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  1. It doesn't matter what you hypothetically think he would have scored. in the end, are you going to say it was a great season? the answer is yes. Does your opinion matter to anyone but you? not really. if you think he scored that, then be happy you got a great player. The NHL will never acknowledge a player for something he did not do tho. If you think they will start a social media poll and see if you can pick up any sort of notice.
  2. I am now Happy halifax chose to shut it down so early before we even had confirmed cases. It has definitely made a difference
  3. Seriously. I work in the Mooseheads arena and we paid our hourly's 4 weeks before they have to worry about EI. As Salary I continue to get paid regardless. And the owner, rich as hell, of a real NHL team, just send them packing? This **** should go viral. People are going to shame the hell out of him into backtracking this
  4. I say since I was champ last year, Like Jammer in NAHANA, I get to call myself defending champ till this is all sorted
  5. No. If you want to credit players with accolades, feel free. Certainly everyone will consider Matthews to have been on pace for 55 and Ovechkin to tie Gretzky for 50 goal seasons. But it will not go on recordbooks anywhere. Should we be prorating Gordie Howe as the first 100 point player because the NHL only played 70 games the season he set the record with 95? We don't need to. We all know how amazing a feat it was back in the day of all the best players in the league concentrated on 6 teams who knew player habits. Should we adjust Joe Thornton's total to reflect that if he played in the 80's he likely is at worst 4th all time on the all time points list? I mean jesus he's 14th all time now and not a single player ahead of him started in the dead puck era like he did(Gordie Howe played in a worse era for scoring tho). In fact, he likely would be easily #2 all time in assists behind only Gretzky. He lost a full prime season to the 05 lockout and a half season to the 13 lockout and he is still close to 2nd all time in assists, less than 200 assists short. Point being, we know Matthews was having an amazing season and we don;t need to stencil it on paper to say so
  6. Except for that little tidbit about how most players slow way the efff down in the last 15 games usually. Prorating isn't a workable idea. Although I agree he would have hit at least 50 and Ovechkin would be tied with Gretzky and Bossy for 9x50 goal seasons. I don;t mind you crediting him with it.
  7. He should be. he has been on the sharks for several years
  8. WTF? We were given a 1st round pick for Barclay Goodrow???? Thank you but....Why? you just gave us a 1st for a grinder.
  9. The whole league is weird this season. Leafs are still in a playoff spot. Who was expecting Vancouver to be near the top of the west? Or Columbus to be near top of the east after losing Bob and Panarin? Who was expecting Winnipeg, Nashville and San jose to suck this bad? At least you get Ottawa, NJ and Detroit for easy points. on paper they were expected to be where they are. The hard fall of the ducks and LA kings is hilarious to me but now I am joining them with a team on paper that should have been way better. With even league average goaltending the sharks are likely in a playoff spot. We have had league worst goaltending
  10. That's my favorite line of the week FYI
  11. The isles also added the Stanley cup winning defensive coach.
  12. I dunno. Klingberg is off lately but has twice come in 6th for the Norris and had a 58 and 67 point season. Hamilton was showing signs of getting there this year, but Klingberg's overall body of work is above his
  13. I don't want to have to explain to my daughters watching hockey "Daddy what did he mean by that?" And I like Roenick and his outspoken funny comments. But this was not something to be on TV. Since it was on a podcast, I have no idea what the big deal is

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