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  1. He is having a horrible game. Tons of turnovers then just standing around
  2. Son of Sami scores for the Pens.... Ghost with 3 turnovers in a row
  3. 2 ****** power plays and a bunch of turnovers by Voracek. Ghost also tripped over the blue line. and Pierre loves the penguins
  4. and we have our first KRISTOFER LETANG reference from Lucky Pierre. Shouldn’t he be in covid protocol with Crosby?
  5. God I hate Jake!!!! Skates 100 MPH to fumble or turn over the puck or make a low percentage pass.
  6. Friedman will dress and score the game winner. It’s already been predetermined. This is a requirement for all former Flyers
  7. HJ don’t feel sad for them! When they first bought the franchise they seemed to want to change the culture and make the Sabres competitive again. Then the bought the Bills and all of their focus went there. It is more prestigious to own an NFL team apparently and that’s where all there time, effort and money have gone. Now that the Bills are successful and the up and coming darling of the league, they are the Pegula’s only priority. They couldn’t give a rats ass about the Sabres or Rochester Amerks any longer.
  8. little bugger may be back Tuesday, Thursday should be a definite
  9. Hopefully they will go with another soccer coach
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