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  1. Evil gritty is a satire parody account and all posts are fabricated for entertainment purposes. Post is 1000% fake as are all the posts on his twitter.
  2. wait, he has another son in this years draft, CHUCK!
  3. Will he be ready to start the season?
  4. G was solid in Games 5 and 6 and played a big part in those two wins. Panthers v Bolts should be good. Huge edge in goal to the defending champs tho
  5. Sami will be scouting kids in Europe so I think he will be making any major decisions for them. He can’t be any worse than what they had and to be honest I could not tell you who the Flyers European scouts were/are. Now if the Flyers hire Tocchet, I’ll be 100% on board with your take
  6. I hear ya but please no shade towards Sami. In his time in Philly the guy never took a shift off and did anything the coaching staff asked of him, including playing D for part of a season. He’s one of those character guys you can respect. May not be the most skilled but has tremendous heart and fills a needed roll. Samifan
  7. The best part of every Bruin loss is knowing that the biggest douche in broadcasting Jack Edwards will go home sad!
  8. Drove down a few weeks ago for the Ducks game with my son and got lower bowl tickets six rows up for $37/per. i have a feeling these prices will remain unless they really have an encouraging off season and show the fans they are committed to change,
  9. Saw this on Twitter and couldn’t help think of EVERYONE OF US watching this train wreck **** show this season! NSFW
  10. Holding out hope Yandle has a monster game and finishes -5 tomorrow. Maybe Yeo will give him top pair minutes in his last game as a Flyer
  11. Yes, Yandle finally in the ice for a Jets goal!!! Back to -44. Let’s ****** Go!! Yandle’s Pursuit of Greatness
  12. Sure any other time the Pens would have put up six or seven against the Flyers, but because I wanted Yandle to hit -50 they lay an offensive egg.
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