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  1. Thank god this is over. I love this sport and I hated myself for every second I watched this **** show. Yay! The Islanders just win. They buy in and have just enough in net and a few game breakers. Ugh
  2. I thought he was on his ass more than his skates and without his stick for much of the 2nd period. He was noticeable but not always in ways we'd want in the second. However in the third he was really strong as the F3 ? I think they call it on the forecheck and in the neutral zone, his efforts helped pin the Caps more than once. I like his size and willingness to blow people up if he can, he plays with a physicality that JvR doesn't so i guess it depends on what the team needs. He is several notches below JvR in terms of skill but a notch above when it comes to effort, I thought it was noticeable.
  3. I'm a large, hit me up on your next run
  4. Right, it's pie in the sky that a goalie gets lit up in the playoffs and needs relieved. Also, shutting down a superior team a couple of days before has done nothing for Carter's confidence? The Bruins were/are the chalk, that wasn't the ****** jayvee squad they sent out vs the Flyers. The round robin tournament is not being viewed by the coaching staff they way you are viewing it. To this point this year the coaching staff has done the right things for this team, I'm willing to give them some leeway with goalie playing time. My track record as coach is about as good as yours, neither compares favorably to Vigneault's, or heck even Therrien's... If you cannot see there is value in Elliot getting some work, there's not much more to talk about on the subject. Go Flyers
  5. The last 35 feet there are zero strides, he's gliding. This is not charging. Dach's playing defense, Ennis has the puck. Ennis' injury is a result of physics, not rule breaking or malice.
  6. I understand what you're saying. But let's imagine a scenario where Hart is getting shelled and the games really matter, it happens to every goalie, the last time Elliot would have seen a shot in a game situation would have been 1 period of work vs the Pens, before that, it was ****** March. So the back up comes into a shooting gallery and that's the first action he's seen in 5 months. That's a recipe for having 2 goalies with shot confidence and maybe injury. The next thing you know Lyon is playing and he really isn't up for the NHL playoffs. The team will need Elliot, having him face actual shooters is good for the team long term. Carter Hart won't forget how to play goalie for six days, he'll practice he'll be fine. He plays vs Tampa and then he goes in the start of the seven game series. I don't see where Hart's game goes to **** because Elliot gets some work, agree to disagree.
  7. I don't know OR, six games or six months? I wish people would stop acting like starting Brian Elliot is a guaranteed loss. Not exactly directed at you, Elliot has been solid this year, were it not for him being good on the road early in the season who knows where this team would be.
  8. Well Michael Raffl is already not in the line up, so there's that. I don't think playing a young player in place of a struggling older player (JvR) is "bad". It would also be good for 13 and 11 to "get going" they will be on the ice last I checked We see this differently, the guys playing will not be taking their sticks for a skate, so its not like the team is saying "welp this one's as good as lost". Bunnaman was in the line-up for a Capitals drubbing this year and I think even had a goal. I don't think playing the backup goalie who was a 1b guy all year is a huge step down from Hart, especially since he beat the Caps twice, and played well doing so. Elliot needs to seem some game action. What better time than now. I want our team to win 16 games starting August 11. I think you do too, what gives the team the best opportunity to do that?
  9. What in the ever loving hell is going on with the Penguins? I missed the first period and change, tuned in and they were cruising, then Tanev cleaned out that kid along the boards and the Canadiens woke up? I have to think Jarry goes in Game 4. Murray wasn't bad, that Petry goal had eyes, but this season I have thought the Pens played better in front of Jarry than they did Murray. Also what's going on with Crosby? he's been not the best player on the ice when he's been out, he's losing draws, his legs are there, but those little passes in close aren't happening enough to even be "off". Also Malkin has been kind of a disaster too. I was talking all kinds of ****, "oh watch out for the Pens they're stacked blah blah blah", and they go out and look very beatable, Jake Guentzel has been their best player, and he's good, but they need more from the supa-dupa stars. Just one more reason why I hate them, when I think they're good they **** the bed.
  10. I know this is probably considered sacrilege here, but, I think Gary Bettman has been the best sports commissioner of the COVID-19 pandemic. The bubble plan and precautions have worked, the arenas look great, the play has been mostly good. I saw him make a joke about why Gritty wasn't allowed to go to the bubble and it was funny-ish. I know everyone hates him, I can give him credit for having marshaled a plan to bring his sport back safely though. I'm enjoying the hockey. I'm grateful he stuck with trying to complete the season.
  11. @OccamsRazor Interesting you've moved on from Patrick, but are still holding a torch for Morin. I think Patrick plays next year. I think he'll be out to prove some things and will be very good. Too many good players is such an odd problem to have after talking ourselves into Matt Read and Dale Weisse.
  12. I think our guys are better than their guys. Our guys and Elliot in particular have owned the Caps this season. I blame steady Eddie for that. I also think its not a bad idea to get some other guys work during this round robin, I am hoping for a long playoff run, there will be injuries. It would bode well for our team to have some of the black aces playing some meaningful hockey before dumping them into Eastern semi-final action ice cold. I will be drinking Industrial arts brewing Wrench IPA - never had it, I'm told it's easy drinking, which you know is good, 7.1 % so like Tom Wilson it packs a punch. [Hidden Content]

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