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  1. I am hoping for Bernier or Reimer. No interest in Jones. Forgot Holtby trains with Hart.
  2. Yep! Let’s see if Chuck has one more ace up his sleeve for backup goalie…..
  3. Cheap insurance. Now York can get first unit minutes in AHL rather than third pair minutes with the Flyers. Good for his development
  4. Less than a million is a steal for another vet D-man, leader, PP QB
  5. Reports are Fletcher being interested in Darcy Kuemper as BUG for Hart if Arizona is willing to retain some of his salary. Chuck drafted him back in Minnesota so you know he’s probably got a partial chubby from the possibility
  6. Pro Wrestling reference: heel = bad guy, villain. Thank you Vince McMahon
  7. So they’re in this year! Just put season on cruise control LOL
  8. But, but that’s not the Philly fan way
  9. You know damn well if he plays too physical it will be an automatic suspension from Bettman because he’s wearing Orange and Black now.
  10. Hoping Ellis and Atkinson have a voice in the room. From everything we have read and seen, G’s not that vocal guy. Losing Hartnell and Simmer removed vocal support people for G. Hayes is vocal but in a jokester kind of way so I’m sure that doesn’t help. Not sure about Coots? Maybe Provy will be comfortable taking more of a vocal role?
  11. Funny I don’t see G post on social media that often. If your talking about players & their families posting stuff when the entire league was in the bubble I don’t see anything wrong with that after all their human beings. Aa I mentioned originally, I realize I am in the minority here when it comes to Giroux. The Flyers addressed the biggest issue by moving the lazy floater with the pissy attitude and outrageous contract. They also improved their D and got a bit tougher. Hoping they find a decent BUG for Hart Wednesday.
  12. Since all the cool kids are doing it, I also changed my avatar. Enjoy Ohio Jakub!
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