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  1. I have thought the best way for the NHL to go forward would be to get all teams to 72 games. Right now most have played 69, this is probably less fair for the teams that have played 71 to date, however it gives all teams an equal number of games to qualify for the playoffs. This was assuming an May start up date with: A camp in the 3rd week of April. Get to 72 games the 4th week. Start the playoffs first week of May. However, I am starting to think this is "magical thinking" .
  2. @lynxrattle to anyone paying attention COVID-19 is scary as hell. I hope you haven't come into contact with it. In no way would I trade hockey for lives, I just miss it.
  3. Heck, I wouldn't even mind watching JvR take his stick for a skate.
  4. @radoran can't disagree with any of that. ol' Josh douchebag Harris is pulling some ******** with the sixers staff too. It's remarkable how many billionaires are keeping their heads down and mouths shut during this time. Like you said, they could be enormously helpful to everyday joes and not feel it. Just like this , with the amount of money Mike Bloomberg spent on his primary win in American Samoa he could have just given everyone in the country a million dollars and had 100m left over to buy 100 bugattis. I won't mind a tax on that level of wealth either. Also, the next time one of these guys steps up with 100k and everyone starts genuflecting I will not be joining that party.
  5. I hate that word too. I know you could care less. I haven't been in a work situation yet where I've had to know such things. If the job was terminated I think those people have recourse. I was trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and assume good intent but I think with billionaires those axioms can't be applied
  6. @radoran Point taken regarding the billionaire vs the hundred thousand-aire. I've not met too many rich people I felt I could trust. I guess that's how they got to be rich ? It's a shame that doing the "right" thing by people is diametrically opposed to having a profitable balance sheet.
  7. That article doesn't help support what I'm about to write. Let's not be so quick to judge. He may have fired them so they can collect unemployment. I know several business owners that have taken similar action; a restaurant owner we know closed for 4 months so their staff could collect unemployment. It could be that Pegula actually did them a solid. (Though the handshake deal for hiring back at lesser salary doesn't give the good feels.) I really think it's important we lighten up on each other right now. This quarantine and hardship will not last forever, but the damage to relationships could. It could be when we get to the other side of this we need each other to get through the financial problems that will have arisen. That's my hope anyway, that we quit blaming the other and begin to reach down (and up) to help one another. kum bye ah my lord....
  8. This is the opposite of how I understood spring fesitival. which is, folks work in the cities, then go back home to celebrate lunar new year and spring festival , then come back to the city to work. Now this was based upon my time there 14 years ago. So perhaps the burgeoning middle class has made the cities you mentioned "hot spots" for partying or whatever. In either case there is a mass movement of people.
  9. I think, state governments might be in the lead on this. So the PA dept of Health and Human services would begin to issue guidance for schools and institutions etcetera Sadly there is not much information coming from the national level.
  10. I think there will be a decline in upper respiratory infections reported @ doctor's offices. I don't know about the test kits and all that. We'll see a spike in people getting sick. Then we'll see those numbers decline.
  11. I would also add look for other reputable medical sites such as the Mayo Clinic [Hidden Content] or Johns Hopkins [Hidden Content] Currently, the CDC has not been able to separate itself from the Trump administration with regard to it's leadership role on this outbreak. Dr. Robert Redfeld is a Trump appointee with a so-so resume' for this position. (His work has centered around HIV/AIDS and addiction) He has been in the news for his controversial views about medicine and faith with regards to HIV/AIDS in the 90s. He may not be the best gatekeeper of information especially of information that may imply the executive branch is doing a poor job. @flyer4ever Went with my family to Disney in December we used the my disney experience app to book dining and view wait times. The app was updated frequently, and provided information on each of the parks and what was going on. This may be a good resource to keep you updated. Here's a link to where you can find it. [Hidden Content] the MDE sign up is at the top of the page on the far right.
  12. Count me as a Nate Thompson fan. Dude is relentless, seems to have found his game and fit with this group pretty quickly. Same with Grant.
  13. @RonJeremy The cap is going up so that will be helpful. I don't know if all 3 of those guys get signed, There are many dudes with the ability to play those minutes who have had a year in the A to learn to be pros.... I wouldn't be surprised if Grant finds greener pastures. It seems to me like Pitlick is a Fletcher guy so he might be the "lock". I also don't think these guys will be be signing cap crippling contracts. I would like to see NAK resign here since the Flyers did develop him. It is nice to have some depth so these decisions can be made more easily.
  14. Well, Andrew MacDonald last wore 47...maybe he's waiting for the "funk" to get off that number ?

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