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  1. Have we reached the part of the story where the Sabres will have to start playing good teams yet?
  2. AV has to keep that line together even after Hayes returns. 1st- G, Coots, TK 2nd/3rd- Farabee, Brassard, Atkinson 2nd/3rd -JVR, Hayes, Lindblom 4th- Laughton, Thompson, XXXXX NAK, MacEwen and that Charlie Brown guy can battle it out for 4th line wing or popcorn concierge
  3. I also like the calm that Yandle and Ellis are bringing to the D corp.
  4. Farabee, Atkinson, Brassard killing it so far! My take on the line…
  5. Ok here is me eating crow. Jones played well against a very good team. Solid performance.
  6. Did Jones make it through warmups or has he already been yanked?
  7. In fairness to Hak, he’s in a tough spot because when he looks down the bench he doesn’t have his go to players anymore. VandeVelde, Weise and Lehtera aren’t there to eat up big minutes for him anymore
  8. They haven’t even played a home game yet! Guess the goatee hasn’t made him any smarter.
  9. Raffl will have a multiple point game against the Flyers because, we’ll just because all former Flyers just do!
  10. Now that Voracek is gone I need a new whipping boy and based on his performance the past few years and this pre-season, I’m starting with Jones. I will gladly eat crow if he proves me wrong
  11. Gonna say he doesn’t last past 1st period. I’m also penciling in a regulation loss right now. Only positive is that I should get to see Hart play in person Saturday against the Panthers.
  12. I usually hit one game per year minimum but am actually doing 3 games this year. I definitely DESERVE to see the best roster possible but with my luck AV will want to give Jones a start before they hit the road.
  13. Next two will be tough. Jones has to play one of them right? My luck it will be Saturday because I’m driving in from Rochester for the game…..
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