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  1. Yeah that was satisfying as hell. Both as a mooseheads guy and a sharks fan lol. And because it was the kings
  2. Us fantasy pundits are anxiously waiting to see if fleury gets traded and to who
  3. Man, its always weird seeing guys I grew up watching in managerial roles. In this case, one of the greatest defensemen of all time
  4. @radoranthis guy would like your fantasy team I think In a keep 5, rad tends to hoard the finns
  5. a 1 year prove it deal with him might not be horrible......for 1 year. He tends to be on his best behavior for the first 82 games with a team. keeping him any longer than that is crazy
  6. Podein if you are into Keeper leagues, how come you never play our site leagues? lol Granted spots opening in the 14 team keep 5 are rare, but we have yearly leagues too
  7. Which team is going to take the guy who wears out his welcome in every locker room to the point everyone hates him AND and has 4 or 5 lawsuits pending for everything ranging from sexual assault, to defrauding lenders? DeAngelo is a douche, but his on ice antics and temper are what get him into hot water. Kane has issues on AND off the ice
  8. I just go to HF boards for game day threads to read fanbases accounts of rookies, prospects and trades and players and how they look on certain lines to see if I should pick them up in Fantasy hockey. Ill stop in Calgary and ask why Kylington isn't on PP1, ask Colorado if Francouz is going to get more starts moving forward, lurk and see Anaheim fans gush over Zegras. Its kind of useful in Fantasy hockey to know how stubborn opposing team coaches are and if they will continue trying to marginalize players or if they will give rookies a chance. Then i gotta sort out who t
  9. I didn't even realize the Sharks won. I turned it off when it was 2-0 Flyers and started watching the Toronto vs Colorado game lol
  10. Also, please join me in celebrating Evander Kane being put on Waivers for contract termination because the dork broke COVID rules in the AHL and traveled to another country after testing positive.
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