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  1. Obviously I would love to see son of Sami in Orange & Black. Make it happen Fletch!
  2. Must be something wrong with my server because all I see in this thread is: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxx xxxx
  3. Didn’t watch because I knew what to expect playing the second game in 22 hours with a patched lineup. I see Sbisa scored the obligatory goal required by a former flyer each game...
  4. Forget hockey, I just hope they found it early and the kid has a long happy life. #prayfor23
  5. Made the drive down from Rochester this morning so they better win!
  6. People I haven't blocked on Twitter by Jake Voracek
  7. Does anyone have a link for tonight’s game? Thanks
  8. Outshot 8-1 half way the the first period and already trailing 1-0. All 4 Leaf lines dominating and apparently Sanhiem can’t turn while skating backwards. #FlyOrDie my ass
  9. Yep, I’d rather watch Public Broadcasting fundraiser than this crap. #FlyOrDie my ass!
  10. Flyers apparently think they can score 5 goals every third period so why bother playing in a first period!
  11. Curious to see how Jake responds to his recent benching? My guess he will keep the turnovers under 5 and only lazily backcheck 3 times...

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