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  1. Hooray they got a point! If this goes to a skills contest, Allison should be the first Flyer shooter!!
  2. AV should be double shifting Allison, kid has had some real good looks at the net. Weird seeing someone in Orange and Black that likes to shoot and create offense
  3. Still hate him! can’t believe he actually shot the puck
  4. GOOD!! He has had good chances and has been very noticeable out there every shift.
  5. Teaching him it’s ok not to compete for 60 mins.
  6. You could replace Penguins with any other opponent and this tweet would still be accurate!
  7. Turned it on to check in and see how bad they were losing. Saw Carter Hart go behind the net to play the puck and give it right to Jeff “I banged every co-Ed in Philly back in my day” Carter. Carter almost scores on Carter. Carter Hart should never play the puck again.
  8. Accomplishing all 4 may be a tough ask but going by your order if they could get the first 2 done, it would be a huge step forward.
  9. I refuse to subject myself to this hot garbage anymore. I will just wait until tomorrow morning to review the box score to see how many points Crosby and Jeff Carter rack up. I will also see if Hart made it through the entire game without getting the hook. #IHATEJAKE
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