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  1. Judging by the return, they only got some Ice Age and mirage packs
  2. I mean Pu. Cliff Pu(Who?) and a 2nd, 3rd and 6th Buffalo actually throttled them in this trade. A legit 1st line player without sending a top prospect or player in return or top pick.
  3. He has an ironclad excuse. He is coaching the buffalo sabres
  4. cheap ownership has done this to many a franchise
  5. I'd take Vermette on the Sharks as 3rd or 4th line C for a min deal so we can use Hertl at wing or C, depending. Maybe Cammaleri could be serviceable in a reduced role with old Deboer
  6. Someone posted this on another forum. "Sorry. The offer is now one shiny 3rd round pick. Judging by Montreal management they will counter with a 4th"
  7. They lowballed him by offering him 10 million a year. If Doughty gets 11x8, Karlsson gets that as a starting point offer. Anything less is an insult for a generational talent defenseman. Sens are quickly becoming the worst run team in the league. With bergevin in montreal and benning in Vancouver, that is impressive.
  8. I did a Cartwheel during that trade. All I saw initially was "Boedker gone" and we did not need to pay someone to take him. After all math is worked out, Wilson actually got multiple draft picks AND someone to take his contract off our hands.
  9. I see his ceiling as more 55-60 myself. Hell of a shot and offensive instincts. yes he is relegated to 2nd PP, but on tampa that almost does not matter
  10. Stone just filed for Arbitration too. Man the sens are going to have like 60 million in cap room next year at this rate. Melnyk is the new age Dollar Bill Wirtz. Karlsson and Stone looking to be gone for pennies. Zibanejad gone for Brassard, brassard gone for pennies, 2019 1st, Hoffman gone. Sinking ship under terribad owner
  11. We need another JT to come in. SIGN WITH THE SHARKS TAVARES
  12. I think I have kicked the tires more than you on Lindholm And Zibanejad lol
  13. its unreal that people earlier in the offseason thought DW would have to retain on Boedker or throw in a valueable (Yea Bergman does not have high value) asset for a team to take him DW gets rid of the full 4m cap hit of Boedker, doesnt give away any other assets, and manages to get 2,4,5,6 draft picks in various years
  14. Curious to be honest. I was happy just ejecting Boedker. But doing this gives the Sharks a lot more cap room than I was expecting. 11.5 million right now with the cap going up to 80 mil minimum according to all reports out so far. So that is 16.5 mil. Add martins 2.8 mil in cap savings from a buyout (or 4.8 mil via trade which is highly doubtful). So 19.3 mil in cap space to sign 3 forwards and maybe a defensemen. 12 for tavares 5 for hertl and that leaves 2 mil for thornton + bonuses. Trade karlsson and that gives us 2 more mil to round out the team with rookies.

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