner Laczynski and Hayes hurt. Morgan Frost who still has all that "potential" but was hurt last season and missed the COVID pt 1 season wasn't ready to step into top 6 duties. The Flyers don't really want to play Laughton at center, same with Giroux even though he's probably the best short term solution. Nate Thompson should be playing on the 4th line, any time he sees higher in the line up means it's time to send lawyers, guns and money. So to quote Mike McD in
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