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  1. Is cAndy crush code for hookers and gambling?
  2. Changes not a hell of a lot as far as I am concerned. His wife punching him in the face didn't make him go knock other women up and then pay them off into abortions. Or any of the other 30 things he has done
  3. I'd chance it if all they wanted in return was Evander kane
  4. If they can terminate Slava voynov despite his wife recanting can't we terminate this idiot?
  5. Free Agents: Player Team Pos Status 2014-15 Salary St Louis, Martin NYR RW UFA 5,000,000 Fleischmann,Tomas ANA C UFA 4,500,000 Fisher, Mike NAS C UFA 4,200,000 Briere, Danny COL C UFA 4,000,000 Cole, Erik DET LW UFA 4,000,000 Cullen, Matt NAS C UFA 4,000,000 Stafford, Drew WIN RW UFA 4,000,000 Vermette, Antoine CHI C UFA 3,750,000 Ryder, Michael NJ RW UFA 3,500,000 Upshall, Scottie FLA LW UFA 3,500,000 Peverley, Rich DAL C UFA 3,375,000 Frolik, Michael WIN RW UFA 3,300,000 Stoll, Jarret LA C UFA 3,250,000 Williams, Justin LA RW UFA 3,050,000 Brodziak, Kyle MIN C UFA 3,000,000 Horc
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