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      Chances of Playoffs, Opponent and Similar
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
        HHhhhhmmmmm i think i would rather face the Caps the 1st round.   Jackets and Pens give the Flyers fits.
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      Thoughts on the Draft Lottery System
      Detroit Red Wings
      WordsOfWisdom - Posted
        ...       As a Leafs fan, I certainly don't miss having draft lottery discussions.    Look, if you reward teams for finishing farther down in the standings, then that's exactly what they'll do. On one hand, people talk about tanking being a bad thing and that the league should take steps to prevent it. On the other hand, fans want their team to be rewarded for finishing last. You can't have it both ways.    So far to date, the NHL has NEVER implemented ANY draft system that does anything other than ENCOURAGE TANKING. The NHL wants it to happen. It's as much a "race" as it is for the President's trophy among the top teams. The league has managed to  manufacture intrigue for all 31 teams. Everyone is in a race for something. It's all by design.   I've mentioned on numerous occasions that tanking can be eliminated completely by implementing this system:   - Equal draft odds for ALL non-playoff teams.  Done.    It really IS that simple. If you want to eliminate tanking, that's the ONLY system that encourages all 31 teams to try for the playoffs, knowing that there's no carrot waiting for them at the end of the season if they don't.    Even if you create a system where the last place team has 2% odds and everyone else has 1%, it's still 2x the odds and there's incentive to tank.   Whether the league reveals the odds ahead of time or not, we all know what it's going to be. Every draft system the NHL ever creates will be no different than the previous ones and all of them will reward teams for tanking.     
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      Game 74: Flyers at Red Wings; 3/20/18 @ 7:30
      Philadelphia Flyers
      Howie58 - Posted
      I wonder if it's whether they need help distinguishing Depends from the cup supporters?
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      John Tavares?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      King Knut - Posted
        Really?  Remember that OT winner he somehow outlasted and escaped Couturier to dish a perfect pass on?  Coots played him like a maniac and he still wrestled free to thread the needle on a sleeping ghost.   All in all I'm almost completely joking.  But to say that you don't see the appeal of John Tavares?  Not buying it. Especially if he's a winger.   The thing that I really like most about him is that he can turn it on and be pretty clutch.  Something that this team has lacked for a long long time. But no, I'm not genuinely suggesting they try to sign him.  It's like 99% a joke.     Again, I'm mostly joking and I don't want to give him the salary or duration he'll get, but I'd rather give it to him than Simmer at this point, but ultimately, like I said... I was just joking because I'd already (jokingly) said at the deadline that the only rental I'd trade for would be John Tavares and then only if he'd switch to wing.            
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      Idea for a New Deal for Hexy!
      Philadelphia Flyers
      King Knut - Posted
      Dear Ron,     I'm sure if you're willing to take on some salary, they'll take Lombardi.  Think it over.   Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.  
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      Chances of Playoffs, Opponent and Similar
      Philadelphia Flyers
      Digityman - Posted
      A few years ago this site was brought up and I remember using it pretty often towards the end of the season.   Just sharing it again.  Overall NHL -  Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Flyers Specific -  Hidden Content Give reaction or reply to this topic to see the hidden content.   Some interesting stats on what they need to do with the last 9 games:  Getting 6 points (91 total) would put them at about 50/50 shot at making the playoffs..  Getting 11 points (96 total) would put them at over a 50% chance of getting 3rd in the division Getting 15 points (100 total) gets them over a 50% chance of getting 3rd in the division   Statistically speaking, they most common was they end with 96 points, 3rd in the division.   Some interesting stats on potential first round opponents:  If they go: 9-0-0 - Columbus 7-2-0 - Pens 4-4-1 - Caps 2-6-1 - ?
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      2015 Redraft - Provorov, Werenski or Hanifin?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      flyercanuck - Posted
      When all three are good offensively, I'll take the guy who's best defensively...and that's Provorov.     There's a good chance he ends up being the best defenceman the Flyers ever drafted. And Ghost might not be far behind. 
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