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  1. Given how well Nolan is playing and how their 3rd line is JVR, Nolan, Voracek, i would say they are alright on depth. Christ their D is so packed that they moved Morin, a 1st round highly touted Defense draft pick to wing LOL
  2. I like Blackwood. I liked him last year. The rest of the team is putrid though. They have some talent, but they are not exactly motivated or enthusiastic. I know how good Hischier can be. I watched him his draft year on the mooseheads. But I can tell he isn't enjoying hockey these days. That team is bizarre for kids looking amazing then just regressing or not improving like they lost a piece of their souls. Severson looked amazing his rookie year. but is meh average now Butcher looked like a world beater out of nowhere. now he looks like he belongs nowhere. Hischier ha
  3. If i were drafting, i would have been blowing up chat like I always do lol. As It stands, im worried now about NAHANA. It says the draft is set for 1PM saturday and I work 10 to 6. I might be missing that one.
  4. Its strange. Its some sort of illness that is leaving him feeling drained and lethargic. hopefully nothing serious and they figure it out . My team autodrafted and I have 4 guys on my IR already. including Landeskog and Pastrnak. Suter and Gallagher also with the O. Marchand has the O but It sounds like he may be fine soon. Been tweaking my team this Morning. Surprised as hell Pekka Rinne was available but i guess Saros is splitting the net with him. Ill still take him over Halak. Dubnyk on the sharks, well, can't be much worse than Jones was last year. Usually Dubnyk comes with
  5. My yahoo app is not even showing players. I didn't realize the draft was last night. Lol
  6. Here is the best response to this that I have read thus far. " You might surprise yourself I don't really see the point of worrying about people who are likely a minority of the population who will be unwilling to get the vaccine at some point over the next 6 months. Supply is shorter than demand, whether they want to take it now or not isn't too relevant since the positive effects of someone else down the list taking it will have more or less the same impact. If the vaccine works as advertised it will sell itself to the uncommitted and the skeptical for the most par
  7. Im fine with masks. Im Japanese lol. I live in halifax nova scotia Canada. We were kind of the best place in the world for lack of spread for several months Ive also been socially distancing.
  8. They learned to do long term testing. Doesn't mean much when they suspend long term testing to rush this new one out. My brother had covid a month ago. he thought he had a cold. They forced him to have a test due to his runny nose and he was surprised to know he was positive. he's 10 years older than me and a smoker. im confident in my chances if I get it. im not vaccinating with these experimental guinea pig vaccines.
  9. Smallpox is a low mutation virus and was probably the worst disease in history, worse than even the black death, and its mortality rate was in the 25 % range. The vaccine for smallpox was cowpox and having it was a guaranteed 100% effective treatment, and no known animal reservoirs other than humans existed, so animal mutations were not a worry. Its not comparable. Diphtheria is a bacterial infection, not viral. Polio probably should not be brought up. The early rushed multi source vaccination in the states was a disaster and the reason we had strenuous lon
  10. Its a very frightening proposition. My body my choice. Forcing someone by proxy of making them unable to live normally or send their kids to school or likely work if workplaces jump on board forcing employees to guinea pig or they can't come to work is still forcing. Its no different than having 4 big guys hold you down while forcibly injecting you. Only the most vulnerable need this vaccine. To most people its a bad cold or a mild flu. If the most vulnerable get it and it works it becomes less of problem than the flu overnight. At least 75% of t
  11. Im fine with the mask. But a vaccine that we have no 3 to 5 year long term effect data on? Not fine. Im also passing. Im not an anti vax guy by any stretch. Im fine with time tested stuff like measles/mumps/rubella , the flu vaccine. But despite technological advances, you don't have long term effect studies till, well, you study long term effects and rolling it out in this manner isn't. Even MMR vaccines have warning labels to "not give this to pregnant women or anyone who may get pregnant in the next 4 months. Dont give it to anyone with immune
  12. ohhhhh Boy did this kid impress me in the Q. Generational level impressed me. In Fact I made a thread about it. I called him a lock for 1st overall 2 years before the draft because he was so good. At age 16 on a bad team, he was nearly tied in scoring with Zadina, who was slated to go 2nd to 5th overall in THAT years draft.
  13. I had to go back to this post lol
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