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  1. I’m sure Botterill feels much more at ease with his decision knowing you were behind him....
  2. **** this! There is NO REASON to play Hart Saturday behind this group. Play Talbot or give Elliott one more chance for the Philly fans to boo him one final time.
  3. Because Giroux and Voracek REFUSE to shoot and always look to pass the Flyers are actually playing down a man when the first PP unit is out there. Opponent only needs to cover 3 shooters..... #IHATEJAKE
  4. I shouldn’t laugh, but that’s some funny **** right there! Well played sir!!!
  5. Tough to judge Talbot since he hasn’t played much and the Flyers has zero interest in playing in front of him the other night in Dallas. Talbot should have started all the final 5 games of the season. We already know Hart is the starter and what Elliott brings to the table as a backup/mentor. Playing Talbot to close the season would have been a great way to evaluate if he’s the one to bring back.
  6. Schenn hat trick, Berube out coaches Gordon, Jake with 7 turnovers and a dozen more blocks on Twitter
  7. Only seems fitting that the Flyers were officially eliminated by Petr Mrazek.
  8. Another stellar first period for the Flyers! Has any team in this league sucked at first periods more than the Flyers?
  9. Bad calls aside, and there were some doozies, the Flyers were outplayed badly today. 7 games left, time to give Morin, Talbot and some others some games to start building towards October.
  10. @mojo1917 Have a great time! Hopefully they don’t wait until the 3rd period to start playing.
  11. Dear Flyers, Thanks for never being prepared to play a hockey game and always being dominated the first 30 minutes of every game. Thanks for you insistence on low percentage passes over and over and over again instead of throwing the puck on net. Never Change.....
  12. Dale Wiese a healthy scratch for the Habs, lol. He will certainly feel at home in the press box tonight
  13. Regis interviews Gordon, who says the Flyers need to shoot more and stop trying to force passes through sticks and skates!! This is is the second game I have heard Gordon mention this. Too bad the team doesn’t listen,....
  14. Just turned the game on. Which Pens jerseys are Doc, Edzo and Regis wearing tonight?
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