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  1. He has been an outstanding broadcaster. I wish him all the best in retirement.
  2. @CoachX I can't make a good faith argument against any of that.
  3. @CoachX RE: Koneckny, I will bet a six pack of your favorite beverage 11 never takes a collar in the playoffs again. Yes, there were some players who didn't play well in the bubble. He was one of them. I don't think its wise to project a young player's career based on how they played in that extraordinary circumstance. Raffl is a useful player on a good team, so projecting a guy to play like him doesn't seem derogatory to me. Laughton hasn't been a Flyer for 7 seasons. I know I was a liberal arts major but 20 -15 = 5 every where I've been. Every team expects their young guys to grow why shouldn't we?
  4. This is interesting, I'm curious as to how it is figured. Seems like many variables go into being an impact player. Not coming at you about it, genuinely curious about the data and criteria used to arrive at that number
  5. With cogent national leadership this scenario may have been minimized. As long as we as a people continue to claim exception to the well being of the collective, forecasts like the one you read will have a greater chance of coming true. So much income and wealth is being willfully frittered away, it is very disheartening.
  6. I think we're starting to see it with Lindblom, Koneckny, Myers, Sanheim, Provorov, Laughton your favorite Aube-Kubel, Bunnaman I don't think the book is closed on Patrick, I think Frost could be "something" he's got wicked skill. The kid from Ohio State Lasczynski may have a Matt Read style early career, I think he's a better player than Read but remember how Matt came in and was good and smart right from the jump. I tihnk Tanner can be better. I do think we're in the midst of a changing of the guard. @flyer4ever There are so many great players taken in the later rounds I just can't buy into what you're saying about it. Duncan Keith 53rd Nik Lidstrom was the 53rd pick Pavel Datsuk was 171 Brad Marchand 71 Good players can be found all over.
  7. 5'9" 180 is not small. That's a fireplug- low center of gravity, I'll be that kid is strong as hell on his skates. Same with Wisdom and McClennon, scouting reports say they are "sturdy". Not every player is Brad Marchand strong, but there are plenty of smallish dudes with a lot of strength. Toughest guy I ever knew was 5'10" 195, college wrestler. I watched him wreck D-1 linebackers and line men in street fights regularly. slow fuse on that guy but once it was lit people were going to the hospital. He wrestled 168 in high school, would dangle his leg in front of his opponent guys would of course shoot on him, he'd have them counting gym lights before they knew what happened. On it's face i understand what you're saying, if these dudes are mesomorphs it might not make that much of a difference.
  8. too bad it took the turn that it did. It was/ is an interesting topic to kick around. I will add that I think the guys in the room appreciated the effort made to make the team heavier as they were coming down the stretch. I went to a game during the win streak, it was Grant and Thompson's 2nd home game, right before COVID hit and the boys were playing so well with so much confidence. I really would have liked to see that version of the team in the tournament. I don't think there's a bunch of turmoil in the locker room, I think the players enjoy their work.
  9. @RonJeremy probably because people won't tell us what the Fu@& they're looking at.
  10. @RonJeremy Good thing none of the Flyers players will be living in NYC while they're playing for Philadelphia then. whew, bullet dodged.
  11. @OccamsRazor I think I would need to try that in a smaller amount. Smooth? how much and what sort of bourbon flavor is there ? I'm intrigued though.
  12. LOL you get the point though, the off season was exciting because this or that guy was coming to town. There was hope that this guy was going to help the team take the next step. It wasn't a perceived lack of acknowledgement of the team's weaknesses after a game 7 flame out. Which is a lot of what I'm picking up from many posts here. Some interesting things are at play here. One- the fans were rightfully jacked about getting smoked in game 7, and want some changes to make sure the Islanders never beat the Flyers again...Two the Front Office is in the midst of "building something" and doesn't want to let that result change the direction of the build. Everything I've read and heard from the FO says they see the issues but think they have players in the system who can address those issues. Three, other teams in the conference and division are perceived to have gotten better via their draft picks and signings. The Flyers draft swung for the fences with guys that have high ceilings but middling floors this year, so there isn't a 19 year old savior going to make things better immediately the way Lafreniere might for the Rangers.

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