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Good Evening,


As most of you have heard by now, the NHL has suspended, for the time being, the current NHL season due to the recent coronavirus pandemic.  I know most of us are disappointed by this news as we are all currently in the First Round of our playoffs (NAHANA/All Star / Conn Smythe).


So how do we want to proceed?  For the time being I am using some guidance from Dobberhockey. https://dobberhockey.com/2020/03/12/fantasy-hockey-impact-nhl-season-on-pause-due-to-covid-19-pandemic/


"First of all, anything that you as commissioner plan to do – let your members know immediately. Nothing is to be done until the season is officially cancelled by the NHL. But when (if) it becomes official, they need to know how prizes and the draft order (in keeper leagues) are to be divvied out. All rosters should now be locked. Nobody should be allowed to add or drop players (i.e. injured players who were done for the season and may now return thanks to the possible delay). Do this immediately. "


Therefore effective immediately, I have locked all rosters for both the All Star and Conn Smythe Leagues until that time what the NHL decides to do with the rest of the regular season and playoffs.  I did this to protect every GM.


The big question is ....what shall we do now.?  There are two ideas I have:


1) For the All Star league we can cancel the rest of the playoffs and determine no ultimate champion.  @yave1964 would win the President's trophy and since this is a non-keeper league and the draft order is not dependent on final standing, we would use the top six finishers who would be automatically invited back to play in All Star League next year.  IMO this seems to the most fair and logic choice.


2) We can wait it out and see what happens.  We could adjust our playoff schedule based on the number of games the NHL might play.  This is a total crap shoot IMO.  We have NO idea how long hiatus is going to last.  I don't see how this is fair in any scenario ......


More from Dobber ....

Situation 1: The Season Ends as of Now and Playoffs are Also Canceled

Fantasy hockey has a lot of randomness and luck. This is just luck. Good or bad would depend on which team you own. Prizes need to be divvied out as agreed upon before the season. Some will be screwed over by this (I, myself, was in first place for the last month and on Tuesday fell to third because in a tight race two other teams had more players play that night – I now finish third when I'm fairly certain I would win). If the season was 10 games in and gets canceled, you wipe it. If the season is 40 games in, then yeah it's up for debate. But 70 games in? No debate. The season happened. The NHL considers it to have happened for their records – hand out your prizes for first, second, third, etc. as agreed upon. The worst thing you can do as a commissioner in 10th place is say "Yeah, this season doesn't count, money carries over to next year". I would quit that league. And if you, as commissioner, are in first place and the others get upset, simply point them to this article.

There are teams that have been walking away with the title all year long and are winning by a mile. Is it fair to take the title and prize away from them? What about the team that sold the farm – traded all draft picks and youth, destroyed his/her team to win and looks like they will win…and then you take that away and say that next year the prizes are doubled? When that team is rebuilding next year and this was their one shot? You can't do that. The prizes have to be awarded. No debate. Some owners are going to be upset. They need to calm down. Anything over 48 games is an official season – the NHL will count this as an official season if it gets called off. There is no debating this, even if (like me) you feel that you could have pulled off the win if you just had four more weeks of games.

If you are in a roto-league or H2H league playoffs, the DobberHockey stance is that all participants still remaining in your playoffs have the prizes divided up equally. If it is a league in which all teams participate in the playoffs – I recommend (but don't insist) that you nix the playoffs and award prizes based on regular season standings.

If your league involves the NHL postseason (as two of mine do), then this money should be refunded to the owners (or similar arrangements made, per a vote).

In the event that your league has games played limitations and different teams applied different strategies (used up their GP allotment early, or saved them up). If there is a way for you to divide the points by total games played and re-jig the standings that way, then I recommend doing this. If this is impossible, as in many roto leagues, then again I point you to the above: standings should be as is, and yes some teams get screwed, but that is the randomness of fantasy sports.

Situation 2: The Season Resumes in Partial Format and Playoffs are Abbreviated

This one is easy. You follow the rules as outlined in September. Games being reduced from 82 to 74 doesn't change this. Those leagues with a playoff window simply has that playoff window reduced. If you are in H2H and you need to reduce a round of your playoffs, have that discussion now with all GMs as to how you should proceed.

Situation 3: The Season is Canceled, but NHL Playoffs Do Happen

The same goes here as in Situation 1 (above). Except, of course, if your league involves the NHL postseason you can at least enjoy that playoff competition under the rules and structure already in place for your league.

Keeper League Commissioners Note: Make a note in your league rules what you have done here and what you plan to do in the future if this ever happens again. My rule of thumb is that if teams have played 48 games or more, then that becomes an official season. If the NHL ends the season in 2034 after 51 games, then that is a complete season per the rules of my pool and prizes are passed out accordingly. Have this in writing so that you know what to do in the future.



Thoughts ..... I know this is not ideal and I would your thoughts as well ....







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  Yeah obviously I have a bias but I feel that as the President trophy winner I should be declared winner of All Star and Rux in Nahana for the same reason,as I doubt the season in any form continues. 


  Love you guys. Stay safe.

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I'm cool however this works out.  But yeah if they don't play another game the easiest answer it to go with the regular season.


Just hope this all clears up as the weather gets nicer.

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This is a tough situation...whole lotta what ifs or what could have beens...

Safest, fairest way, given what we have to work with, would be go by regular season standings.

Whatever decision is made, I won't be upset with because I know there IS NO easy solution, but if I am being asked, I'd say just go with regular season standings and move on with life.

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On 3/19/2020 at 3:20 PM, J0e Th0rnton said:

I say since I was champ last year, Like Jammer in NAHANA, I get to call myself defending champ till this is all sorted 😛

dude i won all star last year. You won the year before, lol

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