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  1. Drake practices in the off-season with Crosby, Marchand and Mackinnon. Funny I was just commenting on work ethic and taylor hall in another thread https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/senators-batherson-striving-full-time-role-summer-crosby/sn-amp/ "Guys like Taylor Hall come down and can’t believe how hard (Sid and friends) are working," Batherson says. "That’s why they’re so good, because they work so hard."
  2. @pilldoc Hockey may be a sport, but a job is a job. Some folks coast through their jobs but don't put in effort when it matters and try to sit around drinking coffee doing the minimum to get by while making fun of people who take it too seriously. Some are not as skilled but work their asses off.
  3. We had a "taylor hall is uncoachable" thread 5 or 6 years ago when he was still on the oilers and McDavid was drafted. I think he had a lot more defenders back then
  4. Which one. The snapshot clip or binnington getting sour?
  5. Definitely works for both. Fleury is great, but his status when lehner is back is likely even split again. Blackwood has been good too. The rest are a tire fire of Covid security. I literally would have dropped 2 of them any other year. The jones/Murray tandem has been epic failure everywhere but in shots faced. Soroykin might have some value if Varlamov goes for his annual malkin fantasy award and injures himself. Until then he gets 1 start every 2 weeks at most.....
  6. Done. I get a slightly more reliable goalie and you get Guentzel:)
  7. Right now he is doing the important job of tanking for a draft pick. I'm sure Yzerman sees its fruitless to replace him now
  8. Also gotta disagree on watching Tkachuk over McDavid. McDavid near single handedly stomped a mud hole in Calgary's arse last night. 37 points in 20 games and just a pure joy on skates
  9. I can tell you exactly where the Habs are slipping. We are past the 15 game mark lol. They always slip around now
  10. uh, Marner ain't there yet. Prime Killer was one of the most relentlessly good defensive centers in the NHL. Had the never say die attitude for 3 people
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