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  1. what do we make of Elliot getting pulled ? Seemed like an odd time to make the switch, was he hurting, fighting the puck ? Hakstol's handling of goalies is mystifying . I'm glad Flyers got the W though, I thought they played well Saturday, but didn't get the result.
  2. @brelic yes, they are #winning. It's almost like Gritty gives them cover to be as silly as they want to be. When there's almost nowhere you can't 'go" you're bound to have more things hit. I've been totally enjoying Gritty, and I laughed out loud at the Jake/Batman thing. Humor is hard, hopefully, they can keep it going
  3. RE: Patrick If that stick caught him around the orbital bones (there's a lot of bones that come together and overlap in the eye socket/high cheek area) he could literally have a broken face. Also after taking that shot where there was contact and then the coup contrecoup motion that followed on the check, he could have sustained a concussion there. I hope for his sake it's neither of those things.
  4. I am prepared for and expect some growing pains. Overall this is still a pretty young group. I think Hagg has been a medium bright spot. If the gap control is still a big problem in December I'll start to worry, I think the adjustment needs to come from the vets, I think the young guys have the wheels to skate with most NHL forwards. However the young guys have to learn when to pinch how deep to get with regard to who's covering for them. There have been a lot of odd man rushes against coming off of missed shots when our D is jumping up on the play. I think these are things that will "even out".
  5. yes, he has struggled. Not helping the case for those that have said, "he's an okay player...makes too much....yada yada" (namely me}. He's been pretty bad, and has had terrible luck too. Totally argee about Koneckny too, that kid has been making things happen and cannot seem to beat the goal cage. the goalie, no problem.
  6. Gritty consistently makes me laugh.
  7. a lot ? what did I win ?
  8. [Hidden Content] I think John Boruk is kind of a tool. Hindsight is always 20/20...I don't think either of those guys are worth what they were paid. They are barely an upgrade from MacDonald who, when guys like DeHaan would have been available, was healthy. So we'd have another year of 47 and all of the complaining that comes with him and add to that another boat anchor contract when there are 3 guys in Lehigh Valley pushing for a roster spot ? Freidman, Meyers and Morin are all cheaper, already in the system with more upside than than either Cole or DeHaan. Plus that's not even beginning to go down the path of whom we're going to pay what as our homegrown guys mature and need new deals; why handcuff ourselves because we're paying Ian Cole too damn much money? There was a guy in the offseason to try to get, San Jose got him. The rest were meh with side of ehh. Even if that's all Mark Freidman becomes, he's cheaper and he's our guy. John Boruk has the feel of a guy trying to be the "hot take" guy on an ESPN morning show, Will Kane without the law degree.
  9. John Oliver's rant about judge Kavanaugh was pretty funny. Only sad thing is now Gritty will forever be associated with that entitled prep-school knob on that show.
  10. yep, i'll catch up eventually
  11. I voted for a fine, kind of shocked that no penalty was called. It was a text book cross check. That was a crappy play, that said, Buff was covering for his guy so, I can see some team building going on there. Nick Ritchie held his own against Lowery, that was a pretty good hockey fight.
  12. Colorado transitioned so well vs the Flyers on Saturday night. To echo what @Howie58 said they seemed a step faster. The other thing I noticed as did everyone watching was Flyers too many drop passes and too many contested cross ice pass attempts. I know this isn't true but it seemed like 80% of the passes our guys attempted hit one of their guy's sticks. I heard Jonesy saying the ice was not good, that's the kind of thing where if it's your crappy ice you know where the worst / best spots are so yes it is bad for both teams but can be a home ice advantage (typed without irony). Nathan McKinnon, damn can that kid skate, damn.
  13. Second game back, the dude seems snake bit here. I feel for JvR, that's a ****** break. I reckon 2 games is enough of a look at 93, 54 and 19 to know it's not happening ? We know 93 and 28 work well together, I think 14 is smart enough to find out where to be most effective no matter where he is in the line up. I also think 11, 19 and 54 could really be good, those are all dudes from the same "generation" I'll bet they think the game similarly. I really liked @ruxpin 's take on Folin. He should be the seventh so prospects can play until they win a spot in the NHL. He shouldn't be on a platoon. That guy (Folin) hasn't been good, I can understand why he keeps showing up on teams though. He looks good coming off the bus, he skates pretty well, however, those things won't ever overcome what appears to be panic when he has the puck on his stick and is facing a forecheck. He does not make the calm safe play, he rushes and ****s up. Some guys are that guy, some guys have the tools but can't play the game. I thought Gudas was relatively good vs Vegas, he's a tough cuss, he's pretty smart, smart enough where I think he'll be able to find the line where he can still be effective, he's had a whole year to learn where the line is. Hagg has been good.
  14. Hard to not like the skill at forward this year's team displays. I watched the first period and was pretty pleased with the effort. LVK came out with a lot of energy . I thought the first two lines play was kind of a wash, I feel like our top line gets going once #11 gets the puck and starts moving his feet, something is always happening with that kid. I * think * Voracek, will figure out how to play with Patrick and Lindblom...right now it seems like those young guys get each other pretty well, 93 will need to figure out how to fit with those two, if he does, look out. I'm willing to let those bacteria ferment and see what they make. I thought Patrick played well, he's faster than people want to give him credit for, I think it's because he isn't as fast as Hirschier. 19 has pretty good wheels though. Vorobyev played a nice game and it seemed like his line was dangerous everytime they came over the boards. I think this will be where the Flyers win. I don't think there are two many teams that can play with 17 , 25 and 23 . I also thought Sniffles line was pretty good. 21 and 12 play well together. I really like the depth this team has, a stark change from 2 years ago. Teams have to match against 3 lines...that's nice.

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