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  1. I dunno. Klingberg is off lately but has twice come in 6th for the Norris and had a 58 and 67 point season. Hamilton was showing signs of getting there this year, but Klingberg's overall body of work is above his
  2. I don't want to have to explain to my daughters watching hockey "Daddy what did he mean by that?" And I like Roenick and his outspoken funny comments. But this was not something to be on TV. Since it was on a podcast, I have no idea what the big deal is
  3. Neither did I considering Poile said a week ago he wasn't going to fire him
  4. I can attest. I'm currently in the hospital with my father during his final days. We had a family reunion in July. First time all the kids and grandkids were together in the house in 20 years. Dad looked a little thinner but was still normal and active. By september he was throwing up on the golf course and my sister had to urge him to get checked out. By the time it was too late. Symptoms with a lot of forms of cancer are too late most of the time. We tried whipple surgery to remove the tumor but after surgery they said they saw spots on his liver and colon. He lived with me for a month in October and the start of november during surgical recovery then went home to moncton with my sister. Hoped whipple would buy him time but it barely did. He has signed papers to end his suffering and asked us to be by his side during. I will add this young man to my prayers with everyone else I have met in this unit in halifax and moncton and everyone who has ever had to face this anywhere.
  5. I'm pretty against vilifying people over comments and things they said over 10 years ago moat of the time. Mostly because the hyper left wing approach to these situations is mind boggling. That being said he should have been fired on the spot back then. It's been decades since people could speak such racist drivel with impunity. Why it was buried so long is a mystery. The creator of guardians of the galaxy being fired over tweets he made 15 years ago when such jokes were commonplace on the internet has me wondering when the creators of family guy and South park are going to get strung up. In this day and age, the fact that a mere accusation can ruin a career without substantiating evidence is the reason thousands of usually middle of the spectrum people vote for douchbags simply because they visibly oppose it
  6. The funny thing is, Vancouver usually isn;t as bad as Toronto, but Bring up mark Messier and you would get the same reaction Harold Ballard gets from old school leaf fans.
  7. lol. Babcock inherited a Scotty Bowman trained Red wings squad with Veterans like Lidstrom, Yzerman/Fedorov trained Selke winners like Datsyuk and Zetterberg. his coaching duties in such circumstances is like asking a millionaire investor to make a 10% profit 1 year out of 10. Dave Lewis(Who?) was coach between Bowman and Babcock and his record is 96-41-21, but he only ever had one other coaching gig in Boston with an abominable record. Babcock with very good teams has been bounced from the playoffs in the first or second round or not made the playoffs every year for the last 10 years. Him winning the cup 10 years ago was a great accomplishment but it has no bearing on his success (Or more accurately, his lack of success)today. otherwise we may as well concede that the leafs and Habs are the 2 greatest teams of all times because they have the most cups. But again, past success has nothing to do with today. Babcock coaching is like a high flying speedy player who you have been watching lose his wheels for the past 10 years and now he can;t keep up with the others anymore.
  8. Apparently Babcock when Marner is a rookie asked him to make a list of role models and a list of lazy people on the team? And then read it to the team? lol Both Babcock and marner confirmed it happened now. marner being a rookie didn't want to get on the coaches bad side and then was mortified Why would a coach try to foster a toxic environment?
  9. When is the last time a 6m dollar goalie with 2 and a half years left on his contract got put on waivers?
  10. As you say burr, I immediately think of this If Burr did have a close friend on the Red Wings, it was Sergei Fedorov. The pair were thrown together after Sergei had defected. Fedorov was staying with a Red Wings official who contacted Burr. “I get this call and I’m told, Hey Shawn, I have this Russian kid staying at my house and he hasn’t done anything,” Burr told me several years ago. “So I said, I’m going on my boat, I’ll take him out. Sergei shows up and he has a Speedo on. Here’s me not a body of a Greek God and this kid’s got a body of a Greek God and he has a Speedo on. I said, Sergei not a chance. I gave him a pair of watermelon boxers that went down to his knees.” They developed a fast friendship and Burr was always amazed that Fedorov seemed immune to becoming fat. “There was a time when all he could say was, “milk, steak,” Burr said. “He would drink milk and eat steak. That’s all he ever did. I could never figure it out. Here’s me eating all this lean meat and Sergei would have steak with sour cream on it and a baked potato loaded with butter and sour cream. He was chiseled out of steel and I was chiseled out of marshmallow.” That was Shawn Burr, a man that saw the world in his own unique perspective. I never saw him angry, it just wasn’t in him.
  11. I dunno. He buckled down and got Yzerman and co to start playing defense lol. The entire team HATED bowman and walked out of a party he arrived at after he refused to let them run and gun in 94 and 95. Yzerman led a faction trying to talk the team into playing run and gun because of all the offensive tools they had but Bowman would not Buckle. I think it was ray Sheppard's book that goes into detail about it. Lidstrom was amazing. Just short of Ray Bourque amazing, but the Wings did not implode without him right away. The wings also had 2 to 3 Selke caliber forwards back then helping defense out. Lidstrom's last 2 years in the league, they were a 102 to 104 point team. The first year without Lidstrom was another lockout, but the team stayed in a playoff spot with 56 points in 48 games. Over a full season its entirely possible they would have equaled their previous years. The year after that they were missing Datsyuk and Zetterberg for half a year and running a lot of rookies and they still had 93 points. The difference between 93 points and 102 points is 4 wins and a tie. Even Blashill managed to stay afloat with 93 points with the squad aging. The team cascaded downhill catastrophically when Datsyuk left. Not enough credit goes to the Datsyuk Zetterberg combo at Center for how much they aided defense and vice versa. Likewise with Yzerman/Fedorov and Draper being a 3rd line Selke Option earlier. Back then the team was just loaded with Riches it was a team effort of Superstars and it was great to watch.
  12. To be fair, some teams just have rough starts. I was and still kinda am on the "Fire Deboer" bandwagon. he had Karlsson standing on the point and shooting pucks into people's shins for gods sakes. But after a 4-10-1 start in the first 15 games, they suddenly have a 6 game winning streak. Word came out that Deboer had 2 weeks to fix this or he was cooked and suddenly the team won 6 straight. Man getting back Simek to solidify our defensive pairings was incredibly important. Word is the players all love Deboer like crazy. Not sure if that will work with Babcock. He seems to be universally loathed by his players wherever he is
  13. Being booed on the home team is akin to people at work always giving you grief. Yes it can sometimes motivate you to do better to shut them up but it can also make work miserable and ruin your effort

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