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  1. I feel your pain. Watching Steve Spott completely misuse Karlsson and Burns..... here is a thought! Look at the caps PP and put Burns in the Ovechkin position please. Stop putting him in the passing quarterback position and Karlsson in the shooting position. And before he went down with injury, Thornton was in the shooter's position LMAO
  2. @JR Ewing You did not need to pick uo Lucic to buff the hit category Daryl! You kind of lead the league with 108 this week! Come to think of it, I was 2nd with 99 so maybe that was a smart move. Ill need to reciprocate. Problem is I like my entire team and don't want to drop anyone for a bruiser for once. Well, I can take Borowecki for tonight I guess. Hischier is not really injured, but he is listed as "Day to day" so I can stow him on IR for a night and Borowecki is overdue for his first fight of the year + Game misconduct. it will probably be with Methot or Polak lol. He is also due for a 7-9 hit night as he has yet to break the 5 threshold this season.
  3. This is pretty normal at the start of every season. 1-2 teams get off to a super hot start while teams are readjusting to defensive systems. Fantasy Hockey is a goalie nightmare the first 15 games every year. I just won my first week in one of my Keeper leagues with Holtby and Martin Jones. They had a combined 3 wins, 5 Losses and an 3.15GAA and 88.1sv% and somehow I won the week 9-3. Every year people pick up hot rookies and ride them for the first 20 games then try to trade them while they seem like 100 point superstars. After their initial PPG pace wears off, you gotta sell QUICK and get what you can. I absolutely plan on selling Elias Petterson and Brady Tkachuk around the 15 game mark. Its a keep 5 league. If Petterson keeps on this pace, he will score 82 goals and 62 assists and we all know that is not going to happen. It is almost like clockwork every year that the kids under 25 run low on gas 15-20 games in AND defensive structure returns to the NHL. A few years back Zetterberg was on pace to smash Gretzky's 205 point record by scoring 300 points 7-8 games in. Last year it was Backstrom, Ovechkin and Kuznetsov in double digits by October 14th. Likely Matthews finishes with around 50 goals and 85-90 points. Which is superstar level amazing these days. I can see Morgan Reilly finishing with 60-65, which puts him in that top 5 Echelon of offensive defensemen. I just don't buy the idea that they will score Yzerman in the 80's level
  4. At a quick glance first week Despite my goalie numbers looking suspect, I forget that they ALWAYS look suspect for the first 20 games. Tied for 1st in wins but also bottom ranked 3 in losses. 5th in GAA, 2nd in sv% and 1st in saves and tied for 2nd in Shutouts Middle of the pack in goals, but near 3rd last in assists. Top 4 in PIM's and PPG's. but middle of the pack in PPA. 2nd in SOG, FOW and hits and top 5 in blocks. All in all a below average scoring week but solid in Peripherals and goaltending to net me the win. Which is par for the course with the teams I build lol
  5. Also, I am drunk right now drinking the last of my stock watching the Sharks give up a lead to the devils, so I am just teasing ya bud Alys just asked what is for supper and I made a drunken noise indicating I am not cooking jack **** tonight and plan on enjoying this day off with my Smirnoff ice. The girls just asked me to help them color then berated me for not keeping the crayon between the lines Edit: and for some reason I just drew a scull on the corner of their paper. They are mad at me. mirrors my mood as the Sharks choke away this lead.
  6. I sent you a McInhenney + Darling + Domi for Seguin offer in NAHANA lol Feel free to reject and call me a douche McDavid and Hall both want to carry the puck and control the play and were like oil and water. Which is why Draisaitl + Hall was such a good line after McDavid got injured. It is hard to rationalize Hall's stats before McDavid because they had such awful coaching on the Oilers. Hall before McDavid was able to put up 80 points in 75 games with RNH and Eberle(and 50 points in 45 games during the lockout season), and was drafted 1st overall ahead of Seguin. NJ was rebuilding and have some nice young pieces being built around Hall, so while I am not a fan of his attitude(Never really liked Hall), I think he can be a top 20 scorer several years
  7. Ill agree to disagree lol. Hall being centered by Hischer is one of the main reasons I drafted Hischier in a lot of leagues. Varly absolutely can keep it up. Colorado has turned it around bigtime and Varly was 4th for the Hart a few years back. Maybe his glass Groin will give out again I suppose lol How come nobody is shopping around! I want some trade offers. Mind you some realistic ones. I would have given for Hall! lol
  8. This HAS to be a mistake trade lol. Like Rux was supposed to send Holtby or Hellboy right?
  9. Did I just see the reigning Hart trophy winner Taylor Hall and Varlamov(Who is playing like Vezina Varly) get traded for Carolina's 3rd goalie and Kyle Connor?
  10. Disgustingly close double week against you @pilldoc But I think I will pull ahead and stay ahead on the final night due to mangames. I have 8 Skaters tonight to your 1 I ALMOST want to use several add/Drops to load up on shot blockers tonight but it is not worth it. I don't have a single person on my Roster I want to drop so I can't stream right now! The most likely category to shift is Goals. With Burns, Hertl, Kane, Palmieri out there. But it has been a great week. I was extremely annoyed to wake up having gone to bed ahead 12-6 to wake up to an 8-8
  11. Good. He just started a new contract for big money so he loses near 25% of his pay for the year. On a 5.16 Million dollar a year contract, that's like 1.3 million dollars down the drain. If losing 1.3 million dollars (Which is two thirds of what he made a year for the past 2 years) does not wake him up and teach him to start throwing hipchecks instead of dirty headshots, then nothing will. Wait, oh wow. He got a signing bonus of 5 million up front so his salary for the year is only 1.1 million dollars. His remaining paycheck will be garnished for the rest of the year AND he has to pay out of the bulk lump sum he already got. lol. I hope he bought an expensive house with a full down payment and is stuck to bread and rice until next year.
  12. I used my waiver position to put Weber on IR and grab Donato. I guess I could have waited until tomorrow to not give up my waiver position of 7 or whatever it was and drop to 12th(Or 10th or whatever since Yave and a few others made moves). But I am not sure anyone else was going to pick up a random bruins forward like Donato

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