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  1. My last in person game was the Flyers Sabres on March 7 of last year. The take away from that game was the Sabres have many guys with excellent sticks and plus skating. They clogged the neutral zone very well and managed to get sticks on nearly every outlet pass that was tried to stretch the ice. The Flyers were playing lazy man hockey and nearly got beat doing it. I think the boys will need to carry the puck more and make puck support a priority. There are good forwards on this Sabres team so Hart will need to be sharp. I don't think Buffalo is an easy out. The Fl
  2. I'm not really too familiar with Montour. I guess I'll pay attention to him the next couple of games. But, a player who is young with a right hand shot and a little snarl would be a nice compliment to Provorov.
  3. @OccamsRazor I wasn't thinking about a rental- thanks for being patient there.
  4. ...just down the road from "Camp Tick" in bucolic Lyme, Connecticut.
  5. Right now Bailey's and coffee...need an "eye opener". Game time? Feeling the 12 oz Hazeway from Winding Path. Winding Path Brewing Co. | Wyndridge Farm
  6. So you're saying to trade and then have negotiating rights? Or are you thinking more money needs to go out to make the cap #s work? I have to think if the only asset spent is $ and cap space, that is win for the player and our team. I wouldn't want to give up an asset and then have the guy Hamhuis us. Hamilton would be a great add to this d-corps. I do wonder if he'd be well liked by the fans, he doesn't eat and drink hockey and I don't think he grimaces when he skates. I think if his play slips or he has a bad stretch the fans would turn on him pretty quickly. I
  7. I was gifted his rookie card by a buddy, it says RW on it.
  8. So? His team scored 11 goals. Crosby's scored 5. IDGAF about Crosby's 2 lost cause goals. Also, Had Giroux scored goals, they wouldn't have "counted" because they came in a blow out. So if this is the tree you're barking up, don't bother the bark's worn off the trunk. Moving G to Patrick and Voracek would probably be a decent move though. So do you want JvR to move up to Hayes' line? Who moves to that spot? Do you move Laughton to Wing on line 2? Frost to 4 C? could be interesting.
  9. I would at least try it in practice. Friedman was top pair in LHV so...it's not like he's thinking the NHL is going to be a country club. And his partner is a ****** stud so, he can just skate and be smart.
  10. I wasn't too impressed with Braun on the top pair. I thought he looked not great. It seemed like Sullivan wanted Jankowski and Tanev on vs our top pair. Those guys targeted Braun for the forecheck and they had success doing it.
  11. I appreciate AV's insight. He's right, I do think the Flyers are better but the Pens are a good hockey club that will beat the Flyers if they don't pay attention to detail. I thought the second PK looked spectacular until the miracle Crosby play. The Pens had 10 seconds of zone time before that dump in. I just hope both teams have fun. @Podein25 Going to be drinking a Moscow mule tonight, going to float some blueberries to make it "healthy'" Also going to see how my "Oscar Strong" shirt effects the outcome of an event miles away that I am not partic
  12. Funny how that guy gets so lucky all the time. With any other player you're right, with Crosby that's a 40/60 proposition. When he's healthy, he's got the best hand/eye coordination I've ever seen.
  13. Hey so good win versus a pretty good Pens team. Their 3rd line of Jankowski, Tanev and McCann is one of the better 3rd lines they've had for a while. They took it to Patrick's line. I think a quick skating hard-nosed line like this one will be a problem for Patty, JvR and Jake. I think JvRs game is neutralized by these types of players. I think Jake can raise his goon level and I know Patrick will straight spear a guy, so this is an area for improvement as they say in the corporate cultures. There is a lot of skill with those 3 players what needs to happen is they need to impo
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