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  1. I have been hollering to sign Karlsson pretty loudly - this is a concern of mine also. will he ever be healthy again ? If he is, imo he's worth every penny. I know it's getting to be a couple of years now but he is still the guy that dragged a terrible Ottawa Senators team to the conference finals. He played 27 minutes a night and for all those minutes in that series the Pens didn't do diddly/poo. He is a special player. However, "is he breaking down ?"is a legitimate question to ask. That's the gamble
  2. again - ick why would the Flyers help Toronto out by taking their problem child ? I'm feeling the Machiavellian urge to offer sheet a young guy- maybe i'm reading too many @RonJeremy posts, but I don't lift a finger to help that team regardless of the player ( well maybe a win-win for Marner) but certainly not for Khadri whom they don't seem to have future plans for any way. I hope this rumor is just smoke.
  3. NO. I don't even need to ask @Podein25 who does that ? what moron trades a player like ghost, who is on a great contract, and a first pick for a player who is a little better * the asterisk indicates that's giving Trouba the benefit of the doubt. NO.
  4. I know- right ? I have worked with really arrogant guys in the production world from Boston. (and some cool ones- but far more douches) They are actually worse than New York crew because, well, it's not even New York and they act like they're the hottest guys not in LA. for the record LA guys are the worst. Screw Boston - Go Blues
  5. I voted Blues in 6 I hate Boston sports teams. just sports hate - but f those guys. plus the Blues sweaters are pretty sweet. Go Blues !
  6. @OccamsRazor I don't want to give up on him either. I would like to see him win in Phila. and not somewhere else whilst we're enjoying the first pick in a weak draft, an all star AHL player and a few journeyman top 9 players
  7. you 're implying he would have to have a bad year for the team to not make the playoffs ? He was a ppg player this year - I don't see an easy correlation between the Flyers missing the playoffs and then selling "low" on G. We're not talking about injured for 2 months Mats Zuccarello here. It would be a Charles Barkely for the Pu-pu platter of players and picks type deal and would certainly alter the course of the franchise. I'm hoping this is just an intellectual exercise.
  8. Jake doesn't bring the same return as Giroux. I think big picture- @BobbyClarkeFan16 has a good feel for what would happen. If they don't make the playoffs this year it's because it turns out they suck, getting rid of Jake doesn't implode the team the way dealing Giroux does. I've said a few times, maybe the team has been awful but G and V are the febreeze that makes the beer and chilli dump odor smell more like tropical fruit. If they don't progress this year, blow it up. I don't think that's happening though, I think they sign a couple of guys and wind up being very competitive. I'm hoping anyway.
  9. The Blues physicality is paying off in this series. I wouldn't dress Karlsson, I'd take the healthy guy that can give me 12 quality minutes. I know he's a stud, yada-yada...I want him on my team but he's too beat up, he's forcing the other guys to double shift, stressing the entire d-corps. I would not dress him for game 6. Joe Pavelski I think should be done for the series too, he's not been right since the Vegas series, Pietrangelo hit him in the mush on a clean hit in the 2nd and followed through with an elbow to make it dirty. I know these guys are tough, but he's headed to Crosby missing a year territory if he takes one more shot to the noggin. The Blues won't stop hitting him. The 4th win is always the hardest to get, I think the Sharks 9 lives are up. They used a bunch up getting out of the first round vs Vegas. The Blues...who'd have thunk it ? other than you know our buddy Rick.
  10. The sheen is going to come off the Bruins. There are quite a few guys playing way over their heads right now. The entire 4th line, the 3rd pairng...i know they can skate, if San Jose gets through they have the roster to beat the Bruins. I can't see the line of Nordstrom, Acciari, and Kuraly continuing to lead the team in scoring the way they did in games 1-3. The Blues will have a harder time matching up, they will have the same problems as the 'canes with the B's overall depth. The 3rd line with Johannsson and Coyle is quite good though and will be a problem for the Blues.
  11. @OccamsRazor I don't bring him in. you just said he's on your third line, he's not taking 3rd liner money. he's not a fit.
  12. Couple of things, Mats Zuccarello walks into the Flyers club house and is one of the 3 most skilled players... I don't stick that guy on the 3rd line. I also don't see Frolik as a viable signing option. To me anyway- zzzzz. oh him ? meh.... The FA signing needs to move the needle towards awesome, he would be a depth move. not interested. If we are digging into the comcast coffers I want the shiniest bestest player available spend the money- get the value Bring in a top guy, not a sneaky value guy.
  13. I did not expect that kind of beat down. Tuuka Rask was sensational. Definitely the MVP of this series. I didn't think the Bruins were decent 5 v 5 in any game until they got the 'canes in the box, then their suddenly lethal power play gave the whole team a lift. The exception being game 4 I thought the whole team played as well as they can last night. I really thought the B's 3rd pair would get exposed by the speed of the 'canes and that never happened. Between their skating and Rask's ability to play the puck behind the net they weren't just okay they were quite good. I don't like the Broons- but damn if they don't look like the chalk of the remaining teams.
  14. You've watched Subban play recently ? He's not the guy from 3 years ago who was in the conversation for top 5 defensmen in the league. He was terrible vs Dallas, Steve Eminger bad...remember him ? he sucked. His play has fallen off a cliff, I think what you remember and the player he is today aren't the same. EDIT: I don't think Voracek is an addition by subtraction candidate. Further I think that notion is silly. Voracek isn't "a problem" let alone "the problem" Let's do additon by addition. Sign a guy, Throw all the money at Karlsson- all. of. it. That guy controls the game, that guy can mentor even if he isn't interested in being a mentor the team will be better because he's controlling the game 22-26 minutes a night. Erik Karlsson with his mullet is the guy, Subban is a guy.
  15. So more consistent, consistency then ?
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