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  1. @SCFlyguy Ah, there is that certainty. You could be right. You may be wrong. I reckon we'll find out, especially if all the certainty surrounding his impending and complete failure comes to fruition. I'm hoping some good coaching and a culture of accountability can help him improve.
  2. Did you see the part where I said we all see the screw ups ? I would include myself in the we as that is correct pronoun to use. The guy isn't ruining everything every minute he's on the ice. He just isn't. Is he worth the price paid and his contract ? No, and I've said as much. I also wrote that I've read these things, from people who think Ristolanen is not a good player. Now that that is out of the way. If he doesn't work out and is traded I don't think the Flyers lose their ass in that deal. I think this because I've read some things
  3. This may be the best sentence I've ever read here. I was reading Charlie O'Connor, who actively hates Ristolainen. If he's saying the "open market, blah blah blah" about this player in particular, it carries far more weight than ol' Shill Meltzer's bag wall of propaganda. I will never not be able to see his by-line and not think of this name. It is truly a work of genius.
  4. I guess it depends on the guy too. I think about Zdeno Chara who was still pretty good at 41 years old. Think if he had come to the Flyers at 31...that's 7 years of really high level / championship play and then only a modest decline over the next 4. Your point is not invalid, but who can predict when the wheels are going to come off ? Only in this sport is 30 considered ancient and for defensemen they're just starting to know how to play the position at 25/27 so their effective window is 3 years? Playing the percentages makes sense sure, but there's no
  5. I know all the armchair GMs on the internet have been "not in" on Ristolainen, but I've read in more than one place that he would have received a similar deal had he hit the open market. So maybe should he be moved, it's a hockey trade, or the Flyers receive value. The internet seems to be the main place where Ristolainen is viewed as bumbling ****-wad. We all have eyes and see the screw ups. Many dismiss the times where he makes a good play because confirmation bias... All this to say hockey people don't view him the same way we do. The idea that should he wa
  6. @GratefulFlyers I have a couple of things about your post here. First You have make a good point, Eilis had missed time for regular hockey injuries that heal. It should have been considered. I do think the FO was aware, they can read, they probably didn't weigh the injury history to the level you would have had you been in their shoes; Especially today. But a lot of folks are acting like anyone with a brain should have seen the Ellis pelvic injury issue coming. Based on the injuries he had had, there was nothing acute pointing to a lingering issue. One can say
  7. Not sure what you mean here. If Fonzi comes in and Risto continues to, uh, Risto? The player will want out. I would think you would like that. It could be maybe that Fonzi has the key to helping Risto to become the player people envision.
  8. Many of the Panthers "better" players went MIA in the playoffs. Huberdeau, Barkov didn't exactly carry their weight. Giroux was decent- somehow that's bad? Not really understanding your point, other than perhaps you're acting as a cleansing agent?
  9. AHL Erie Monsters I was thinking I saw him play vs Hershey...maybe it was someone else torching them Bjorkstrand maybe?. That Monsters team from a few years ago was a complete wagon. I think the team is also now called the Cleveland Monsters.
  10. @yave1964 The thought of Fonzi ripping into the Flyers beat writers is almost enough to persuade me to the idea he's the man for the job. His teams play hard. You make a good point with the right guys like him, the right guys hate him...right up until Panarin and Dubois. Maybe Artemi just wanted to go to NYC to hang out with his Russian mob buddies or something, but he's a talented guy that left the team at his first opportunity. Not sure what happened with Dubois he hasn't torn it up in the 'Peg. I don't follow his team or him so I don't know what his deal is, but when I
  11. That guy makes stuff up. It's his jam. Usually, he's pretty funny. I do think Giroux can still command 5-6 million aav, he's a .860 ppg regular season player, he was without question the best Flyer forward this season. He was second on the Panthers in playoff scoring. Better than a point per game on that Panthers team coming down the stretch... He's still good at hockey. Having said all that... I agree, I don't want to see him return to the Flyers, for me that ship has sailed. Time for new whipping boys. Looking to Vorhees to see what color sm
  12. .8 ppg on a good team. That's about the same as his regular season average on bad Flyers teams. You're right he did.
  13. That's fair. For my figuring I just did some quick arithmetic on Ellis and some similar top of the line-up players. Prior to last year (the information available to Fletcher at the time of the trade) he had been available 76% of the time which compares to Kris Letang (77%) but he certainly hasn't been indestructible like Drew Doughty 95%, I thought he would have a similar injury history to Erik Karlsson or Brent Burns but those guys were healthier than I expected 88% and 85% availability. I didn't think Ellis' history was any worse than the average NHL player, I
  14. @yave1964 Shoo bee doo bee do...... I always like reading your year end team summaries.
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