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  1. Stankoven, really that's the dude's name? I'll never ever buy that sweater.
  2. I watched Ray and Dregs also. He did say tough decisions on players would be coming up. The tenor of that interview was not let's run it back with this group. That wasn't even close to what Jonesy said in that interview. He did say he liked Walker and he did say he'd consider signing him in the off-season as an UFA. He did say he liked the culture shift and the job that Torts has done. If somebody's take away from the Ray and Dregs interview was "we like this team and the job is done"... then I don't know what to say. They might as well skipped wasting their time letting the play head go for 20 minutes and just made-up whatever ******** came to mind.
  3. Cannot disagree with this. Though I will say Seeler's deal is tradeable if someone wants him. I like Walker and understand the reasoning behind resigning him to 3 years or something, he's already a solid second pairing guy and he's been really good. I don't think he'll coast after getting paid either. I still think it's risky. I think it comes down to time-line when it comes to these players in particular, who has more value and when? Do any of the draft picks turn into a set 'em and forget them player in the next 3-5 years? Does having a few guys who can play but are older help the team develop? If they like Walker that much then why not try to resign him in the off-season after trading him for something? Or they could treat him like their own rental player...I think Walker brings the best asset back of any of the tradeable vets, maybe Laughton if a team has an injury. I'd hate to see the management miss an opportunity to sell high for a change.
  4. good grief is Matt Martin tough, that kid hit him 3 times, high leverage punches before Martin was even aware he was in the fight. Martin held on and dished some too, that Rempe kid is a Frankenstein-monster looking meat-stick, and he can throw. Martin managed to weather the storm and didn't go down, he's a tough MFer. That was a good scrap.
  5. PK is about effort, PP is about skill. I mean, that's the short answer. We don't have the guys yet. the Flyers don't have enough guys who can see the ice, dangle, pass and shoot at full speed. Some of the issue is young guys needing to adjust to pace of the league. I'd put Brink and Foerster in this group. I think eventually, in the next 1.5 years Foerster is going to get his timing down to where he'll be able to receive a pass and shoot in one motion not two. Even his wrister is lethal, but he has been taking that .25 of a second to get himself "straight" and that's all it takes for a defender to get a stick or body in front of the puck. There isn't a true #1 power play QB on the roster. Could York or Drysdale grow into it? Maybe. The best power plays have that guy that can distribute to the puck to cutter and or get a shot through the traffic to create the chaos around the net. Giroux could do this from the half wall, Makar does it from the point, Kucherov from the opposite half wall and he has Hedman at the point. Boston has McAvoy, Pastarnak and Marchand each of whom can do all the things. Guys make a difference.
  6. Maybe I'm not making my point clear. The Flyers must play with maximum effort and they need their goalies to play. 905/<2.95 ball. Even then they can still be blown out by the Pastarnaks, Matthews and MacKinnons of the league. This team, while fun and one of my favorite rosters of the last 10 years, needs more talented players so they win with their C- game. I think that Devils team is mostly hot garbage there are enough talented players on the roster where they can be garbage and still win though. That's what I am hoping the Flyers roster gets built to.
  7. I wouldn't pay Pastarnak that money...10m so there is no way I'm paying TK that money. Pasta imo is the best winger in the East, TK is really good but he's not Pasta good. The agent has to ask and negotiate the best deal for his client. Starting at 10 almost doesn't seem serious minded to me. I can see 8 as the first number of a Konecny deal though, and I don't think I want to pay any more than that for any length of time. I'd rather pay less. If he gives 4 more years at the current production, what would that be worth? A lot. If he wants term then I don't go above 8. If he wants 5 years ?
  8. Risto's injury kinda gums up the works here. I'm still selling. But, 55 not being tradeable makes the line to walk more difficult. Walker can bring a prospect, Same with Laughton. Stahl ... a pow for Lehigh Valley. Atkinson isn't going anywhere. I seriously consider paying him to not play for me anymore. Seeler? He is an NHL player, are Attard or Andrae? Trade Nick to find out.... If the price is right he's a goner, but I don't see teams parting with a high pick for him. Maybe a change of scenery prospect? Nick does whatever and I think he's a great example for younger players to learn from. Someone facetiously asked if the Rangers would part with some of their struggling youth for Laughton. The Kakkos and Lafrernriers haven't been contributing a whole lot on that team. They aren't getting caved - but it's Bread, Krieder and the vets doing the heavy lifting. Laughton could really shore up that bottom 6. I doubt it happens but...weird **** can happen if the Rangers see the window closing.
  9. Ps and btw The Devils suck. If the Danny Jonsey get this rebuild right, that team will be 8 points a year. They've been bad for a long time and they're still not good.
  10. My thoughts about this game and the loser point in Toronto echo this. It is apparent this group isn't on the same talent level as the top tiered teams in the East. They can work hard and be miserable to play against, and I like that, but if one facet of their game isn't "on" they're not winning. Need more talent and I hope to see some assets being used toward that goal soon. I don't know what to about Konecny. I love that player he's a favorite...I want keep him around, but if someone wants to get stupid, I'll listen .
  11. Well, if he stops buying eggs at Wawa, he should be fine.
  12. who would take on that player with that contract? It takes two to tango. I'm not seeing anyone lining up to trade for 14 kinda like I'm not seeing anyone lining up for 55. If the dude is going to be here regardless, why not maximize his impact? I think putting the letter on 14's sweater may mean the Danny Jonesy® is thinking what you're thinking about Konecny and their ability to resign him in a way that doesn't cripple the team going forward.
  13. I would have been happy with captain TK as well. He's been a different player since he's been a dad. He has done well since he's been given more responsibility. I wonder about his contract extention and if there are doubts that he'll sign? I think Couturier is a fine choice, regardless.
  14. Will I be eating crow in regard to Morgan Frost suddenly looking like an NHL player? He's looked pretty good since the ASB. He's actually not sucked since he and Fonzie had the sit down.
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