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  1. Understanding Basic Economic Principles - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
  2. [Hidden Content] At least something to look forward to in a meaningless, final game of the season.
  3. @mkscrewy Well done sir... May I add to #4 on the list. When said back-up, third, or fourth string goalie gets the start against the Flyers they are guaranteed a 30+ save shutout. Also any rookie goalie making their NHL debut against the Flyers is also guaranteed a 30+ save shutout.
  4. I am taking my son to the Phantoms game this afternoon. I was hoping to get a chance to see Stolarz play. Maybe we'll see him in a Flyers uniform this week...
  5. @OccamsRazor Yes. I read that they have 4 sets of back to back games.
  6. [Hidden Content] Got to think Stolarz gets a start or two...
  7. @flyercanuck I should have clarified it was actually more mid October and it was a regular season game that I saw Morin play. I guess my assessment just agreed with the organization that he's not ready. To me he just didn't appear confident out there, yet. I know, it's going to take time. Looking forward to seeing him in the O&B...
  8. I saw a Phantoms game in early Oct. vs. the Wilkes Barre-Scranton Pens. Straka had a very solid game. Scored a goal and if I remember correctly; even had a fight. He and Cousins were all over the ice that game and were clearly the Phantoms best forwards. That game Morin looked lost. Was not a dominant player at all. Not trashing him or calling him a bust, but he needs more time in the A. He is huge though, kinda reminded me of a young Chris Pronger - let's hope he can develop into that. Ghost had a slow start in that game but once the Phantoms lost the lead it seemed like the coaches let him do his thing and he really revved it up in the third period. LaBarbara was horrible in that game...was hoping to see Stolarz... That's about all I can remember from that game.
  9. On Twitter the Flyers beat writers are reporting that DelZotto is a healthy scratch. Berube sites "a significant drop-off in his play"! Really??!! He's worse than turnover machine Coburn. And A Mac is back in after only sitting one game? I don't get this move at all. I'm starting to think that Berube doesn't have a clue and is starting to just grasp at straws. Or, just throwing $hit at the wall and seeing what sticks.
  10. I thought he was invisible in all of the games I saw this preseason. I hope he wakes up when the games count, but I don't think that's going to happen...
  11. Per Dave Isaac on Twitter: MAB practiced today with a non-contact jersey, but has been cleared for contact and can resume his career.
  12. Yep. This one is a real head scratcher... I'd much prefer to have Gagne on the LW on the 3rd line.
  13. Flyers confirm they signed Hal Gill to PTO [Hidden Content]
  14. Icehole. I saw that and agree. The guy is a complete coward. If you're going to fight someone 'man-up' and take your shots before someone is holding the opponent down. What a douche!

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