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  1. @ruxpin very underrated post, dare I say the Claude Giroux of snarky posts... this should have at least 10 likes or laughs. I typed this whilst dumping Jameson into my coffee...good times.
  2. Like Milton Burrle in a penis measuring contest, "just pull out enough to win" ?
  3. I understand that idea. I still think you don't want to introduce those guys to the NHL by having them get curb-stomped for 15 games. There is still nearly a 1/4 of the season left, not having veterans around isn't helpful. Look at the Oil. They have the best player of this generation and they can't get past the 2nd round... Definitely take a look a the youngsters, but you have to keep competing.
  4. The goal-tending didn't really bail anything out until the playoffs. That was the first sign that something was not "good". The Flyers didn't give up many chances before COVID even when they were scuffling along at the beginning of the season they were still suppressing a lot of shots. Since the stoppage, whatever they need to do to replicate those results hasn't happened. the goal-tending this year has been largely atrocious. It hasn't helped, but it also doesn't address the mulitple 2 on 0's below the dots, that's effort/system.
  5. Just no movement or imagination. I wonder if the speed of the Pens PKers had something to do with it or was it more stupid over passing ? I couldn't get a feel for what they were trying to do, it reminded me of the the Brett Brown "clogged toilet" offense the Sixers ran 3 years ago. didn't see anyone really driving the crease there didn't seem to be any screens...it was frustrating.
  6. honest question here. You'd be fine with these guys just packing it in then? One of the things you rightfully complain about is when you see a lack of effort. These guys are pros and are playing for their jobs, if they were to roll up the carpet and hang a sign in the window saying closed until next year, what's the message there? It seems as though they're damned if they do and damned if they don't . Time for some "sunny disposition". I like the look of Allison's game and attitude. I thought the shoot out was one of the highest skill level
  7. I was at Slippery Rock during that same time period. So I 100% understand.
  8. That's correct. And guess which team Sidney has the most points vs for his career ? If you said the Flyers you'd be right. So ha ha, that old dude cross checked a 19 year old in the mouth and broke some teeth. The 19 year old has torched that old dude's team for over a decade. we win? Hate that guy all you want, he's been the best player in the league for most of his career and will moon walk into the HHOF. I hate he's used my favorite team to pad his stats. I hate that team and fan base so much it's irrational. I'm not watch
  9. I never liked the Voracek deal. G has mostly lived up to it https://twitter.com/avappleyard/status/1382002812998012929?s=20 https://twitter.com/avappleyard/status/1381996490676125698?s=20 He's been making 8.3 ish. I can agree that maybe there's been a slight over-payment. But it's not by a much and there were multiple season's where it was a bargain. So I'll push back on that. this isn't just addressed to you but the universe. I don't take these large salaries as an afront to all that is good
  10. I can see how he would wear out his welcome with that behavior. There's only so many times you can do that until people see through you. Also how do you raise the stakes once they all hate you? It seems like a short term fix. So there's there's that. But that story is/was awesome - thanks for sharing it.
  11. That's some awesome Q level -Manchurian Candidate level conspiratorial thinking there. It would be so gangster if true.
  12. There's nothing funny to me about where this team is and how bad they look. I do find a great deal of irony in seeing how all the people love Couturier today. Doesn't seem that long ago when "he was an acceptable 3rd liner...maybe" Funny how time along with money changes everything. @radoran the Nevers, not familiar with it in any form other than this show. I thought it was entertaining, worth checking out a 2nd episode at least.
  13. Maybe because he's been partnered with Myers-who has been worse? There are layers of stink, Sanhiem isn't even in my first 4 scrapes, you know?
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