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  1. At this point I feel comfortable saying he can't. I like his determination and willingness to battle. In the end I think he's a very good AHL goalie but not NHL material.
  2. the Swedish language is so unique. lots of hard sounds similar to German, but then there's this almost comical sing-song-I-ness too it that is I'm sure what Frank Oz picked up on for his Muppet character. I quit watching the fight and just listened to the call of it. @CoachX wth is a "sock bopper" ?
  3. This group of Flyers has some size . Phil Myers skates so well, my goodness. Farabee is fun to watch on the forecheck, and the puck seems go his way a lot --He looks legit. Igor Zamula doesn't look out of place or rushed, he's got some shimmy to his game too. I have only watched the 1st so far. This group looks pretty good, #51 is pretty frisky, Rubstov and Voyrobyev look like they want to play in Phi this season too...seems like there are plenty of good choices available.
  4. Saad 's payday was going into his prime years, the 'hawks couldn't afford him. So they traded him? I thought he left via F/A either way, he was a homegrown kid the 'hawks couldn't keep, the 'flyers won't have to think about that with Konecny .
  5. I think he's here for at least 5, he could wind up in Brandon Saad territory by the time this is done, he'd be older, but I like the idea of having both him and Provorov for several of their "prime" years. So I will be the sucker and say I do.
  6. My hope is this is a bargain at the end. Like I said, I like the kid, I like his game, I think he can be really good. He's only missed a couple of days, so I he shouldn't be too far behind. I am surprised at the length, everything I was seeing was hinting at a bridge deal. I like this better.
  7. I hear there's some good bitching in the "patrick is injured" thread. might want to stop by...
  8. yes, actually, my years playing drums in a pipe band have given me insight into the world of bronze age weapons. sadly this information has stuck in my brain, the ability to "sweep arpeggios", not so much....so a sabre, a katana, a scimtar are all technically single edged weapons. Our band's uniforms consisted of a skein-dubh and a dirk, in order to find such pieces one had to visit medieval sword shoppes and celtic tree worshiping libraries. I was doing this before e-commerce really became a "thing". Met some freaky celtic girls though, so it wasn't all for naught. Good point about TK's lack of back down, I agree it isn't serving him well at this time.
  9. Seems like he's getting some not so great advice. Kid has never seemed greedy to me or "in it for the benjamins". I understand wanting to get paid, he could be a lynch pin on a team that could be good for the rest of his career. He's hurting his chances to be "that player" here.
  10. Thing is, Konecny is ready now, today. He's reached the part of his career where traditionally if it's going to take-off in an upward production trajectory, we see it happen this season. Comcast and it's dilettante senior managers fired and hired a lot of people for these new hires to say..."well, we think these other guys are going to be good in 2022; So, we can waste another year of our cornerstone guys careers by not paying this really good guy we developed ". That's just stupid and wasteful and while not completely uncharacteristic of corporate america, that action would be counter to the edict set forth by Cmdr Scott. Also vis, it's not a super complex concept; but your explanation of "buying UFA years" was helpful for me to understand why there are the hang ups with these 22 yr old RFAs.- so thanks !
  11. I like this kid, his skill set, speed, attitude, the comical "bromance" with Nolan Patrick.... he seems like he was born to play for the Flyers. Every thing I've watched about him, reveals a down-to-earth hard working kid. What do people think a fair deal would be for his next contract ? We're projecting him to be on the top line, he's said in the past he was hoping to kill penalties, which with new coaches may come to pass... He's been a ++ 5 v 5 player, he does lose focus at times 'cause he's young and plays with emotion. His TOI isn't super high but his production in that time is pretty good. Is he hoping for VanReimsdyk money ? Does a team give out JvR money for 2 years of 24 goals ? I would think aav of 5.5 for 5 or 6 would be very fair. I think the team is better with this kid in the line-up. He's a player that consistently brings people out of their seats. I love it when he cranks up his skating in the o-zone- the game becomes very "high event'.
  12. I don't think Hakstol was a very good coach.
  13. so sort a provs vs kons situation then...
  14. In my mind, I was playing the riff to locomotive breath as bookends around analytics... works for me. not much of a fan outside of that song and ring out solstice bells, which is a beautiful "winter song"
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