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  1. I also offered him for Bobrovsky, Holtby but I knew those two were longshots.
  2. Well, you get the more established 2 time cup winning goalie so it works out for you. Statistically, I just did not like his playoff schedule and we all know how I love my statistics
  3. HF trades Cam Talbot to Sharks for Matt Murray I am not fond of Murray's playoff schedule as pertains to my team
  4. Latest all Stars trade. Sharknado trades Anderson and RNH To FD for Elliott and Skinner Overall giving FOW and a slight goalie downgrade for SOG and a more goal heavy player. Had 5 C's so benching one would be regular and fits into my team focus of goals and SOG and saves everyone else from Elliott offers
  5. Contract dispute with Turris

    That had nothing to do with Money and everything to wanting to be traded to a team that would give him more than 11 minutes of icetime a game. Tippett kept him down a lot because Tippett would rather play a 40 point Belanger on the top line since Belanger will chip and chase every shift. The fans, and even the team were questioning why he was not given more icetime since he was plainly more skilled at the time. They desperately needed a C and everyone was baffled. They strongly encouraged him to leave university, promising him premium time. Then Tippett locked him to the 3rd and 4th lines because he wanted chip and chase hockey only. No skill. Right up to his firing, Yotes fans were clamoring about how Tippett holds kids down and pointed to Turris as a prime example of being away from Tippett.
  6. Contract dispute with Turris

    His history? Ottawa has a history of being super frugal and low balling guys to the point of telling them they are not that good
  7. Nonsense! Borowecki missed the last week sick, but he is still a misconduct machine! In 7 games he played he got 4 to 7 PIM's in 4 of them Granted he is in a class of his own there.
  8. 2017-18 NJ Devils Season

    Hall had 8 goals and 12 assists for 22 points in his first 19 games last year too. Not sure if he is in beast mode or if this is just par for the course. I noted in fantasy that he has always been a fast starter. He had 9 goals and 15 assists in his first 20 the year before as well.
  9. Matt Duchene Traded

    I mentioned in the Turris thread that Ottawa was rumored to be Ottawa cheap with their well below the salary cap budget. If they are unwilling to pay 6x6 for a two way 60 point Center, they may as well Kiss Duchene goodbye as soon as his contract runs out
  10. Contract dispute with Turris

    6x6mil for a 60 point two way forward is actually a great deal for Nashville. Rumors of Ottawa lowballing the heck out of Turris were true it seems. If they did not want to pay him 6x6 that is beyond cheap.
  11. Matt Duchene Traded

    What? Not Ryder, Halak and a 2nd?
  12. Matt Duchene Traded

    Good lord. talk about tanking your teams Morale. Trading him DURING a game and then pulling him out of the game after 2 minutes of icetime. Bet his friends on the team just feel great about that. Meanwhile Barzal and Eberle are absolutely lighting up Colorado. In a single game, Barzal has vaulted himself into Calder scoring with 5 assists tonight and the game is not even over.
  13. Nobody would do that trade even drunk and high on Morphine.
  14. +/- Aside, both those guys are quality LW's that bring goals, SOG and hits(Well, Pac brings hits). Are you looking for a lateral trade? I don't understand why you are trading those categories to buy the same categories in return.

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