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  1. Taking Tom Wilson mid suspension was supposed to be short term pain for long term gain. So far so good. Weber was more a roll the dice,, but let's see what he looks like upon return. He was never fast to begin with
  2. I picked up Dahlin at the right time I think. 7 points in his last 9 games
  3. That was in NAHANA tho Yeah, Crosby, Hotlby, Klingberg, Hertl, Hischier, Aho were all injured for most of last week. At least now it is just Klingberg.
  4. Good lord no. He would be the worst player in the hall of fame
  5. Tom Wilson's suspension just got zapped to 14 from 20, so he is eligible to return tonight. I could use the hits and PIM's
  6. Sorry. I watched the video a dozen times and disagree with you. So does the NHL since they cleared him
  7. If Oshie never intended to hit Malkin, then his face would not have hit Malkin's shoulder. Malkin was heading into the zone with the puck paying absolutely no attention to changing directions or anything towards TJ Oshie. Oshie was going towards Malkin. Not vice Versa. Malkin did nothing to change direction or ANYTHING. All Malkin did was brace and push back like he ALWAYS does when he sees someone about to make contact with him because he carried the puck into the zone.
  8. The staff hate it too Trust me when a Halifax hurricanes practice is scheduled to go at 8AM the next morning and the Mooseheads playoff game goes into double overtime, all the staff sit there praying for someone to score a goal and by that point we don't care who wins. You can do the flip in 2-3 hours if you have 45 people. but typically you have 1 Supervisor, 2-3 staff and then 5-6 of grunt temp workers who do as little work as possible. Temps don't show up 50% of the time, so we usually order double the amount of temps we need and 2/3rd's of them we end up sending a message to the company to not send them back.
  9. I hated giving up Dubnyk too lol. But at least I don't have Smith anymore Vasilievskiy better not blow his knee out. But more likely is Varlamov's glass Groin giving out
  10. I did watch the hit. Multiple times from every Angle. Malkin was skating into the zone nowhere near Oshie. Oshie was barreling towards Malkin and all Malkin did was brace for impact and pushoff to shrug off the hit like he usually does. In order for this to be even remotely called "headhunting", malkin would have had to been heading towards Oshie, not vice versa.
  11. Malkin is guilty of bracing for a hit and being a tall big guy. Oshie was barreling in at Malkin and Malkin was not even aware of him except to brace for the impact. It is not like Malkin was chasing Oshie and headhunting. Oshie basically was heading at Malkin with a full head of steam and Malkin just.......did nothing basically. no nothing
  12. I just realized I play @Mad Dog AKOF in NAHANA and in All stars this week. Good luck bud!
  13. Time for a risk. Grabbing Tom Wilson off waivers a full 2+ weeks ahead of him coming off suspension. I am not sure if Hertl will be out long or not, but while mulling over lack of options for pickup's I realized Wilson comes back November 20th. The guy is a stone headed moron, but he takes an epic amount of PIM's and throws a lot of hits. I have built up a healthy lead and have a strong team so I can take the hit of a 1 player mangame loss for a few weeks. I suspect if I let him go closer to 1 week before he comes back one of the canny GM's here would shelf him first

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