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  1. he's right handed...so not Gudas, I didn't like seeing Hagg get overpowered in the crease by Helm...i know that happens, leverage, another pro athlete getting that leverage, still I thought Hagger looked slow yesterday. Sanhiem didn't have a great weekend either. My knee jerk reaction would be to sit Andrew, but then you're losing a PKer. I don't know, its a decent dilemma to have, When I think about it, maybe Sanheim is the best choice...but I wouldn't want to do that.
  2. Couple of things from watching this weekend. 1. i don't think the Wings are bad, their record is; but there are some good players on that team they all skate well...they were pretty good at the dot, I like that Bertuzzi kid, Mantha is huge, and while his play vs Giroux was bush league, at least he answered for it and held his own in spite of having 40 lbs on Simmonds...And that never ceases to amaze me, tougher than a $3 steak, #17 has been one of my favorite players and people. Class act all the way I wish him well, I secretly hope he remains a Flyer but I do understand economics and all. 2. I hope this team doesn't turn into the Rangers or Canadiens. Meaning, it appears we have a potential cornerstone player in Hart. I hope the team around him continues to improve so this version of the Flyers doesn't resemble the Carey Price, Henrik Lunquist versions of their teams. 3. Uh Philipe Meyers appears ready for the NHL, the only time i noticed him was when he was being awesome. Gord was saying he plays with snarl, he plays with snarl ? i mean okay he did rough some little bitches up in the corners but isn't that part of the job ? Wait until they get a load of Sam. I wonder about the ice in LCA, it seemed like pucks were really bouncing around, lots of misses from the Flyers on plays where there was no pressure. MacDonald had this happen to him leading directly to a 10 bell chance against...it happened a lot yesterday. - just wondering.
  3. Why is the 'wings record bad ? there is speed all over that lineup. I know there's some meh defenders and Vanek but geez that doesn't look like a team that should be under .500.
  4. that is an amazing stat line 49 games, with an average of 15:00 + TOI, I don't seem to remember him on the ice very much last year. I wonder if that was because I wasn't able to watch the first period due to being involved with my daughter's sport ? To my recollection he didn't play very much at all, we were all complaining about it here too. but that's a fair amount of games and signifiant ice time. Still #6 is only 100 games into his career, I don't mind where he is. He's still a baby in my mind so I can tolerate the occasional f up. Also for the record i'm not all in on trading Ghost unless there's stupid overpayment coming back...He's exactly the type of player the Flyers "give up on" and then goes on to win cups and Norris trophies...don't want to see that.
  5. I think I would really like Fiala in the O & B. If you are the Predators do you do this ? Simmonds can skate but he's not a burner the way Fiala is, I think I'd really like that deal, but I don't know if adding a tough slower guy is what Poile would be looking to do ? Plus haven't the Preds kind of "beefed up" their line-up by adding Boyle ? I think maybe the Preds aren't a great trade partner given they've already made some moves to get "tougher'.
  6. actually I did. Doesn't matter that much though my premise remains and it remains a good counter argument. They are different players, Ghost was always "offensive savant" Sanheim was always great two way potential. This is Sanheim's first go in the NHL. There will be growing pains. These are humans, things(development/maturity) don't happen linearly nor do they never make mistakes while playing against the other best players in the world.
  7. I've been trying to lay off this, but how many years has Ghost been in the NHL ? How many for Sanheim ? Free ride ? how about understanding growth, and expecting a veteran to play like a veteran ? Sanheim is 22, he will get his man strength and be better than Ghost defensively, even if he does zero work to improve his play. When 6 is in the league 4 + years...he'll be held to a higher standard as well.
  8. I heard an interesting thought on Will Kane's show the other night. insert your espn hate joke here { } He was talking about how he values intangibles and chemistry and sometimes realizes he does this at the expense of talent. where is this going ? Does Anthony Stolarz have more talent than Cam Talbot ? That's the question for me. At this point, at the goalie position, I want talent, IDGAF about Talbot and Hart being buds. Stolarz is a good dude, well liked by all his teammates has said all the right things about playing along side/ behind Hart. I don't think Talbot's intangibles make up for what I perceive is a deterioration of his talent. Stolarz isn't a douche and a room wrecker so .. I don't make a move where Talbot replaces Stolarz on the 23 man roster.
  9. for me this is justice served too late. Malkin plays dirty, he's a cheap shot, elbow swinging, hot head and it's about goddamned time he visits the league office for his behavior. That guy has gotten away with far less having done a lot more. If now 10 years into his career the NHL feels its time start holding him accountable for his actions, I say better late than never. I am no fan of punching a guy with your gloves on...unless it leads to gloves off. Raffl isn't exactly a goon and someone from the Pens should take his number for the next game because that was some ******** on his part too. IDGAF that Raffl cheap shot-ed 71, he's had it coming for years, if in the later portion of his career Karma is going to run over his dogma I'm here for that outcome. screw that guy (Malkin)
  10. So on twitter during this game I saw, and I'll paraphrase, Stolarz isn't an NHL goalie, The captain is weak, the team's core sucks, Now that the games mean something they're shriveling up. this fan base is pretty fickle I mean i'm a part of it and kind of know the drill but occasionally I am amazed by being able to read people's "thoughts". This was one of those times. I thought the Flyers worked the Pens pretty hard on Monday, and then overcame some ******** on Tuesday, I'm not discouraged at all by either result... that loss on Monday. I know the score "looked" bad but I took a tremendous amount of satisfaction watching the Flyers win nearly every puck battle, every race, pinning the Pens in their zone for shifts at a time... if the team continues to trend like that, I'm all the way good. A fluke goal and terrible call went along way in determining that outcome. Last night; the 2nd of a back to back with travel and a time zone change they find a way to crawl back into a game when everything was lining up against them...This team shouldn't be the 'plucky underdogs" and i get that, I like that it appears they are growing into something that could be very good though so even if they just miss the playoffs i'm glad they are starting to get it. I hope the trend continues to be a green arrow pointing up.
  11. They have been far less visible and effective the last couple of games.
  12. Welp, back to reality. I can't really feel too bad about that loss though, a lot of the first period and the entire second period looked like the recent Pens /Flyers but in reverse. After that first lucky bounce goal by Crosby one could see where the hockey gods were leaning- and you make your own luck right ? I don't remember seeing the Flyers work the Pens that hard in a long long time. The Pens will get smoked in their next game. The Flyers beat them; to pucks, along the boards, they hit them with bomb shots... those guys were lucky to get that performance from Murray and just a so-so to sub par performance from Hart. Every where but the scoreboard if that were a playoff series game I would like the Flyers chances. If the boys play like that the rest of the year and going forward, I will be entertained. I didn't see the third period, maybe things evened out a little ? I guess Malkin was back to his douchebag self too. I'd be okay with most of the ******** from him if he'd ****** answer for it, but he won't, he'll swing his elbows and stick, give you a slewfoot along the boards - he'll punch you with his glove...too bad that talent comes with that crap.
  13. The Flyers might be getting the Pens at a good time. Budgstad might not be fully integrated. Oleksiak always found a way to make winning plays against them. He has made several key keeps that have led to goals. I haven't been impressed with their defense when I've watched them either. Of course big rivalry game 59, 87, 71, 58 and 81 can't be counted out-72 always finds a way to hurt the Flyers. I think the Pens could be playing their best hockey soon, maybe the Flyers are catching them before they get going.
  14. Good points here sir, To go a step further, I think I put Provorov and /or Sanheim out for a shoot out before I put Koneckny. I love that kid, but he did something to anger the hockey gods, have you seen any player hit more posts than that kid this year ? He generates a pile of chances, all he needs is an inch to the good side 15 times and he's leading the team in goals...its been amazing. He hit a post in the OT...I tell him to sacrifice a chicken or something to get right with the HG. Back to my point, Sanhiem has a sick handle as does Provorov why not let them take a rip, what about Ghost for that matter ?
  15. I would trade Hart for McDavid, in large part so I could start blaming him for the Flyers troubles...Lindros has earned a break.

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