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  1. Leafs Preseason Thread

    Looking for reports on Kadri. Considering keeping him in my keep 5.
  2. Ribeiro has disappeared in latest relapse

    Only so many times you can help someone before you wash your hands of the matter and say "it is what it is"
  3. Draft dates?

    Do we have one set yet?
  4. Game of Thrones!

    One of the best lines in the book ever had to be in feast when Littlefinger is talking to Sansa. By this point, Tywin has barely been dead a month and Cersei has chased off any decent counsel, promoted idiots. Decided NOT to pay the Iron bank(which caused them to do what I said above and stop all loans to Westeros, obliterating their economy), and she decided to not pay the iron bank so she could build a fleet of Dromonds and put a handsome bastard she met in charge. Like in the show, she also allowed the faith to rebuild their personal military, which took the Targaryen's DECADES to finally beat into submission, and they arrest her lol. At which point Aurane waters(The bastard who has her fleet) just takes the fleet and leaves with his own personal pirate armada. But Baelish's line was something along the lines of "you would not believe half what is happening in King's landing. Cersei stumbles from one stupidity to the next listening to her shoe licking fool counsel. I always knew she would beggar the realm and destroy herself, but even I did not expect her to do it this fast. I thought I would have a few years to sow some seeds and have some plots ripen, but now...? It is a good thing I thrive in chaos."
  5. Game of Thrones!

    Agreed. Westeros is incredibly more civilized than Essos, so everyone knows WHAT the wall is. They think of it as a relic of a bygone age and of the others/Walkers as extinct or myth. A place to send criminals for exile. Wild raisers are only behind the wall and a few in the vale of Arryn. Essos people seem more concerned with the city they are in and their trading neighbors, but few seem as well traveled or versed in History. Between each city is more of a "frontier" mentality with wild tribes of Dothraki. Many of them probably have no clue what the five forts are. I know everything about the golden company from the books, but it is irrelevant to the show. They only have 6 episodes left, so they are not going to introduce a new plotline as deep as the Golden company. They already basically rewrote Jorah Mormont into Jon Connington's role, greyscale and all. The golden company will be a mercenary outfit, nothing more. Maybe Daario will ride in and betray Dany, but as a whole, the golden company will not be what it is in the books. Regarding the Iron bank, I suspect they will double Cross Cersei. The guy kept insisting they make investments in a side likely to pay off, not bets, and Cersei's army is a joke at this point, prone to being overrun at any time Dany just decides "screw it, let's attack". Cersei was too stupid to see his praise about "doing what her father never did and paying the loan in full". Tywin did not pay the loan in full for a reason. As long as he owed them tons of money, they had to back him to ever see that money again. She thought she was coy asking him how the "slave trade" was going these days to imply Dany was bad for business, but forgot slavery is outlawed in bravos in both the books and show. They might invest money into slavers to get a return outside of bravos, but they do not run slave rings themselves. As far as they are concerned, the slaver owes money to them even during bad business season. They take a mafia loan shark approach. I am not dealing drugs, but I am funding this drug dealer. The Iron bank takes multiple approaches to get back its money. They can support an opposing side by extracting promises of paying back opponents debts as well as their own, they have a close relationship with faceless men, and sometimes economic means. By economic, I mean after Cersei defaulted on paying interest in the books, the Iron bank stopped lending to anyone in Westeros period, which caused a huge economic problem. Merchants who had much of their life working on or through credit were unable to ship goods, trade food, supplies, anything. Nobody ever messes with the Iron bank for long. If they do they are killed and their heirs are made aware they better play ball or they start backing the other side.
  6. Game of Thrones!

    The map on the show is the same. Neither map is complete as nobody has mapped beyond the grey waste. The lands could very well connect or they may not In either case, the show is following a predetermined ending by grrm. Lots of detail changes to expedite matters, but grrm still has his hand on the steering wheel
  7. Game of Thrones!

    Essos historically has gotten its own version of the apocalypse/Long night. Most of the Asshai prophecies of the prince who was promised and Azor Ahai come from the original long night in Essos against the Blood Emperor(Who incidentally was a necromancer). The five forts is their version of the wall. 1000 foot high fused black stone near the empire of yi ti. It guards the only path into the mainland from the frozen grey waste desert. Edit: Someone actually did a good video on it. All info is from "the world of ice and fire", which is basically GRRM's baby(This is yet another reason he is never working on finishing book 6). He did a long historical book on all parts of the world dating back thousands of years.
  8. If They had let Vanek walk when he signed a sheet to skip out of town to the Oilers they could have had 4 first round picks
  9. any opinions

    You will regularly see arguments for Hasek, Roy, Plante, sometimes Sawchuk, Dryden, Hall and Brodeur. Myself I find goalies hard to judge. Roy was the money goalie in the playoffs. I flip flop between him and Hasek
  10. Game of Thrones!

    Obviously. But Tyrion may still do something regrettable thinking they have some middle ground..
  11. Game of Thrones!

    Maybe, or the director is pulling our chains. Either way, Tyrion's conversation with Cersei went somewhere offscreen. Enough to get her to come out and false agree to join them.
  12. Game of Thrones!

    Who else thinks all Tyrion's talk to Dany over planning for an heir lead him to believe he could convince Cersei her child could be named Heir? Obviously Cersei did not buy it since she decided to betray them instantly once they left. But it could explain Tyrion's ominous lurking stare as Jon and Dany hooked up, thinking "Uh oh"
  13. Are there any comic book threads here?

    Well, that is what all the kids who hated Nerds called the Nintendo in the 80's, early 90's Secretly all the sports kids LOVED video games, but would pretend like they were for losers back then. unless not many were around, then they would secretly indulge
  14. Are there any comic book threads here?

    Comics? Remember the Nofriendo? When it first came out, parents raged at their kids to pick on gaming nerds and focus on important things like sports lol
  15. Jammer2's shows I'm currently watching.

    how far did you get in Supernatural?

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