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  1. My take away from last night is the Flyers played pretty well against a team with a lot of veteran players that will contend for the finals in the East. Right now the Caps are the chalk, we'll see how they do throughout the year, they're firing on all cylinders right now. I don't know if their ceiling is higher than what they're showing. They are formidable, a confident group with skating, skill and size. I think the Flyers will continue to improve, and I don't know what their ceiling is realistically. I am comfortable saying I think our guys aren't done improving though. So if early in the first year with a new coach and a bunch of 22 year olds our guys had opportunities to beat that team, I'll say I like what I'm seeing. Can't win them all. That was good effort, that could have gone the Flyers way with a bounce.
  2. yes he can. He's like a less disciplined and far less skilled version of Chris Kunitz. Not a fan and have never been impressed with his "game". And to your other premise, there will be bad match-ups in a playoff series regardless. The coaches have to minimize those. An ideal situation would be for Ghost to play offense when Wilson's line is on the ice; or since Wilson skates with Ovechkin, for Provorov and Niskanen to be out vs his line. The game is fluid and sometimes the other coach wins the match-up game. The Flyers are not a small team so I buy in less and less to the physicality talk. I haven't seen them get run over by anyone since the Pens game.
  3. Is this any good ? I had their Raging Bitch Belgian IPA and thought it was good- packs a wallop alcohol wise and is not exactly "easy drinking" but it still enjoyable. I love the art from that brewery.
  4. I like what Twarynski brings to the team though. He's fast, big and unafraid. I haven't watched that line and said, yep 81,he's what's holding them back, actually I think that line has been "fine". They haven't connected on some chances but they are getting some. That's 3 big dudes on that line they aren't easy to play against. It would be very nice to get at least one of the 2 centers that are hurt back in the line up, get G out of the pivot and bump some guys down the lineup.
  5. This almost reads like a song lyric. Now this is just me, I want Morgan Frost to come into the league the way Giroux did. Giroux came up and was a match-up problem no one knew about until he did some wizard **** to them. Frost has the same handle and if I'm to believe scouting reports skates better, and maybe the fastest guy on the team in LHV. I want him to come up and stay and be awesome, if he comes up now he's going to get worked. G kicked around and kind of under achieved on the Phantoms until he got it. I think Frost could be the player to step into 28's shoes, I don't want to blow up his confidence by rushing his development, because the team is winning but not by enough to suit people.
  6. He was not impressive Sunday either, I thought for sure he would be one of the better players on the ice and he just wasn't. I think Rubstov has better speed and a better range of skills, he was on Misha's wing and he did a nice job on the forecheck and won some puck battles. Vorobyev just didn't look engaged, even after getting high sticked in the mouth. Hockey seems like something he does, and is pretty good at...doesn't seem to take it personally the way Kyle Criscullo does.
  7. That's one way to look at it, or, as I prefer...they have to play us.
  8. I don't know thing one about your life, when I see ideas like this though, I think "this person has never served anything, or this person served and had something taken from them". from google dictionary serv·ice /ˈsərvəs/ Learn to pronounce noun 1. the action of helping or doing work for someone. "millions are involved in voluntary service" If you went into the "service" expecting something in return-well you missed and continue to miss the point. You've written a dumb sentence containing a vapid and mean spirited thought. Helps me to not care about any other opinions you might have.
  9. this is just not true- it's a bad narrative and I wish people would just stop with it. Frost isn't "toying" with the AHL. He isn't dominant, I just saw him Sunday, he' wasn't even the most standout player on his line that night. Farabee made no doubt that he was an NHL player by destroying the league in his 6 games or whatever. Frost hasn't been that guy, the ice never tilted in his direction, he never looked "AHL dangerous". which for me has always been every time a player goes over the boards you wait for something good to happen. He will get schooled in the NHL right now. Then we all get to hear about him being a bust, which he shouldn't be because the talent is there. He was manhandled a lot Sunday night He got pushed around and looked like he hasn't figured out how to get the puck to go with him at that level, He's not the Flyers 3C answer - yet.
  10. RE: Frost people need to pump the brakes on him. He doesn't look "out of place" in the AHL. yes he scored last night, but that was the only time I really noticed him. His line wasn't dominant, he didn't look dangerous all the time the way #14 and #19 from Hershey did... Susko, Kase Criscurillo, and Carey were all better than Frost. If Criscurillo were bigger he'd be something, he's a nasty little ************ with an great motor and nice hands. Best players on the ice last night wore chocolate and white. Frost can stay put and it won't hurt him. Issac Ratcliffe is freaking huge, he's thin and a little gangling looking, He's smart though, you can tell he knows where to get to, once he figures out how to impose himself on the game at this level he'll be dynamite.
  11. me too, kind of reminded me of a less talented version of Team Canada fixture Kris Kunitz. Seems to have good speed, he brings a load when he hits and doesn't seem stupid. Not seeming stupid, now that's an important quality that I think our bottom six has lacked for some time. I thought Pitlick played his best game as a Flyer last night too...that line was good. Raffl can really affect play with his speed, reach and he's got some toughness too. He was a pretty good find IMO. So while he might not be excited to play less minutes as a 4th liner, he's been very good when he's been on the ice.
  12. Well I really think after the shootout goal there is no question, they need to strip G of the C. wtf was that anyway ? clearly he has no respect for the game. A real leader would have deked and then shot. I like how quiet the forum is after wins. the haters can really **** right the hell off.
  13. I think this is part and parcel of the problem with nearly any arena these days. to take Mrs and Teen Girl Mojo to the rink costs about $350 that's a lot of money for me. dropping $13 on a gd miller lite, which I don't even really like, does take much of the "joy" from the experience. $13 gets a six pack of a beer I like, you know ? The price of the live experience is almost too high.

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