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  1. I dunno what yall want from him, but he is 31 years old. It doesn't get better from here
  2. Lol. Eichel just intimated in an interview that "my body my choice " on having surgery dud not apply because of his contract and that ownership pressured him to keep playing. See ya jack. Better luck on another team. Reinhart is reportedly unhappy too. Ristolainen just gave an interview saying "playoffs next year or I am out" Circus organization hahaha
  3. Some of that had to do with Kane and Toews getting a touch of the greed. And Seabrook and Keith Aging like milk(Although on great contracts) At a time when Superstar players were signing for 8.5m a year(Crosby signed this in 2013 a year prior to them signing), they got together and reportedly both demanded 10.5 each for both or neither. Sign us both for the max or we test free agency together. At the time in 2014, I kinda mentioned how they boned the team in doing this and everyone assured me the team could adjust and keep winning cups as long as they had those two. Which they did
  4. Ok. But we are keeping the salary cap so teams can't overload up and have to consider their offers
  5. His accomplishments still pale in comparison to McDavid. If we are playing the pro rating game, McDavid is heating up end of season and on pace for 154 points, leaving Matthews well behind eating the air his dust was floating in.
  6. Its kinda gross. despite 2 shortened due to covid seasons in a row and him missing half his rookie year due to a freak accident breaking his collarbone, he's been something of an ironman otherwise. 6 seasons in and he nearly has 600 points.
  7. Anything would be an improvement over Bob boughner
  8. Lol. Dear players who are in a union so you have some semblance of control over your life. Someone on a forum suggested to remove your right to seek employment in a living area or even country of your choice and seeks to post you like a its a military assignment.
  9. Congratz @yave1964and kudos to @Hale for a great finals. Yave hoists the All stars trophy for the.......How many times is it now? A lot lol.
  10. Someone needs to do something with the ref's flying knee on Duncan keith the other night
  11. He grabbed the hair of a megastar player helmetless and ensured his head would smash on the ice by turning it into the rock.bottom? And now that megastar is out for the season? Stick a fork in Wilson. He's gone for years this time
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