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  1. He is kind of the stereotypical leafs signing. 10 years past his prime, had surgery on a different knee 2 consecutive years and is over 40. in hindsight, I should have seen this coming
  2. Things are well at home thanks. Hope you and the family are doing well too! Game [Hidden Content] Thats me in the behind the net shot wearing blue as Bobby Orr scored a shootout goal last night lol. I think I ended up on tv a few times
  3. Best case scenario, leafs miss playoffs and sell him back to the sharks for a 7th
  4. I was at Scotiabank center clearing the crease during a commercial break for the moose when someone dropped the news to me. NÒOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. and then the moose lost 5-0
  5. Kevin labanc also resigned the other day. Not sure if it was posted or not.
  6. Bennett has been given several chances and he seems to be a bust. Kerfoot is already a better player. May I ask why you think Bennett is a great 3c? 4c maybe
  7. Wow. Going to Ottawa means whoever gets him in keep leagues will be sad when he is NOT injured for once lol
  8. Also. We have a kid named Bobby Orr on the mooseheads lol. Bobby Orr. His parents had high expectations
  9. Been so busy havent been keeping up. Donato for a 3rd? Yaaaaay Dubnyk for our tandem? Wtffffff? Lol
  10. Not only that, but watching ray for that entire next year with a competent team after years of carrying a 1 line team around was pure gold. Sakic had the best year of his career with Ray behind him.
  11. The cup time is usually a bunch of beat up teams tired after an 82 game season, playing to see if they have that extra energy to grit it out in tough playoffs. By the time the playoffs roll around, usually teams are at least sharp. This is more like an early start to the season. At the start of every season, you get outlier scorers(every year people go "OMG 2 weeks in and this guy is scoring 3 points per game". Kids not used to 82 game seasons come out on fire and blow their energy tanks early in the season and slow down by the 30 game mark. Goalies usually fluctuate early in the seasons because teams are not sharp and practiced in their play. Yeah, whoever wins this year basically gets a booby prize version of the cup.
  12. It doesn't matter what you hypothetically think he would have scored. in the end, are you going to say it was a great season? the answer is yes. Does your opinion matter to anyone but you? not really. if you think he scored that, then be happy you got a great player. The NHL will never acknowledge a player for something he did not do tho. If you think they will start a social media poll and see if you can pick up any sort of notice.
  13. I am now Happy halifax chose to shut it down so early before we even had confirmed cases. It has definitely made a difference

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