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    • 52
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      The strategy to not lose as much instead of trying to win more is so inspiring...
    • 21
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      Dubnyk has a modified NTC. A bit different. 19 teams he can be traded to. 
    • 21
      Minnesota Wild
      Icechipper - Posted
      Could see Calgary make bid for Dubnyk. I would be dissapointed but that team is in it to win it but needs upgrade in the crease 
    • 21
      Minnesota Wild
      Tomdog - Posted
      I would like to keep Staal for his character, but I don't know if he can transform his game to a 3rd line center, because that is his future. As players reach the age of Staal and mikko they have 2 choices, accept the decline of their game or learn to become fitness freaks and defend.
    • 3
      NHL Game Matchups
      FD19372 - Posted
      February 19, 2019   AWAY            HOME   NY Rangers 1    Carolina 3 Tampa Bay 4     Philadelphia 3 Pittsburgh 5  New Jersey 2 Buffalo 2       Florida 4 Columbus 3    Montreal 4 Toronto 5     St. Louis 3 Anaheim 2    Minnesota 3 Nashville 3 Dallas 2 Arizona 4 Edmonton 3
    • 21
      Minnesota Wild
      IllaZilla - Posted
      Yes. Zucker's kicks in next season. A 10 team No-Trade list. If the Wild had the cap space to give him his $6M he was asking for, I bet the wouldn't have gotten that NTC. Spurgeon has a similar one, 10 team No-Trade list. Probably a similar tact, all Playoff teams...   I think Staal would get more than you think. That stiff Martin Hanzal got the Coyotes a first round pick. I bet Staal would get a first rounder, at least a second. GM's going for a Cup right now don't think about the future, because if they trade away the future and end up with a Cup, no one cares. It's when they trade away the future and consistently end up with a first round exit that people start to notice...   And that's what Fenton is going to have to determine. Does he give up a Granlund to get a bunch of picks and/or prospects? Does he really want to do that, or try one more season with this group and hope they can stay healthy? Last season they lost Niederreitter and Coyle for a good chunk of the season and then when those two came back, they lost Suter and Parise in the Playoffs.  This season they lost Dumba and Koivu. I'm not saying they would have gone far had they been healthy, but there aren't many teams that can lose major players and recover from that.
    • 21
      Minnesota Wild
      Gnarkill - Posted
      Imo, blow it all up..   Keep only Dumba, Kahkonen, Greenway, Kunin and Kaprizov safe. I'd like to keep Ek and Spurgeon too but if the right offer comes along for either of them I would have to consider it.   Get what you can in prospects and pics back for anyone else on the roster.. don't bother with mediocre or change of scenery NHL guys on long contracts... just call up AHL guys to fill holes on the main roster or get some guys on 1-2 year deals for now.   Hope that you can get out of Mikko's contract asap and that Parise and Suter will be unhappy and waive their no trades. If not let them ride it out on a mediocre team for a couple years and see if that changes anything.    Make sure you set yourself up properly for the expansion so that none of your future is sacrificed(like Haula and Tuch were).   Hire a scouting and drafting team that aren't as bad as what we've had in years past and hopefully hit on a few picks.    I'm okay with watching a bad product for a handful of years.. because in reality that's exactly what we've already been doing. Making the first round of the playoffs and getting bounced only to get a later pick is more frustrating than not making them and possibly having a shot at a player that could change the dynamic of the team for years to come. This team needs a huge culture shift and its time for a fire sale.

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